The Cuneiform Collection of the Clinton Historical Society

1   These tablets were brought to our attention by David I. Owen, who, in turn, was made aware of them by Christine Latini of the Clinton Historical Society of Clinton, MA. We wish to thank the Clinton Historical Society for making the tablets accessible to us, and for their permission to publish them here. Thanks in particular go to Ms. Latini, who arranged for the loan of the tablets to Cornell and provided information on the history of the Society’s collection. Tablet measurements given are in millimeters, H x W x T.

2     The same notice appeared three days later on July 5 in the now-defunct Clinton Courant.

3     For more on Banks, see the comments in Englund (2004) and Owen and Wasilewska (2000) with bibliography.

4     As will be argued in Vanderroost (forthcoming), the Umma districts of Gu’edena and Mušbiana were usually considered to be a single administrative unit.

5    See also Studevent-Hickman (2006: 49).

Version: 30 December 2007