About the CDLJ

The Cuneiform Digital Library Journal is an electronic journal constituted in conjunction with the organization and work of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative to afford contributors to that effort the opportunity to make known to an international community the results of their research into topics related to those of the CDLI.

The CDLJ is a refereed e-journal for Assyriology. We are interested in publishing a broad and international range of cuneiform research articles that will appeal to academic researchers as well as interested members of the public.

Contributions dealing with the major themes of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, that is, with text analyses of 4th and 3rd millennium documents (incorporating text, photographs, data, drawings, interpretations), early language, writing, paleography, administrative history, mathematics, metrology, and the technology of modern cuneiform editing are welcome. Articles in the Cuneiform Digital Library Journal are chosen for their quality academic content and for their use of the electronic medium.

The editorial board of the Cuneiform Digital Library Journal consists of representatives from leading universities, research institutions and museums around the world, including the University of Oxford, Harward University, the CNRS, Paris, the CSIS, Madrid, the CNR, Rome, the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and UC Berkeley. The Journal is hosted by the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, LA/Oxford/Berlin, and is managed by Jacob L Dahl, and maintained by Laura F Hawkins. Without the guidance and support of a number of other people, it is unlikely that the journal would be in its present form. We should mention particularly Judith Winters, chief editor of Internet Archaeology, for her kind permission allowing us to "lift" from her site many of the policy and guideline statements now a part of these pages.

Please report any problems, comments or suggestions to cdlj@ucla.edu

Authors who are interested in submitting papers to the CDLJ should read our editorial policy and our guidelines for authors. The CDLJ offers:

  • Publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • World-wide distribution.
  • Seamless intermeshing of data, interpretation and discussion.
  • The ability to let others analyze your data on-line, or download data to their own computers.
  • A variety of indexing methods which allow both structured searching and full-text indexing.
  • Color graphics throughout your paper.