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Citing Electronic Sources in the journals

Within text or footnotes

As with printed works, use the either a full footnote reference, or the Harvard referencing system when citing electronic sources in the endnote apparatus or in the body of your article.

V. McNeil (, Comments on the death of courage, email to J. Smith (, 12 July 2001
(Nissen 1998, email communication)
(Seales, 1999)

These will be linked to the bibliography/reference section of your article but in the case of citing an article published in the journals, it will be directly linked to the abstract of the article in question.

When referring to a general resource, service or homepage in your text, include the URL in angled brackets.

e.g. "...Smith will have deposited a copy of his data with the Archaeology Data Service by the time of publication..."

"... the website of the Oxford Sumerian Literature project ( will provide further detail ..."

Within the Bibliography/Reference Section

Individual Works

Author/editor(s),Title of Work, Date of publication, Edition statement (if given), Medium (if not online), Publication information (Place of publication: publisher, date if given), URL, Access date.

Oxford English Dictionary. 1992. 2nd edition. CD-ROM. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Landow, George P. 1992 Hypertext: the convergence of contemporary critical theory and technology. Johns Hopkins University Press. Baltimore and London. Accessed: 25 January 2000.

Parts of Works

Author/editor(s), Article title between quotation marks, Title of Main Work, Edition statement (if given), Publication information (Place of publication: publisher, date if given but not required for well-known resources), URL, Access date.

Daniel, G. "Archaeology". Encyclopaedia Britannica. Available:,5716,115327+1,00.html Accessed: 25 January 2000.

Archaeology Data Service "Guidelines for Depositors". Version 1.1. Available: Accessed: 25 January 2000.

Landow, George P. 1992 "Textual Openness". Available: Accessed 26 January 2000.

Journal Articles

Author(s), Article Title, Journal Title, Issue, URL, Access date.

Warren, G. 1997 "Seascapes: Navigating the coastal Mesolithic of Western Scotland". Assemblage 2. Accessed: 29 December 1999.

Vince, A. 1997 "Publishing archaeology on the Web: who reads this stuff anyway?". Internet Archaeology 3.

Individual content within works or articles should be cited as the following:
Vince, A. 1997 `Publishing archaeology on the Web: who reads this stuff anyway?' Internet Archaeology 3, 3.1

Internet Archaeology citations do not require the Access Date entry.

Discussion List Messages

Author, Subject of Message, Date, Discussion List, URL or other means of accessing archive, Access date.

Oberlander-Tarnoveanu, I. "Re: funding, links and the WWW' 24 July 1998. Online posting. Intarch-Interest. Available: Accessed: 15 August 1999.

Personal electronic communications (E-mail)

Sender (Sender's email address), Subject of Message, email to recipient (Recipient's email address), Date of message.

Heyworth, Mike ( "Britarch Archive". email to J.D. Smith ( 3 March 2001.

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