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An administrative tablet from Puzriš-Dagān
in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Strahil V. Panayotov and Kostadin Kissiov
BabMed Project, Berlin and Archeological Museum, Plovdiv

The tablet is now kept in the Archaeological Museum of Plovdiv. The records reveal only that the artefact was purchased in 1920 someplace in Asia Minor and then brought to Plovdiv.

Inventory number 849
Archaeological Museum Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Measurements (height/width/thickness): 3.2/2.9/1.4-1.6 cm
Date: Ur III period; Reign of Amar-Suen (2046-2038 BC); Year AS 5 (ca. 2041 BC), Month 6, day?
Place: Puzriš-Dagān, modern Iraq

AMP 849 transliteration

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1. 3(diš) gukkal niga
2. ki u2-ta2-mi-šar-
3.    ra-am-ta
4. na-lu5
5. i3-dab5
6. iti a2-ki-ti
7. mu en-unu6-gal
8. dinanna unuki
9.    ba-hun
Left edge
1. 3(diš)


(4) Nalu (5) took over (1) three fat-tailed fattened sheep from (the household) of Ūta-mīšaram. (6) Month Akītu, year: Enunugal(anna) (9) was installed (as en-priest of) Inanna in Uruk.


For the bureau of Ūta-mīšaram and Nalu see Hilgert (2003: 71-72, resp. 64-65). See also Tsouparopoulou (2013: 5, 6, 9, 11) and Veldhuis (2012: 19); Further references to na-lu5 i3-dab5 in Sigrist and Ozaki (2009: 530). For the two main protagonists see also Feliu (2013: 227-234).


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