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Submitting your paper in HTML

As detailed in the section on Paper Structure, we prefer and can work more quickly with text that has been split into separate files. Progress is even quicker if the files are already written in HTML (HyperText Mark-Up Language). If you intend to submit your paper already marked-up, please inform us first and always get in touch should you need any help. Below is the basic template you should use. Copy and paste it into your own HTML files and substitute the capitalized words as appropriate.

The `pnutst' and `pnutsb' comments in <!-- angled brackets --> at the top and bottom of the page are used for inserting the journal's navigation buttons at the journal office. Apart from replacing the [SPACE] command with a single space bar, these tags should not be edited or removed. The journal has also started to implement Cascading Style Sheets which will we hope remove much of the formatting that can complicate HTML. This can be seen in the tag at the top of document before the </HEAD> tag. Please leave this tag in your document. Also note that stylesheets can be quite fussy so do ensure that you `close' all tags such as <p>(</p>), <ul>(</ul>) and <li>(</li>).

Be consistent with your file suffixes (*.htm/ *.html). A file called biblio.htm is not the same as a file called biblio.html to many browsers. This is especially important to note if you are setting the links within your article before submission.

On top of the numerous course and training sessions run by universities and colleges, there are a large number of HTML help sites freely available on the web and an equally large number of books published on the subject. If you have trouble locating any, contact us for a few recommendations.




<title>Internet Archaeol. YOUR NAME. </title>

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