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Primary publication: CDLI Literary 000761, ex. 038
Author: CDLI
Publication date: 2014ff.
Secondary publication(s): Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0033
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P346118
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001x7ghj
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
Transliteration: Peterson, Jeremiah
Translation: Peterson, Jeremiah
Photo: If not otherwise indicated, digital images were prepared in their current form by CDLI staff, in some cases with the kind assistance of collection staff. For terms of use, click here.

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Collection Information
Owner: British Museum, London, UK
Museum no.: BM —
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: ETCSL 5.03.02 Debate between Grain and Sheep (witness)
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000761
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.: U —
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. hur-sag an-ki-bi-da-ke4
#tr.en: On the mountain range (spanning) both heaven and earth
2. u4 an-ne2 dingir {d}a-nun-na im-tu-de3-esz-a-ba#
#tr.en: When An fathered the Anuna gods
3. mu {d}asznan nu-ub-ta-tu-da-asz nu-un-da-sag12-ga#?-a#-asz
#tr.en: Because no one had been able to give birth to or create Ašnan (yet)
4. kalam-ma gu {d}uttu nu-ub-da-dim2-ma-[asz]
#tr.en: Because the flax of (the weaving goddess) Uttu had not been created along with them
5. {d}uttu-ra temen nu-mu-un-na-si-ga-a-asz
#tr.en: Because the pegs (of the loom) had not been set for Uttu
6. u8 nu-e3-a sila4 nu-szar2-ra-am3
#tr.en: (Because) the ewe had not come forth, the lamb had not multiplied
7. ud5 nu-e3-a masz2 nu-szar2-ra-am3
#tr.en: (Because) the goat had not come forth, the kid had not multiplied
8. u8-e sila4 min-bi nu-ub-tu-u4
#tr.en: (Because) the ewe had not given birth to its lamb
9. ud5-e masz2 esz5-bi nu-um-tu-u4
#tr.en: (Because) the goat had not given birth to its kid
10. mu {d}asznan {d}ku3-su3 {d}lahar-bi-da-ke4
#tr.en: The names of both Ezina-Kusu (deified grain) and lahar (deified ewe)
11. {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne nu-mu-un-zu-usz-am3
#tr.en: The Anuna, the great gods, did not know
12. sze-musz5 u4 uszu3-kam nu-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: The muš barley of the thirtieth day was not present
13. sze-musz5 u4 nimin-kam nu-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: The muš barley of the fortieth day was not present
14. sze-musz5 u4 ninnu-kam nu-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: The muš barley of the fiftieth day was not present
15. sze tur-tur sze kur-ra sze a2-dam ku3-ga nu-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: The small barley, the barley of the mountain, the barley of the pure settlement was not present
16. tug2 nig2 mur10-mur10-bi nu-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: Wearing of garments was not present
17. {d}uttu nu-tu-u4 men nu-il2
#tr.en: Uttu was not yet born, the crown was not yet raised
18. en {d}nimgir-si en {d}kal-kal nu-tu-u4
#tr.en: Lord Bridegroom (Dumuzi) and Kalkal (the gatekeeper of the Ekur) were not yet born
19. {d}szakkan bar-rim4-ma# la-ba-ra-e3-a
#tr.en: Sumuqan had not yet come out in the dry land
20. nam-lu2-lu7 u4 ri-a-ke4-ne
#tr.en: The humans of that distant time
21. ninda gu7!-u3-de3 nu-mu-un-zu-usz-am3
#tr.en: They did not know that food was to be eaten
22. tug2 nig2 mur10-mur10-bi nu-mu-un-zu-usz-am3
#tr.en: They did not know the wearing of garments
23. kalam-ma gesz-ge-en su-bi mu-un-gen
#tr.en: In the land (one) went/stood (on) limbs (i.e., on all fours?) naked(?)
24. udu-gin7 ka-bi u2 mu-ni-ib-gu7!
#tr.en: Like sheep one ate with grass in its mouth (i.e. ruminated)
25. a surx(AH)-surx(AH)-ra-ke4 i-im-na8-na8-ne
#tr.en: They were drinking water in the ditches(?)
26. u4-ba ki-uludin2 NE#? [...]-re-e-ke4
#tr.en: At that time, at the place of (forming) features of the gods
27. e2-bi du6-ku3-ga {d}[lahar {d}]asznan# x [...] mu#?-un#?-sag12#?-e#?
#tr.en: In their temple on the Holy Mound ... was creating lahar and Ezina
28. esz3 ninda gu7 dingir-re#-[...]
#tr.en: They gathered them into the shrine where the gods ate food
29. he2-gal2 [...]
#tr.en: The abundance of lahar and Ašnan
30. {d}a-nun-na du6-ku3#-[...]
#tr.en: The Anuna gods of the holy mound
31. i-im-gux(NAG)-gux(NAG)-ne# [...]
#tr.en: Were eating(!), but none among them were able to be filled

1. amasz# ku3-ga-ne-ne-a [...]
#tr.en: The milk/cream of their holy sheepfold, the sweet thing (the Anuna gods of the Holy Mound were drinking, but none among them were able to be filled)
2. nam-lu2-lu7 |KAxX|#-bi im#-[...]
#tr.en: Humanity ...
3. u4-ba {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}en-lil2-ra gu3 mu-un#-x-[...]
#tr.en: At that time Enki spoke to Enlil
4. a-a {d}en-lil2 {d}lahar {d}asznan-bi-da-ke4
#tr.en: "Father Enlil, both lahar and Ezina
5. du6-ku3-ga um-ma-da-an-sag12-ga
#tr.en: Because/after(?)... created (them) on the Holy Mound
6. du6-ku3-ga-ta am3-ma-da-ra-ab-e11-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: We shall send them down from the Holy Mound”
7. {d}en-ki {d}en-lil2-bi inim ku3-ga-ne-ne-a am3-du11-ga
#tr.en: This is (how) both(?) Enki and Enlil spoke(?) in their holy conversation
8. {d#}lahar {d}asznan-bi du6-ku3-ga im-ma-da-ra-an-e11-de3
#tr.en: They(!) were sending down both lahar and Ezina from the Holy Mound
9. {d#}lahar# amasz#-a-ni# im-ma-ab-ni10-ni10-e
#tr.en: They(!) were enclosing lahar in her sheepfold
10. u2-szim nig2-dagal-la mu#-un-na-ba-e-ne
#tr.en: They were giving vast vegetation to her
11. {d}asznan-ra GAN2 zi mu-un-ga2#-ga2#-e#-ne#
#tr.en: For Ezina they were putting down a fertile field
12. {gesz}apin {gesz}szudul4 erin2#-bi mu-un-na-ba-e#-ne#
#tr.en: They were giving to her the plow, the yoke, and its plow team
13. {d}lahar-e amasz-a gub-ba-ni-ta
#tr.en: After lahar stood in the sheepfold
14. sipa amasz-a hi-li duh-duh-a-ta
#tr.en: After the shepherd furnished her(?) with allure in the sheepfold
15. {d}asznan ab-sin2-na gub-ba-ni-ta
#tr.en: After Ezina stood in the furrow
16. ki-sikil sig7-ga hi-li gur3-ru-am3
#tr.en: She was a beautiful/verdant young woman bearing allure
17. GAN2-ne-ta sag zi il2-la-ni
#tr.en: (After) she raised her fertile head in the field
18. he2-gal2 an-na-ta de2-de2-a-ni
#tr.en: After she was poured upon by the abundance of heaven(?)
19. {d}lahar {d}asznan#-bi pa e3 mu-un#-na-ak-esz
#tr.en: Both lahar and Ezina appeared
20. an-na he2-gal2 mu-un-ne-gal2
#tr.en: In heaven abundance was there for them(?)
21. kalam-ma zi-sza3#-gal2 mu-un-ne-gal2
#tr.en: In the land life force was there for them(?)
22. me dingir-re-e#-ne# si im-sa2-sa2-e-ne
#tr.en: They were properly executing the me of the gods
23. erimx(|E2xA|)! kalam-ma-ka nig2# mu-ni-ib-lu-lu
#tr.en: (They were making?) things proliferate in the storehouse(!?) of the land
24. e2-kur-re sahar# si us2-sa-a-ba
#tr.en: Into the prison, founded(!?) (in?) the dust
25. u3-mu-un-sun5-esz he2-gal2 mu-un-ne-gal2
#tr.en: After they entered, abundance was there for them
26. min3-na-ne-ne ki giri3-ne-ne bi2-in-gub-bu-usz-a
#tr.en: The two of them (lit. “their two"), where they set their feet
27. dugud-bi e2#-e nig2 tah-e-me-esz
#tr.en: They are the ones who increase things in the house “heavily”
28. ki gub si!? sa2-me-esz ki tusz me-te-gal2-me-esz
#tr.en: Where they stand, they are correct(?), where they sit, they are appropriate
29. sza3 an-na# sza3 {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 ba-sa6-ge-me-esz
#tr.en: They are ones that are pleasant in(?) the heart of An and the heart of Enlil
30. gesztin nig2-du10 i-im-na8-na8-e-ne
#tr.en: The were drinking sweet/intoxicating wine
31. kasz nig2-du10 i-im-du10-du10-ge-e-ne
#tr.en: They were “making (themselves) sweet” (i.e., getting drunk) with sweet/intoxicating beer
32. gesztin nig2-du10 u3-mu-un-nag-esz-a-ta
#tr.en: After they drank sweet/intoxicating wine
$ single ruling

1. im-gi-da {disz}dam!-qi2!-i3-li2-szu {iti}ab-e3 u4 1(u) 4(disz)-kam
#tr.en: Single-column tablet of Damqi-ilišu, month of Abe, 14th day
2. ($ blank space $) 1(disz)! szu-szi 2(disz)
#tr.en: (Total:) 62(!) lines