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The Mesopotamian Collection in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum[1]

Andrea Seri <>
Harvard University

Kalamazoo, cuneiform, text edition


§1. Introduction

§1.1. The Mesopotamian collection in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, Michigan, consists of sixty-one cuneiform texts, one sealed clay-docket, and seven cylinder seals. These encompass royal inscriptions such as four clay cones of Gudea and Nammahni of Lagaš, and Utu-hegal and Sin-kašid of Uruk, respectively; a stamp for bricks from the reign of Naram-Sin of Akkad; two cylinders with inscriptions of Hammurapi and Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon; bricks mentioning kings Ur-Namma of Ur, Sennacherib of Assyria, and Nebuchadnezzar II; and economic tablets from the Ur III, Old Babylonian, Neo-Babylonian, and Late Babylonian periods.


§1.2. Albert M. Todd, an entrepreneur of Kalamazoo, gathered the bulk of this collection in the early 1920s, although he seems to have bought his first tablet in Constantinople in April 1896 (KVM 32.1162, no. 59).[2] After Todd’s death, his family donated the collection to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum on March 12th 1932. From Albert Todd’s own records kept at the Museum, we know that he acquired most of the Babylonian items in London apparently from three main sources. Some of the objects were purchased in 1920 possibly from either an antiquity dealer or a private owner because all the registers have the annotation “found by officers of the British Army in ruins of ancient Babylonia.” That is the case with KVM 32.1133 (no. 13), KVM 32.1134 (no. 11), KVM 32.1136 (no. 17), KVM 32.1137 (no. 6), KVM 32.1138 (no. 20), KVM 32.1139 (no. 26), KVM 32.1141 (no. 27), KVM 32.1142 (no. 8), KVM 32.1143 (no. 22), KVM 32.1144 (no. 37), KVM 32.1146 (no. 9), KVM 32.1147 (no. 21), KVM 32.1148 (no. 31) KVM 32.1149 (no. 23), and KVM 32.1150 (no. 32).


§1.3. Todd bought other items from two London firms. In 1921 he obtained from Spink & Son KVM 32.1208 (no. 4), KVM 32.1209 (no. 2), and KVM 32.1210 (no. 3). Since these inscriptions were part of the Amherst collection, we assume that other objects belonging to Lord Amherst were also acquired from Spink & Son in 1921. These include KVM 32.1157 (no. 49), KVM 32.1183 (no. 51), KMV 32.1185 (no. 12), and KVM 32.1196 (no. 53). Most of the acquisitions, however, are from three Sotheby’s auctions. The first took place on the 1st and 2nd of November 1922. From this come KVM 32.1156 (no. 33), KVM 32.1173 (no. 50), KVM 32.1176 (no. 55), KVM 32.1177 (no. 25), KVM 32.1179 (no. 10), KVM 32.1180 (no. 16), KVM 32.1197 (no. 42), KVM 32.1212 (no. 14), KVM 32.1213b (no. 5), and KVM 32.1223 (no. 15). The second auction was in June 1923; here he bought KVM 32.1152 (no. 38), 32.1153 (no. 29), KVM 32.1154 (no. 57), KVM 32.1155 (no. 7), KVM 32.1159 (no. 58), KVM 32.1160 (no. 45), KVM 32.1161 (no. 39), KVM 32.1165 (no. 18), KVM 32.1167 (no. 24), KVM 32.1168 (no. 60), KVM 32.1169 (no. 34), KVM 32.1171 (no. 46), KVM 32.1175 (no. 19), KVM 32.1181 (no. 56), and possibly also KVM 32.1164 (no. 54).[3] In a third auction held in June 1925, Todd purchased KVM 32.1214 (no. 35), KVM 32.1215 (no. 48), and all the cylinder seals, namely, KVM 32.1200, KVM 32.1201, KVM 32.1202, KVM 32.1203, KVM 32.1205, KVM 32.1206, and KVM 32.1207. Finally, it is possible that the American dealer Edgard J. Banks sold to Albert Todd KVM 32.163 (no. 30), KVM 32.164 (no. 41), and KVM 32.165 (no. 36), because the records mention that he signed and authenticated the items. The stamp for bricks (KVM 32.1198 = no. 1) seems also to have originated from Banks (see Frayne 1993: 120).[4]


§1.4. Previous owners include Harding-Smith (KVM 32.1156, KVM 32.1173, KVM 32.1179, KVM 32.1223), Lord Amherst (KVM 32.1157, KVM 32.1183, KVM 32.1185, KVM 32.1196), Mrs. George Glas Sandeman (KVM 32.1215, with an annotation “excavated by H. Rassam”), Arnold Foster (KVM 32.1203, KVM 32.1205, KVM 32.1206), and Lady Holmes (KVM 32.1207).


§1.5. The present edition is arranged in chronological order, and within every period I have listed royal inscriptions first followed by economic documents. The catalogue follows the same method. Cones, bricks, and tablets are listed before the cylinder seals.


§2.1. Catalogue of KVM tablets

no. date contents provenience dimensions (cm) KVM no.
1 Naram-Sin of Akkad Stamp for bricks Adab 11.0 × 11.0 32.1198
2 Gudea Royal inscription (cone) Girsu Ø 5.8, length 14.6 32.1209
3 Nammahni Royal inscription (cone) Girsu Ø 4.1, length 7.5 32.1210
4 Utu-hegal Royal inscription (cone) Uruk Ø 4.4, length 8.2 32.1208
5 Ur-Namma Royal inscription (brick) Nippur 18.0 × 17.5 × 7.0 32.1213b
6 Šulgi 26/xi Administrative (ration list) Umma 5.6 × 3.5 32.1137
7 Šulgi 37/ix Administrative (niglam-garment) Umma 2.8 × 2.5 32.1155
8 Šulgi 40/ diri Administrative (receipt) Umma 3.1 × 2.7 32.1142
9 Šulgi 45/xi Administrative (account of cattle) Drehem 7.7 × 4.2 32.1146
10 Šulgi 46/x Administrative (receipt of grain) Girsu 5.2 × 4.0 32.1179
11 Šulgi 47/xi/30 Administrative (receipt of cattle) Drehem 5.6 × 4.0 32.1134
12 Šulgi 47 Administrative (account) Girsu 15.4 × 11.7 32.1185
13 Šulgi 48 Administrative (ration list) Drehem 4.5 × 3.5 32.1133
14 Šulgi 48 Administrative (receipt of flour) Girsu tablet 4.3 × 5.0 32.1212
        envelope 5.0 × 5.5\6  
15 Amar-Suen 4/iv Administrative (delivery of grain) Girsu 5.3 × 4.2 32.1223
16 Amar-Suen 5/v/4 Administrative (account cattle) Drehem 6.5 × 4.1 32.1180
17 Ibbi-Suen 2 ix/17 Administrative (account of cattle) Drehem 4.6 × 3.4 32.1136
18 Amar-Suen 5 Administrative (tablet basket tag) Girsu 4.5 × 3.0 32.1165
19 Amar-Suen 5 Administrative (receipt of silver) Unclear 3.7 × 3.3 32.1175
20 Amar-Suen 7/xii Administrative (receipt of sheep) Drehem 3.1 × 2.6 32.1138
21 Amar-Suen 8 (?) Administrative (account of animals) Drehem 5.2 × 4.1 32.1147
22 Amar-Suen 9/xi Administrative (account of grain) Umma 4.3 × 3.7 32.1143
23 Šu-Suen 3 Administrative (receipt of grain) Umma 5.0 × 4.0 32.1149
24 Šu-Suen 3/xii/18 Administrative (receipt of grain) Girsu 3.0 × 2.8 32.1167
25 Šu-Suen 6 Administrative (messenger text) Girsu 3.6 × 2.5 32.1177
26 Šu-Suen 7/ii Administrative (account of cattle) Drehem 5.6 × 4.0 32.1139
27 Šu-Suen 8/i Administrative (account of cattle) Drehem 4.5 × 4.0 32.1141
28 Šu-Suen 9 Administrative (account of textiles) Girsu 20.0 × 19.0 32.1182
29 Ibbi-Suen 1/i Administrative (receipt of grain) Girsu 3.3 × 3.1 32.1153
30 Ibbi-Suen 1/viii Administrative (receipt of lard) Umma 4.0 × 3.5 32.163
31 Ibbi-Suen 2 Administrative (account of sheep) Drehem 5.0 × 3.9 32.1148
32 Ø/vi/14 Administrative (receipt of flour) Umma ? 2.3 × 2.1 32.1150
33 No date (Ur III) Administrative (account of onion) Umma 9.6 × 5.0 32.1156
34 No date (Ur III) Administrative (delivery of goats) Girsu 5.0 × 3.2 32.1169
35 Date lost? (Ur III) Administrative (account) Unknown 12.5 × 12.5 32.1214
36 No date (Ur III) Administrative (messenger tablet) Umma 2.5 × 2.0 32.165
37 No date (Ur III) Administrative (grain rations) Umma 6.5 × 4.4 32.1144
38 Date lost? (Ur III) Administrative (very fragmentary) Unknown 3.0 × 3.0 32.1152
39 Date lost? (Ur III) Administrative (receipt) Girsu (?) 3.0 × 2.5 32.1161
40 No date (Ur III) Plan of fields Umma 6.5 × 7.5 32.1172
41 Sin-kašid of Uruk Royal inscription (cone) Uruk Ø 3, length 5.2 32.164
42 Hammurapi Royal inscription (cylinder) Sippar Ø 4.0 / 6.0, length 9.3 32.1197
43 Rim-Sin 30 Administrative (list of amounts and people) Unknown 9.0 × 6.5 32.1184
44 Rim-Sin (oath) Sale of an orchard Unknown 8.0 × 5.0 32.1178
45 Date lost (OB), Rim-Anum(?) Administrative (bīt asīrī) Uruk 5.5 × 8.5 32.1160
46 No date (OB) Administrative (silver and grain) Unknown 8.2 × 4.6 32.1171
47 Date lost (OB) Administrative (bīt asīrī, female slaves) Unknown 7.8 × 3.8 32.1186
48 Sennacherib Royal inscription (brick) Unknown 21.0 × 10.5 × 9.2 32.1215
49 Nebuchadnezzar II Royal inscription (brick) Unknown 11.2 × 12.3 × 3.2 32.1157
50 Nebuchadnezzar II Royal inscription (brick) Unknown 11.0 × 10.5 × 6.0,
10.3 × 8.0 × 8.5
51 Nebuchadnezzar II Royal inscription (brick) Unknown 12.0 × 7.5 × 4.0 32.1183
52 Nebuchadnezzar II Royal inscription (brick) Unknown 17.5 × 18.0 × 8.0 32.1213a
53Nebuchadnezzar II Royal inscription (clay cylinder): not copied, exhibit Unknown  32.1196
54 No date (NB) List of stones Unknown 3.7 × 2.1 32.1164
55 Nebuchadnezzar II Economic document (silver) Unknown 2.7 × 2.2 32.1176
56Cyrus II ? Sale contract (?) [badly eroded based only on the KVM catalogue]Unknown   32.1181
57 Cambyses II 7/vii/22 Silver entrusted; oxherd archive, Nabû-kīn-zēri / Aplā Unknown 6.0 × 4.8 × 2.2 32.1154
58 Darius I 4/[ ]/21 Loan of silver; oxherd archive, Nabû-kīn-zēri / Aplā Unknown 3.8 × 3.1 × 1.9 32.1159
59 Darius I 26/vi/10 Sale of dates; Marduk-šuma-ibni Unknown 5.8 × 5.0 32.1162
60 Darius I 28/I/12 Loan of silver; Rēmūt-Nabû / Muraššu Unknown 4.0 × 3.7 32.1168
61 photoUnknown10 × 7.5 32.1187


§2.2. Catalogue of KVM cylinder seals and docket

no.typeinscriptionproveniencedimensions (cm)KVM no.
62Jemdet NasranepigraphicUnknown2.1 length x 0.7 Ø 32.1200
63Old BabylonianepigraphicUnknown2.0 length x 1.1 Ø 32.1201
64Old Babylonianpossibly epigraphicUnknown2.7 length x 1.5 Ø 32.1206
65Possibly Old BabylonianepigraphicUnknown2.5 length x 1.3 Ø 32.1207
66Possibly SyriananepigraphicUnknown2.0 length x 0.8 Ø 32.1205
67AchaemenidanepigraphicUnknown1.7 length x 1.0 Ø 32.1202
68Possibly an ancient fakeepigraphic?Unknown2.3 length x 1.2 Ø 32.1203
69Seleuciddocket with impressions of six stamp sealsUnknown3.1 length x 3.7 Ø 32.1174


§3. Transliterations


§3.1. KVM 32.1198 (plate 1)
Date: Naram-Sin of Akkad[5]
Provenience: Adab
Type: Stamp for bricks

3.e2 dinanna


§3.2. KVM 32.1209 (plate 1)
Date: Gudea of Lagaš
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Royal inscription (clay cone)[6]

6.e2 gir2-˹suki˺-ka-ni


§3.3. KVM 32.1210 (plate 1)
Date: Nammahni of Lagaš
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Royal inscription (clay cone)



§3.4. KVM 32.1208 (plate 1)
Date: Utu-hegal of Uruk
Provenience: Uruk
Type: Royal inscription (clay cone)[7]

2.nin uru16
3.nin in-dub-ba-˹ra˺
5.lugal an-ub-da limmu4-ba-ke4 lagaški
7.lu2 uri5ki-ke4
8.inim bi2-gar
9.šu-na mu-ni-gi4


§3.5. KVM 32.1213b (not copied)
Date: Ur-Namma of Ur
Provenience: Nippur
Type: Royal inscription (brick)[8]

2.lugal uri5ki-ma
3.lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri
4.lu2 e2


§3.6. KVM 32.1137 (plate 2)
Date: Šulgi 26/xi
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (ration list)
Sealed on the obverse (left side), reverse (blank space); mostly illegible

1.1(barig) še lugal
3.1(barig) ha-ma-ti
4.1(barig) ur-mes
5.1(barig) ti-e2-mah-ta
6.1(barig) lugal-ezen
7.1(barig) nu-hi-il
8.1(barig) ba-ak-ba-ak
9.1(barig) a-da-ga
10.1(barig) ki-tuš-lu2
11.1(barig) an-ne-ba-du7
1.˹4?(ban2) igi˺-[…]-še3
2.4(ban2) ur-d˹iškur˺
3.4(ban2) ur-šul-pa-e3
4.4(ban2) he2-eb-su13-e
5.4(ban2) ur-sukkal
 blank space
6.še-ba ša3-gu4 ˹ša3˺ sahar-ra i7-pa-e3
8.˹iti˺ pa5-u2-e mu a-ra2 2(diš)-kam si-mu-ru-umki ba-hul


§3.7. KVM 32.1155 (plate 2)
Date: Šulgi 37/ix
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (niglam garment)

1.˹3(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 us2 lugal˺
2.˹ki lugal˺-za-˹e3-ta?˺
3.5(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 us2˺ […]
4.x x x ˹ma-na˺
4'.[…] ˹mu˺
5'.[iti] ˹dli9-si4˺
6'.˹mu bad3 ma-da˺ ba-du3


§3.8. KVM 32.1142 (plate 2)
Date: Šulgi 40/diri
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (receipt)

1.˹2 (diš)?˺ […] x […]
3.1(diš)? x x x
4.x x x
5.x […]
6.šu ba-˹an ˺-[ti]
2.a-kal-la x ˹maškim˺
3.˹iti diri˺ mu ˹us2˺-[sa] puzur4-dda-˹gan ba-du3˺


§3.9. KVM 32.1146 (plate 2)
Date: Šulgi 45/xi
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of cattle)

1.1(diš) u8 niga ba-uš2
2.1(diš) sila4 e2-gal-la ba-an-ku4
3.˹da˺-ak-ma-˹keš2˺-še3 maškim
4.1(diš) ˹maš2˺ d˹nin˺-hur-sag
5.˹giri3˺ ˹a-a˺-[dnanna]-ar-[kal]-˹la˺
6.iti-ta u4 [n ba]-˹ra-zal˺
7.1(diš) udu hur-˹sag˺[9] u2˹ra˺-[num2 d]˹inanna˺
9.˹giri3˺ a-a-[d]˹nanna˺-ar-[kal]-˹la˺
10.1(diš) udu niga
12.1(diš) udu niga 1(diš) sila4
14.giri3 nin-ga2
15.1(diš) udu niga ba-uš2
16.e2-gal-la ba-an-ku4
17.iti-ta u4 1(u) 2(diš) ba-˹ra˺-zal
1.2(diš) udu u2 dnin-tin-ug5-˹ga˺
2.2(diš) udu u2 dnin-šubur-e2-egir
3.giri3 a-a-dnanna-ar-kal-la
4.1(diš) sila4 dnin-tin-ug5-ga
5.1(diš) maš2 dšu-mah
6.1(diš) udu niga 1(diš) sila4
8.1(diš) gu4 niga 3(diš) udu niga 1(diš) sila4
10.2(diš) udu u2 dnin-˹nigargar˺
11.u2-sag dnin-tin-ug5-ga
12.giri3 nin-ga2
13.iti-ta u4 1(u) 3(diš) ba-ra-zal
14.1(diš) sila4 e2-gal-la ba-an-ku4
15.e2-nig2-IL2-ŠEŠ.KI PA-DU
16.iti-ta u4 1(u) 4(diš) ba-ra-zal
17.zi-ga ki kalam-he2-na-gi-ta
18.iti ezem-me-ki-gal2 ur-bi2-lumki lu-lu-buki si-mu-ru-umki u3 kar2-harki aš-še3 ˹sag˺-[du]-˹bi˺ šu-bur2-[a] bi2-˹ra˺-[a]


§3.10. KVM 32.1179 (plate 3)
Date: Šulgi 46/x
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (receipt of grain); unopened envelope
Sealed on the reverse (rolled vertically), and lower and upper edge; faint traces
Ex Harding-Smith Collection
Publication: Sollberger, E., MVN 5, 148

1.6(aš) še gur-lugal
2.ša3-gal ma2-ad-da-<ga>-še3
 blank space
3.dumu dab5-ba-ne-še3 ba-sa6-ta du-du-li2-še3
6.˹kišib3 ur˺-ki-sal4-la
1.iti amar-a-a-si
 blank space ki-maški ba-hul
2.˹dumu lugal-pa-e3˺


§3.11. KVM 32.1134 (plate 3)
Date: Šulgi 47/xi/30
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (receipt of cattle)
Sealed on the obverse, reverse and right edge; illegible

1.1(diš) udu 2(diš) u8
2.2(diš) maš2 gal 5(diš) uz3
3.u4 2(u) 1(diš)-kam
4.4(diš) udu 2(diš) maš2 gal
5.4(diš) ˹uz3˺ u4 2(u) 3(diš)-kam
6.3(diš) ˹udu˺ 1(diš) u8
7.5(diš) maš2 gal 1(diš) uz3
8.u4 2(u) 4(diš)-kam
1.1(diš) udu u4 2(u) 9(diš)-kam
2.4(diš) maš2 gal 1(u) 6(diš) uz3
3.˹šu˺-gid2 e2 muhaldim-še3
4.˹5(diš)˺ udu ˹giri3˺ ab-ba-˹sa6˺-ga
5.u4 3(u) la2 1(diš)-kam
 blank space na-lu5-ta i3-dab5
8.iti ezem-me-ki-gal2 us2-sa ki-maš ba-hul
left edge
1.5(u) 6(diš)


§3.12. KVM 32.1185 (see copy, Amherst 50)
Date: Šulgi 47
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (account)[10]
Ex Amherst Collection
Publication: T. Pinches (1908), Amherst 50

column i
1.[…] ˹zu2-lum gur˺
2.1(barig) geš˹peš3˺ had2
3.1(barig) geš˹hašhur˺ had2
4.1(u) 5(diš) gešpeš3 6(diš) kuš3
5.[nig2-ka9] zu2-lum-ta
6.˹3(barig) 5 (ban2)˺ [3(dis)] 2/3(diš) sila3 i3-geš
7.2(aš) še-geš-i3 gur
8.i3-geš-bi 2(barig)
9.1(u) ma-na siki ud5
10.4(aš) gu2 siki GI ur-ab-ba-ta
12.3(u) ma-na uruda
13.kišib3 gi-na
14.4(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na uruda
15.kišib3 ur-dnin-gir2-su dumu-na nig2-dba-˹ba6-ta˺
 blank space
column ii
1.2(barig) 2(diš) 1/2(diš) sila3 [i3-geš]
2.[1(diš) sila3 i3-nun]
3.[3(diš)] 5(diš) sila3 zu2-˹lum˺
4.4(diš) gu2 2(u) 6(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na igi 3(diš)-gal2 siki GI
5.4(aš) gu2 2(diš) ma-na siki ud5
6.6(diš) ma-na 4(diš) gin2 uruda
7.zi-ga didli
8.u3 nig2-siskur2-ra
9.ša3 kušdu10-gan
10.1(u) ma-na siki GI
11.1(ban2) zu2-lum
13.a-ra2 1(diš)-kam
14.2(u) 2(aš) gu2 7(diš) ma-na siki GI
15.4(aš) 3(barig) 5(ban2) 5(diš) sila3 zu2-lum gur
16.1/3(diš) sila3 i3-nun du10-ga
17.1/2(diš) sila3 i3-nun
18.2(ban2) 4(diš) sila3 i3-geš
19.a-ra2 2(diš)-kam
20.2 (barig) 2(ban2) zu2-lum
21.giri3 du-du dumu ensi2
column iii
1.kišib3 ˹ensi2-ka˺
2.3(u) 2(diš) ˹ma-na siki GI˺
3.˹siki˺-ba ˹nu-geškiri6˺
4.kišib3 ur-[gešgigir <nu>-geškiri6] dumu ˹ARAD2-da˺-[ni]
5.5(diš) sila3 i3-geš [geš]-˹a˺ de6-[a]
6.5(u) la2 3(diš) tug2 uš-bar
 blank line
7.e2-gal-la ba-an-˹ku4˺
8.kišib3 lu2-dingir-ra dumu a-ba-šu-na
9.1(ban2) zu2-lum
10.kišib3 lu2-dnanše dumu inim-ma-dingir
11.3(u) la2 2(diš) tug2 da-ba-tum 1(aš) gu2 [3(u)] ˹8(diš)˺ 1/3(diš) ma-˹na˺
13.kišib3 na-mu
14.u3 tul2-ta
 blank space
column i
1.ŠU+NIGIN2 2(u) 8(aš) ˹gu2˺ [ 2(u) 3(diš)] ˹1/3(diš)?˺(diš) ma-na igi-<n>-gal2 siki GI
2.˹ŠU+NIGIN2 2(barig)˺ 2(ban2) 6(diš) 1/2(diš) sila3 i3-geš
3.ŠU+NIGIN2 1/2(diš) sila3 i3-nun
4.ŠU+NIGIN2 8(aš) 1(barig) 4(ban2) zu2-lum gur
5.ŠU+NIGIN2 6(diš) ma-na 4(diš) gin2 uruda
6.ŠU+NIGIN2 4(aš) gu2 2(diš) ma-na siki ˹ud5˺
7.ŠU+NIGIN2 1/3(diš) sila3 i3-nun du10-˹ga˺
8.˹bi2-gu7˺-bi 1(diš) 1/3(diš) gin2
9.ŠU+NIGIN2 5(diš) sila3 i3-geš ˹geš-a de6-a˺
10.˹bi2-gu7˺-bi 1/2(diš) sila3
11.ŠU+NIGIN2 4(u) 7(diš) tug2 uš-bar
13.˹diri˺ 2(aš) gu2 3(u) 1(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na ˹3(diš)˺ 1/3(diš) gin2 siki GI 1(u) ma-na-ta
14.i3-geš-bi ˹3(barig) 1(diš) 2/3(diš)˺ [sila3] 1(ban2) 2(diš) ˹sila3˺-[ta]
15.˹diri 3 (barig)˺ 2(ban2) zu2-[lum]
16.˹gešpeš3˺ had2-bi [1(barig)]
17.˹diri 2(barig) zu2˺-lum
18.gešhašhur had2-˹bi˺ [1(barig)]
19.diri 1(aš) 1(barig) ˹1(ban2) 5(diš)˺ sila3 zu2-lum
20.gešpeš3 6(diš) ˹ kuš3˺-bi 1(u) 5(diš)-am3 1(u) 2(diš)-ta
21.˹diri˺ [1(aš)] gu2 5(u) 4(diš) 1/3(diš) ˹ma-na˺ [3(diš) 1/3(diš)] gin2 siki GI 1(u) ma-˹na˺-[ta]
22.[uruda-bi 2(u)] 8(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na [6(diš) gin2 uruda] 2(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na-[ta]
column ii
1.diri ˹la2-ia3 gu7-a˺
2.˹diri 2(u) gu2˺ 2(u) 8(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na ˹3(diš)˺ 2/3(diš) [gin2] ˹siki GI˺
3.˹diri˺ 3(diš) gu2 5(u) 2(diš) ma-na ˹siki ud5˺
4.˹diri˺ 5(u)-la2-3(diš) tug2 uš-bar
5.˹diri 1(diš)˺ 5/6(diš) sila3 1(diš) 1/3(diš) gin2 i3-nun
6.˹diri˺ 5(aš) 5(diš) sila3 zu2-lum gur
 blank space
column iii
 blank space
1.nig2-ka9 ak
3.[gi-na] ˹dub˺-sar anše
4.giri3 ku5-da-mu dumu-na us2-sa ki-maški ba-hul


§3.13. KVM 32.1133 (plate 3)
Date: Šulgi 48
Provenience: Drehem[11]
Type: Administrative (ration list)

1.1(barig) še ba-an-zi-ge-˹še3?˺
2.2(ban2) ur-numun-du10-ga
3.1(ban2) 5(diš) sila3 ur-mes
4.1(ban2) lugal-u2-˹šim˺-e
5.1(ban2) 5(diš) geme2 ur-sag-[pa]-˹e3˺
6.1(ban2) nin-TE
8.1(barig) nig2-dba-ba6
9.1(ban2) 5(diš) sila3 ur-dba-ba6
10.3(barig) 2(ban2) 5(diš) sila3
1.˹iti˺ ezem-me-ki-gal2-˹ta˺
2.iti še-KIN-ku5-še3
3.še-bi 1(aš) 2(barig) 5(ban2) gur
4.iti 2(diš)-kam bu3-lu5-lu5-ta
 blank space ha-ar-šiki u3 ki-maški ba-hul


§3.14. KVM 32.1212 (plate 4)
Date: Šulgi 48
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (receipt of flour); tablet and envelope
Sealed on the obverse, reverse, and right and left(?) edges of the envelope[12]

1.1(geš2) 1(aš) 2(barig) 5(ban2) zi3 sig15 gur
2.3(u) 5(aš) 3(barig) dabin gur lu2 mar-sa-˹ta˺
5.dumu ur-nigargar
1.šu ba-ti
 blank line ha-ar-šiki ba-hul
1.1(geš2) 1(aš) 2(barig) 5(ban2) zi3 sig15 gur
2.3(u) 5(aš) 3(barig) dabin gur
 blank space lu2 mar-sa-ta
4.kišib ur-dig-alim
1.dumu ur-nigargar
 blank space ha-ar-šiki ba-hul
3.dumu ur-[nigar]gar


§3.15. KVM 32.1223 (see copy, MVN 5, 156)
Date: Amar-Suen 4/iv
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (delivery of grain); unopened envelope
Sealed on the obverse, reverse, left, right and lower edges
Ex Harding-Smith Collection
Publication: T. Pinches JRAS (1911), 1053, 83; E. Sollberger, E., MVN 5, 156

1.1(geš2) 3(u) 3(aš) 4(barig) še gur lugal
2.giri3 lu2-bulug3-ga2
3.1(geš2) gur giri3 ur-sa6-ga
4.a-ša3 lal3-ha
 blank space lu2-dingir-ra-ta
1.kišib ur-den-lil2-la2 ka-guru7
 blank space
2.iti šu-numun en-mah dnanna maš-e i3-pad
3.dumu inim-sa6 kurušda


§3.16. KVM 32.1180 (plate 4)
Date: Amar-Suen 5/v/4
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of cattle)

1.1(diš) gu4 8(diš) udu 2(diš) maš2 gal
2.sar-NI-id nu-banda3
3.ugula ha-ši-pa2-tal
4.1(diš) gu4 5(diš) udu 5(diš) maš2 gal
6.1(diš) gu4 5(diš) udu 5(diš) maš2 gal
8.lu2 maš-gan2-šar-ru-umki-me
9.2(diš) gu4 1(diš) udu
10.1(diš) sila4 1(u) maš2 gal
11.e-pi-ri šuš3?
1.2(diš) sila4 en dinanna
2.1(diš) sila4 ur-mes ensi2
3.1(diš) sila4 HI-LUM nu-banda3
4.u4 4(diš)-kam
 blank space
8.iti ezen dnin-a-zu en-unu6-gal dinanna ba-hun
left edge
 5(diš) gu4 1(geš2) 4(u) 5(diš) udu


§3.17. KVM 32.1136 (plate 5)
Date: Amar-Suen 5/ix/17
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of cattle)

1.1(diš) maš2 gal lu2-x […]
2.1(diš) sila4 1(diš) kir11 sila4 ba-za
4.1(diš) udu niga 1(diš) udu A.LUM niga
6.1(diš) udu A.LUM niga
7.1(diš) sila4 A.LUM
1.2(diš) sila4 wa-ta2-˹ru˺-um
2.u4 1(u) 7(diš)-kam
6.iti ezem-mah en dinanna ba-hun
left edge
1.1(u) la2 1(diš)


§3.18. KVM 32.1165 (plate 5)
Date: Amar-Suen 5
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (tablet basket tag)

1.˹pisan˺ dub-ba
2.˹dub gid2-da˺
3.˹lu2˺-dnin-[gir2-su] dumu ba-z[i]
 blank space
 blank space en-unu6-gal dinanna


§3.19. KVM 32.1175 (plate 5)
Date: Amar-Suen 5
Provenience: unclear
Type: Administrative (receipt of silver)

1.1(u) gin2 ku3-babbar
2.˹ki˺ AN-ma-˹ta˺
5.šu ba-ti
 blank space en-˹unu6˺-gal-an-na ba-[hun]


§3.20. KVM 32.1138 (plate 5)
Date: Amar-Suen 7/xii
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (receipt of sheep)

1.1(u) 1(diš) ˹udu˺
2.u4 1(u) 8(diš )-˹kam˺ ab-ba-[sa6-ga]-˹ta˺˹ta˺-[e3]-a
 blank space
2.iti še-KIN-ku5 hu-uh2-nu-riki ba-hul
upper edge
1.1(u) 1(diš) (over erasure)


§3.21. KVM 32.1147 (plate 5)
Date: partially lost, possibly Amar-Suen 8[13]
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of animals)
Sealed on the right edge; illegible

1.˹2(diš)˺ […] ˹dištaran˺
2.[…] ˹e2˺ u4 1(u) 5(diš)-ka
3.˹ki˺-ba ba-˹na˺-a-˹ga2˺-ar
4.˹giri3 den-lil2˺-[zi]-˹ša3-gal2˺
5.[…] ˹udu?˺ x -bi
7.[…] ˹ur-d˺[…]
8.[…] x x-na-a
9.[…] ˹šeš˺-kal-la
10.[…] u2-˹u2˺
11.iti [x]-zi?
4.[…] a x
5.kišib ˹lugal˺-[…]-x sagi
6.d[en]-lil2-˹zi˺-[ša3]-gal2 maškim
7.2(diš) udu 1(u) 3(diš) ˹sila4˺ šu-gid2 e2 muhaldim ˹gar3-du˺-e-ne-še3
9.AN-kal sukkal maškim
10.u4 1(u) 2(diš)-kam ˹du11-ga-ta ba-zi˺
12.iti […]-ZU ˹en˺-[…] ˹ba˺-hun
left edge
1.2(u) 2(diš)


§3.22. KVM 32.1143 (plate 6)
Date: Amar-Suen 9/xi
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (account of grain)

1.3(aš) še gur
2.kišib lu2-dnin-šubur
3.3(aš) gur
4.kišib igi-dšara2-še3
5.[…] anše
6.[…] x kišib gu-du-du
7.[x] ziz2 gur
8.[x] ˹še˺ gur
1.x ba-a-mu
 blank space
2.iti pap-u2-e en ga-eški ba-hun


§3.23. KVM 32.1149 (plate 6)
Date: Šu-Suen 3
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (receipt of grain)

1.5(u) 8(aš) 2(barig) še ˹gur˺ uš-gid2-da
3.5(u) 6(aš) 3(barig) gur gu2-edin-na
5.1(geš2) gur ki-su7 šu-˹nu˺-[kuš2]
6.1(geš2) 6(aš) 4(barig) 3(ban2) 4(diš) ˹sila3˺ sahar-u2-u2 […]
8.1(u) 1(aš) gur ki-su7 id2 […]
9.3(aš) gur ki-su7 sag-[du3]
1.ŠU+NIGIN2 3(geš2) 1(u) 6(aš) 3(barig) ˹3(ban2)˺ [4(diš) sila3]
2.še šuku-ta gur-[ra]
3.gu2-edin-[na] ˹u3˺ [muš]-bi-an-na
4.˹giri3˺ lu2-d˹šul-gi!?-ra˺ si-ma-num2ki ba-hul


§3.24. KVM 32.1167 (plate 6)
Date: Šu-Suen 3/xii/18
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (receipt)

1.˹3(diš)˺ […]
4.˹ki lugal-tug2˺-[mah]-˹ta˺
2.šu ba-an-[ti]
3.iti še ˹il2˺-[la]
4.u4 1(u) 8(diš) ba-˹zal˺ si-ma-[num2ki ba-hul]


§3.25. KVM 32.1177 (plate 6)
Date: Šu-Suen 6
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (messenger text)

1.2(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 [ninda]
2.2(diš) gin2 i3
3.kur-ra-e lu2geš˺[tukul]
4.2(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ninda
5.2(diš) gin2 i3
6.igi-a-a lu2-geštukul
7.2(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ninda
8.2(diš) gin2 i3
9.ur-tur lu2-geš˹tukul˺
10.2(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ˹ninda˺
1.2(diš) gin2 i3
2.lu2-dnanna lu2-geš[tukul]
3.1(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ninda
4.˹2(diš)˺ gin2 i3
5.HAR-bi ˹lu2˺-geš˹tukul˺
6.2(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 [ninda]
7.ur-mes ˹lu2-geš˺[tukul]
8.iti ˹amar?-a?˺-[si?]
9.˹mu na˺-[ru2-a]


§3.26. KVM 32.1139 (plate 6)
Date: Šu-Suen 7/ii
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of cattle)

1.1(diš) udu niga 3(diš)-˹kam us2˺
2.1(diš) udu niga 4(diš)-kam us2
4.˹1(diš)˺ udu niga
5.dinanna geštukul
6.˹ša3˺ e2-tur3
7.lugal ku4-ra
8.˹ša3˺ nibruki
9.1(diš) gu4 niga
10.1(u) udu ˹niga˺ gu4-e-us2-[sa]
1.˹e3˺-lu-num2 dnun-[gal]
2.˹na˺-wi-ir-dingir maškim
3.˹ša3 puzur4˺-iš-d˹da˺-gan
5.u4 2(u) 4(diš)-kam
6.˹ki puzur4˺-den-lil2-ta ba-zi
7.˹giri3 er3˺-re-šum šar2-ra-ab-du
8.iti maš-da3-gu7 dšu-dsuen lugal ˹uri2˺ki-ma-ke4 ma-da za-ab-ša-liki mu-hul
left edge
1.1(diš) gu4 1(u) 3(diš) udu


§3.27. KVM 32.1141 (plate 7)
Date: Šu-Suen 8/i
Provenience: Drehem
Sealed on the obverse, reverse and right edge; illegible traces
Type: Administrative (account of cattle)[14]

1.˹2?(diš) gu4 u2˺
2.2(u) ˹udu u2˺
3.šu-˹gid2 e2 muhaldim˺ ˹aga3-us2 kin˺-gi4-a
6.u4 9(diš)-˹kam˺
1.˹ki ur-ku3-nun-na-ta˺
3.iti ˹še-KIN˺-ku5 dšu-dsuen ˹lugal uri2ki-ma-ke4 ma2-gur8 mah den-lil2 dnin-lil2˺-ra [mu]-˹ne-dim2˺


§3.28. KVM 32.1182 (plates 8-9)
Date: Šu-Suen 9
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (Account of textiles)[15]

column i
1.3(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 us2 |ZI&ZI| 7(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na
3.1(u)-la2-1(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2 2(u) 1/2(diš) ma-na la2-1(diš) gin2
5.6(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 3(u) 2(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na 2(diš) gin2
7.4(diš) tug2 uš-bar 1(u) 5(diš) ma-na ˹1(u) gin2˺
 blank line
10.2(u) ˹1(diš)˺ tug2 nig2-lam2 ˹3(diš)˺-[kam us2][la2]-bi 4(u) 7(diš) ˹ma-na˺ […] gin2
12.˹2?(u)+˺[ x ] ˹3?(diš)˺-kam us2[bi ] 3(u) 6(diš) […] ma-na
14.2(diš) ˹tug2 guz-za˺ du 1(u) ˹ma˺-na 1(u) gin2
16.6(diš) [tug2] ˹uš˺-bar 2(u) 5(diš) ˹1/3(diš)? ma-na˺
18.3(diš) 1/2(diš) gin2
 blank line
19.˹lu2˺-dnin-šubur dumu ab-ba-gu-la
20.4(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 us2 |ZI&ZI| 1(u) 2/3(diš) ma-na
22.1(u) 3(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2
23.[ki-la2]-bi 2(u) 8(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na 2(diš) gin2
24.[tug2] ˹guz˺-za 4(diš)-kam us2
25.[ki-la2-bi] ˹2?(u)˺ 1/2(diš) ma-na
 one or two lines missing
column ii
1.4(diš) tug2 guz-za du 2(u) 1(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-˹na˺
3.5(diš) tug2 uš-[bar]˹la2˺-bi 2(u) 1(diš) ˹ma-na˺
5.3(diš) gada ˹du˺
 blank line
7.2(diš) tug2 nig2-[lam2 …]˹la2-bi 5(diš)+˺[…]
9.8(diš) [x …]
12.˹6?(diš) [(+x)] tug2 guz-za 4(diš)˺-kam-˹us2˺ 3(u) 8(diš) ma-˹na 5(diš) gin2˺
14.1(diš) tug2 guz-za du
15.˹ki-la2-bi 5(diš) 1/3(diš)? ma-na˺
16.4(diš) ˹tug2 uš˺-bar 1(u) 8(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na
18.1(u) la2 1(diš) gada du
 blank line
20.˹3?(diš)˺ […] x us2 |ZI&ZI|˹bi 3(diš)?˺ 5/6(diš) ma-na 8(diš) gin2
22.7(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2 1(u) 5(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na 2(diš) gin2
24.1(u) 1(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 1(aš) gu2 8(diš) gin2
26.3(diš) tug2 uš-bar 1(u) 3(diš) ma-na
 blank line
29.[…] ˹tug2 nig2-lam2˺ us2 |ZI&ZI|
column iii 2(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na
2.8(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2 1(u) 7(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na 3(diš) gin2
4.7(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 3(u) 8(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na
6.x tug2 guz-za du
7.[ki-la2-bi] 5(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
8.[…] ˹tug2 uš˺-bar
9.[ki-la2-bi] ˹1?(u) 2(diš)˺ 1/3(diš) ma-na
10.[…] du
12.[…] x
14.x […] x
15.˹ki-la2-bi 2(diš) 2/3(diš) ma˺-[na]
16.1(u) la2 x tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-˹kam us2˺
17.˹ki˺-[la-bi2] 3(u) 8(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-[na] 1(diš) gin2
18.˹1(u)? 1(diš)?˺ tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 5(u) 8(diš) ma-˹na˺
20.4(diš) ˹tug2˺ […] 1(u)+[…] ˹ma˺-na ˹1(u) 2(diš)˺ gin2
 blank line
22.[…] x x-la
23.6(diš) tug2 nig2-˹lam2 3?(diš)˺-kam [us2] 1(u) 4(diš) ma-na 1(diš) gin2
25.4(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 2(u) 2(diš) ma-˹na˺
27.3(diš) tug2 uš-bar 1(u) 3(diš) ma-˹na˺
 blank line
30.3(diš) tug2 nig2-˹lam2˺ […] 6(diš) […]
 one or two lines missing
column iv
1.1(u) 3(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2 2(u) 9(diš) ma-na 6(diš) gin2
3.1(u) la2 1(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2 4(u) 8(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na 5 gin2
5.2(diš) tug2 guz-za du 1(u) ma-na
7.4(diš) tug2 uš-bar 1(u) 6(diš) ma-na
 blank line
10.1(diš) tug2 nig2-lam2 [ us2] |ZI&ZI|[la2-bi … ma]-na
13.[ki-la2]-˹bi 1(u) 2(diš)?˺ […]
14.[x] 6(diš) ˹tug2˺ guz-za 4(diš)-˹kam˺ us2
15.˹ki-la2-bi˺ 4(u) 3(diš) 5/6(diš) ˹ma-na 7(diš) gin2˺
16.3(diš) tug2 guz-za ˹us2˺ 1(u) 5(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
18.3(diš) tug2 uš-bar
19.[ki-la2]-bi 1(u) 2(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
 blank line
21.4(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-˹kam us2˺ 2(u) 1(diš) ma-na
23.6(diš) tug2 guz-za du 3(u) 1(diš) ma-na 1(u) 5(diš) ˹gin2˺
25.[…] tug2 du gu2-tar
26.[ki-la2]-bi 1(u) 5/6(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
27.[…] ˹tug2 mug˺
28.[ki-la2]-˹bi˺ 3(diš) ma-na
29.[…] x […]
column v
1.1(u) la2 1(diš) gada du
 blank line
3.5(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam ˹us2˺ 2(u) 6(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
5.2(diš) tug2 guz-za du 1(u) 1/3(diš) ma-na
7.2(diš) tug2 uš-bar˹la2˺-bi 8(diš) 5/6(diš) ma-na
9.1(diš) tug2 du […]
10.˹ki˺-la2-bi 4(diš) ˹1/2(diš)˺ [ma]-na
11.˹4(diš)˺ tug2 du x
12.[ki-la2-bi] ˹7?(diš) 1/3(diš)?˺ ma-na
13.x […]
14.˹ki˺-[la2-bi …] ma-na ˹1(u) gin2˺
15.4(diš) gada du
 blank line
17.1(u) 2(diš) tug2 guz-za 4(diš)-kam us2
18.˹ki-la2-bi˺ 1(aš) gu2 6(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na
19.6(diš) tug2 guz-˹za˺ du
20.˹ki-la2˺-bi 3(u) 2/3(diš) […] ˹gin2˺
21.5(diš) tug2 uš-[bar] 2(u) 2(diš) x […]
23.4(diš) tug2 du ˹1(u)˺ […]
25.5(diš) tug2 […]˹bi˺ […]
27.3(u) 8(diš) […] […]
29.1(u) gada [du]
30.lu2-[x …]
column i
1.3(diš) x […]˹bi 5(diš)+˺[…]
3.5(diš) ˹tug2 guz˺-[za …] ˹1(u)+˺[…]
5.3(diš) tug2 ˹uš˺-[bar] 1(u) 3(diš) […]
7.2(diš) gada du [x ] 8(diš) ma-[…]
9.4(u) 4(diš) tug2 mug 2(aš) gu2 4(u) ma-na 1(u) gin2
11.1(u) 2(diš) gada du
 blank line
13.5(diš) tug2 uš-bar 2(u) 2(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na
15.2(diš) tug2 du gu2-tar 5(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na
17.1(diš) gada du
 blank line
19.[…] x […] x 8(diš) gin2
20.˹1(u) 3(diš)˺ tug2 nig2-lam2 3(diš)-kam us2 2(u) 8(diš) ma-na 4(diš) ˹gin2˺
22.1(u) 3(diš) tug2 guz-za ˹2(diš)?˺-[kam] us2 1(aš) gu2 1(u) ma-na 1(u) 8(diš) gin2
24.4(diš) tug2 uš-bar 1(u) 8(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na
26.1(u) gada du
 blank line
28.1(diš) tug2 guz-za du 4(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na ˹6(diš) gin2˺
column ii
1.[…] x x […]
2.[… tug2 guz]-za 4(diš)-kam us2
3.[ki-la2-bi] 5(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na
4.[…tug2] uš-bar
5.[ki-la2]-˹bi˺ 1(u) 8(diš) ma-na
6.[…] tug2 mug
7.[ki-la2]-bi 1(u) 8(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na
8.[…] gada du
 blank line
10.2(u) 4(diš) tug2 mug 1(aš) gu2 2(u) 4(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
 blank line
12.˹lu2˺-dingir-ra [dumu] ˹a˺-na-gu
13.1(u) tug2 mug 3(u) 5/6(diš) ma-na
16.˹4(diš)˺ […] ˹2(u)˺ [x …]
18.2(diš) tug2 uš-bar […] 1(u) ma-na 1(u) gin2
20.5(diš) tug2 mug
21.˹ki˺-la2-bi 2(u) la2 1(diš) ma-na
22.[…] gada du
23.[… d]˹nin˺-marki
24.[… tug2]˹uš˺-bar
25.[ki-la2-bi] ˹1(u)? 7(diš)˺ ma-na 5(diš) gin2
 blank line
column iii
1.˹5(diš)˺ […] 2(u) 8(diš) […]
 blank line
3.˹tug2 bar˺-[ra] ˹kar˺-[ra]
 blank space
 some lines missing
7'.[…] 2(u) 5(diš) […]
8'.˹ŠU+NIGIN2 3(u) 4(diš) +˺[…]
9'.˹ki˺-la2-bi 3(aš) [gu2] […] 1/2(diš) ma-na
column iv
1.x x 8(diš) tug2 ˹uš?˺-[bar?] 4(aš) gu2 5(u) 2(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
3.ŠU+NIGIN2 1(u) 3(diš) tug2 du gu2-tar 5(u) 1(diš) ma-na 5(diš) gin2
5.ŠU+NIGIN2 8(diš) tug2 du siki gi6 3(u) 5(diš) 2/3(diš) ma-na
7.ŠU+NIGIN2 1(geš2) 5(u) 3(diš) tug2 mug
8.[ŠID] gu2-TAR-bi 1(aš) gu2 5(u) ˹2(diš)+˺ [n ma-na]
 rest lost
 blank space
column v
 some lines missing
 blank space
1.1(geš'u) 1(geš2) 8(diš) […] 3(u) ˹4(aš)+˺[n gu2] 3(u) 6(diš) 1/3(diš) ma-na 6(diš) gin2
 blank space
 broken space
1'.x x x
2'.giri3 […] dumu […]
3'.giri3 […]
4'.u3 x-[…]
5'.iti še-KIN-ku5
6'.mu e2 dšara2 ummaki ba-du3


§3.29. KVM 32.1153 (plate 7)
Date: Ibbi-Suen 1/i
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (receipt of grain); tablet and envelope
Sealed on the obverse and reverse of the envelope; illegible

1.3(u) 7(aš) 1(barig) 3(ban2) še gur
2.še šuku erin2 engar ˹ša3-gu4˺
3.u3 dumu-gu4-gur
4.i3-dub a-ša3 ˹iri˺-ul lu2-dingir-ra dumu ab-ba-mu-ta
6.kišib nam-mah dub-sar
 blank space
1.iti burux(GAN2)-maš di-bi2-dsuen lugal
envelope (fragment)
1.˹3(u) 7(aš)˺ […]
2.še x
 blank space
 blank space
1.iti burux(GAN2)-[maš] d[i-bi2]-dsuen [lugal]


§3.30. KVM 32.163 (plate 7)
Date: Ibbi-Suen 1/viii
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (receipt of lard)
Sealed on the reverse, illegible

1.3(diš) sila3 i3-šah2 geme2-dšara2-˹ta˺
3.kišib3 lu2-˹du10˺-ga lu2-azlag2
1.iti e2-iti-6(diš)
 blank space di-bi2-dsuen lugal


§3.31. KVM 32.1148 (plate 7)
Date: Ibbi-Suen 2
Provenience: Drehem
Type: Administrative (account of sheep delivered)
Sealed on the obverse, reverse and left edge; illegible

1.2(diš) udu niga 4(diš)-kam ˹us2˺
3.2(diš) udu niga 4(diš)-kam us2
4.˹a2 u4-te˺-na
5.diškur ša3 karkarki
6.˹giri3˺ ma-šum ˹sagi˺
1.u4 2(u) 1(diš)
2.˹giri3˺ a-˹ba-den-lil2-gin7˺
3.˹ki puzur4-den-lil2˺ ba-zi
4.giri3 ˹ur˺-[den]-lil2-la2 ˹šar2-ra-ab-du˺
5.iti ˹ezem˺ dšu-dsuen en ˹dinanna˺ unuki-˹ga˺ maš-e i3-pad
left edge
1.4(diš) udu


§3.32. KVM 32.1150 (plate 7)
Date: Ø/vi?/14
Provenience: Umma?
Type: Administrative (receipt of flour)

1.1(ban2) zi3 ˹gu˺
2.1(ban2) zi3-˹da˺
3.šu ti-a x x
 blank space
 blank space
1.iti šu-numun u4 1(u) 4(diš) ba-[zal]


§3.33. KVM 32.1156 (plate 10)
Date: n.d. (Ur III)
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (account)
Ex Harding-Smith Collection (no. 122)
Publication: T. Pinches, JRAS 1920, 21-24; see also MVN 5, 88

1.1(u) gu2 šum2 e2 ˹d˺[šara2][16]
2.2(aš) gu2 ˹ma˺-an-iš-ti-su
3.ur-lugal [x]
4.2(aš) gu2 e2 d˹šara2˺
5.1(aš) gu2 ma-an-iš-[ti-su]
7.˹2(aš)˺ gu2 ˹e2˺ d[šara2]
8.˹1(aš)˺ gu2 ma-an-[iš-ti-su]
10.˹1(aš)˺ gu2 ˹e2 d˺šara2
11.1/2(diš) gu2 ˹ma˺-an-˹iš˺-[ti]-su
13.1(aš) gu2 ˹e2 dšara2˺
14.1/2(diš) gu2 ma-˹an-iš-ti˺-[su]
1.1(aš) gu2 e2 d˹šara2˺
2.1/2(diš) gu2 ma-an-iš-ti-˹su˺
4.1(aš) gu2 e2 d[šara2]
5.1/2(diš) gu2 ma-an-˹iš˺-ti-su
7.1(aš) gu2 e2 dšara2
8.˹1/2(diš) gu2 ma˺-an-˹iš˺-ti-su
10.1(aš) [gu2 e2] d˹šara2˺
11.˹1/2(diš) gu2˺ ma-an-iš-ti-[su]
13.2(aš) gu2 e3 d˹šara2˺
14.1(aš) gu2 ma-an-iš-ti-˹su˺
16.1(aš) gu2 e2 d˹šara2˺
17.1/2(diš) gun ˹ma-an-iš-ti-su˺
left edge
1.inim-dšara2 ŠU+NIGIN2 3(u) 2(aš) 1/2(diš) gu2
2.šum2 mu-DU[17]


§3.34. KVM 32.1169 (plate 10)
Date: No date (Ur III)
Provenience: Girsu
Type: Administrative (delivery of goats)

1.2(diš) maš2 ˹ur˺-kal dumu ur-˹sa6˺
2.2(diš) šeš-kal-la
3.sipa nir-da-x
4.2(diš) ur-mes dumu x-[…]
5.2(diš) al-la dumu ˹ur˺-[…]
6.2(diš) nu-mu-de-e dumu ur-˹e2˺-[…]
1.˹2(diš)˺ lugal-ki-ag2 dumu lugal-dšara2
2.˹na-gada˺ gab2-us2 ba-ku4-ra
 blank line
3.1(u) 2(diš) maš2
4.[…] u3 su3?
5.[…] x a ri
6.[nam]-˹erim2˺-bi in-ku5
7.ugula šar-ru-um-i3-[li2]


§3.35. KVM 32.1214 (plates 12-13)
Date: Lost? (Ur III)
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Administrative (account)

column i'
  lost, except for a few traces of signs
column ii'
1'. […]-x
2'. […]-x
3'. […]-x
4'. […]-x
5'. […] dumu-ni
6'. […]-x
7'. […]-x-a
8'. […]-x dumu-ni
9'. […]-x muš
10'. […] x x-a dumu-ni
11'. ˹1(aš@c) da-mi˺-iq-tum
12'. 1(aš@c) me-dalla
13'. 2 di-ni-iq-tum dumu-ni
14'. 1(aš@c) me-d˹er3-ra˺
15'. 1(diš) a-x-x dumu-ni
16'. 1(aš@c) a-ba-ti-in
17' 1(aš@c) PI-ru-ru
18'. 1(aš@c) i3-zi-na
19'. 2 za-ki-na-tum
20'. 1(aš@c) da-ti-a
21'. [1(aš@c)] a-li-ba-ša-at
22'. [1(aš@c)] ˹ur˺-gu nar
23'. ˹1(aš@c)˺ nin-u2-u2
24'. 1(diš) bi2-la-li2
25'. 1(diš) lugal-na-DU
26'. ˹dumu˺-ni-me
27'. […]-˹ru˺-ru […] ˹dumu-ni˺
  one line missing
column iii'
1. […] x-˹si?˺-in
2. […]
3. 1(aš@c) […] x x […]
4. 1(aš@c) a-šir-x-[…]
5. 1(aš@c) in-˹in˺
6. 1(aš@c) lu5-zi
7. ki geme2-d˹nanna˺
8. 1(aš@c) ša-at-d[…]
9. 1(aš@c) ba-ba-a
10. 1(aš@c) e-za-at
11. 1(aš@c) la-ma-za-at
12. 2 ša-at-d˹er3-ra˺ dumu-ni-me
13. 2 ti-ru-ru
14. 1(aš@c) pi-ru-ma-tum
15. 1(aš@c) a-na-ti
16. 1(aš@c) SI.A-tum
17. 1(aš@c) ad-NE-na
18. ki ur-dgi6-par3
19. 1(aš@c) en-num2-eš4-tar2
20. 1(aš@c) i3-li2-ša MA
21. 1(aš@c) ba-zi-na
22. 1(aš@c) na-ab-ra-tum
23. 1(aš@c) ib2-bi2-nu-uš
24. ˹1(aš@c)˺ me-diškur
25. […]-˹tum˺
column iv'
1. 1(aš@c) u3-x-[…]
2. 1(aš@c) x x x NI kisal-luh
3. 1(diš) ˹nin˺-e2-gal-e dumu-ni
4. 1(aš@c) u3-tu-da! kisal-luh
5. 1(aš@c) la-ma-za-at
6. 1(aš@c) nin-tur-tur x x-ti
7. 1(aš@c) in-nu-ur2-e
8. 1(aš@c) am-bi2-še
9. 1(aš@c) an-˹na˺-a
10. 1(diš) geme2-dšara2
11. 2 ši-ša-mi
12. dumu-ni-me
13. 1(aš@c) ME-GAR-ŠA-AN
14. 1(aš@c) za-nam
15. 1(diš) lugal-i3-ti
16. dumu-ni
  blank space
17. lu2 didli-me-eš2
18. 1(aš@c) šeš-šeš-ma-gig
19. 1(diš) lu2-dnanna dumu-ni
20. 1(aš@c) NI-tur-tur
21. 1(aš@c) geme2-dnin-ur4-[ra]
column v'
1'. […]
2'. 1(aš@c) nin-[…]
3'. 1(diš) lugal-[…] ˹UD˺
4'. 1(aš@c) nam-x-[…]
5'. 1(aš@c) nin-[…]
6'. 1(diš) bad3-[…] zi-mu […]
7'. 1(diš) [d]ba-ba6-˹iri˺-mu dumu-ni-me
8'. 1(aš@c) KA-x-˹ta?˺-bi
9'. 1(aš@c) dba-˹ba6˺-[…] zi-˹mu˺
10'. me-d[…]
11'. 1(diš) geme2-[…] dumu-[ni]
12'. 1(aš@c) nin-[…]
13'. 1(aš@c) dx-[…] dagal
14'. 1(diš) zi-[…]
15'. 1(aš@c) d[…] da […]
16'. 1(aš@c) x […]
  one or two lines missing
column i'
  some lines missing
1'. ki […]
2'. 1(aš@c) […]
3'. 2 […]
4'. ki [x …] x […]
  blank space
5'. geme2-zi-[…]
6'. 2 igi-[…] x x
7'. 2 ˹ma˺-[…] x […]
8'. 2 ga-[…]-˹ki?˺-na
9'. 2 dumu-˹munus˺ […]
10'. ˹ki˺ x […]
11'. ˹uš2˺ gal-[…]-x
12'. 2 a-˹gu˺
  blank space
13'. geme2-[…]
14'. 1(aš@c) […]
15'. 1(aš@c) […]
column ii'
1'. […]
2'. 1(aš@c) ˹ur˺-[…]
3'. dumu-[…]
4'. 1(aš@c) ˹lugal˺-[…] dumu-[…]
5'. 1(aš@c) SI.A-˹a˺
  blank space
6'. muhaldim-me-eš2
7'. […] x-x-kam i3-dab5
8'. 1(aš@c) ba-a šuš3
9'. 1(aš@c) dutu-ba-e3
10'. dumu-ni
11'. 1(aš@c) a-˹ab-ba šeš˺-a-ni
12'. šuš3-me-eš2
13'. 1(aš@c) šu-ha-ni-iš
14'. 1(aš@c) ur-ddumu-zi-˹da˺
  blank space
15'. u2-il2 ˹anše?˺
16'. ba-a šuš3 i3-dab5
17'. 1(aš@c) puzur4-eš4-tar2
18'. 1(aš@c) dingir-palil
column iii'
1'. […] den-˹lil2˺
2'. […] bi2-du11 i3-dab5
3'. […] an-ta-lu2
4'. 1(aš@c) x-a-a
5'. 1(aš@c) d˹mar˺-tu-palil
6'. […]-˹ta-e3˺-a
7'. […] x dx-x
8'. [ ] ša-˹ru˺-[…]-x
9'. 1(aš@c) lugal x x
10'. 1(aš@c) ˹ab-ba˺-sa6-ga
11'. 1(aš@c) ˹en˺-num2-i3-li2
12'. 1(aš@c) kal-la
13'. 1(aš@c) ˹ARAD2-mu˺
14'. 1(aš@c) da-˹da˺-a
15'. 1(aš@c) er3-ri-˹ib˺
16'. 1(aš@c) ur-lugal
17'. 1(aš@c) i-ti-diškur
18'. 1(aš@c) ur-nigar˹gar˺
  blank line
19'. aga3-us2-me-eš2
20'. a-ba-dšara2-gin7 i3-dab5
21'. x x x-AN
22'. […] x
23'. […]
column iv'
1'. […] a2-bi2-˹li2˺
2'. […] ur-dšara2
3'. […] zah3 ma-ra-DU
  blank space
  some lines missing
11'. […] i3-dab5
12'. […] x-x-um
  blank line
13'. […]-me
14'. […] ˹šeš˺-kal-la
15'. […] ˹a˺-hu-du10
16'. […]-ni
17'. […]-a
18'. […]-i3-li2
19'. […]-KA-[…]-na
  rest lost


§3.36. KVM 32.165 (plate 10)
Date: no date (Ur III)
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (messenger tablet)

1.[ x ] sila3 [x+] ˹5(diš)˺ sila3 ninda 2(diš) [gin2]
2.2(diš) ˹gin2˺ i3 ˹2(diš) gin2 naga˺
4.5(diš) sila3 kaš ˹2(diš)? sila3 ninda˺ 2(diš) ˹gin2˺
5.3(diš) ˹gin2 i3˺ [x (diš)] gin2 naga
7.2(ban2) ˹kaš˺ 2(ban2) kaš 2(diš) gin2
8.1(u) […] x x
10.x […]
11.3(diš) sila3 […]
12.3(diš) gin2 i3 2(diš) ˹sila3˺ […]
2.5(diš) sila3 kaš 5(diš) sila3 ninda ˹2(diš)˺ […]
3.3(diš) gin2 i3 2(diš) gin2 naga
5.3(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ninda ˹2(diš)˺ […]
6.3(diš) gin2 i3 2(diš) gin2 i3 […]
8.3(diš) sila3 kaš 2(diš) sila3 ninda ˹2(diš)˺ […]
9.3(diš) ˹gin2˺ i3 2(diš) ˹gin2˺ […]
11.˹ŠU+NIGIN2˺ 5(ban2) 1(diš) sila3 kaš 5(ban2) 1(u) sila3 ninda 1(u) 6(diš) […]
12.1/2( diš) sila3 <?> 1(diš) gin2 i3 1(u) 6(diš) gin2 […]
13.[…] x ab […]


§3.37. KVM 32.1144 (plate 10)
Date: No date (Ur III)
Provenience: Umma
Type: Administrative (grain rations)

1.2(u) 3(aš) še [gur]
2.ur-an-dul3 ˹kikken2?˺
3.6(aš) 1(barig) gur
4.inim-d˹šara2˺ kurušda
5.2(aš) gig gur
6.igi-dingir-še3 lu2 šabra
7.3(aš) gur
9.1(u) 1(aš) gur ur-d˹ištaran˺ ugula kikken
 blank space
 blank space
1.še geš e3-a
2.giri3 šeš-kal-la
 blank space


§3.38. KVM 32.1152 (plate 11)
Date: No date or date lost (Ur III)
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Administrative (very fragmentary)

3.˹ki ur-gar˺-[ta]
4.šu du11-[…]
5.˹giri3 d˺-[…]


§3.39. KVM 32.1161 (plate 11)
Date: Lost (Ur III)
Provenience: Girsu (?)
Type: Administrative (receipt, fragmentary)

1.[… ] x x x
2.˹ki lu2-an-˹pa3-ta˺
4.˹šu ba-ti˺
2.[…] d[…] ˹lugal˺


§3.40. KVM 32.1172 (plate 11)
Date: no date (Ur III)
Provenience: Umma
Type: Plan of fields[18]

2.[…] x
3.[…] x
7.x […]
8.a-˹ša3˺ gi-nu-˹um˺


plate 1a

plate 1b

Figure 1a-b: KVM 32.1172 obverse (above as on tablet, right to scale)


§3.41. KVM 32.164 (plate 11)
Date: Sin-kašid[19]
Provenience: Uruk
Type: Royal inscription (cone)

2.nita kala-ga
3.˹lugal˺ unuki-ga
4.˹lugal am˺-na-nu-um
5.˹u2˺-a ˹e2-an˺-na
6.u4 ˹e2-an˺-na


§3.42. KVM 32.1197 (plate 14)
Date: Hammurapi[20]
Provenience: Sippar
Type: Royal inscription (cylinder)

column i
2.lugal kala-ga
3.lugal babilaki
4.lugal an-ub-da limmu2
5.kalam dim2-dim2-me
6.lugal nig2-ak-ak-bi dutu
10.bad3 zimbirki
12.hur-sag gal-gin7
13.sag-bi he2-mi-il2
14.ambar-ra hu-mu-ni-nigin2
18.kar silim-ma-ke4
column ii
3.lugal nig2-ak-ak-bi dutu
8.babilakiš ne-ha
13.še-ga dutu dmarduk-me-en
15.u4 ul-li2-a-ta
18.dutu lugal-ga2 hu-mu-na-du


§3.43. KVM 32.1184 (plate 15)
date: Rim-Sin 30
Provenience: Unknown[21]
Type: Administrative (tabular account)

1. eren2 sag-nig2-gur11 x x x ˹da?˺ x x igi eren2-ak la2-ia3 mu-bi-im
2. 1(u) 5(diš) ˹7˺(diš) 7(diš) 8(diš) i-gi-gi
3. ˹1(u)˺ ˹6 (diš)˺ ˹6 (diš)˺ 4(diš) sag-dutu
4. 3(diš) 2(diš) 2(diš) [1(diš)] ˹ni-di!-tum˺
5. 3(diš) 2(diš) 2(diš) [1(diš)] [dumu-meš] ˹i3˺-li2-˹sum-ma˺
6. ˹2(diš)˺ 2(diš) [2(diš)] [blank] [dumu-meš] a-˹hu˺-ni
7. ˹3(diš)˺ […] […] […] [dumu-meš] ˹d˺suen-ša-mu-uh
8. ˹3?(diš)˺ […] […] […] [dumu-meš] ˹im-gur˺-rum
9. […] […] […] […] [dumu-meš zi-da]-˹re˺-e
10. […] […] […] […] [za-a]-lum
11. […] […] […] […] [şi-li2-d]inanna
12. […] […] […] […] […]
  rest of the obverse lost
1'. [eren2 še-er]-˹ha-nu-um˺
2'. iti 2(u) 8(diš) u4 4(diš) x […] x
3'. mu 3(diš) geštukul mah an d˹en-lil2˺ d˹en-ki˺-ga-ta i3-si-˹in˺ki ˹in˺-dab5-ba


§3.44. KVM 32.1178 (plate 15)
Date: Rim-Sin (oath)
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Sale of an orchard

1. ˹2(u) 4?(diš)˺ […] geškiri6 ˹geš˺[…]
2. 2(u) 4(diš) sar ˹geš˺x x
3. ˹2(u)+˺ sar x x
4. ˹x 4(diš) sar?˺ im-me-er-dingir
5. da geškiri6 a-hu-šu-nu
6. I[…] si2-na-tum
7. ˹u3˺ ra-x x i-na iriki me-˹eh?-ru?-um?˺-[ki]
8. ki im-me-er-dingir
9. Ipuzur4-dutu
10. in-[ši-in]-sa10
11. 5(diš) ˹gin2 ku3˺-babbar
12. ˹sa10 til-la-ni-še3˺
13. in-na-la2
14. u4-kur2-še3 u4 nu-me-ak
1. Iim-me-er-dingir
2. geš˹kiri6-mu˺ nu-ub-˹be2-a˺
3. u3 ˹puzur4-dutu˺ [a-na] im-me-er-dingir
4. ˹nu-mu˺-[un]-gi4-gi4
5. [mu x ] ˹u3 ri-im-dsuen lugal˺
6. […] x [in]-˹pad3˺
7. […] x x x x […] x x
8. igi si2-na-tum [… ša3]-tam
9. [igi] ˹i3-li2-pu-uṭ˺-[ra-am] ˹ša3-tam˺
10. [igi] ˹a-na-pa-ni-dingir ša3-tam˺
11. [igi] ˹i3-li2-ma-a˺ [ša3]-tam
12. […] x […]
13. [kišib lu2-ki-inim]-˹ma˺-bi-meš ib2-ra
14. […] x ˹ri˺ x x
15. x x x x x x x ˹la˺


§3.45. KVM 32.1160 (plate 16)
Date: Lost (OB, Rim-Anum?)
Provenience: Uruk[22]
Type: Administrative (Document concerning female weavers, bīt asīrī)

1'. […] x […]
2'. ˹I˺ […] ˹HU?˺ x […]
3'. I[…] SI […] x x ˹dumu-munus-a-ni˺
4'. ˹munus˺ x x […] ˹NI munus munus-a-ni˺
5'. ˹munus˺x x x ta? ha? x x-˹a-ni˺
6'. ˹I munus?˺ x d˹gu-la˺
7'. ˹munus˺x x […] x x x
8'. […] 4(diš) ˹sag-geme2˺-meš 1 munusx-x x x
9'. […] 3(diš) ˹munus˺[uš]-˹bar˺ […]
10'. […] x […]
11'. x x […]
12'. ˹u3˺ dnin-x šeš-a-ni
1. a-na munusuš-bar-meš […]
2. nam-ha-ar-ti mu-˹ti-dda-gan˺
3. ˹ugula munus˺uš-bar
4. dsuen-še-mi
5. ˹ugula a˺-si-ri
6. [iti x-x]-gar ˹u4˺ […]


§3.46. KVM 32.1171 (plate 16)
Date: No date (OB)
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Administrative (amount of silver and grain)

1. […] gin2 a-at-ta-a
2. […] dsuen-na-˹di-in-ap˺-li
3. […]
4. 1(gur) 1(barig) ˹n(ban2) dsuen˺-mu-ša-lim
5. 1(gur) 2(barig) 4(ban2) ˹4? sila3˺ d˹a?˺-x-x-i-lum
6. 2 (gur) 1(barig) 2(ban2) dutu-i-di-e
7. 1/2(diš) gin2 ku3-babbar a-pil-i3-li2-˹šu˺
8. 3(barig) ku-ub-bu-tum dumu ša-x-[…]
9. 1 gin2 ˹ku3-babbar x dnin-na-zi˺
10. 2/3(diš) gin2 ˹ku3-babbar˺ dsuen-ga-mil lu2-x
11. x gin2 ˹ku3-babbar˺ dsuen-ni-i lu2-x
12. 1/2(diš) gin2 ˹ku3-babbar˺ d˹mar-tu˺-na-˹şir˺ x x
13. 1(u) 6 (diš) x dsuen-na-a dumu ˹du˺-mu-qum
14. 1/3(diš) ˹gin2˺ ib-ni-d˹suen˺
15. 1/2(diš) gin2 ku-na-tum-ma dub-sar
16. 1 ˹gin2 ku3-<babbar>˺ dsuen-u2-şe-li
1. 1 2/3(diš) gin2 ku3-babbar ˹nu˺-ra-tum
2. ˹1(diš)?˺ ma-[…]-x-um
3. 12 5/6(diš) ˹gin2 ku3-babbar˺ […]
4. 1(u) 1(diš) 1/2(diš) ma-na ˹1/3(diš)˺ […]
5. ˹arad˺-dnin-x-x[…]
6. dub?-sar? ki-sa-li x


§3.47. KVM 32.1186 (plate 17)
Date: lost/II/2+ (OB)
Provenience: unknown
Type: Administrative (bīt asīrī, female slaves; very fragmentary)
Seal: Illegible impressions on right edge and reverse

1. 1(diš) be-˹el2?-ta-ni˺
2. dam ˹sig-a-ra-ah-tum˺
3. lu2 babilaki
4. Iiškur-nu-ri munus babila[ki]
5. [I˺-x-ra-tum x
6. [I] a-li2-tum [ša?] d˹marduk˺-[na-ṣir?]
7. ˹4(diš)˺ munus-sag-aš geme2 IŠ-x-[…]
8. [ša] re-du-ut dumu-meš ˹dan-er3˺-[ra]
9. […]
  rest of the obverse lost
1'. ˹zi-ga˺ [dsuen-še-me]
2'. ugula a-si-rum
3'. ˹iti gu4-si-sa2 u4 2(+?)˺-[kam]
4'. mu us2 x x x
5'. x x x x x ˹ba˺ […]
6'. x x x


§3.48. KVM 32.1215 (not copied)
Date: Sennacherib[23]
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Royal inscription (brick)

1. kur I3(u)-pap-meš-[su]
2. man šu2 man kur-šu2


§3.49. KVM 32.1157 (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II
Provenience: Babylon
Type: Royal inscription (brick)

1. dag-ku-dur2-ri-šeš
2. lugal ba-bi-luki
3. za-min e2-sag-˹il2˺
4. [u3] e2-zi-da a sag-kal
5. ša dag-ibila-šeš
6. lugal ˹ba˺-bi-luki


§3.50. KVM 32.1173 and 32.1173a (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Royal inscription (two brick fragments)

1. dag-˹nig2-du-šeš˺ lugal ka2-diš-diški [za-nin]
2. e2-˹sag-il2˺-[u3] e2-zi-da ibila sag-[kal]
3. ša dag-a-[šeš] ˹lugal˺ ka2-[diš-diški]


§3.51. KVM 32.1183 (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II
Provenience: Unknown
Type: Royal inscription (brick)

1. dag-ku-dur2-ri-u-˹şur˺
2. lugal babilaki
3. za-ni-in e2-sag-il2
4. u3 e2-zi-da
5. ibila a-ša-re-du
6. ša dag-ibila-šeš
7. lugal babilaki


§3.52. KVM 32.1213a (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II
Proveance: Unknown
Type: Royal inscription (brick)

1. dag-nig2-du-šeš lugal babilaki za-nin
2. e2-sag-il2 e2-zi-da ibila sag-˹kal˺
3. ša dag-a-šeš lugal babilaki


§3.53. KVM 32.1196 (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II
Type: Royal inscription (Clay cylinder) Not copied. in exhibit
Ex Amherst collection
This cylinder is currently unavailable for study because it is encased behind sealed glass. According to the museum’s records, it was published as Nebuchadnezzar no. 16 by S. Langdon (1912: 140-141).


§3.54. KVM 32.1164 (not copied)
Date: Neo-Babylonian
Provenience: Unknown
Type: List of stones with commentary[24]

1. na4gug : igi maš-da3
2. na4 dlamma : igi pu-ha-lu
3. na4muš-gir2 : igi x-x-da3
4. na4igi?-ur? : igi kal-bi
5. [na4]x-x : igi x-sud?-du3?
6. na4igi-kin?-dul? : igi ur-mah?
1. na4za-gin3 : igi muš


§3.55. KVM 32.1176 (not copied)
Date: Nebuchadnezzar II 17
Provenience: Unknown
Type: economic document
This small tablet contains 13 lines: 5 on the obverse, 3 on the lower edge, and 5 on the reverse. I was able to read only a few lines, which are provided here with the line numbers.[24]

1. ina u4-mu IdEN-x-x-x
3. 1(diš) ma-na ku3-babbar x
1. iti ab u4 1(u) 7(diš)-kam
2. mu 1(u) 7(diš)-kam
3. Idag?-a-šeš


§3.56. KVM 32.1181 (not copied)
Date: according to museum catalogue the date is “2nd year of Cyrus”
Provenience: Unknown
Type: illegible, completely eroded



§3.57. KVM 32.1154[25] (plate 17)
Date: Cambyses II. 7/vii/22
Provenience: Oxherd archive (Nabû-kīn-zēri / Aplā)
Type: Silver entrusted

1. [x x] x [ma]-˹na˺ ku3-babbar
2. [x] ˹pa˺-pa-su u3 kan-gu
3. pu-qud-du-u2 ša2 Idag-a-sumna
4. a-šu2 ša2 Idag-i-na-suh2-karer a Idingir-ia
5. i-na pa-ni Idag-du-numun
6. a-šu2 ša2 Iap-la-a a lu2sipa gu4
7. pa-qi2-id […]
1. lu2mu-kin-ni Isumna-dag a-šu2 ša2 Ix-[x x]
2. a lu2sanga dmuš3 tin-tirki Idag-na-˹din?˺ [(-x)]
3. a-šu2 ša2 Idmarduk-na-şir a lu2sipa gu4-meš
4. Idag-na-din-šeš a-šu2 ša2 Iden-karer
5. a Ie-gi-bi lu2umbisag Idag-tin-su-e
6. a-šu2 ša2 Idag-mu-du a Iib-na-a-a
7. [bar]-˹sip˺ki iti ˹du6˺ u4 2(u) 2(diš)-kam mu 7(diš)-kam
8. [Ikam-bu]-zi-ia lugal tin-˹tirki˺
upper edge
1. [lugal] kur-kur


§3.58. KVM 32.1159 (plate 17)
Date: Darius I 4/[…]/21
Provenience: Oxherd archive (Nabû-kīn-zēri / Aplā)
Type: Loan of silver

1. u2-il3-ti3 ša2 1(u) 1(diš) gin2 ku3-babbar ri-hi-it šam2 a-ša3? e2 har-ri
2. ša garima-ra-ah-tu4 ša2 Idag-a-mu a-šu2 ša2
3. Idag-šeš-sur a Idingir-ia2 ša2 aš uguki
4. Idag-du-numun a-šu2 ša2 Iap-la-a a lu2sipa gu4
5. ku3-babbar a-ki-i u2-il3-ti3-šu2 Idag-a-mu
6. aš šu Idag-du-numun mah-hir e-ṭer
7. a-di u4 1(u)-kam ša2 iti kin u2-il3-ti3
8. ša2 1(u) 1(diš) gin2 ku3-babbar ri-hi-it <sa10> a-ša3 Idag-a-mu
9. i-ri-sum-ma a-na Idag-du-numun
10. i-nam-din
1. Idag-du-x-uru3 a-šu2 ša2 [Ix x]
2. a Ididim-ba-ni Idag/en-x-[x x]
3. a-šu2 ša2 Idag-lugal-dingir a I˹dingir?-ba-ni˺
4. lu2umbisag Idag-mu a-šu2 Imu?-˹du?˺
5. a Id3(u)-sig5 bar-sipki iti [x] u4 ˹2(u) 1(diš)˺-kam
6. mu 4(diš)-kam Ida-ri-mu-šu2
7. lugal eki u kur-kur


§3.59. KVM 32.1162 (plate 18)
Date: Darius I 26/vi/10
Provenience: Archive of Marduk-šuma-ibni
Type: Sale of dates

1. ˹3(u) 2(diš)˺ gur zu2-lum-ma x x zag-lu
2. ˹ma˺-ši-hu 1 gur buru14 a-ša3 ša2 ugu i7 eš-šu2 ša2 us2?-sa?-˹du?˺
3. [Iše?-el?]-li?-bi dumu tin-tirki u3 Idag-it-tan-nu
4. [ma-la] ˹ha˺-la ša2 Idag-kar-zimeš u Idu-gur-mu
5. [u?] ha-la ša2 Idmarduk-mu-ib-ni a-šu2 ša2 I˹šu-la˺-[a]
6. [a I]˹dingir˺-ia2 aš ugu? Id˹ag˺-mu-˹mu?˺ a-šu2 ša2 Idag-karer
7. [Id]˹ag˺-it-tan-nu a-šu2 ša2 Idmarduk-karer a ˹lu2
8. [aš] ˹iti ˺ apin zu2-lum-ma gam-ru-tu2ma-˹ši˺-[hu x x]
9. [aš bar]-sipki ki 1(aš) gur gun ša2 ˹hu-sa˺-[bi tu-hal-lu]
10. ˹gi˺-pu-u2 lib3-lib3-bi man-˹ga˺-[ga …]
11. [sis]-sin-nu ul x x x […]
12. [x] x x x x […]
13. [x] x Idag-mu-˹mu?˺ x […]
14. [x x] ˹ul? u2-ți?-ru˺ […]
1. ˹x x Iden-pap?-sur?˺ […]
2. [x] ˹1(aš) gur zu2-lum-ma ša2 ugu?˺ […]
3. [x] x [x] ˹mu x Idag?-xx˺-[x x]
4. x x
5. [lu2mu]-˹kin-ni ˺ Ix-x-˹gi?˺ a-šu2 ša2 Idag-mu a I[x-x]
6. [Ix]-˹dag?˺ [a]-šu2 ša2 I[d]˹ag?-mu-mu a lu2ensi2?˺
7. [Idx]-uru3-šu2 a-šu2 ša2 Idag-it-tan-nu a Idingir-x-a?-ni
8. ˹Idag-a-mu˺ a-šu2 ša2 Idag-it-tan-nu a lu2nagar
9. Idutu-mu dub-sar a-šu2 ša2 Iden?-šu2 x a Ie2-sag-˹il2˺-man-sum
10. ˹i7˺ eš-šu2 iti kin u4 1(u)-kam mu 2(u) 6(diš)-kam
upper edge
1. Ida-ri-a-muš lugal tin-tirki lugal kur-meš


§3.60. KVM 32.1168 (plate 18)
Date: Darius I 28/i/12
Provenience: Oxherd archive (Rēmūt-Nabû/Muraššu)
Type: Loan of silver

1. 15 gin2 ku3-babbar babbar-u2 nu-˹uh-hu-tu2˺
2. ša2 Idag-tinit a-šu2 ša2 Idag-˹it-?an˺-nu
3. a lu2sipa gu4 aš uguhi Ire-mu-ut-dag
4. a-šu2 ša2 Imu-ra-šu-u2 a Ilu2sipa gu4
5. ku3-babbar a-na 1(u) 5(diš) gin2 babbar-u2 aš geš-da ša2 ˹lugal˺
6. aš iti bara2 mu 2(u) 9(diš)-kam aš pap-pa šu-bar
7. [u2?]-še-uz-za-ma a-na
8. [Id]˹ag-tin˺[it] i-nam-din
9. [lu2mu-kin-ni Iden-mu?-du3? ˺
1. a-šu2 ša2 Id˹en˺-[x]-su a Išar-ra-hi
2. Id˹ag-bul-liț˺-[su] a-šu2 ša2 Imu-ša2-la?-mu
3. a Izalag2-dag Iden-it-tan-nu
4. ˹a-šu2 ša2 Idag˺-uru3-šu2 a Ididim-du3
5. ˹lu2umbisag Ini-din-tu4˺-den a-šu2 ša2 ˹I˺x-˹ša2-zu˺
6. a I˹arad˺-didim bar2-sipaki iti bar2
7. [u4] 1(u) 2(diš)-kam mu 2(u) 8(diš)-kam
upper edge
1. I[da]-ri-muš lugal e[ki]
2. ˹lugal˺ kur-kur


§3.61. KVM 32.1187 (not copied)
Only picture provided

Cylinder Seals:


§3.62. KVM 32.1200 (plate 19)
Jemdet Nasr
2.1 cm x 0.7 cm diam.
Lapis lazuli[26]
Geometric pattern


§3.63. KVM 32.1201 (plate 19)
Old Babylonian
2.0 cm x 1.1 cm diam.
Lapis lazuli

1. ˹ta˺-ra-am-dul-[maš]
2. […] il3-šu-ba-ni
3. x x x UD x x
4. an-nu-ni-˹tu˺


§3.64. KVM 32.1206 (plate 19)
Ex Arnold Foster Collection
Old Babylonian
2.7 cm x 1.5 cm diam.
Possibly epigraphic; worn out.


§3.65. KVM 32.1207 (plate 19)
Ex Lady Holmes Collection
Possibly Old Babylonian
(drilled style may indicate a later period; or drilled holes might have been added later)
2.5 cm x 1.3 cm diam.

2.˹dumu na?˺-x
3.˹arad d˺x


§3.66. KVM 32.1205 (plate 19)
Possibly from the Syro-Palestine area
2.0 cm x 0.8 cm diam.


§3.67. KVM 32.1202 (plate 19)
1.7 cm x 1.0 cm diam.
White agate


§3.68. KVM 32.1203 (plate 19)
Ex Arnold Foster Collection
Possibly an ancient fake
2.3 cm x 1.2 cm


§3.69. KVM 32.1174 (plate 19)
3.1 cm x 3.7 cm
Impressions of six different stamp seals


plate 1

plate 2

plate 3

plate 4

plate 5

plate 6

plate 7

plate 8

plate 9

plate 10

plate 11

plate 12

plate 13

plate 14

plate 15

plate 16

plate 17

plate 18

plate 19



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