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Primary publication: UET 6, 0414
Author: Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron
Publication date: 1963, 1966, 2006
Secondary publication(s): Gadd, Cyril J., “Two Sketches from the Life at Ur,” Iraq 25 (1963) 177-188; Livingstone, Alisdair, Fs Deller (= AOAT 220; Neukirchen-Vluyn 1988) 175-187; Foster, Benjamin, Muses (2005) 151-152; Wasserman, Nathan, Iraq 75 (2013) 255-277
Citation: Charpin, Dominique, clergé (1986) 431-432
Author remarks:
Published collation: A. George, Iraq 55 (1993) 73-74
CDLI no.: P274721
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001tv60r
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20050915 cdliadmin
Transliteration: cdlistaff
Translation: Wasserman, Nathan
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Collection Information
Owner: British Museum, London, UK
Museum no.: BM —
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: humor
Sub-genre remarks: At the cleaners
Composite no.: needed
Language: Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): ? x ? x ?
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.: U 07793
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. al-kam _{lu2}azlag2_ lu-wa-hi-ir-ka-a-ma# su-ba-ti zu-uk#-ki
#tr.en: “Come now, cleaner, I’ll give you an order—clean my clothes!
2. sza u-wa-hi#-ru#-ka la ta-na-ad-di-i-ma
#tr.en: What I instruct you, do not lay aside,
3. sza-at ra-ma-ni-ka la te-ep-pe-esz
#tr.en: Your own (ideas), you should not do!
4. si2-is-si2-ik-tam qa2-ap-si-da-am ta-na-ad-di
#tr.en: As for the hem of the garment, you will lay down the selvage,
5. pa-nam a-na li-ib-bi-im tu-ta-ak-ka-ap
#tr.en: You will stitch the outer side to the inside,
6. qa2 szi-id-dim ta-la-aq-qa-at
#tr.en: You will pick up the thread of the (shorter) border.
7. me-eh-ha-am qa-at-nam ta-ra-as-sa3-an
#tr.en: You will soak the delicate part (of the cloth) in beer,
8. i-na ma-asz-ha-li-im ta-sza-ah-ha-al
#tr.en: You will strain it through a sieve.
9. si2-si2-ka-at qa2-ap-si-di-im tu-pa-at,-t,a#-ar
#tr.en: You will loosen the hem with the selvage.
10. asz i-na me-e na-am-ru-tim te#-di-ik#?
#tr.en: You will spray it with clear water,
# aš on the left edge, indicating 10th line
11. ki-ma ki-im-di-im-ma ta#-ka#?-pa#-ar u3 te-x-ni#?
#tr.en: You will wipe it like a kimdum cloth, and you will ... :
12. a#-na pi2-it-tim ta-sa3#-x ki-ma# szu-tu-um# x-x-bi?
#tr.en: To the weft yarns you will [brush?] so that the warp yarns ...
13. [a]-na# me-es-ke-er-tim ta#-ta#-x-[x-x]
#tr.en: You will ... in a basin(?),
14. x ku-up?-pa?# x _im-babbar_ tu#-[ba-la]-al#
#tr.en: ... you will mix alkali with gypsum (to prepare fuller’s earth?).
15. [i-na] _na4#_ ta-ma#-[ah-ha]-su2#
#tr.en: You will beat(?) it on/with/under a stone.
16. i#-na# te-er-hi-im ta-ma#-ar-ra#-[as u3 te?-x x x]
#tr.en: ... in a vessel.
17. pi2-qa2 si2-im-tam te-me-su#? ta#-[x-x-x] u3 tu-na-da#-[ad?]
#tr.en: In case you have applied a (laundry) mark, (then) you must ... and you will have to comb (the fabric).
18. i-na# _{gesz#}gidri# ma-nu_ tu-ta-ar#-[ra-ak]
#tr.en: You will tap (the garment) repeatedly with an e’ru-wood stick (to felt or smooth the fabric).
19. it#-qa2#-am na-pa-al-sa3-ah-tam tu-[...]
#tr.en: You will arrange the fleece on the washer’s stool.
20. asz szu-ta-am szi#-ip-ra-am i-na _{gesz}dala#_ x-[x]-ni#?
#tr.en: You will sew/repair the work, the (damaged) warp, with a needle.
# aš on the left edge, indicating 10th line

1. si2-si2-ik-tam ta-sza-at-ta-aq u3 tu-pa-asz-sza-ah
#tr.en: You will spread and cool the hem.
2. i-na s,i-it li-li-im tu-ub-ba-al
#tr.en: You will dry (the garment) in the break of evening,
3. ki-ma szu-tu-um la usz-ta-ak-ka-su2
#tr.en: so that the fabric will not dry (and wrinkle).
4. i-na sza-ad-di-im i-na pi-it-ni-im ta-sza-ak-ka-an#
#tr.en: (Afterwards) you will place it in a box (and that) in a chest.
5. lu pu-usz-szu-uh-kum bi-lam u2-ha-ad-da-ka ma-di-isz hu-um-t,a-am
#tr.en: No cause for concern! Bring (it) to me; I will make you very happy—promptly!
6. a-na bi-tim tu-ba-lam-ma 1(ban2) sze a-na su2-ni-ka i-sza-ap-pa-[ku]
#tr.en: You will bring (the garment) to the house, (one) will pour a seah of barley into your lap.”
7. _{lu2}azlag2_ i-ip-al-szu asz-szum e2-a be-el ne2-em-si2-im sza u2-ba-la-t,u3#-[ni?]
#tr.en: The fuller answers him: “By Ea, lord of the washbowl, who gives me life!
# ‘The fuller answers’ commonly understood to be stage directions
8. e-zi-ib la ia-ti sza ta-qa-ab-bu-u2 um-me2-ni u3 mu-sza-[di-ni?]
#tr.en: Drop it! Not me! What you are saying—only my creditor and my tax collector
9. sza ki-ma ka-a-ti li-ib-ba-am i-ra-asz-szu-u2-ma#
#tr.en: have the nerve (to talk) like you!
10. szi-ip-ra-am ri#-ta-szu i-ka-asz-sza-da u2-la i-ba-asz-szi
#tr.en: Nobody’s hands could manage this work!
11. asz sza tu-wa-hi#-ru#!-ni szu-un-na-am da-ba-ba-am
#tr.en: What you have instructed me I cannot repeat,
# aš on the left edge, indicating 10th line
12. qa2-ba-am u3 tu-ur-ra-am u2-la e-le-i
#tr.en: utter or reiterate!
13. al-kam e-le-nu-um a-li-im i-na li-it a-li-im
#tr.en: Come upstream of the city, in the environs of the city—
14. ma-ah-tu-tam lu-ka-al-li-im-ka-ma-me
#tr.en: let me show you a washing-place!
15. ma-na-ha-tim ra-be2-tim sza i-na qa-ti-ka i-ba-asz-szi-a i-na ra-ma-ni-ka szu-ku-un-ma
#tr.en: The great work you have in your hands set yourself (to do)!
16. na-ap-ta-nu-um la i-ba-a et-ru-ba-am-ma
#tr.en: The meal time should not pass—go in there, and
# or ‘He does not come to the meal but goes in,’ commonly understood to be stage directions
17. u3# qe2-e _{lu2}azlag2_ ma-du-tim pu-szu-ur
#tr.en: the many threads of the fuller unravel!
18. szum-ma la at-ta li-ib-bi ra-ma-ni-ka tu-na-ap-pa-asz
#tr.en: If you don’t calm yourself down
# literally If not-you the stomach of yourself exhales
19. _{lu2}azlag2_ sza i-na-ah-hi-da-kum u2-la i-ba-asz-szi
#tr.en: a fuller who will bother for you will be none.
20. i-me-esz-szu-ni-ik-kum-ma li-ib-ba-ka-mi
#tr.en: They will mock you. Your heart
21. asz ih-ha-am-ma-at, u3 te-er-szi-tam
#tr.en: will burn, and a rash(?)
# aš on the left edge, indicating 10th line
22. pa-ga-ar-ka te-mi-id
#tr.en: on your body you will impose.”
23. ($ blank space $) _mu-bi szid-bi 4(u) 1(disz)_
#tr.en: The lines, their count: 41.