Room G

Room G was excavated by Layard in the summer of 1846. He found the reliefs in this room to be particularly large, well crafted and well preserved: “The colours still adhered to the sandals, brows, hair and eyes. The sculptures were in the best state of preservation; the most delicate carvings were still distinct, and the outline of the figures retained its original sharpness. ... They furnished me not only with a collection of beautiful designs, but also with many new and highly interesting symbolical and mythic signs, and figures.” (Nineveh I, 137-138; cp. also Canby, Iraq 33, 1971, 31-53). Layard found 31 reliefs in the room proper, 14 more in the doors and two lamassu. He sent several of the slabs to the British Museum and chose four of them for his cousin, Lady Guest, at Canford Manor. Four slabs are entirely or mostly lost (G-21, G-28, G-a-2, G-c-3) and four remained in situ – they are now badly damaged and weathered. The rest of the reliefs are distributed over several collections.

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Relief Slabs by Collection

(duplication results from individual fragments in different places)

Arkeoloji Müzeleri, Istanbul, Turkey
   G-c-2:   Ist Nimrud —
   G-c-4:   Ist Nimrud 4649
   G-e-2:   Ist Nimrud —

British Museum, London, UK
   G-2:   BM 124564
   G-3:   BM 124565
   G-4:   BM 124566
   G-6:   BM 124567
   G-10:   BM 124569
   G-12:   BM 124568
   G-13:   BM 118927
   G-25:   BM 118928
   G-27:   BM 124577
   G-a-1:   BM 124575
   G-b-2:   BM 118873 (Lamassu)
   G-d-1:   BM 124576
   G-e-1:   BM 124586

Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
   G-9:   HM —
   G-11:   HM S.856.3.2

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, USA
   G-7:   MMA 1932.143.6
   G-8:   MMA 1932.143.4
   G-b-1:   MMA 1932.143.2 (Lamassu)
   G-d-2:   MMA 1932.143.7

Musées royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels, Belgium
   G-20:   MRAH O.0278

National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
   G-19:   IM —
   G-c-1:   IM 029053

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
   G-13:   A —

private: anonymous, New York, New York, USA
   G-19:   Anonymous NYC

Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
   G-29:   A1956.362

Skulpturensammlung, Dresden, Germany
   G-30:   Herrmann-Verzeichnis 19

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
   G-31:   Erm 3938

Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
   G-14:   VA 939a
   G-15:   VA 939b
   G-16:   VA 939c

Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
   G-18:   WAM 21.0008

Nimrud, Iraq
   G-1:   in situ
   G-5:   in situ
   G-13:   in situ
   G-17:   in situ
   G-19:   in situ
   G-20:   in situ
   G-21:   in situ
   G-22:   in situ
   G-23:   in situ
   G-24:   in situ
   G-25:   in situ
   G-26:   found in Room G, not in situ
   G-a-3:   in situ
   G-c-1:   in situ
   G-c-3:   in situ
   G-e-3:   in situ
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 11
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 12
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 13
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 14
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 15
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 16
   G-5:   Nimrud fragment no. 17
   G-20:   Nimrud fragment no. 18
   G-20:   Nimrud fragment no. 19
   G-25:   Nimrud fragment no. 7
   G-25:   Nimrud fragment no. 8
   G-28:   Nimrud fragment no. 9

missing (incl. fragments)