Room I

Layard excavated Room I, one of the so-called “bathrooms” of the palace, in 1847. It is L-shaped and a mirror image of Room L, separated from it by the small chamber K.

The designation as bathrooms is due to the fact that the floors of both rooms were covered with stone slabs, some of them with drains, that suggested the intensive use of water in those rooms (though some similar features are also found in other places nearby). Many of their reliefs indicate cleaning and libation rituals. Russell (AJA 102 [1998] 697) concludes: “In sum, then, the architectural and sculptural fixed features of the entire east wing seem to be cues for an overall function of purification, both of the implements of royal power and of the person of the king himself.”

Layard found 35 reliefs in Room I (I-1 through I-33, plus I-5a and I-32a—since these numbers had accidentally been used twice), and in addition four slabs in the doorways. Most of the reliefs showed four genies each in two panels, separated by the standard inscription.

The reconstruction of the reliefs in this room has proved to be the most difficult and has not been finalized to this day. One of the main reasons was already described by Gadd in 1936 (The Stones of Assyria p. 211): “This room was the mine which has supplied perhaps more of its detached panels and single figures to various destinations throughout the world than any other part of an Assyrian ruin. The temptation to secure these comparatively portable ‘souvenirs’ was so great that few of the slabs seem to have escaped mutilation (there is not one in the British Museum itself, but only panels.)”

Only 7 complete reliefs have survived (I-8 [Mosul], I-9–I-11 [in situ], I-12 & I-13 [Berlin]; I-25 [Brooklyn] and I-30 [Metropolitan Museum]).

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Relief Slabs by Collection

(duplication results from individual fragments in different places; as a rule, the list of missing reliefs/fragments does not include the middle parts of the reliefs that contained the “standard inscription”)

Amherst College, Amherst, MA
   I-26:   AC S.1855.1 (?)
Arkeoloji Müzeleri, Istanbul, Turkey
   I-27:   22
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
   I-18:   Lady Layard Coll. 1950-241
   I-29:   1850 (Layard Gift)
British Museum, London, UK
   I-03:   BM 098062
   I-03:   BM 102400
   I-16:   BM 124581
   I-17:   BM 102487
   I-22:   BM 124580
   I-23:   BM 118921
   I-24:   BM 098061
   I-27:   BM 124583
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, USA
   I-25:   55.146
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbay, India
   I-20:   F8 (VAM 77)
   I-23:   F-10
   I-29:   F-9
Collection Samuel Josefowitz, Lausanne, Switzerland
   I-23:   —
Danish National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
   I-17:   AS 1
   I-18:   AS 2
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI, USA
   I-24:   47.181
Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
   I-01:   WAE.02.1908
   I-02:   WAE.01.1908
Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, PA, USA
   I-27:   09.SP.1549
Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
   I-28:   4
   I-28:   5
Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Tokyo, Japan
   I-15:   —
Iraq Museum, Baghdad, Iraq
   I-02:   IM # unknown
   I-04:   IM # unknown
   I-18:   IM # unknown
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA
   I-07:   M.71.73.1a
Louvre Museum, Paris, France
   I-20:   AO 19868
   I-24:   AO 19849
   I-24:   AO 22198
Magdalen College, Oxford, UK
   I-26c:   —
Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA
   I-19:   MAG 44.010
Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland
   I-21:   —
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, USA
   I-01:   MMA 1932.143.12
   I-28:   MMA 1932.143.14
   I-30:   MMA 1932.143.3
Mosul Museum, Mosul, Iraq
   I-08:   —
   I-14:   —
Museo Barracco, Rome, Italy
   I-04:   —
Museum of Arts & Sciences, Norfolk, VA, USA
   Room I, unassigned fragment:   CMA 56.49.I
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, USA
   I-22:   80.53
Muzeum Narodowe, Warsaw, Poland
   I-28:   MN 199335
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
   I-16:   939.11.2
Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Italy
   I-04:   VAT/14990
   I-19:   VAT/14989
Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
   I-12:   VA 949
   I-13:   VA 950
Weingreen Museum, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
   I-03:   WM 1889
Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
   I-26:   1854.5
   I-26:   1854.4
   I-26:   1854.3
Nimrud, Iraq
   I-01:   in situ
   I-02:   in situ
   I-04:   in situ
   I-05:   in situ
   I-05A :   in situ
   I-06:   in situ
   I-07:   in situ
   I-09:   in situ
   I-10:   in situ
   I-11:   in situ
   I-15:   in situ
   I-18:   in situ
   I-19:   in situ
   I-21:   in situ
   I-23:   in situ, fragment no. 49
   I-27:   in situ
   I-28:   in situ
   I-31:   in situ
   I-32:   in situ
   Ia-01:   in situ
   Ia-02:   in situ
   I-07:   Nimrud fragment no. 50
   I-19:   Nimrud fragment no. 44
   I-21:   Nimrud fragment no. 52
   I-22:   Nimrud fragment no. 40
   I-24:   Nimrud fragment no. 43
   I-24:   Nimrud fragment no. 45
   I-26:   Nimrud fragment no. 41
   I-27:   Nimrud fragment no. 46
   I-28:   Nimrud fragment no. 53
   I-29:   Nimrud fragment no. 48
missing (incl. fragments)