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Primary publication: ARM 02, 133
Author: Jean, Charles-François
Publication date: 1947
Secondary publication(s): Durand, LAPO 18 (2000) p. 102 no. 954
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P273040
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz0020cmcd
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20050624 cdliadmin
Transliteration: archibab
Translation: Price, Jason R.
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Collection Information
Owner: National Museum of Syria, Damascus, Syria
Museum no.: NMSD —
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Letter
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.:
Language: Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): ? x ? x ?
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Mari (mod. Tell Hariri)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. a-na be-li2-ia
#tr.ts: ana bēliya
#tr.en: To my lord
2. qi2-bi2-ma
#tr.ts: qibima
#tr.en: speak!
3. um-ma i-din-{d}nu-musz-da#
#tr.ts: umma iddin-numušda
#tr.en: Thus Iddin-Numušda,
4. _ARAD2_-ka-a-ma
#tr.ts: waradkama
#tr.en: your servant:
5. i-na pa-ni-ti-im
#tr.ts: ina pānītim
#tr.en: Previously
6. be-li2 asz-szum ka-li
#tr.ts: bēlī aššum kāli
#tr.en: my lord concerning the holding back
7. ge-ri-im sza qa-t,a3-nim{ki}
#tr.ts: gerrim ša qaṭanim
#tr.en: of the expedition of Qaṭanum
8. iq-be2-em-ma
#tr.ts: iqbêmma
#tr.en: spoke to me, and
9. isz-tu _u4 5(disz)-kam_
#tr.ts: ištu ūmim ḫamišat
#tr.en: since five days
10. _lu2-mesz_ ka-le-ku
#tr.ts: awīlī kalêku
#tr.en: the men I have held back;
11. u3 pu-ha-di-szu-nu
#tr.ts: u puḫādīšunu
#tr.en: and their lambs
12. i-na ne2-pi2-isz-ti-im
#tr.ts: ina nēpištim
#tr.en: in extispicy
13. ig-da-am-ru
#tr.ts: igdamrū
#tr.en: have been used up.

1. szum-ma li-bi be-li2-ia
#tr.ts: šumma libbi bēliya
#tr.en: If it pleases my lord,
2. be-li2 li-isz-pu-ra-am-ma
#tr.ts: bēlī lišpuramma
#tr.en: my lord should write me, and
3. _lu2-mesz_ szu-nu la i-ka-lu-u2
#tr.ts: awīlū šunu lā ikkallû
#tr.en: these men should not be held back!
4. li-li-ku
#tr.ts: lillikū
#tr.en: Let them go!
5. _lu2-mesz_ i-ta-na-sza-szu
#tr.ts: awīlū ītanaššašū
#tr.en: The men are continuously distressed.
6. a-na _u4 3(disz)-kam_
#tr.ts: ana ūmim šalāšat
#tr.en: On the 3rd day,
7. ha-ra-nu-um u2-s,i2
#tr.ts: ḫarrānum uṣṣi
#tr.en: a caravan will go out.
8. it-ti ha-ra-nim
#tr.ts: itti ḫarrānim
#tr.en: With the caravan,
9. wa-ar-ki-tim
#tr.ts: warkītim
#tr.en: the later one,
10. _dumu-mesz_ szi-ip-ri
#tr.ts: mārū šiprī
#tr.en: may the messengers
11. li-s,u2-u2
#tr.ts: līṣû
#tr.en: go out.