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Addenda to Akkadica 134/1

Changyu Liu and Camille Lecompte
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

The edition of the cuneiform texts belonging to the Truman State University in Akkadica 134/1 presents a few remaining mistakes or details to correct. Some of them were drawn to our attention by W. Sallaberger, whom we thank for his suggestions.


§ 2.2. No. 2. The correct date is: Šu-Suen 3/10/22.

§ 2.3. No. 3. Obv. 4: The sign TA was omitted in the copy.

§ 2.5. No. 5. This letter-order must be transliterated and translated as follows:

1. Da-da
2. u3-na-a-du11
3. 1800 sa gi-izi
4. G̃iri3-ne2-i3-sa6-/ ra?
1. ḫe2-na-ab-sum-/mu

“Tell Dada to give G̃irine-isa 1800 bundles of fire-reeds.”

The person receiving bundles is therefore G̃iri3-ne2-i3-sa6, maybe followed by the dative suffix. This personal name was also misinterpreted as g̃ir3 I3-li2-ša6 in other publications (for instance CUSAS 16, 282, obv. 3).

§ 2.7. No. 7. Rev. 1: The personal name mentioned in this line, though regularly interpreted as Al-la-u3-du, must be transliterated as Al-la-igi-še3-du or Al-la-palilx.

§ 2.9b. In line 8, maybe read 6 gur i3-nun x x.

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