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No. Author Title Date
2002:1 Englund, R. K. The Ur III Collection of the CMAA (PDF) 2002/09/11
2002:2 Widell, M. A Previously Unpublished Lawsuit from Ur III Adab (PDF) 2002/09/27
2003:1 Englund, R. K. The Year: "Nissen returns joyous from a distant island" (PDF) 2003/02/15
2003:2 Widell, M. The Ur III calendar(s) of Tūram-ilī (PDF) 2003/02/20
2003:3 Michalowski, P. An Early Dynastic Tablet of ED Lu A from Tell Brak (Nagar) (PDF) 2003/03/05
2003:4 Hilgert, M. New Perspectives in the Study of Third Millennium Akkadian (PDF) 2003/08/26
2003:5 Chambon, G. Archaic Metrological Systems from Ur (PDF) 2003/12/23
2004:1 Heimpel, W. AO 7667 and the Meaning of ba-an-gi4 (PDF) 2004/01/12
2004:2 Widell, M. The Calendar of Neo-Sumerian Ur and Its Political Significance (PDF) 2004/07/14
2005:1 Monaco, S. Unusual Accounting Practices in Archaic Mesopotamian Tablets (PDF) 2005/05/01
2005:2 Friberg, J. On the Alleged Counting with Sexagesimal Place Value Numbers in Mathematical Cuneiform Texts from the Third Millennium B.C. (PDF) 2005/06/14
2005:3 Dahl, J. Complex Graphemes in Proto-Elamite (PDF) 2005/06/19
2006:1 Damerow, P. The Origins of Writing as a Problem of Historical Epistemology (PDF) 2006/01/28
2006:2 Johnson, J. C. The Ur III Tablets in the Valdosta State University Archives (PDF) 2006/04/24
2006:3 Richardson, S. F. C. gir3-gen-na and Šulgi’s “Library”: Liver Omen Texts in the Third Millennium BC (I) (PDF) 2006/08/06
2007:1 Seri, A. The Mesopotamian Collection in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum (PDF) 2007/08/25
2008:1 Adams, R. McC. An Interdisciplinary Overview of a Mesopotamian City and its Hinterlands (PDF) 2008/03/25
2008:2 Hilgert, M. Cuneiform Texts in the Collection of St. Martin Archabbey Beuron (PDF) 2008/07/07
2009:1 Proust, C. Numerical and Metrological Graphemes: From Cuneiform to Transliteration (PDF) 2009/06/22
2009:2 Robson, E. & Clark, K. The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of Florida State University (PDF) 2009/07/19
2009:3 Friberg, J. A Geometric Algorithm with Solutions to Quadratic Equations in a Sumerian Juridical Document from Ur III Umma (PDF) 2009/09/23
2009:4 Englund, R. K. The Smell of the Cage (PDF) 2009/08/21
2009:5 Lafont, B. The Army of the Kings of Ur: The Textual Evidence (PDF) 2009/10/21
2009:6 Widell, M. Two Ur III Texts from Umma: Observations on Archival Practices and Household Management (PDF) 2009/10/24
2009:7 Adams, R. McC. Old Babylonian Networks of Urban Notables (PDF) 2009/10/26
2010:1 Ragavan, D. Cuneiform Texts and Fragments in the Harvard Art Museum / Arthur M. Sackler Museum (PDF) 2010/07/06
2010:2 Adams, R. McC. Slavery and Freedom in the Third Dynasty of Ur: Implications of the Garshana Archives (PDF) 2010/07/06
2011:1 Cathcart, K. J. The Earliest Contributions to the Decipherment of Sumerian and Akkadian (PDF) 2011/03/03
2011:2 Firth, R. A Discussion of the Use of im-babbar2 by the Craft Workers of Ancient Mesopotamia (PDF) 2011/10/30
2012:1 Ouyang, X. & Brookman, W. R. The Cuneiform Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts (PDF)
2012:2 Damerow, P. Sumerian Beer: The Origins of Brewing Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia (PDF) 2012/01/22
2013:1 Firth, R. Notes on Year Names of the Early Ur III Period: Ĺ ulgi 20-30 (PDF) 2013/03/18