Room C

The small ante-room C was excavated by Layard in the summer of 1846. Situated at the western end of the throne room, across from the throne dais, it led into a stairwell (or ramp), which probably gave access to the flat roof of the building (there is no evidence of a second story in this part of the palace). The room was entered from the throneroom through a wide, centrally positioned doorway (B-a) and connected to the stairwell by a smaller doorway (C-b), that was balanced by a second opening (C-c). Layard describes the reliefs as follows:

On all the slabs, 13 in number, except 6, 7, and 8, are colossal winged figures with horned cap, bearing square vessel and fir-cone, in pairs, facing one another, and separated by the emblematical tree.
6. Colossal winged figure and eunuch attending upon the king.
7. King holding cup and bow.
8. Winged figure and eunuch attending on the king.
Entrance b. 1 and 2, Colossal winged figures with garland round the head. 3 and 4, unsculptured slabs.
Entrance c. Unsculptured slabs with usual inscription.

Doorway B-a, which opens to the throneroom, was flanked by two lion lamassus. Slabs C-b-3 and C-b-4, described by Layard only as “unsculptured,” also carried the standard inscription.

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Relief Slabs by Collection
(duplication results from individual fragments in different places)

Arkeoloji Müzeleri, Istanbul, Turkey
   C-11 Ist K — (a)

British Museum, London, UK
   C-3 BM 98063 (a)
   C-1 BM 118929 (a)

Burrell Collection. Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow
   C-8 AGM 1369 (28/35) (a)

Louvre Museum, Paris, France
   C-4 AO 19846 (a)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, USA
   C-8 MMA 1932.143.11 (b)
   Cb-2 MMA 1932.143.08 (a)

Miho Museum, Kyoto, Japan
   C-6 MMNK — (a)

National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
   C-10 IM — (b)

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark
   C-7 AE.I.N. 1723 (a)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, USA
   C-10 VMFA 56-22 (a)

Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
   C-13 VA 943 (a)

Nimrud, Iraq
   C-5 in situ (a)
   C-9 in situ (a)
   C-10 in situ (c)
   C-b-1 in situ (a)
   C-b-3 in situ (a)
   C-7 Nimrud fragment no. 25 (d)
   C-7 Nimrud fragment no. 27 (c)
   C-7 Nimrud fragment no. 28 (e)
   C-8 Nimrud fragment no. 29 (c)

missing (incl. fragments)
   C-1 (b)
   C-4 (b)
   C-5 (b)
   C-6 (b)
   C-7 (f)
   C-8 (d)
   C-9 (b)
   C-10 (d)
   C-11 (b)
   C-b-1 (b)
   C-b-3 (b)
   C-b-4 (a)
   C-c-1 (a)
   C-c-2 (a)
   C-c-3 (a)
   C-c-4 (a)