An Early Dynastic Tablet of ED Lu A from Tell Brak (Nagar): Notes

1 A photograph of this tablet, found at Tell Mozan, has been published by Buccellati and Buccellati 1997: 94; a full edition will be published in Buccellati 2003. Another Old Akkadian copy is known from Gasur (HSS 10 222). Unlike Lu A, which goes back to Uruk times, Lu E may have been composed in ED, perhaps in Kish, as proposed by Biggs (1981: 132).


2 It is also possible that this was MUŠ×MUŠ, as in the OB sources Ur2 (see below) and BM 58580 (unp.).


3 Apparently the unpublished Istanbul tablets, Ni 1600 and Ni 2528, join SLT 113, but I do not have access to this material. Jon Taylor was kind enough to send me transliterations of two post-ED Nippur tablets, CBS 6142+ and N 5566+, that add little to this passage, as well as of a badly preserved OB source (BM 58680), possibly from Sippar, that has glosses similar to the Ur pieces.


4 I leave aside here the problem of TAK4.ALAN.ME = la-ma-num2 in MEE 4, no. 112 ii 5'-6'.