The images presented online by the research project Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative are for the personal, non-profit use of students, scholars, and the public. All digitized images of photographs and original text artifacts are subject to copyright laws and, except where noted otherwise, are the property of the institutions that own the artifacts. Digital images of hand or CAD drawings of texts are the property of named primary publication or publication history authors. Commercial use or publication of these images is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the project and/or the institutions/authors named in conjunction with particular texts.

Text in the pages of CDLI may be freely copied, aggregated and re-used according to common academic practice; we request in the case of re-use of considerable textual data that mention be made of the source of such material, with reference to CDLI and its URL <>.

For further information, please contact:

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last modified: 19 April 2012