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Addendum to CDLN 2014:015

Klaus Wagensonner
University of Oxford

In a previous note I published a small corner fragment in the Ashmolean Museum, which belongs to an ED IIIa copy of the lexical list ED Lu2 A (NAMEŠDA).

This fragment is published now as CUSAS 26, 14 by Aage Westenholz (Westenholz 2014) as well. Please note that the museum number AN 1930-409q is the correct one. AN 1930-409g is another fragment, which joins to AN 1924-1561 (see CUSAS 26, 20).


Westenholz, Aage
2014A Third-Millennium Miscellany Of Cuneiform Texts, CUSAS 26. CDL Press: Bethesda, MD.
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