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A Note on gal-tab-bu-um

Changyu Liu
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

In his 1980 article, Tohru Gomi transliterated the first line of text 35 as an animal (kir11 ga) followed by a personal name: šu-ku-bu-um; his hand copy confirmed this interpretation (Gomi 1980:49). I recently collated this text from the scan image available on CDLI and was able to identify the two signs between ga and bu as gal and tab producing the compound “gal-tab-bu-um.” This then appears to represent a qualification to kir11 ga with the meaning “fat-tailed (extra big tail) suckling female lamb” (see Steinkeller 1995b:51, 59).


Gomi, Tohru
1980“Administrative Texts of the Third Dynasty of Ur in the Merseyside County Museums, Liverpool”. Orient 16:1-110.
Steinkeller, Piotr
1995b“Sheep and Goat Terminology in Ur III Sources from Drehem”. BSA 8:49-70.
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