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Primary publication: JNES 50, 255-280
Author: Englund, Robert K.
Publication date: 1991
Secondary publication(s):
Citation: Nissen, Damerow & Englund, Frühe Schrift, pp. 084-089 to no. 10.14
Author remarks: unbaked tablet from Umma concerning a géme milling workteam
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P112338
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001qrkms
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20011220 ur3_catalogue
Transliteration: Englund, Robert K.
Translation: Englund, Robert K.
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Collection Information
Owner: Land Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Museum no.: Berlin 057
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Administrative
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.:
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): 136 x 73 x 31
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Umma (mod. Tell Jokha)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Šū-Suen.04.12.00
Dates referenced: Šū-Suen.04.01.00, Šū-Suen.04.12.00
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period: Šū-Suen.04.01.00 to Šū-Suen.04.12.00

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column 1
1. 1(szar2)# 5(gesz'u)# 2(gesz2)# [4(u)] geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: 6,760 workdays, female workers,
2. si-i3-tum mu si-ma-num2{ki} ba-hul
#tr.en: remaining (deficit) of the year: “Simanum was destroyed;”
3. 3(u) 7(disz) geme2 3(ban2)
#tr.en: 37 female workers (receiving) 3 ban (of barley per month)
4. iti 1(u) 2(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: (over a period of) 12 months,
5. a2-bi u4 3(szar2) 4(gesz'u) 2(gesz2)
#tr.en: its labor: 13,320 days,
# calculation: 37 x 360 = 13,320
6. iti sze-sag11-ku5-ta
#tr.en: from the month “Harvest”
7. iti {d}dumu-zi-sze3
#tr.en: through the month “Dumuzi;”
8. 3(disz) geme2 u4 3(u) 3(disz)-sze3 a2-bi u4 1(gesz2) 3(u) 9(disz)
#tr.en: 3 female workers for 33 days, its labor: 99 days,
9. geme2 bar-ra-kar-ra
#tr.en: female bara-kara workers;
$ blank space
10. szunigin 5(szar2) 3(gesz'u) 6(gesz2) 2(u) la2 1(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: total: 20,180 minus 1 workdays
# calculation: 6,760 + 13,320 + 99 = 20,179
11. sag-nig2-gur11-ra-kam
#tr.en: are the debit;
12. sza3-bi-ta
#tr.en: therefrom:
13. 8(asz) 1(barig) 2(ban2) 1(disz) sila3 zi3 sig15 gur
#tr.en: 8 gur, 1 barig, 2 ban2, 1 sila3 sig-flour,
14. 2(asz) 4(barig) 2(ban2) esza gur
#tr.en: 2 gur, 4 barig, 2 ban2 eša flour,
15. 1(u) 8(asz) 4(barig) 2(ban2) zi3-gu saga gur
#tr.en: 18 gur, 4 barig, 2 ban2 fine pea flour,
16. 2(barig) nig2-ar3-ra saga
#tr.en: 2 barig fine ground ninda flour,
17. 2(gesz2) 4(u) 1(asz) 2(gesz2) 4(barig) 3(ban2) 4(disz) sila3 gin2 dabin gur
#tr.en: 161 gur, 4 barig, 3 ban2, 4 sila3 10 shekels flour,
18. a2-bi u4 1(szar2) 3(gesz'u) 9(gesz2) 4(u) 6(disz) 1(u) gin2
#tr.en: its labor: 5,986 days, 10 shekels,
19. a2 u4-du8-a-bi u4 ($ blank space $)
#tr.en: labor of the free days involved: Ø days,
20. nig2-ka9 sze-ta
#tr.en: from the grain account.
column 2
1. 1(gesz'u) 8(gesz2) 5(u) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 gur10-a zar3 tab-ba
#tr.en: 1,130 workdays, harvested and shocks laid,
2. 2(gesz2) 2(u) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kun-zi-da i7 de3-na gub-ba
#tr.en: 140 workdays, at the river lagoon of “Idena” stationed,
3. 2(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2-ku5 ki-BAD gub-ba
#tr.en: 25 workdays, at the kiBAD reservoir stationed,
4. 1(gesz2) 3(u) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kun-zi-da e2-duru5-lu2-mah gub-ba
#tr.en: 90 workdays, at the river lagoon of the Lumah village stationed,
5. kiszib3 lu2-gi-na
#tr.en: sealed tablet of Lu-gina;
6. 5(gesz2) 3(u) 8(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-e3-a bar-la2 a-ga-am gu-la gub-ba
#tr.en: 338 workdays, at the sluice of the division box (?) of “Agam-gula” stationed;
7. 3(gesz2) 4(u) 2(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 i7 e2-ansze-sze3 u2 ga6-ga2 u3 sahar si-ga
#tr.en: 222 workdays, to the “E-anše” canal grass carried and earth filled in;
8. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 {u2}kiszi17 ku5-ra2 [...]
#tr.en: Ø workdays, acacia cut ...,
# erasure
9. a-sza3 gid2-da u3 ugur2-tur-tur ga?
#tr.en: at the “long” field and ...,
10. GAN2 a-gu-gu
#tr.en: land of Agugu;
11. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 nin10-nu-du3 a-ra2 2(disz)-kam
#tr.en: Ø workdays, at the field “Ninnudu,” the second,
# erasure
12. GAN2 lu2-{d}szara2
#tr.en: land of Lu-Šara;
13. ($ blank space $) 1(u) 4(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 gibil a-sza3 gu4-suhub2 u3 u2-du-lu2-saga
#tr.en: Ø 14 workdays, at the “new” field, the “Oxen-boot” and “Udu-Lusaga” fields,
# erasure
14. GAN2 lu2-{d}szara2 a-ra2 2(disz)-kam
#tr.en: land of Lu-Šara, the second,
15. kiszib3 lu2-he2-gal2 dumu ur-{d}utu
#tr.en: sealed tablet of Lu-ḫegal, son of Ur-Utu;
16. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 {u2}kiszi17 ku5-ra2 1(u) sar-ta a-sza3 a-u2-da
#tr.en: Ø workdays, acacia cut at 10 sar (per day) in the “Auda” field;
# erasure
17. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 gibil
#tr.en: Ø workdays, at the “new” field;
# erasure
18. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 bad3 du3-a
#tr.en: Ø workdays, at the field “erected wall;”
# erasure
19. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 iszib-e-ne
#tr.en: Ø workdays, at the field “išib-priests;”
# erasure
20. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 gu4-suhub2
#tr.en: Ø workdays, at the field “ Oxen-boot;”
# erasure

column 1
1. ($ blank space $) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-sza3 nin10-nu-du3
#tr.en: workdays, at the field “Ninnudu,”
2. {u2}kiszi17 ku5-ra2 1(u) sar-ta
#tr.en: acacia cut at 10 sar (per day);
3. kiszib3# da#-a-ga
#tr.en: under seal of Da’aga;
4. 5(gesz2) 1(u) 4(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 a-e3-[a a]-sza3# igi-e2-mah-sze3 gub-ba
#tr.en: 314 workdays, at the sluice of the field before Emaḫ stationed,
5. [kiszib3 a]-kal-la
#tr.en: under seal of Akalla;
6. [n geme2] u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2#-ku5# a-sza3 [x u3] kab2-ku5 [...]
#tr.en: n workdays, female laborers, at the reservoirs of the fields ... and ...;
7. [kiszib3 x]-{d}x
#tr.en: under seal of ... ;
8. [n] geme2# u4 1(disz)-sze3 zar3 tab-ba a-sza3 muru13
#tr.en: n workdays, female laborers, shocks laid in the field “muru,”
9. kiszib3# lu2#-ku3-zu sukkal
#tr.en: under seal of Lu-kuzu, courrier;
10. 1(gesz2) 5(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2-ku5 i7 {d}szul-pa-e3
#tr.en: 115 workdays, female laborers, at the reservoir of the Šulpa’e canal;
11. 6(gesz2) 1(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2-ku5 i7 {d}nin-ur4-ra u3# kab2-ku5 du6-ku3-sig17 kab2-ku5 a-bu3? u3 kab2-ku5 na-ra-am-{d}suen u2 na du?
#tr.en: 375 workdays, at the reservoir of the Nin-ura canal, the reservoir of Dukuge, the reservoir of Abu? and the reservoir of Naram-Suen ... ;
12. 3(gesz2) 4(u) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 u3 lugal tum-ma-gar-ra na-ra-am-{d}suen u2 ga6-ga2 sahar zi-ga
#tr.en: 220 workdays, at the “Lugal-tuma-gara bridge(?) of Naram-Suen,” grass carried, earth excavated;
13. kiszib3 lugal-he2#-gal2
#tr.en: under seal of Lugal-ḫegal;
14. 2(gesz2) 4(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)#-sze3# zi3 ar3
#tr.en: 165 workdays, flour ground;
15. 1(gesz2) 8(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kun-zi-da i7 de3-na gub-ba
#tr.en: 68 workdays, stationed at the river lagoon of “Idena;”
$ blank space
16. kiszib3 2(disz) lu2-{d}ha-ia3
#tr.en: two sealed tablets of Lu-Ḫaya;
17. 6(gesz2) 3(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 ki-su7 2(asz)-ta
#tr.en: 363 workdays, ‘threshing’ at 2 (gur per day);
19. 2(gesz2) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 e2-duru5 lu2-mah-ta
#tr.en: 125 workdays, from the Lumaḫ village
20. guru7 a-pi4-sal4{ki}-sze3 sze zi-ga u3 sze mu-sza zi-ga
#tr.en: to the silo of Apisal, barley winnowed and muša-grain winnowed;
column 2
1. kiszib3 gu#-du#-du#
#tr.en: under seal of Gududu;
2. 1(gesz2) 1(u) la2# 1(disz@t)# [geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2]-ku5 u2-du#-[...]
#tr.en: 69 workdays, at the reservoir of Udu-...;
3. 2(gesz2) 1(u) 8(disz) geme2 u4 [1(disz)-sze3 kab2]-ku5 bad3 du3-a u3 a# [x] x
#tr.en: 138 workdays, at the reservoir of the erected wall and the ...;
4. 1(gesz2) 5(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 [kab2-ku5] {d}nin-a-[zu]
#tr.en: 115 workdays, at the reservoir of Nin-azu ...,
5. {u2}har-an ga6-[ga2]
#tr.en: haran-grass carried;
6. kiszib3 na-ba#-[sa6]
#tr.en: under seal of Nabasa;
7. 1(gesz2) 5(u) 5(disz) geme2 u4 [1(disz)-sze3]
#tr.en: 115 workdays,
8. kab2-ku5 a-u2-da# [...]-hal? [gub-ba]
#tr.en: at the reservoir of Auda ... stationed;
9. kiszib3 lugal-inim-gi#-[na]
#tr.en: under seal of Lugal-inim-gina;
10. 2(gesz2) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 kab2-ku5 a-ga-am-gu-la gub-ba
#tr.en: 120 workdays, at the reservoir of Agam-gula stationed;
11. 1(gesz2) 2(u) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 sa-du8 u3 bar gub-ba
#tr.en: 80 workdays, at sadu ... stationed;
12. 1(gesz2) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3 e sa-dur2-ra igi e2-amar-ra
#tr.en: 60 workdays, at the sadura ditch before calf-house;
13. kiszib3 a-gu-gu
#tr.en: under seal of Agugu;
14. 3(u) geme2 u4 1(u)-sze3
#tr.en: 30 female workers for 10 days,
15. a2-bi u4 5(gesz2)-kam
#tr.en: its labor: 300 days:
16. bala-sze3 gen-na bala-ta gur-ra
#tr.en: to the bala (service) traveled, from the bala (service) returned;
17. 3(gesz'u) 3(gesz2) 1(u) 2(disz) 2/3(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: 1,992 2/3 workdays,
18. a2 u4-du8-a
#tr.en: labor of free days;
$ blank space
19. szunigin 3(szar2) 3(gesz'u) 2(gesz2) 3(u) 8(disz) 5/6(disz) geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: total: 12,758 5/6 workdays
20. zi#-ga-am3
#tr.en: booked out;
21. [la2-ia3] 2(szar2)# 3(gesz2)# 4(u)# 2(disz) 1(u) gin2 geme2 u4 1(disz)-sze3
#tr.en: the deficit: 7,422 workdays, 10 shekels,
22. [nig2-ka9-ak a2] geme2#
#tr.en: account of the labor of the female workers (?),
23. [ugula ...]-x
#tr.en: foreman: ...
24. [mu {d}szu-{d}suen] lugal# [bad3 mar]-tu# mu-[ri-iq-ti-id-ni-im mu]-du3#
#tr.en: year: “Šu-Suen, the king, the Amorite wall ‘muriq-tidnim’ erected”.