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Primary publication: CDLI Literary 000416, ex. 003
Author: CDLI
Publication date: 2014ff.
Secondary publication(s): Klein, Jacob, Three Shulgi Hymns (1981) 135, UM 29-16-081
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P256687
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001s1m70
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20050224 fitzgerald_upenn
Transliteration: cdlistaff (check)
Translation: no translation
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Collection Information
Owner: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Museum no.: UM 29-16-081
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: ETCSL Ĺ ulgi X (witness)
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000416
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): ? x ? x ?
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description: 2 cols
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Nippur (mod. Nuffar)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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column 1
1. a-na ba-ta-an-e3-e3
>>Q000416 112
2-3. anzu2{muszen}-gin7 gu3 dub2-da-zu-ne igi-zu-u3 a-ba ba-gub
>>Q000416 113
4. u4-gin7 szeg12 gi4-gi4-da-zu-ne
>>Q000416 114
5-7. kur GI bad-ra2 NE-da hur-sag gi-gin7 sag im-mi-sag3-sag3
>>Q000416 115
8-9. kur-ra e2-bi-a igi mu-ni-bar-bar
>>Q000416 116
10-11. tidnum-e u6 du10 i3-mi-du11
>>Q000416 117
12-13. {d}#utu#-gin7 ni2-zu-u3 me3-a dalla im-ma-ni-e3
>>Q000416 118
14-15. {d}nergal-gin7 {gesz}tukul-zu-u3 usz2-a ka im-ma-ni-ba
>>Q000416 119
16-17. {gesz}gid2-da-zu-u3 u3-mun kalam-ma-ka szu ba-ni-gid2-gid2
>>Q000416 120
18-19. ig gal iri-a-me-en3 bad3 gal kalam-ma-me-en3
>>Q000416 121
20-21. sa-par4 an ki-e# dub-ba-me-en3 {gesz}ud5-sag ki-en-gi-da si-ga-me-en3
>>Q000416 122
22-23. x-zu-u3 he2-gal2-la x hu-mu-ni-ib2-pa3-de3
>>Q000416 123
column 2
1-2. inim {d}en-lil2 nig2 gu-la-am3 sag-za an-dul3-sze3 he2-em-ak
>>Q000416 124
3. sza3 ki-ag2 {d}inanna-ke4 szu na-ri2-bar-re
>>Q000416 125
4-5. {d}nin-a-zu-u3 mu10-ma szu12-da mi-ni-in-pa3-pa3-da-ta
>>Q000416 126
6. u8 zi-da sila4 mu-ni-in-szar2-szar2{ar}
>>Q000416 127
7. ud5 zi-da masz2 mu-ni-in-szar2-szar2{ar}
>>Q000416 128
8. ab2 babbar2-ra amar bi2-in#-du3-du3
>>Q000416 129
9-10. {d}nanna e2-temen-ni2-guru3-na mu-na-da-an-ku4-ku4-u3
>>Q000416 130
11-12. e2 nam-lugal e2 he2-du7-ba ki-lugal-gub ki ku3-ba sag bi2-in-il2
>>Q000416 131
13-14. lugal-a-ni {d}asz-im2-babbar2-re igi hul2-hul2-la-ni mu-szi-bar-ba-re
>>Q000416 132
15. szul-gi sipa zi ki-en-gi-ra-ra nam mu-ni-ib2-tar-re
>>Q000416 133
16. ur-sag en gaba-gal2 kur-kur-ra a2 zi-da kalam-ma
>>Q000416 134
17-18. u3-ma gub-ba-mu-u3 sa2 bi2-du11# inim mu-du11-ga im-ma-ni-gar
>>Q000416 135
19-21. ki-bala nam ba-da-ku5-ra2-ga2 e2-bi du6-du6-ra2 mi#-ni-gar-gar
>>Q000416 136
22-23. iti u4-sakar szu du7-du7-ga2 na-ba-an-kusz2-u3-de3-e
>>Q000416 137
24-25. {d}asznan2-gin7 mu-zu ka-kalam-ma ka kur-kur-ra-ka du10-ge#-esz3# he2#-eb2#-gal2#
>>Q000416 138

column 1
1-3. [...] {d}nin-gal nin e2-nun-na-ke4 gesz# {kusz2}ummu3-da-gin7 [...] hu#-mu-ri-in-PI-PI
>>Q000416 139
4-5. [...] x-e nam du10 mu#-ni#-in#-tar{ar}
>>Q000416 140
6-7. e2-gal mah {d}nin-e2-gal-kam# bara2 ku3-ga-a dur2 ba-a-gar
>>Q000416 141
8-9. {d}isztaran ki-en-gi-ra# sza3-ta# nig2#-nam#-zu#-u3#
>>Q000416 142
10. di kalam-ma ki-bi-sze3 i3-ku5-re6
>>Q000416 143
11-12. ga-esz8 sar# kalam-ma ki-bi-sze3 i3-ba-re
>>Q000416 144
13-14. a2#-tuku# si-ga sza-ga2-asz-sze3 la-ba-an-gur4-e
>>Q000416 145
15-16. ama dumu#-ni#-ir sa6#-ga mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000416 146
17-18. dumu# a#-a#-ni-ir nig2-gi-ra mu#-na-ni#-ib2-gi4-gi4
>>Q000416 147
19. ki-en-gi#-re he2-gal2 mu-da-ab-si
>>Q000416 148
20. uri2{ki}-e# giri17-zal mu-da-ab-su3
>>Q000416 149
21-22. SZID-ni-sze3 ga-ki-tir#-da mu-da-a-ga2-ga2
>>Q000416 150
23-25. lugal-e kur silim-e-esz2 du11#-ga-a nam kal-ga-ne-e dalla bi2-in-e3-a
>>Q000416 151
column 2
1-2. nam#-ur-sag-ga2-ni# szu zi bi2-in-ga2#-[...]
>>Q000416 152
3-4. ki-bala-e gu2 ki-sze3# bi2-in-la2-[...]
>>Q000416 153
5-7. iri-me uri2{ki}#-e he2-gal2-la gu2-bi mi-ni-ib2#-zi-ga-a
>>Q000416 154
8-9. lugal suhx(MUSZ) za-gin3-na gun3#-a dumu {d}en-lil2-la2 men dagal-la
>>Q000416 155
10. sag an-sze3 il2#-il2
>>Q000416 156
11-13. an-da [...]-ha#-na sza3 kusz2-u3# [...]-ra-asz-da bara2 gal#-[...] si#-a
>>Q000416 157
14-16. i3-ti u4# zal-la kalam-e kur-kur-re a-ne hul2-la# du11#-du11#
>>Q000416 158
17. en {d}asz-im2-babbar2 za3-mu10
>>Q000416 159
18. {d}nisaba za3#-mu10#
>>Q000416 160