The following list is sorted by country, state or province (for the US and Canada), and city; click on them to view their associated CDLI pages.



Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, 0,278G-20
Museés Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, 0.1934S-28



St. John’s

Memorial UniversityI-21
Memorial University (ex-Ottawa 2919)WFL-26



Royal Ontario Museum, 939.11.2I-16



Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 64.E A.3 H-32



National Museum, AS 1I-17
National Museum, AS 2I-18
National Museum, AS 3L-18
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, AE.I.N. 1723C-07
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, I.N. 1789Hd-02
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, AE.I.N. 1491P-04



Louvre Museum, AO 19846C-04
Louvre Museum, AO 19851D-02
Louvre Museum, AO 19847H-06
Louvre Museum, AO 19845Hb-02
Louvre Museum, AO 19868I-20
Louvre Museum, AO 19849I-24
Louvre Museum, AO 22198I-24
Louvre Museum, AO 19848Z-06



Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 938B-26A
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 943C-13
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 8747E-03
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 940F-01
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 941F-17
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 939aG-14
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 939bG-15
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 939cG-16
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 942H-27
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 949I-12
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 950I-13
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 946N-12
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 947N-13
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 948aN-16
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 948bN-17
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 944Sb-01
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 945Sb-02
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 959WFL-13
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 962WFL-10
Vorderasiatisches Museum, VA 964WFL-11


Skulpturensammlung, Herrmann-Verzeichnis 21B-16
Skulpturensammlung, Herrmann-Verzeichnis 22F-09
Skulpturensammlung, Herrmann-Verzeichnis 19G-30
Skulpturensammlung, ex-Berlin, VA 951H-29
Skulpturensammlung, Herrmann-Verzeichnis 20T-02


Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, 1965, 101S-23


Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 5 + 7 H-03
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 9L-05
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 6S-15
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 8Z-03
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 3Z-09
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Gl. WAF 4Zb-02



Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)B-13
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, F-8 (VAM 77)I-20
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, F-10I-23
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, F-9I-29
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu SangrahalayaS-29
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu SangrahalayaZ-06
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu SangrahalayaZ-08



Trinity College, Weingreen Museum, WM 1889I-03



Museo Civico di Archeologia LigureB-06


Museo BarraccoI-04
Vatican, VAT 14998B-06
Vatican, VAT 14990I-04
Vatican, VAT 14989I-19



National Car Museum of Iran, NCMI, 004 – unassigned fragment



National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownB-10
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknown B-15
National Museum of Iraq, IM 26472Bb-01
National Museum of Iraq, IM 26473Bb-02
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownC-10
National Museum of Iraq, IM 28143E-04
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownG-19
National Museum of Iraq, IM 29053Gc-01
National Museum of Iraq, IM 29059 Hc-01
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownHc-02
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownI-02
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownI-04
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownI-18
National Museum of Iraq, 2 fragments, IM no. unknownZ-08
National Museum of Iraq, IM no. unknownZ-08


(these reliefs now feared damaged or destroyed by IS militants)
Mosul MuseumF-13
Mosul MuseumF-14
Mosul MuseumI-08
Mosul Museum I-14
Mosul MuseumL-25
Mosul MuseumL-26
Mosul MuseumL-27
Mosul MuseumL-28
Mosul MuseumL-29
Mosul MuseumL-30
Mosul MuseumWFL-23
Mosul MuseumWFL-24
Mosul Museum, 001 (excavation # ND 01122) – unassigned fragment


(these reliefs now feared damaged or destroyed by IS militants)
Nimrud fragment no. 23B-02
Nimrud fragment no. 20B-06
Nimrud fragment no. 21B-21
Nimrud fragment no. 22B-21
Nimrud fragment no. 24B-26A
Nimrud fragment (no #)B-31
Nimrud fragment no. 25C-07
Nimrud fragment no. 26C-07
Nimrud fragment no. 27C-07
Nimrud fragment no. 28C-07
Nimrud fragment no. 29C-08
Nimrud fragment no. 30F-02
Nimrud fragment no. 31F-02
Nimrud fragment no. 33F-02
Nimrud fragment no. 32F-16
Nimrud fragment no. 11G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 12G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 13G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 14G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 15G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 16G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 17G-05
Nimrud fragment no. 18G-20
Nimrud fragment no. 19 G-20
Nimrud fragment no. 07G-25
Nimrud fragment no. 08G-25
Nimrud fragment no. 09G-28
Nimrud fragment no. 06H-03
Nimrud fragment no. 02(?)H-13
Nimrud fragment no. 1H-28
Nimrud fragment no. 03Hd-01
Nimrud fragment no. 04Hd-01
Nimrud fragment no. 05Hd-01
Nimrud fragment no. 50I-07
Nimrud fragment no. 44I-19
Nimrud fragment no. 52I-21
Nimrud fragment no. 40I-22
Nimrud fragment no. 42I-24
Nimrud fragments nos. 43 and 45I-24
Nimrud fragment no. 41I-26
Nimrud fragment no. 46I-27
Nimrud fragment no. 53I-28
Nimrud fragment no. 48I-29
Nimrud fragment no. 37L-06
Nimrud fragment no. 35L-33
Nimrud fragment no. 36L-33
Nimrud fragment no. 38N-06
Nimrud fragment no. 88S-08
Nimrud fragment no. 54 (reconstructed Nimrud, room N)S-09
Nimrud fragment no. 80 (reconstructed Nimrud, room N)S-09
Nimrud fragment no. 89a-d (reconstructed Nimrud, room N)S-09
Nimrud fragment no. 55 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-10
Nimrud fragment no. 56 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-10
Nimrud fragment no. 57 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-10
Nimrud fragment no. 58S-23
Nimrud fragment no. 59a, bS-23
Nimrud fragment no. 60 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-24
Nimrud fragment no. 73 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-24
Nimrud fragment no. 74 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-24
Nimrud fragment no. 75 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-24
Nimrud fragment no. 76 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-24
Nimrud fragment no. 61 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-26
Nimrud fragment no. 62S-27
Nimrud fragment no. 63 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 64 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 65 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 66 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 67 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 68 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 77 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-28
Nimrud fragment no. 69 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-29
Nimrud fragment no. 70 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-29
Nimrud fragment no. 71 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-29
Nimrud fragment no. 78 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-29
Nimrud fragment no. 79 (reconstructed Nimrud, in situ)S-29
Nimrud fragment no. 72T-04
Nimrud fragment no. 81WFL-06
Nimrud fragment no. 82WFL-06
Nimrud fragment no. 85WFL-08
Nimrud fragment no. 83WFL-09
Nimrud fragment no. 84WFL-09
Nimrud fragment no. 86WFL-12
Nimrud fragment no. 87WFL-17
Nimrud, in situA-01
Nimrud, in situA-02
Nimrud, in situA-03
Nimrud, in situA-04
Nimrud, in situA-05
Nimrud, in situA-06
Nimrud, in situA-07
Nimrud, in situA-08
Nimrud, in situA-09
Nimrud, in situA-10
Nimrud, in situA-11
Nimrud, in situA-12
Nimrud, in situA-13
Nimrud, in situAA-01
Nimrud, in situAA-02
Nimrud, in situAA-03
Nimrud, in situAA-04
Nimrud, in situAA-05
Nimrud, in situAA-06
Nimrud, in situAA-07
Nimrud, in situAA-08
Nimrud, in situAA-09
Nimrud, in situB-11
Nimrud, in situB-12
Nimrud, in situB-13
Nimrud, in situB-14
Nimrud, in situB-15
Nimrud, in situB-21
Nimrud, in situB-22
Nimrud, in situB-24
Nimrud, in situB-25
Nimrud, in situB-28
Nimrud, in situC-05
Nimrud, in situC-09
Nimrud, in situC-10
Nimrud, in situCb-01
Nimrud, in situCb-03
Nimrud, in situD-01
Nimrud, in situD-03
Nimrud, in situD-04
Nimrud, in situD-05
Nimrud, in situD-06
Nimrud, in situD-08
Nimrud, in situDd-01
Nimrud, in situDd-02
Nimrud, in situDd-03
Nimrud, in situDd-04
Nimrud, in situE-01
Nimrud, in situE-02
Nimrud, in situE-03
Nimrud, in situE-04
Nimrud, in situE-05
Nimrud, in situEc-01
Nimrud, in situEc-02
Nimrud, in situEc-03
Nimrud, in situED-01
Nimrud, in situED-10
Nimrud, in situF-05
Nimrud, in situF-10
Nimrud, in situF-11
Nimrud, in situF-12
Nimrud, in situF-15
Nimrud, in situF-17
Nimrud, in situFf-01
Nimrud, in situFf-02
Nimrud, in situG-01
Nimrud, in situG-05
Nimrud, in situG-13
Nimrud, in situG-17
Nimrud, in situG-19
Nimrud, in situG-20
Nimrud, in situG-21
Nimrud, in situG-22
Nimrud, in situG-23
Nimrud, in situG-24
Nimrud, in situG-25
Nimrud, in situG-26
Nimrud, in situGa-03
Nimrud, in situGc-01
Nimrud, in situGc-03
Nimrud, in situGe-03
Nimrud, in situH-11
Nimrud, in situH-12
Nimrud, in situH-15
Nimrud, in situH-16
Nimrud, in situH-17
Nimrud, in situH-17A
Nimrud, in situH-18
Nimrud, in situH-19
Nimrud, in situH-20
Nimrud, in situH-21
Nimrud, in situH-22
Nimrud, in situH-24
Nimrud, in situHc-01
Nimrud, in situHc-02
Nimrud, in situHc-03
Nimrud, in situHc-04
Nimrud, in situHd-01
Nimrud, in situHd-02
Nimrud, in situI-01
Nimrud, in situI-02
Nimrud, in situI-04
Nimrud, in situI-05
Nimrud, in situI-05A
Nimrud, in situI-06
Nimrud, in situI-07
Nimrud, in situI-09
Nimrud, in situI-10
Nimrud, in situI-11
Nimrud, in situI-15
Nimrud, in situI-18
Nimrud, in situI-19
Nimrud, in situI-21
Nimrud, in situ, fragment no. 49I-23
Nimrud, in situI-27
Nimrud, in situI-28
Nimrud, in situI-31
Nimrud, in situI-32
Nimrud, in situIa-01
Nimrud, in situIa-02
Nimrud, in situL-03
Nimrud, in situL-04
Nimrud, in situL-09
Nimrud, in situL-12
Nimrud, in situL-13
Nimrud, in situL-14
Nimrud, in situL-15
Nimrud, in situL-16
Nimrud, in situL-19
Nimrud, in situL-21
Nimrud, in situL-22
Nimrud, in situL-23
Nimrud, in situL-24
Nimrud, in situL-31
Nimrud, in situL-32
Nimrud, in situN-01
Nimrud, in situN-02
Nimrud, in situN-04
Nimrud, in situN-06
Nimrud, in situN-07
Nimrud, in situN-09
Nimrud, in situN-10
Nimrud, in situN-14
Nimrud, in situN-18
Nimrud, in situP-01
Nimrud, in situP-02
Nimrud, in situP-03
Nimrud, in situP-04
Nimrud, in situS-01
Nimrud, in situS-02
Nimrud, in situS-05
Nimrud, in situS-10
Nimrud, in situS-16
Nimrud, in situS-18
Nimrud, in situS-19
Nimrud, in situS-20
Nimrud, in situS-21
Nimrud, in situS-22
Nimrud, in situS-23
Nimrud, in situS-24
Nimrud, in situS-25
Nimrud, in situSa-01
Nimrud, in situSa-02
Nimrud, in situSc-01
Nimrud, in situSc-02
Nimrud, in situSd-02
Nimrud, in situT-01
Nimrud, in situT-02
Nimrud, in situT-03
Nimrud, in situT-04
Nimrud, in situT-05
Nimrud, in situ (WJ-01)WFL-06
Nimrud, in situZ-04
Nimrud, in situZ-05
Nimrud, in situZ-08
Nimrud, in situZ-10


Koka (near Kyoto)

Miho MuseumC-06


Idemitsu Museum of ArtsI-15



Muzeum Narodowe, MN 199335I-28



Museum Calouste Gulbenkian, 118H-10

Russian Federation

St. Petersburg

Hermitage, 3938G-31
Hermitage, 3940H-34
Hermitage, 4I-28
Hermitage, 5I-28
Hermitage, 3939L-06



Swedish National Museum, 856N-15



Abegg Foundation, 12.2.63N-07


Collection Samuel JosefowitzI-23


Archäologisches Institut und Archäologische Sammlung der Universität Zürich, 1910 (1)L-33
Archäologisches Institut und Archäologische Sammlung der Universität Zürich, 1910 (2)L-34
Archäologisches Institut und Archäologische Sammlung der Universität Zürich, 1912 (ex. 184)T-02



Arkeoloji MüzesiC-11
Arkeoloji MüzesiGc-02
Arkeoloji Müzesi, 4649Gc-04
Arkeoloji MüzesiGe-02
Arkeoloji Müzesi, 7037 Hc-01
Arkeoloji Müzesi, 22I-27
Arkeoloji Müzesi 7036P-03

United Kingdom


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, H-794F-14c
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, H-0796H-01
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, H-0795H-02


Tyndale House, Tyndale 22 – unassigned fragment
University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, WAE.03.1942B-12
University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, WAE.44.1927B-30
University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, WAE.45-1927H-09
University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, WAE.02.1908I-01
University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, WAE.01.1908I-02

Edinburgh (Scotland)

Royal Museum of Scotland, A1956.362G-29

Glasgow (Scotland)

Burrell Collection, AGM 1369 (28/35)C-08


British Museum, BM 098064 B-01
British Museum, BM 124555B-03
British Museum, BM 124556B-03
British Museum, BM — (K 08543)B-04
British Museum, BM 124553B-04
British Museum, BM 124554B-04
British Museum, BM 124551B-05
British Museum, BM 124552B-05
British Museum, BM 135736B-06
British Museum, BM 124550B-06
British Museum, BM 124548B-07
British Museum, BM 124549B-07
British Museum, BM 124546B-08
British Museum, BM 124547B-08
British Museum, BM 124544B-09
British Museum, BM 124545B-09
British Museum, BM 124542B-10
British Museum, BM 124543B-10
British Museum, BM 124540B-11
British Museum, BM 124541B-11
British Museum, BM 124582B-15
British Museum, BM 124538B-17
British Museum, BM 124539B-17
British Museum, BM 124536B-18
British Museum, BM 124537B-18
British Museum, BM 124534B-19
British Museum, BM 124535B-19
British Museum, BM 124532B-20
British Museum, BM 124533B-20
British Museum, BM 124531B-23
British Museum, BM 124530B-26
British Museum, BM 124559B-27
British Museum, BM 124560B-30
British Museum, BM 118801Ba-01
British Museum, BM 118802Ba-02
British Museum, BM 118894Bb-01
British Museum, BM — (1847-06-02, 0003 ?)Bb-01
British Museum, BM 118929C-01
British Museum, BM 098063C-03
British Museum, BM 124562D-07
British Museum, BM 118930D-09
British Museum, BM 124584F-03
British Museum, BM 124585F-04
British Museum, BM 118804F-08
British Museum, BM 124564G-02
British Museum, BM 124565G-03
British Museum, BM 124566G-04
British Museum, BM 124567G-06
British Museum, BM 124569G-10
British Museum, BM 124568G-12
British Museum, BM 118927G-13
British Museum, BM 118928G-25
British Museum, BM 124577G-27
British Museum, BM 124575Ga-01
British Museum, BM 118873Gb-02
British Museum, BM 124576Gd-01
British Museum, BM 124586Ge-01
British Museum, BM 098062I-03
British Museum, BM 102400I-03
British Museum, BM 124581I-16
British Museum, BM 102487I-17
British Museum, BM 124580I-22
British Museum, BM 118921I-23
British Museum, BM 098061I-24
British Museum, BM 124583I-27
British Museum, BM 108833L-16
British Museum, BM 124578L-20
British Museum, BM 135157N-01
British Museum, BM 135156N-06
British Museum, BM 124563S-03
British Museum, BM 102401S-18
British Museum, BM 118803Sc-04
British Museum, BM 118872Se-01
British Museum, BM 124579WFL-14
British Museum, BM 124557WFL-19
British Museum, BM 124558WFL-19
British Museum, BM 118906WFL-22
British Museum, BM AOC 45WFL-22
British Museum, BM 102077WFL-22
British Museum, BM 124917WFL-25
British Museum, BM 102076WFL-27
British Museum, BM 135741WFL-28
British Museum, BM 135742WFL-29
British Museum, BM 118874Z-01
British Museum, BM 118876Z-02
British Museum, BM 118877Z-02
British Museum, BM 124574Z-08
British Museum, BM 124561Za-01
British Museum, BM — (K 08887) – unassigned fragment


Manchester University Museum, VII-A-8S-26


Ashmolean Museum, 1982-224B-32
Ashmolean Museum, Lady Layard Coll. 1950-241I-18
Ashmolean Museum, 1850 (Layard Gift)I-29
Christ Church CollegeH-12
Magdalen CollegeI-26c

United States


Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.66.4.4F-16
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.66.4.3H-31
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.66.4.5Hb-01
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.71.73.1aI-07
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.66.4.1L-01
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.66.4.2 L-02

San Francisco

M. H. De Young Memorial Museum, 1995.47H-25



Wadsworth Atheneum, 83.1917 H-32

New Haven

Yale University, 1854.5I-26
Yale University, 1854.4I-26
Yale University, 1854.3I-26
Yale University, 1854.2.1S-04
Yale University, 1854.2.2S-04
Yale University, 1854.1S-08



The Art Institute, AI 1986.978S-10
Oriental Institute Museum, A — (ex BM 118926)G-13
Oriental Institute Museum, A — (ex-BM 118875)Z-01



Bowdoin College, Me.491.2B-14
Bowdoin College, Haskell Coll. 1860.2S-17
Bowdoin College, Haskell Coll. 1860.4T-06
Bowdoin College, Haskell Coll. 1860.5WFL-16



Walters Art Museum, WAM 21.08G-18
Walters Art Museum, WAM 21.09P-02



Amherst College AC S.1855.1 (?)I-26
Amherst College AC S.1855.2H-33
Amherst College AC S.1855.6L-17
Amherst College AC S.1855.4S-07


Museum of Fine Arts, MFA 81.56N-08
Museum of Fine Arts, MFA 35.731WFL-02
Museum of Fine Arts, MFA 1935.0753 – unassigned fragment


Harvard, Fogg Art Museum, 1940,13B-22

South Hadley

Mount Holyoke College, MHAM 0001.A(a). SV II – unassigned fragment
Mount Holyoke College, MHAM 0002.A(a). SV II – unassigned fragment
Mount Holyoke College, MHAM 0003.A(a). SV II – unassigned fragment


Williams College Museum of Art, WCMA 1851.1WFL-01


Worcester Art Museum, 1930.32N-19



Detroit Institute of Arts, 47.181I-24


Kalamazoo Valley Museum, KVM 60.253G-25



Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, MIA 41.9H-33


Kansas City

William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of ArtL-10

St. Louis

St. Louis Art Museum, 186:1925L-18

New Hampshire


Dartmouth College, Hood MuseumG-09
Dartmouth College, Hood Museum, S.8G-11
Dartmouth College, Hood MuseumH-23
Dartmouth College, Hood MuseumH-35
Dartmouth College, Hood MuseumL-07
Dartmouth College, Hood MuseumL-11
Dartmouth College, Hood Museum, S. 856.3.3WFL-03

New Nersey


Princeton, Art Museum, No. 207B-24

New York


Brooklyn Museum, 55.156F-06
Brooklyn Museum, 55.155H-04
Brooklyn Museum, 55.154H-05
Brooklyn Museum, 55.153 H-14
Brooklyn Museum, 55.146I-25
Brooklyn Museum, 55.147L-35
Brooklyn Museum, 55.148L-36
Brooklyn Museum, NY, 55.149S-12
Brooklyn Museum, NY, 55.150S-13
Brooklyn Museum, 55.151T-07
Brooklyn Museum, 55.152T-08
Brooklyn Museum, 55.145WFL-05

New York City

Anonymous Private Collection (1986)G-19
Elghanayan CollectionB-06
Merrin CollectionS-24
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.11C-08
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.08Cb-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.06G-07
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.04G-08
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.02Gb-01
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.07Gd-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.12I-01
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.14I-28
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.3 I-30
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1931.72.1L-07
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2079S-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1931.72.3S-11
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2077Sa-01
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2078Sa-01
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2080Sa-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2081Sa-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1931.72.2Sd-01
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932.143.01Se-02
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1984.11T-04
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917.190.2082T-05


University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, MAG 44.010I-19



Cincinnati Art Museum, 1952.7L-09


Cleveland Museum of Art, 1943.246S-06


Bryn Athyn

Glencairn Museum, 09.SP.1549I-27
Glencairn Museum, 09.SP.1550L-03 (L-14)


University Museum, 29.21.1N-03


Fort Worth

Kimbell Art Museum, AP 81.4a L-12
Kimbell Art Museum, AP 81.4bL-13


Museum of Fine Arts, 80.53I-22



University of Vermont, Fleming MuseumN-05


Middlebury College, 0.114L-08



Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary, Va.1S-14


Museum of Arts & Sciences, CMA 56.49.I – unassigned fragmentRoom I


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, VMFA 56-22C-10