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Primary publication: KAR 004
Author: Ebeling, Erich
Publication date: 1919
Secondary publication(s): Jahn, Dilek, MA FU Berlin (2013)
Citation: Lambert , MC 16 (2013), p. 351-352: left column: Syllable Alphabet A (me-me pap-pap)
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P282595
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001vk8z1
CDLI comments: 20170812 cdliadmin: new identifications provided by Andrea Ulshöfer
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20051111 dahl
Transliteration: Englund, Robert K.
Translation: no translation
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Collection Information
Owner: Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
Museum no.: VAT 09307
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Lexical; Literary
Sub-genre: Syllabary A; Creation myth
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000054, CM needed
Language: Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): ? x ? x ?
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.: Ass 04427o + Ass 04585p?
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Middle Assyrian (ca. 1400-1000 BC) ?
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. me# me# pap pap : u4 an-ki-ta tab gi-na til-a-da-esz-a-x : [...]
#tr.en: When heaven and earth together had beenestablished and completed.
2. a a a a a : {d}ama {d}inanna-ke4-e-ne ba-zex(SIG7)-zex(SIG7)-e-de3 : [...
#tr.en: (when) the mother goddess had sprouted,
3. ku ku lu lu : u4 ki ga2-ga2-e-de3 ki du3-du3-a-ta : [...]
#tr.en: when the earth had been placed, the earth built,
4. masz masz masz : u4 {gesz}hur-hur an-ki-a mu-un-gi-na-esz-a-ba : [u2-s,u-rat _an_ u3 _ki_-ti ina ku-un-ni-szi-na]
#tr.en: when the plans of the heaven and earth they established,
5. masz kak masz ni : e pa5-ri szu2 si-sa2 ga2-ga2-e-de3 : i#-[ka u3 pal-ga ina szu-te-szu-ri-szu-nu]
#tr.en: the watercourses irrigation canals made orderly,
6. si kak si ni diri : {i7}idigna {i7}buranun gu2-ne-ne gar-esz-a-ba : i-[di-ig-lat u3 pu-rat-tu u2-kin-nu]
#tr.en: of Tigris and Euphrates their banks had established,
7.a. u masz masz masz : an {d}en-lil2 {d}utu {d}en-ki : {d}a-num# [{d}en-lil2 {d}utu {d}e2-a]
#tr.en: Anu, Enlil, Šamaš, Ea,
7.b. la2 la2 szi masz : dingir gal-gal-e-ne : _dingir-mesz [gal-mesz]_
#tr.en: the great gods,
8. masz szi szi szi : {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne : {d}a-nun-na-ku# [_dingir-mesz gal-mesz_]
#tr.en: the Anunna, the great gods,
9.a. szi szi szi a szi : bara2-mah ni2-te mu-un-ki-tusz mu2-a : ina _bara2_ s,i-ri# [...]
#tr.en: in their exalted daises took their places, rose,
9.b. a szi szi : ni2-te-a-ni szu2 mi-ni-ib2-gi4-gi4 : u2-szi-bu-ma i+na ra#-[ma-ni-szu-nu sza ib-ba-nu u2-sza-an-nu]
#tr.en: among themselves they conferred,
10. me a me ni : u4 {gesz}hur-hur an ki-a mu-un-gi-na-esz-a-ba : u2-s,u-rat-ti ki i+na# [ku-un-ni-szi-na]
#tr.en: when the plans of heaven and earth had been established,
11. asz ni asz ur : e pa5 szu si-sa2 ga2-ga2-e-de3 : i-ka u3 pal-ga [ina szu-te-szu-ri-szu-nu]
#tr.en: the watercourses and irrigation canals set straight,
12.a. nun ni nun ur : {i7}idigna {i7}buranun : i-di-ig-lat u3 pu-rat#-[tu]
#tr.en: of Tigris and Euphrates
12.b. a ku kil a : gu2-ne-ne gar-esz-a-ba : u-kin2 ina [...]
#tr.en: their banks had established,
13.a. a kur2 : a-na-am3 he2-en-bal-en-ze2-en : mi-na-a i ni-pu-usz#
#tr.en: “What should we make?
13.b. kur2 a : a-na-am3 he2-en-dim2-en-ze2-en : mi-na-a i ni-te-pu-usz
#tr.en: What should we do?
14. a an an a : {d}a-nun-na dingir-gal-gal-e-ne : {d}a-nun-na-ku _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_
#tr.en: O Anunna, great gods!
15. kur ba kur u ta : a-na-am3 he2-en-bal-en-ze2-en : mi-na-a i ni-pu-usz
#tr.en: What should we make?
15.b. ($ blank space $) : a-na-am3 he2-en-dim2-en-ze2-en : mi-na-a i ni-ib-ni
#tr.en: “What should we do?”
16.a. me zu me pi zu : dingir gal-gal-e-ne mu-un-sur-ri-esz-a : _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_ szu2-ut iz-zi-zu
#tr.en: The great gods present,
16.b. ($ blank space $) : {d}a-nun-na dingir nam-tar-re : {d}a-nun-na-ku mu-szi-im szi-ma-ti#
#tr.en: the Anunna, gods of destinies,
17. ni zu a zu zu zu : min-na-ne-ne {d}en-lil2-ra mu-un-na-ni-ib2-gi4-gi4 : ki-lal-lu-szu-nu {d}en-lil2 ip-pa-lu#-[szu]
#tr.en: both to Enlil replied:
18. ni ba ni ba ba : uzu-mu2-a{ki} dur-an-ki-ke4 : i+na uzu-mu2-a{ki} ri-ki-is _an_ u _ki_-ti#
#tr.en: “In Uzumua, the bond of heaven and earth,
19. a ba a ba ba : {d}ala {d}ala im-ma-an-szum-en-ze2-en : {d}ala {d}ala i ni-it,-bu-ha
#tr.en: let us slaughter Alla-(gods)!
20. ba ba ba ba a : usz2-usz2-e-ne nam-{lu2}ulu3{+lu} mu2-mu2-e-de3 : i+na da-me-szu-nu i ni-ib-na-a a-mi-lu-ta
#tr.en: With their blood let us create man!
21. ba za ba za za : a2-gesz-gar-ra dingir-e-ne esz2-gar3-ne he2-a : isz-kar _dingir-mesz_ lu isz-kar-szi-na
#tr.en: The labor of gods their labor shall be.
22.a. ni a a ni tab ni : u4-da-re2-sze3 e sur : a-na _u4-mesz_ da-ru-ti
#tr.en: Eternally ... the boundary ditch ...
22.b. kas ni : gi-de3 : mi-is,-ra a-na ku-un-ni
#tr.en: to maintain,
23.a. ni ib ba be ni : {gesz}al {gi}dusu-szu-ni : al-la u3 tup-szi-ik-ka
#tr.en: hoe and basket (Ala and Ila)
23.b. be ni hi : ga2-ga2-e-de3 : a-na qa-ti-szi-na a-na sza-ka-ni
#tr.en: to put on his hands,
24.a. is be nu nu : e2-dingir gal-gal-e-ne : szub-tu _gal_-tu sza _dingir-mesz_
#tr.en: the great dwellings
24.b. a nu nu : bara2-mah-a tum2-ma : sza a-na pa-rak-ki s,i-ri szu-lu#-kat#
#tr.en: to make fitting ,
25. sag ku5 sag ku5 da a : a-gar3 a-gar3-re {gesz}har-har-re : u2-ga-ru a-na u2-ga-ri us,#-[s,i-ru]
#tr.en: field to fields to harrow,
26.a. sag an sag an tuk : u4-da-ri2-szu2 e sur : a-na _u4-mesz_ da-ru-[ti]
#tr.en: eternally the boundary ditch
26.b. sag mu : gi-na-e-de3 : mi-is,-ra a-na ku-un#-[ni]
#tr.en: to maintain,
27.a. sag kur : e si-sa2-e-de3-ze2-en : i-ka a-na szu-te#-[szu2-ri]
#tr.en: irrigation works to regulate,
27.b. sag kur ta : gi-na-e-de3 : mi-is,-ra a-na ku#-[un-ni]
#tr.en: the boundary ditch to maintain,
28.a. ku5 da ku5 da a : e2 limmu2 su3 u2-hi-a : x x x [...]
#tr.en: the four abodes of the canals, the diverse plants ...
28.b. gab gab : zil2-zil2-e-de3# : [...]
#tr.en: to sprinkle ...
29. nin gaba nin sar : szeg14-szeg14 x[...] : [...]
#tr.en: rain …

1.a. [nin] sukkal : ki-ur3 sur gi-na-e-de3 : mi-is,-ra a-[na ku-un-ni]
#tr.en: Tthe boundary ditch to maintain,
1.b. nin sukkal an ka : guru7 nam-mi-ni-ib2-ur4-ur4-re : _guru7_ a-na# [e-s,e-e-di]
#tr.en: piles of harvested grain to heap up,
2. tul2 ta tar ta : hi-e-pi : hi-e-pi
#tr.en: ...
3. e2 ta e2 gu4 : hi-e-pi : hi-e-pi
#tr.en: ...
4. an szur2 an szur2 szur2 : hi-e-pi : hi-e-pi
#tr.en: ...
5. {d}ga2 {d}lamma : a-sza3 {d}a-nun-na-ke4-e-ne szar2-szar2-e-de3 : _a-sza3_ {d}a-nun-na-ki a-na [du-sze-e]
#tr.en: the fields of Anunna to make plenty,
6. tam ma tam tam ma : he2-gal2 kalam-ma zil2-zil2-e-de3 : _he2-gal2_ i+na _kur_ a-na du#-[um-mu-qi]
#tr.en: abundance in the land to make assure,
7. zalag ga zalag zalag ga : ezen dingir-e-ne szu-du7-a : i-sin-ni _dingir-mesz_ a-na szuk#-lu#-li
#tr.en: the festivals of the gods to perfect,
7. an gar3 gar3 an : a sed de2-de2-da : _a-mesz_ ka-s,u-ti a-na nu-ki-i
#tr.en: the cool water to libate,
8. an asz2 asz2 an : unu2-gal dingir-e-ne bara2-mah-a tum2-ma : szub-tu _gal_-tu sza a-na _bara2_ s,i-ri szu-lu-kat
#tr.en: the great chamber of the gods as great dais to make fitting.
9.a. an ba an ba ni : {d}ul-li-gar-ra {d}ni-gar-ra : {d}ul-li-gar-ra {d}ni-gar-ra
#tr.en: Ulligarra und Nigarra,
9.b. an ni an ni zu : mu-ne-ne i3-pa3-da : szu-me-szu-nu ta-za-na-kar3#
#tr.en: their names you shall call.
10.a. du10 ga du10 du10 ga : gu4 udu masz2-ansze ku6 muszen-ne-ta-a : _gu4 udu_ bu-la _ku6-mesz_ u3 _muszen-mesz_
#tr.en: Cattle, sheep, wild beasts, fish and birds
10.b. me du10 me du10 ga : he2-gal2 kalam-ma zil2-zil2-e-de3 : _he2-gal2_ i+na _kur_ a-na du-sze-e
#tr.en: abundance in the land to assure,
11.a. szi# ba# ni# szi ba ur : {d}en-ul {d}eresz-ul : {d}en-ul {d}eresz-ul i+na pi-i-szu#-nu
#tr.en: (Priestesses) Enul and Erešul,
11.b. hu hu# hu ba : ka ku3-ga-a-ni zur-zur-re : el-li uk-ta-an-nu
#tr.en: with his holy mouth praising:
12. hu ur# hu ru : {d}a-ru-ru nam-nin-a tum2-ma : {d}nin _dingir-mesz_ sza be-lu-te szu-lu-[kat]
#tr.en: “Aruru, for ladyship you are fitting,
13. an# u2# u2 a : {gesz}hur gal-gal mu-un-ni2-ba-hur-hur-re : i+na ra-ma-ni-szu2-nu u2-s,u-ra-te ra-[ab-ba-te]
#tr.en: the great plans you draw yourself:
14. ta# ta pa pa : gaszam gaszam ug-ni2 ug-ni2 : um-ma-nu a-na um-ma-ni nu-ʼu-u2 a-na# [...]
#tr.en: wise upon wise, the unwise upon unwise!
15. pa ga2 pa ga2 ga2 : sze dim2 ni2-bi-ne ki-ta zex(SIG7)-zex(SIG7) ki dar : ki-ma _sze_-im a-na <ra>-ma-ni-szu a-na bu-ni-[i]
#tr.en: just like the grains, of their own out of the earth rising,
16. a a ur an ur : nig2 nu-kur2-ru mul da-ri2-sze3 : sza la ut-ta-ka-ru _mul-an_-e da-ru#-[u2]
#tr.en: something unalterable eternally, like the stars of heaven (An).
17.a. ni ni : u4 ge6-na-ta ezen dingir-e-ne : ur-ra u3 mu-u2-sza#
#tr.en: Day and night, the festivals of the gods,
17.b. ni ni a : szu-du7-a : i-sin-ni _dingir-mesz_ a-na szuk-lu-lim
#tr.en: to celebrate worthily;
18.a. ni ni ni : ni2-te-a-ni {gesz}hur gal-gal-la : ina ra-ma-ni-szu-nu u2-s,u-ra-te#
#tr.en: they themselves the master plans
18.b. ni ni a : mu-un-hur-hur-re : ra-ab-ba-te us,-s,i-ru
#tr.en: draw,
19.a. ab ba ab ba mu : an {d}en-lil2 : {d}a-nu {d}en-lil2
#tr.en: Anu, Enlil,
19.b. ab ba ni ab ba a : {d}en-ki {d}nin-mah : {d}e2-a u3 {d}nin-mah
#tr.en: Ea, Ninmaḫ,
19.c. ab ba re2 : dingir gal-gal-e-ne : _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_
#tr.en: the great gods!
20.a. igi su4 igi su4 su4 : ki nam-{lu2}ulu3{+lu} ba-ni-in-dim2-esz : a-szar a-mi-lu-tu ib-ba-nu-u2
#tr.en: Where humankind was created,
20.b. su4 su4 su4 a : {d}nisaba ki-bi nam-en-na-an-tum2 : {d}nisaba i+na asz-ri szu-a-tu ku-un-na-at
#tr.en: there Nisaba made lordship fitting!”
$ double ruling
$ blank space
21. _ad-hal_ mu-du-u2 mu-da-a lu-kal-lim _al-til igi-kar2 gaba-ri libir-ra_
#tr.en: Secrets of the wise, I will keep the secret; completed; proved; old duplicate.
32. _szu-min_ ki-din-{d}sin _{lu2}dub-sar-tur a_ su-ti-e _{lu2}dub-sar-lugal#_
#tr.en: (From) the hands of Kidin-Sîn, young scribe, son of Sutean, the royal scribe.
$ blank space