About the CDLN

Welcome to the Cuneiform Digital Library Notes
Cuneiform Digital Library Notes is a non-profit, electronic bulletin board for cuneiform studies. We have set ourselves the task of publishing in this online journal short notices of a high academic standard which also try to utilize the potential of electronic publication.
The Notes are supported by a number of institutions, chief among them the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Primary academic supervision of the Journal derives from the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).
About the Notes
Cuneiform Digital Library Notes is an electronic journal constituted in conjunction with the organization and work of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative to afford contributors to that effort the opportunity to make known to an international community the results of their research into topics related to those of the CDLI.
The CDLN is a moderated e-bulletin board for Assyriology and is conceived as a notepad publication of the Cuneiform Digital Library Journal and the Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin. The CDLJ seeks substantive contributions dealing with the major themes of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, that is, with text analyses of 4th and 3rd millennium documents (incorporating text, photographs, data, drawings, interpretations), early language, writing, paleography, administrative history, mathematics, metrology, and the technology of modern cuneiform editing. Articles in the CDLB are shorter contributions of two to five pages that deal with specific topics, collations, etc., and do not attempt to offer synthetic treatments of complex subjects. The CDLN assumes the role of a bulletin board for the quick publication and internet distribution of short notices of at most one page.
The CDLN is hosted by the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, LA/Oxford/Berlin, and is in the editorial care of Émilie Pagé-Perron (University of Toronto) with the assistance of technical editor David Wong.
Authors who are interested in submitting contributions to the CDLN should read the editorial policies and the guidelines for authors of the larger journals CDLJ&B. In line with the publication policies of the CDLJ&B, all contributions to the Notes will be linked to the online resources of the CDLI and other stable URL addresses. In contrast to the peer-review process instituted by the editorial board of the larger journals, however, contributions to the CDLN will as a rule be moderated and posted by staff at Oxford; they will not be entered into a downloadable PDF fine-print version, with the exception of those contributions that contain high-resolution graphics (the usual means of paper prints of the contributions will be through a corresponding link located at the bottom of each note); and they will have a preprint period of just fifteen days (the date of note "archivization" is also at the bottom of each entry).
Please report any problems, comments or suggestions to the CDLN editor.