Q000001 = OB Nippur Ura 03 composite = P461397

Q000001 001: udu niga
fattened sheep
Q000001 002: udu niga saga
good quality fattened sheep
Q000001 003: udu niga gir2-gu-la
fattened sheep that has been plucked with a knife
Q000001 004: udu-nita2
male sheep
     P235797 rev. i 1: udu# [nita2]
Q000001 005: udu-nita2 gesz-du3-a
male sheep used as a breeder
     P235797 rev. i 2: udu nita2 gesz du3#-a
Q000001 006: udu u2
grass-fed sheep
     P235797 rev. i 4: udu u2
Q000001 007: udu utua
     P235797 rev. i 3: udu utua
Q000001 008: udu a-lum
long-fleeced sheep
     P235796 obv. i 10: udu a-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 6: udu a-lum#
Q000001 009: udu a-lum niga
fattened long-fleeced sheep
     P235796 obv. i 11: udu a-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 7: udu a-lum# niga#
Q000001 010: udu a-lum niga saga
good quality fattened long-fleeced sheep
     P235796 obv. i 12: udu a-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 8: udu a-lum niga sag10#
Q000001 011: udu a-lum gukkal
long-fleeced fat-tailed sheep
     P235796 obv. i 13: udu a-lum#?-[...]
Q000001 012: udu gukkal
fat-tailed sheep
     P235796 obv. i 14: udu gukkal#
     P235797 rev. i 9: udu gukkal
Q000001 013: udu gukkal niga
fattened fat-tailed sheep
     P235796 obv. i 15: udu gukkal#-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 10: udu gukkal niga
Q000001 014: udu gukkal niga saga
good quality fattened fat-tailed sheep
     P235796 obv. i 16: udu gukkal#-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 11: udu gukkal niga sag10#
Q000001 015: udu gukkal ib2 la2-e
fat-tailed sheep with an extra-long tail
     P235796 obv. i 17: udu gukkal(|LUxHUL2?|) ib2-[...]
Q000001 016: udu TU
... sheep
Q000001 017: udu ad4
crippled sheep
     P235796 obv. i 43: udu ad4
     P235797 rev. i 12: udu ad4
Q000001 018: udu ku5-ku5-ra2
sheep with blunted limb(s)
     P235796 obv. ii 28: udu ku5-ku5-a
Q000001 019: udu ri-ri-ga
fallen, dead sheep
     P235796 obv. i 24: udu ri-ri-ga
     P235797 rev. i 13: udu ri-ri-ga
Q000001 020: udu na ri-ga4
sheep that is separated from the herd
     P235796 obv. i 25: udu na de5-ga
     P235797 rev. i 14: udu na de5-ga
Q000001 021: udu kur-ra
sheep of the mountain (non-indigenous)
     P235796 obv. i 23: udu kur
     P235797 rev. i 15: udu kur-ra
Q000001 022: udu HI-gi-na
... sheep
     P235797 rev. iii 12: [udu] szu-gi-na!
Q000001 023: udu dingir-e gu7-a
sheep eaten by a god
     P235796 obv. ii 18: udu dingir#-e [...]
     P235797 rev. i 16: udu dingir gu7-e-a
Q000001 024: udu ur-mah-e gu7-a
sheep eaten by a lion
     P235796 obv. ii 19: udu ur-mah#-[...]
     P235797 rev. i 17: udu ur-mah gu7-e-a
Q000001 025: udu ur-bar-ra gu7-a
sheep eaten by a wolf
     P235796 obv. ii 20: udu ur-bar-ra gu7#-[...]
Q000001 026: udu szurum6-ma
sheep of the litter
     P235796 obv. i 34: udu szurum6-ma
Q000001 027: udu gag szub-ba
sheep with sikkatu disease
     P235796 obv. i 45: udu gag szub-ba
     P235797 rev. i 18: udu gag szub-ba
Q000001 028: udu mur szub-ba
sheep with a collapsed lung
     P235796 obv. i 48: udu ur5 szub-ba
     P235797 rev. i 20: udu ur5 szub-ba
Q000001 029: udu gan szub-ba
sheep with the mange
     P235796 obv. i 46: udu gan szub-ba
     P235797 rev. i 19: udu gan szub-ba
Q000001 030: udu ib2 gig
sheep with arthritic hips
     P235796 obv. ii 43: udu ib2 an-gig
Q000001 031: udu sza3 an-sur
sheep with diarrhea
     P235796 obv. ii 44: udu szag4 sur
Q000001 032: udu du7-du7
habitually goring sheep
Q000001 033: udu gur4-gur4
pot-bellied sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 33: udu al-gur4-ra
Q000001 034: udu ur3-ra
sheep of the roof
     P235796 obv. ii 31: udu e2 ur3-ra
     P235797 rev. ii 3: udu ur3-ra
Q000001 035: udu NE ur3-ra
... sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 32: udu NE ur3-ra
Q000001 036: udu nim7
sheep born in the fall
     P235796 obv. iii 26: udu nim-ma
Q000001 037: udu nim-nim
sheep born in the fall
     P235797 rev. ii 5: udu nim-nim
Q000001 038: udu sag nim-nim
... sheep
     P235797 rev. ii 4: udu sag nim-nim
Q000001 039: udu sa-ad-gal
sheep with sadgal disease
Q000001 040: udu sa-ad-nim
sheep with sadnim disease
Q000001 041: udu si-il-la2
inspected sheep
Q000001 042: udu si min la2
sheep that has been plucked twice
     P235797 rev. ii 6: udu si min la2
Q000001 043: udu zu2-si-ga
plucked sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 24: udu SZID-si-ga
     P235797 rev. ii 7: udu zu2-si-ig-ga
Q000001 044: udu zu2-si-ga kur-ra
plucked sheep of the mountain (non-indigenous)
     P235796 obv. ii 26: udu SZID-si-ga kur-ra
     P235797 rev. ii 8: udu zu2-si-ig-ga [kur]-ra#
Q000001 045: udu zu2-si-ga mar-tu
plucked sheep of the west
     P235796 obv. ii 27: udu SZID-si-ga mar-tu
Q000001 046: udu masz2 szu-gid2-gid2
sheep for the diviner
     P235796 obv. i 28: udu masz2-szu-gid2-gid2
Q000001 047: udu masz2-da-ri-a
sheep for the maszdaria payment
     P235796 obv. i 29: udu masz2-da-ri-a
Q000001 048: udu nam-uru16-na
sheep herded for its owner
     P235796 obv. i 30: udu gesz tag-ga (here?)
     P235797 rev. ii 11: [udu] nam#-an!-na
Q000001 049: udu nam-ra-ak
sheep that is booty
     P235796 obv. i 31: udu nam-a-a-ak
     P235797 rev. ii 12: udu nam-a-ak
Q000001 050: udu nam-erim2-ma
sheep of an assertory oath
     P235796 obv. i 32: udu nam-NE-RA
     P235797 rev. ii 14: udu nam-erim-ma!
Q000001 051: udu e2-an-na
sheep for the Eana temple
     P235796 obv. i 26: udu e2-an-na
Q000001 052: udu da-gal-tum-ma
... sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 39: udu da#-gal#-szum#-mah
     P235797 rev. iii 11: [udu] da-gal-lu
Q000001 053: udu bar-gal2
sheep with wool
     P235796 obv. i 19: udu bar gal2
     P235797 rev. ii 15: udu bar gal2
Q000001 054: udu bar-sug4
sheep shorn of wool
     P235796 obv. i 21: udu bar su3
     P235797 rev. ii 16: udu bar sud3?-a
Q000001 055: udu bar-sal
thin(partially grown)-fleeced sheep
     P235796 obv. i 20: udu bar sal
Q000001 056: udu gir2-tab-ba
sheep stung by a scorpion
Q000001 057: udu zulumhi
long-fleeced sheep
     P235796 obv. i 22: udu zulumhi
Q000001 058: udu gaba
sheep of the breast, maturity designation
Q000001 059: udu gaba-ri-a
sheep for presentation
     P235796 obv. iii 27: udu gaba-ri-a
Q000001 060: udu igi du8-a
sheep for an audience gift
Q000001 061: udu ur2-ri-a
... sheep
Q000001 062: udu za3 ur2-ri-a
... sheep
Q000001 063: udu bala za3 ur2-ri-a
... sheep
Q000001 064: udu ri-ri-a
... sheep
Q000001 065: udu si-si-ga
plucked sheep
Q000001 066: udu a ak
inseminated sheep
Q000001 067: udu lipisz
sheep of the innards/heart
     P235796 obv. ii 17: udu lipisz#-[...]
     P272557 obv. 1: uzu lipisz
     P272557 rev. 1: uzu lipisz#
Q000001 068: udu zuh-a
stolen sheep
Q000001 069: udu TUG2-da
... sheep
Q000001 070: udu ad3
corpse of a sheep
Q000001 071: udu kuruszda
sheep of the fattener
Q000001 072: udu kuruszda
sheep of the fattener
Q000001 073: udu gissu
sheep of the shade
Q000001 074: udu sug4-ga
bare sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 21: udu su3-ga
Q000001 075: udu geszbun
sheep for a banquet
     P235796 obv. iii 33: udu geszbun(|KI.BI.GAR|)-na
Q000001 076: udu KI-BI-NI
sheep for a meal
     P235796 obv. iii 32: udu |KI.BI.NI|
Q000001 077: udu ki-bi gar-ra
sheep put in its place
     P235796 obv. iii 31: udu ki-bi gar-ra
     P235797 rev. iii 15: udu ki-bi gar-ra
Q000001 078: udu gu2-ba gar-ra
subjugated sheep
Q000001 079: udu szum-ma
slaughtered sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 29: udu szum-ma
     P235797 rev. iii 16: udu szum-ma
Q000001 080: udu szu-szum2-ma
sheep for consignment
     P235796 obv. ii 30: udu szum-szum-ma
Q000001 081: udu szu du8-a
sheep used as a guarantee
Q000001 082: udu szu sag-ga2 du11-ga
sheep with a hand set on its head
Q000001 083: udu zi-il-kum
boiled mutton
     P235796 obv. ii 37: udu zil-qum
     P235797 rev. iii 4: [udu si2]-il-lum
Q000001 084: udu te-er-zum
presented sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 36: udu tir-zum
     P235797 rev. iii 5: [udu] tir-zum
Q000001 085: udu dimx(BALAG)-ma
sheep for the ... offering
     P235797 rev. iii 6: [udu] BALAG-ma
Q000001 086: udu sa10-ma
purchased sheep
     P235796 obv. ii 40: udu sa10-ma
     P235797 rev. iii 7: [udu] sa10#?-a
Q000001 087: udu szakanka
sheep of the market
     P235796 obv. ii 41: udu szakanka
     P235797 rev. iii 14: udu szakanka(|KI.LAM|)
Q000001 088: udu siskur2-re
sheep for a siskur rite/offering
Q000001 089: udu szud3-de3
sheep for a prayer
     P235796 obv. i 37: udu KA di
Q000001 090: udu esz3-esz3
sheep for the eszesz festival
     P235796 obv. ii 46: udu esz3-esz3
Q000001 091: udu sikil-la-ta
sheep apart from/by means of purity
     P235796 obv. i 39: udu sikil-e-de3
Q000001 092: udu sag nu-sikil
sheep whose head is impure
Q000001 093: udu mu pa3-da
sheep of a promissory oath
     P254359 obv. 3: udu mu pad3-da
Q000001 094: udu kadra
sheep for an audience gift
     P235796 obv. iii 40: udu kadra(|GAR.SZA3.A|)
Q000001 095: udu nig2-de2-a
sheep for a gift
Q000001 096: udu nig2-de2-a munus-e-ne
sheep for a gift of women, bridal payment
Q000001 097: udu sila ur-bar-ra
sheep used for bait for a wolf
Q000001 098: udu gug-ga nu2
sheep lying down due to a bite
Q000001 099: udu hi-a
assorted sheep
Q000001 100: udu masz2 ansze
Q000001 101: udu babbar
white sheep
     P235797 rev. iii 8: [udu] babbar
Q000001 102: udu giggi2
black sheep
     P235797 rev. iii 9: [udu] kukku5
Q000001 103: udu su4-a
brown sheep
Q000001 104: udu sig7-sig7
yellow sheep
Q000001 105: udu gun3-a
speckled sheep
Q000001 106: udu mu7 sza4
bleating sheep
Q000001 107: u8
Q000001 108: u8 sza3
pregnant ewe
Q000001 109: u8 sza3 pesz4
pregnant ewe
Q000001 110: u8 u3-tu
ewe that has given birth
Q000001 111: u8 nu-u3-tu
ewe that has not given birth
     P235796 obv. iv 18: u8 nu-u3-tu
Q000001 112: u8 gesz3 zu-zu
ewe that has mated
Q000001 113: u8 gesz3 nu-zu
ewe that has not mated
Q000001 114: u8 ib2 gig
ewe with arthritic hips
     P235796 obv. iv 21: u8 ib2 gig
Q000001 115: u8 sza3 an-sur
ewe with diarrhea
     P235796 obv. iv 22: u8 szag4 sur#
Q000001 116: u8 sila4 tu-da
ewe that has given birth to a lamb
Q000001 117: u8 sila4 du-a
ewe that goes with its lamb
Q000001 118: u8 sila4 szub-ba
ewe that has abandoned its lamb
Q000001 119: u8 si mu2-a
ewe growing horns
Q000001 120: u8 ri-ri-ga
fallen, dead ewe
Q000001 121: u8 na ri-ga
ewe that is separated from the herd
Q000001 122: u8 gan2-gig du11-du11-ga
ewe that had a miscarriage
Q000001 123: uzud
nanny goat
     P235796 obv. v 10: ud5
Q000001 124: uzud gi4
... nanny goat
Q000001 125: uzud sza3
pregnant nanny goat
     P235796 obv. v 11: [...] SZA3
Q000001 126: uzud sza3 pesz13
pregnant nanny goat
     P235796 obv. v 12: [...] pesz4
Q000001 127: uzud u3-tu
nanny goat that has given birth
     P235796 obv. v 15: [...] u3-tu
Q000001 128: uzud nu-u3-tu
nanny goat that has not given birth
     P235796 obv. v 16: [...] u3-tu
Q000001 129: uzud gesz3 zu-zu
nanny goat that has mated
     P235796 obv. v 13: [...]-zu
Q000001 130: uzud gesz3 nu-zu
nanny goat that has not mated
     P235796 obv. v 14: [...] gesz3 zu
Q000001 131: uzud ib2 gig
nanny goat with arthritic hips
Q000001 132: uzud sza3 an-sur
nanny goat with diarrhea
Q000001 133: masz2
buck or kid
     P235796 obv. v 31: masz2
Q000001 134: masz2 gal
     P235796 obv. v 32: masz2 gal
Q000001 135: masz2 sag
lead buck
     P235796 obv. v 33: masz2 sag
Q000001 136: masz2 zu2
shorn kid
     P235796 obv. v 34: masz2 zu2
Q000001 137: masz2 zu2 ra-ah
shorn kid
     P235796 obv. v 35: masz2 zu2-ra-ah
Q000001 138: masz2 gaba
kid of the chest, designation of maturity
Q000001 139: masz2 gaba-ri-a
kid for presentation
Q000001 140: masz2 igi du8-a
kid for an audience gift
Q000001 141: masz2 gub
standing kid, designation of maturity
Q000001 142: masz2 lipisz
kid of the innards/heart
Q000001 143: masz2 za-la2
parasite-ridden kid
Q000001 144: masz2 kur-ra
buck of the mountain (non-indigenous)
     P235796 obv. v 36: masz2 kur-ra
Q000001 145: masz2 sa kesz2-kesz2-sa
kid with bound tendons
Q000001 146: masz2 gu2-e3-gu2-e3
kid that is clad (in wool)
     P235796 rev. i 3: masz2 gu2-e3-gu2#-[...]
Q000001 147: masz2 min
twin kids
Q000001 148: masz2 esz5
triplet kids
Q000001 149: masz2 babbar
white kid
     P235796 obv. v 37: masz2 babbar#
Q000001 150: masz2 giggi2
black kid
     P235796 obv. v 38: masz2 [kukku5]
Q000001 151: masz2 su4-a
brown kid
     P235796 obv. v 39: masz2 su4#-[a]
Q000001 152: masz2 kin-gi4-a
kid of the message (for extispicy)
Q000001 153: sila4
     P235796 obv. iv 31: sila4
Q000001 154: sila4 kin-gi4-a
lamb of the message (for extispicy)
Q000001 155: sila4 gaba
lamb of the chest, designation of maturity
     P235796 obv. iv 41: sila4 gaba
Q000001 156: sila4 gaba-ri-a
lamb for presentation
     P235796 obv. iv 42: sila4 gaba-ri-a
Q000001 157: sila4 igi du8-a
sheep for an audience gift
Q000001 158: sila4 nim-ma
lamb born in the fall
     P235796 obv. iv 32: sila4 nim
Q000001 159: sila4 u4 buru14
lamb of the harvest day, born in the summer
     P235796 obv. iv 33: sila4 buru14
Q000001 160: sila4 en-te-na
lamb born in the winter
     P235796 obv. iv 34: sila4 en!-te-na
Q000001 161: sila4 masz2
lamb treated like a kid, i.e., nursed by a goat
     P235796 obv. iv 35: sila4 masz2
Q000001 162: sila4 a-lum
long-fleeced lamb
Q000001 163: sila4 ga
suckling lamb
     P235796 obv. iv 37: sila4 ga
Q000001 164: sila4 ga gu7-a
suckling lamb
     P235796 obv. iv 38: sila4 ga gu7-a
Q000001 165: sila4 ga nag-a
suckling lamb
     P235796 obv. iv 39: sila4 ga nag-a
Q000001 166: sila4 ga sub-ba
suckling lamb
     P235796 obv. iv 40: sila4 ga sub-ba
Q000001 167: kir11 gub
standing female lamb, designation of maturity
     P235796 obv. v 8: [...]-gub
Q000001 168: sila4 gub
standing lamb, designation of maturity
     P235796 obv. v 9: [...]-gub
Q000001 169: kir11 dil ur4
female lamb plucked once
Q000001 170: sila4 dil ur4
male lamb plucked once
     P229115 obv. i 1': [...]-USZ#?
Q000001 171: {munus}asz2-gar3
female kid
     P229115 obv. i 2': [...]-gar3
     P235796 obv. v 27: {munus}GAR3
     P235798 obv. 1: {munus}asz2-gar3
Q000001 172: {munus}asz2-gar3 gesz3 zu-zu
female kid that has mated
     P229115 obv. i 3': [...] asz2#-gar3 gesz3 zu-zu
     P235796 obv. v 29: {munus}GAR3 gesz3 zu
Q000001 173: {munus}asz2-gar3 gesz3 nu-zu
female kid that has not mated
     P229115 obv. i 4': [...] asz2#-gar3 gesz3 nu-zu
     P235796 obv. v 30: {munus}GAR3 nu gesz3 zu
     P235798 obv. 3: {munus}asz2-gar3 gesz3 [nu]-zu
Q000001 174: gu4
ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 1: gu4
Q000001 175: gu4 a2 ur3-ra
rear ox of a plowing team
     P229115 obv. i 5': gu4# a2 ur3-ra
     P235796 rev. ii 2: gu4 a2-ur3-ra
Q000001 176: gu4 gesz-du3-a
breed ox or bull
     P229115 obv. i 6': [...] gesz du3-a
Q000001 177: gu4 gesz-tag-ga
ox or bull used for sacrifice
     P229115 obv. i 7': [...] gesz# tag-ga
     P235796 rev. ii 11: gu4 gesz tag-ga
     P235797 rev. ii 17: [udu] gesz tag-ga
Q000001 178: gu4 mah2
mature ox or bull
Q000001 179: gu4 szu-gi4
old ox or bull
Q000001 180: gu4 szu-gi-na
ox or bull for a szugina offering
Q000001 181: gu4 x-ra
... ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 5: gu4 szu-gi
Q000001 182: gu4 ri-ri-ga
fallen, dead ox or bull
Q000001 183: gu4 na ri-ga
bull separated from the herd
Q000001 184: gu4 babbar
white ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 6: gu4 babbar
Q000001 185: gu4 giggi2
black ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 7: gu4 kukku5
Q000001 186: gu4 su4-a
brown ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 8: gu4 su4-a
Q000001 187: gu4 sig7-sig7
yellow ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 10: gu4 sig7-sig7
Q000001 188: gu4 gun3-a
speckled ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 9: gu4 gun3-a
Q000001 189: gu4 dalla
... ox or bull
     P235796 rev. ii 15: gu4 dalla?
Q000001 190: gu4 kur-ra
ox or bull of the mountain (non-indigenous)
     P235796 rev. ii 12: gu4 kur
Q000001 191: gu4 al-hu-nu-na
weak ox or bull
Q000001 192: gu4 a2-gur-x
... ox or bull
Q000001 193: gu4 a2-gur-[x-x]
... ox or bull
Q000001 194: gu4 a2-x-x
... ox or bull
Q000001 195: gu4 [...]
... ox or bull
Q000001 196: gu4 alim-bu
     P235796 rev. ii 17: gu4 alam!-bu
Q000001 197: gu4 an-na
bull of heaven
     P235796 rev. ii 19: gu4 an-na
Q000001 198: gu4 dumu {d}utu
bull, son of Utu
     P235796 rev. ii 18: gu4 dumu {d}utu
Q000001 199: gu4 kun
ox or bull with a (healthy) tail
Q000001 200: gu4 lu-lu-bu-um
ox or bull from Lullubum
Q000001 201: gu4 ki-bi gar-ra
ox or bull put in its place
Q000001 202: gu4 gu2-ba gar-ra
subjugated ox or bull
Q000001 203: gu4 ab2
breeding bull
     P235796 rev. ii 3: gu4-ab2
Q000001 204: gu4 ab2 hi-a
Q000001 205: ab2
     P235796 rev. i 4: ab2
Q000001 206: ab2 szilamx(NUN.LAGAR)
domestic mother cow
     P229115 obv. ii 3': ab2-szilam
     P235796 rev. i 5: ab2 mah
Q000001 207: ab2 pesz7
pregnant cow
Q000001 208: ab2 szarx(NE)
... cow
Q000001 209: ab2 suhub
cow of the herd
     P235796 rev. i 10: ab2 suhub
Q000001 210: ab2 ubur
cow with an udder
Q000001 211: ab2 u3-tu
cow that has given birth
Q000001 212: ab2 nu-u3-tu
cow that has not given birth
Q000001 213: ab2 gesz3 zu-zu
cow that has mated
     P229115 obv. ii 1': [...] zu#-zu#
Q000001 214: ab2 gesz3 nu-zu
cow that has not mated
     P229115 obv. ii 2': [...] gesz3# nu-zu
Q000001 215: ab2 ib2 gig
cow with arthitic hips
     P229115 obv. ii 6': ab2 ib2-gig
Q000001 216: ab2 sza3 sur
cow with diarrhea
     P229115 obv. ii 7': ab2 szag4 sur
Q000001 217: ab2 mah2
mature cow
     P235796 rev. i 6: ab2 mah2
Q000001 218: ab2 szu-gi4
old cow
Q000001 219: ab2 si gal2-la
cow that has horns
Q000001 220: ab2 si nu-gal2-la
cow that does not have horns
Q000001 221: ab2-za-za
     P228065 obv. ii 1': ab2#-[za-za]
Q000001 222: amar
     P229115 obv. ii 12': amar
     P235796 rev. i 34: amar
Q000001 223: amar ga
suckling calf
     P229115 obv. ii 13': amar ga
     P235796 rev. i 35: amar ga
Q000001 224: amar ga nag-a
suckling calf
Q000001 225: amar ga gu7-a
suckling calf
Q000001 226: amar ga sub-a
suckling calf
Q000001 227: amar sah4
playful calf
     P235796 rev. i 37: amar sah4
Q000001 228: amar lirum
strong calf
     P235796 rev. i 36: amar lirum3(|GISZ%GISZ|)
Q000001 229: amar banda3{da}
fierce calf
Q000001 230: amar mu 3(asz)
three-year-old calf
     P235796 rev. i 38: amar mu-3(asz)
Q000001 231: amar mu 2(asz)
two-year-old calf
     P235796 rev. i 39: amar mu-2(asz)
Q000001 232: amar mu 1(asz)
one-year-old calf
     P235796 rev. i 40: amar mu-1(asz)
Q000001 233: amar babbar
white calf
     P235796 rev. i 41: amar <<MU>> babbar
Q000001 234: amar giggi
black calf
Q000001 235: amar su4-a
brown calf
Q000001 236: amar sig7-sig7
yellow calf
Q000001 237: amar gun3-a
speckled calf
Q000001 238: ansze
     P235796 rev. iii 15: ansze
Q000001 239: dusu2
type of equid
     P235796 rev. iii 18: dusu2
Q000001 240: {ansze}kungax(KI)
onager/donkey hybrid
Q000001 241: ansze kas4
running donkey/equid
Q000001 242: dur3 gu3 di
braying male donkey
Q000001 243: ansze KA-[...]
... donkey
     P229116 obv. 1': [...]-gu3#?-x
Q000001 244: dur3{ur3}
young male donkey
     P229116 obv. 2': dur3{ur3}
     P235796 rev. iii 19: dur3
Q000001 245: dur3{ur3} ASZ
single young male donkey
     P229116 obv. 3': dur3{ur3} ASZ
Q000001 246: ansze-edin-na
donkey/equid of the steppe, onager
     P235796 rev. iii 22: ansze edin-na
Q000001 247: ansze nun-na
type of equid
     P229116 obv. 10': ansze nun-na
     P235796 rev. iii 23: ansze nun-na
Q000001 248: ansze-gir2-nun-na
     P235796 rev. iii 24: ansze gir2-nun-na
Q000001 249: ansze {gesz}gu-za
donkey with a saddle
     P229116 obv. 7': ansze {gesz}gu-za
Q000001 250: ansze {gesz}gigir
donkey for a chariot
     P235796 rev. iii 30: ansze {gesz}gigir!#
Q000001 251: ansze bara2-la2
pack donkey
     P229116 obv. 6': ansze bar-la2
     P235796 rev. iii 29: ansze bar!-la2#
Q000001 252: sisi
     P229116 obv. 9': ansze kur
     P235796 rev. iii 16: ansze kur
Q000001 253: eme3
Q000001 254: eme5
     P235796 rev. iii 7: eme5(|SAL.AL!|)
Q000001 255: eme5 sza3
pregnant she-donkey
     P229115 obv. iii 1': [...]-SZA3
     P235796 rev. iii 8: eme5(|SAL.AL!|) SZA3
Q000001 256: eme5 sza3 pesz4
pregnant she-donkey
     P229115 obv. iii 2': eme5# szag4-pesz2!
     P235796 rev. iii 9: eme5(|SAL.AL!|) szag4-pesz13
Q000001 257: eme5 u3-tu
she-donkey that has given birth
     P229115 obv. iii 3': eme5 u3-tu
     P235796 rev. iii 10: eme5(|SAL.AL!|) u3-tu
Q000001 258: eme5 nu-u3-tu
she-donkey that has not given birth
     P229115 obv. iii 4': eme5 u3 nu-tu
     P235796 rev. iii 11: eme5(|SAL.AL|) nu-u3-tu
Q000001 259: eme5 gesz3 zu-zu
she-donkey that has mated
Q000001 260: eme5 gesz3 nu-zu
she-donkey that has not mated
Q000001 261: eme5 ib2 gig
she-donkey with arthitic hips
Q000001 262: eme5 sza3 sur
she-donkey with diarrhea
Q000001 263: musz
     P229115 obv. iii 8': musz
     P235800 obv. 1: musz
Q000001 264: musz husz
fierce snake
     P229115 obv. iii 11': musz husz
     P235800 obv. 2: musz husz
Q000001 265: musz {d}nerah
the god Niraḫ
     P229115 obv. iii 18': musz# {d}nirah
Q000001 266: musz uszumgal
     P229115 obv. iii 9': musz uszumgal
Q000001 267: musz na4
snake of stone
     P228065 obv. i 6': musz na4
     P229115 rev. i 4: musz na4
     P235799 obv. 1: musz na4
     P235799 rev. 1: musz na4
Q000001 268: musz a
snake of the water
     P228065 obv. i 5': musz a
     P229115 rev. i 3: musz a
     P235799 obv. 2: musz a
     P235799 rev. 2: musz a
     P235800 obv. 4: musz a
Q000001 269: musz sahar
snake of the dust
     P229115 rev. i 5: musz sahar
Q000001 270: musz gud3
snake with a nest
     P229115 obv. iii 13': musz gud3
Q000001 271: musz {u2}|KI.KAL|
snake of the ... grass
     P229115 obv. iii 15': musz {u2}|KI.KAL|
Q000001 272: musz {u2}rib-ba
snake of the riba plant
     P229115 obv. iii 16': musz u2-rib-ba
Q000001 273: musz ki-in-dar
snake of earthen cracks
     P228065 3': musz ki-in-[dar]
     P229115 rev. i 1: musz ki-in-dar
Q000001 274: musz ki-usz2
snake of the place of death
     P228065 4': musz# ki-usz!#
     P229115 rev. i 2: musz ki usz2
Q000001 275: musz gesz-ur3-ra
snake of the roofbeam
     P228065 2': musz gesz-ur3#-[ra]
Q000001 276: musz sza3-tur3
womb snake
     P229115 rev. i 12: musz# szag4-tur3
     P235799 obv. 3: musz szag4-tur3
     P235799 rev. 3: musz szag4-tur3
Q000001 277: musz sag imin-bi
snake with seven heads
     P229115 rev. i 8: musz sag 7(disz)
Q000001 278: musz eme min
snake with two tongues
     P229115 rev. i 10: musz eme min
Q000001 279: musz sag-kal
foremost snake
     P228065 obv. i 8': musz sag-kal
     P229115 obv. iii 17': musz sag-kal
Q000001 280: musz si gur3-ru
snake with horns (viper)
     P229115 obv. iii 12': musz si-gur3-ru
Q000001 281: musz kun ku5-da
snake with a cut tail
     P229115 rev. i 13: [...] kun# ku5-da
Q000001 282: musz sza3 sig
small intestine snake
Q000001 283: musz u2-giri3 mu2-a
snake of the growing ... plant
Q000001 284: musz gar3 gesztin-na
knob of the vine snake
     P229115 obv. iii 14': musz kar gesztin-na
Q000001 285: musz igi nu-gal2
blind snake
     P229115 rev. i 14: [...] nu#-gal2
     P231444 rev. i 1': musz igi nu-gal2#
Q000001 286: ur-mah
     P231444 rev. i 2': ur-mah#
     P235797 i 1: ur#-mah
Q000001 287: ur-nig
     P231444 rev. i 3': ur-nig#
Q000001 288: ur-bar-ra
     P228065 obv. i 27': ur-bar-[...]
     P235797 i 5: ur# bar-ra
Q000001 289: ur-gi7
domesticated dog
     P235797 i 3: [ur] gi7#
Q000001 290: ur-ki
dog of the earth, badger
Q000001 291: ur-tur
Q000001 292: ur-dab
     P235797 i 4: [ur]-dib
Q000001 293: ur-szub5
     P235797 i 6: ur#-szur4
Q000001 294: ur-szub5 ku5-da
     P235797 i 7: ur-szur4-gu4
Q000001 295: az
Q000001 296: pirig
     P235796 rev. iv 12: pirig
Q000001 297: nemurx(PIRIG.TUR)
     P228065 obv. ii 9': nemur(|PIRIG.TUR|)#
     P235796 rev. iv 13: nemurx(|PIRIG.TUR|)
Q000001 298: pirig ka du8-a
howling lion
Q000001 299: nig
Q000001 300: nig amar-ra
bitch with puppies
     P231444 rev. ii 1': nig# [...]
Q000001 301: su-a
     P231444 rev. ii 2': su#-[...]
Q000001 302: su-a-ri
     P231444 rev. ii 3': su#-a-RI#
Q000001 303: ka5-a
     P231444 rev. ii 4': ka5#-a
Q000001 304: ku5-da
     P231444 rev. ii 5': ku5#-[...]
Q000001 305: {ugu}ugu4-bi
     P228065 obv. ii 2': {ugu#}[ugu4-bi]
     P231444 rev. ii 6': [...]-bi
Q000001 306: munus {ugu}ugu4-bi
female monkey
     P228065 obv. ii 3': munus [{ugu}ugu4-bi]
     P231444 rev. ii 7': munus {ugu}[...]-bi
Q000001 307: lu-lim
red deer
     P231444 rev. ii 8': [...]-lim
     P235796 rev. iv 10: lu-lim
Q000001 308: udu-til
Wild Sheep (planet)
     P231444 rev. ii 9': udu til
     P235796 rev. iv 11: udu ti
Q000001 309: masz-da3
     P231444 rev. ii 10': masz-da3
Q000001 310: amar masz-da3
young of a gazelle
     P231444 rev. ii 11': amar masz-da3
Q000001 311: szeg9
wild sheep
     P231444 rev. ii 12': szeg9
Q000001 312: szeg9-bar
Mesopotamian fallow deer
     P228065 obv. ii 11': szeg8-[bar]
Q000001 313: durah
wild goat or bezoar
Q000001 314: durah-masz
     P235796 rev. iv 14: masz-dara3
Q000001 315: kun-USZ
Q000001 316: ban2-hu
     P229115 rev. ii 5: ban2-hu
Q000001 317: dim3-szah2
Q000001 318: am
wild bull or aurochs
     P228065 obv. i 18': am
     P235796 rev. iv 5: am
Q000001 319: am-si
     P228065 obv. i 19': am-si
     P235796 rev. iv 6: am-si
Q000001 320: am-si kur-ra
Bactrian camel
     P228065 obv. i 20': am-si kur-ra
Q000001 321: sumun2
wild cow
     P228065 obv. i 21': <am> sun2
     P235796 rev. iv 9: sun2
Q000001 322: giri17
Q000001 323: immal2
wild cow
     P228065 obv. i 23': immal2
Q000001 324: u2-ma-am
Q000001 325: nig2-ki
that (which inhabits) the earth, term for terrestrials
Q000001 326: a-za-lu-lu
multitude (of animals or people)
Q000001 327: a-za-lu-lu
multitude (of animals or people)
Q000001 328: nig2-zi-gal2 edin-na
animals of the steppe
Q000001 329: uh
Q000001 330: uh
Q000001 331: uh
Q000001 332: uh
Q000001 333: sag-ta-sa2
Q000001 334: zu2 umanx(|HI×ASZ2|)
bite of a parasite
Q000001 335: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|)
Q000001 336: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) a
water insect
Q000001 337: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) sag-du
head lice
Q000001 338: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) a-sza3-ga
field parasite
Q000001 339: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) sze
grain pest
Q000001 340: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) nisi
vegetable pest
Q000001 341: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) zi3-da
Q000001 342: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) gesz-ur3-ra
Q000001 343: umanx(|HI×ASZ2|) DUN
digging parasite
Q000001 344: nim
Q000001 345: nim sahar-ra
dust fly
Q000001 346: nim ur-mah
lion fly
Q000001 347: nim ur-nig
lioness fly
Q000001 348: nim ur-bar-ra
wolf fly
Q000001 349: nim ur-gi7
350. nim ur-ki
Q000001 351: nim ur-dab
cub fly
Q000001 352: nim mul
star fly
Q000001 353: nim i3-nun
fly of the ghee
Q000001 354: nim bi2-bi2-a-IGI@g-EN-IGI@g-EN
... fly
Q000001 355: bir5
Q000001 356: bir5 gal
large locust
Q000001 357: bir5 ab-ba
locust of the sea, crustacean
Q000001 358: bir5 sahar-ra
locust of the dust
Q000001 359: bir5 tur-tur
small locusts
Q000001 360: bir5 en-tir
... locust
Q000001 361: bir5 ga2-nu tir-ra
come to the forest! locust
Q000001 362: bir5 ir-gi-lum
type of locust
Q000001 363: pesz2
     P229115 rev. iii 1: pesz2
Q000001 364: pesz2-{gesz}gi
rodent of the thicket
     P229115 rev. iii 2: pesz2#-gesz-gi
Q000001 365: pesz2-{gesz}gi e-gu7-a
rodent that eats (in) the thicket
     P229115 rev. iii 3: pesz2#-gesz-gi gu7-a
Q000001 366: pesz2 a-sza3-ga
field mouse
Q000001 367: pesz2 igi-gun3
speckled face rodent
Q000001 368: pesz2 nig2-gilim-ma
peszniggilima rodent
Q000001 369: pesz2 nig2-gilim-gilim-ma
peszniggilima rodent
Q000001 370: pesz2 dug sila3 gaz-gaz
meat measuring vessel rodent
Q000001 371: {d}nin-ka6
mongoose or rodents in general
Q000001 372: {d}nin-kilim masz-masz
the god Ninkilim, the incantation priest
Q000001 373: nig2-bun2-na
turtle or tortoise
Q000001 374: [...]-LAGAB
Q000001 375: uh
Q000001 376: ba-al-gi4
Q000001 377: szah2
     P235796 rev. iii 36: szah2
Q000001 378: szah2 {gesz}gi
pig of the thicket, wild pig
     P235796 rev. iii 37: szah2 gesz-gi
Q000001 379: szah2 u4-szu2-usz
daily pig
Q000001 380: szah2 niga
fattened pig
     P235796 rev. iii 38: szah2 niga
Q000001 381: szah2 ma2-gan
pig of Magan
     P229115 rev. ii 2: szah2# ma2-gan
Q000001 382: szah2 nam-erim2-ma
pig of an assertory oath
Q000001 383: szah2 nam-uru16-ak
pig owned by a lord
     P229115 rev. ii 1: [...]-a-ak
Q000001 384: szah2 ze2-eh-tur
     P229115 rev. ii 3: szah2 ze2-eh-tur
     P235796 rev. iii 40: szah2 ze2-eh-tur
Q000001 385: megidax(KUN)
     P229115 rev. ii 4: megidax(KUN)
Q000001 386: kiszi8
Q000001 387: kiszi8 dal-dal
winged ant
Q000001 388: kiszi8 su4-a
red ant
Q000001 389: kiszi8 sig7-sig7
yellow ant
Q000001 390: mul-da-mul
type of insect
Q000001 391: da-da-mul
type of insect
Q000001 392: gir2-tab
Q000001 393: gir2-tab dal-dal
flying scorpion, wasp
Q000001 394: gir2-tab su-a
red scorpion
Q000001 395: gir2-tab sig7-sig7
yellow scorpion
Q000001 396: bil2-za-za
Q000001 397: bil2-za-za gu3-da
chirping frog
Q000001 398: |DAG.KISIM5| szi-hu-um
type of insect
Q000001 399: |(DAG.KISIM5×SI| za-ra-ru-um
Q000001 400: |DAG.KISIM5×TAK4| na-pi-lum
Q000001 401: |DAG.KISIM5×SI| i-szi-du bu-ku-ni
type of insect
Q000001 402: uzu szi-ru-um
Q000001 403: uzu sag-du
Q000001 404: uzu u4-szu2-usz
daily, designation of hair
Q000001 405: uzu me-ze2
Q000001 406: uzu gu7
Q000001 407: uzu gu7
Q000001 408: uzu a-sa
Q000001 409: uzu asz2-du
Q000001 410: uzu gu7
Q000001 411: uzu gu7 gu4
... of an ox
Q000001 412: uzu gu2-MUR
throat, windpipe
Q000001 413: uzu u4-de3
Q000001 414: uzu ubur
Q000001 415: uzu akan
Q000001 416: uzu te
Q000001 417: uzu gu2
Q000001 418: uzu gu2-mur7
Q000001 419: uzu zu2-kesz2 gu2-mur7
Q000001 420: uzu gu2-bala gesz-du3-a
junction of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
Q000001 421: uzu za3 udu
shoulder of a sheep
Q000001 422: uzu sila3 za3 udu
cut of meat from the shoulder of a sheep
Q000001 423: uzu ma-sila3
ankle joint
Q000001 424: uzu si ma-sila3
ankle spur or fetlock
Q000001 425: uzu ma-sila3 TUM
... ankle joint
Q000001 426: uzu ti
Q000001 427: uzu ti-ti
Q000001 428: uzu gag ti
Q000001 429: uzu gag za3-ga
ensiform cartilage
Q000001 430: uzu gag za-la2
Q000001 431: uzu bun2
Q000001 432: uzu nig2-gidri
Q000001 433: uzu gesz-ur3-ra
stomach tissue
Q000001 434: uzu gesz sza3-ga
Q000001 435: uzu sza3
heart, stomach, or entrails
Q000001 436: uzu sza3 mah
large intestines
Q000001 437: uzu sza3 sig
small intestines
Q000001 438: uzu sza3 e2-ninnu
stomach of the Eninnu, omasum (extra stomach of a ruminant)
Q000001 439: uzu sza3 gar-gar-ra
Q000001 440: uzu sza3 lugal nu-tuku
organ that has no master, part of the intestines
Q000001 441: uzu sza3 szu nigin2-na
the innards in their entirety
Q000001 442: uzu sza3 lu-ub2
organ with a sack
Q000001 443: uzu sza3 al-dub
organ that pours
Q000001 444: uzu sza3 al-us2-sa
organ that leans/follow
Q000001 445: uzu me-hi
fatty tissue
Q000001 446: uzu mur
Q000001 447: uzu nig2-giggi
Q000001 448: uzu ur2
Q000001 449: uzu ur2 kun
hind leg
Q000001 450: uzu gaba
Q000001 451: uzu gesz gaba
wood of the chest, breastbone
Q000001 452: uzu tugul
Q000001 453: uzu tugul ku5
blunted hips
Q000001 454: uzu sag tugul
head of the hip
Q000001 455: uzu giri3-pad-ra2
Q000001 456: uzu giri3-pad-ra2 gid2-da
long bone
Q000001 457: uzu giri3-pad-ra2 lugud2-da
short bone
Q000001 458: uzu du5 gig
hating bone
Q000001 459: uzu zi-il-kum
boiled meat
Q000001 460: uzu te-er-zum
meat for a presentation offering
Q000001 461: uzu dimx(BALAG)-ma
meat for the ... offering
Q000001 462: uzu sa10-ma
purchased meat
Q000001 463: uzu szakanka
meat of the market
Q000001 464: uzu al-x-[...]
cooked meat
... meat
Q000001 465: uzu al-hab2-ba
rotten meat
Q000001 466: uzu KAD579
Q000001 467: uzu ma-gi
Q000001 468: uzu sul2
Q000001 469: uzu i3 tab-ba
twice boiled fat
Q000001 470: uzu i3 gu4
cattle lard
Q000001 471: uzu i3 udu
sheep lard
Q000001 472: uzu i3 szah2
pig lard
Q000001 473: uzu ni2-kid2
Q000001 474: uzu ni2-kid2
Q000001 475: uzu bir-ri
Q000001 476: uzu ellag2-gun3
Q000001 477: uzu ellag2-gun3 sza3-ga
inner kidneys
Q000001 478: uzu ellag2-gun3 bar-ra
Q000001 479: uzu x
Q000001 480: uzu x
Q000001 481: uzu nig2-gidri
Q000001 482: uzu ab-tir
Q000001 483: uzu e2 MUR-ra
Q000001 484: uzu sa
Q000001 485: uzu sa-sa
Q000001 486: uzu sa gal
large tendon
Q000001 487: uzu sa hal
Achilles tendon
splayed tendon
Q000001 488: uzu sa tah
auxiliary tendon
Q000001 489: uzu sa nim-ma-ra
Q000001 490: uzu |E2×SAL|
womb or afterbirth
Q000001 491: uzu |E2×SAL|
womb or afterbirth
Q000001 492: uzu |E2×SAL|
womb or afterbirth
Q000001 493: uzu a-sila3-gar-ra
Q000001 494: uzu nig2 kin-gi4-a
that of the message (for extispicy), liver
Q000001 495: uzu ku5
Q000001 496: uzu zi-in-gi4
ankle bone
Q000001 497: uzu i3-nun-ne
meat dressed with ghee
Q000001 498: uzu gesz3
Q000001 499: uzu szir
Q000001 500: uzu umbin
Q000001 501: uzu umbin gu4
ox hoof
Q000001 502: uzu in-gar
Q000001 503: uzu in-ti
Q000001 504: uzu im-ma
Q000001 505: uzu dah-ma-sa
Q000001 506: uzu en3-dur
umbilical cord
     P272557 obv. 2: uzu en3-dur
     P272557 rev. 2: uzu en3-dur#
Q000001 colophon: {d}nisaba za3-mu10
Nisaba, praise!
Q000001 x: [No Composite]
     P272557 obv. 3: uzu ha-la
     P272557 rev. 3: uzu ha-la#