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Submitting your paper in a word-processed format

CDLJ and CDLB request submission of articles strictly as electronic files attached to emails sent to our offices, or in the case of large files downloaded through ftp. We are unable to receive submissions on paper or copied on physical media. Files should be in a standard program readable on the common platforms; for instance, Word files should be submitted only in "Rich Text Format". Please include a PDF copy of your submissions to assist in our formatting, and, in the body of your email accompanying the submission, a list of operating system, programs and program versions used in the files sent to us. Please make sure that you have read the section on paper structure.

Run through the check list below before sending your files to us.

Have you...

  • created a series of files rather than a single document in the case of a submission to the CDLJ?
  • created a table of contents file?
  • create a table of figures file?
  • ensured that your images are all labelled correctly?
  • ensured that the images are correctly referred to in the text and that the references to them sit at the point at which you want the images to be inserted?
  • ensured that your references are correct and included in the bibliography?
  • informed the editors of the word processing program and version you are using?
  • sent all your text/image and other files to us?

Submitting your Article Guidelines for Authors