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Primary publication: TCL 06, 51
Author: Thureau-Dangin, François
Publication date: 1922
Secondary publication(s): Thureau-Dangin RA 11 (1914) 141-158; Hruška, ArOr 37 (1969) 473-521; W.G. Lambert, Or 40 (1971) 91-95
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P363723
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz001z6rfb
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20070303 cdliadmin_robson
Transliteration: Foxvog, Daniel A.
Translation: Foxvog, Daniel A.
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Collection Information
Owner: Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Museum no.: AO 06458
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: myth
Sub-genre remarks: Exaltation of Ishtar Tablet III
Composite no.:
Language: Sumerian; Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: tablet
Material: clay
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Uruk (mod. Warka)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Hellenistic (323-63 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. an-ku3#-ga gal-bi inim# ka#-na# nu-mu#-un#-{ti-il}til-le#-e-de3 = %a {d}a-nu el-lu# zi-kir# pi-i-szu2 la ga-ma-ru
#tr.en: Holy An, the great words of his mouth are not to be abrogated.
2. dingir gal-gal-e-ne ul-la a-ra#-zu-ga2 {zu}zub#-bi-gin7 ba-an-gur2-ru-usz = %a _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_ ina an-nim tas-li-tu4 gam-li-isz ik-tan-szu2-usz
#tr.en: The great gods bow down to him, like a curved staff, in approval of and in prayer to him.
3. ba-e-du11-ga zi-da nun en ka-ba-a-ni ba-a-{du}du11-ga-zu e-sze = %a taq-bi-ma ki-na-at ru-bu-u2 be-lu4 e-pisz pi-i-szu2 taq-bi ma-ag-rat
#tr.en: What you command is just. (Like) what a prince or lord has uttered, what you have commanded is obeyed.
4. an du11-ga mah-zu sag ba-du ul-la mu-lu im-me = %a {d}a-nu qi2-bit-ka s,ir-tu4 ina mah-ri il-lak ul-la man-nu i-qab-bi
#tr.en: An, your lofty command takes precedence, who would say No to you?
5. a-a dim3-me-er#-e-ne-ke4 {en}inim-zu an-ki-a te-me-en-bi dingir na-me nu-sze = %a a-bi _dingir-mesz_ a-mat-ka te-me-en _an_-e u _ki_-tim a-a-u2 _dingir_ le-em-ma
#tr.en: Father of the gods, your word, the foundation of heaven and earth, no god fails to heed it.
6. en mas-su3 usz gar ni2-te-na-me-en {sa}sa2-gar{ga-ar}-me te-am3 = %a be-el mas-su-u2 ma-lik ra-ma-ni-sza2 at-ta mi-lik-ni mi-i-nu
#tr.en: Lord, you are the leader who takes only his own counsel, what should be our counsel?
7. ki#-sikil {d}inanna hi-li-bi mu-un-szi-in-kar-ra {a}a2-zu a-ri-a-an-szi-ib = %a ana ar-da-tu4 {d}isz-tar sza2 te-em-nu-szi id-ka i-din-szi
#tr.en: Grant your strength to the maiden Ištar, whom you have loved.
8. na-nam gi-na-zu an-gin7 ze2-eb-be2-da da-gan-me-a zu-zu-ab-ta = %a an-na-ka ki-na sza2 ki-ma _an_-e kab-tu4 ina pu-uh-ri-ni ud-di-szi
#tr.en: Your reliable approval, weighty as heaven, make known (to her) in our assembly.
9. {d}in-nin dim3-me-er hi-li-bi mu-un-szi-in-kar-ra me-tesz2-zu szum2-mu-un-na-ab = %a ana _{d}min_ i-lat te-em-nu-szi hi-im-mat par-s,i-ka szu-ut-{li}lim-szi
#tr.en: Give to the mistress, whom you have loved, your combined divine powers.
10. {d}ki-szar2 {ni-id-la-am}gidlam e-da-sa2 he2-na-nam mu-zu-a nir he2-{ga}galam-galam{ga-la!-ma} = %a lu-u2 an-tum hi-ir-tu4 szin-na-at-ka szi-ma ana szu-me-ka li-te-et-li
#tr.en: Let Kišar truly be the spouse equal with you, may she rise to the (equivalent) authority of your name.
11. ug3-{gu}ga2 u3-bi2-tab a2-ag2 {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ke4 szu-na he2-en-da-ab-tum2-tum2-mu{x-(x)-x-x} = %a li-is,-s,ib ap-pu-na te-ret {d}en-lil2 u {d}e2-a qa-at-sa lit-bal
#tr.en: Moreover, in addition let her carry out herself the decrees of Enlil and Enki.
12. {gi#-ir#}esz2-giri17 an-ki{DI}-a asz-a-ne2 a-ba-ni-in-tab a2-{ga}gar-me ur he2-me-a e-sze# = %a lit-mu-uh e-disz-szi-sza2 s,er-ret _an_-e u _ki_-tim szi-i lu-u lit-ni
#tr.en: When she alone has taken hold of the nose-rope of heaven and earth, she shall be our strength!
13. an-na-ra inim-bal bar ze2-eb-ba-ke4! hul2-le-esz nam-mi-in#-gar = %a ana {d}a-nu na-pa-le-e t,u-ub ka-bat-ti ha-disz isz-sza2-kin-szum-ma
#tr.en: For An, the pleasant conversation produced happiness.
14. ku3 {d}inanna-ke4 sza3 {si3-ga}sig6-ga-na {mi}mi2 zi mu-ni-in-du11 = %a el-le-tu4 {d}isz-tar ina t,u-ub lib3-bi-szu ki-nisz u2-kan-ni
#tr.en: He in his goodness of heart treated holy Inanna well.
15. a2-ag2-ga2 nam-an-na-mu ul-he2 en-na nig2 se3-se3-ke-da-na = %a ur-ti {d}a-nu-ti-ia _an_-e nak-lu-ti sza2 la um-dasz-sza2-lu
#tr.en: The commands of my Anu-ship are the complex fundament(?) of heaven which cannot be equaled.
16. {bu-lu-ug}bulug ki-us2-sa-mu bar-be2 ab-hul-e ku-nu-de3 nu-ub-zu-a = %a pu-lu-uk-ki szur-szu-du sza2 i-ta-tu-szu szuk-lu-ta-ma ana t,a-he-e la na-t,u-u
#tr.en: My fixed boundaries whose exteriors are fearsome and know no approaching,
17. an-szar2 lugal-la sag-en3-tar-bi-me-en ud5-sag-be2 szu u-me-ti = %a {d}a-nu be-el a-szir3-KU-nu ana-ku# ri-kis-KU-nu ah-zi-ma
#tr.en: I am Anšar/Anu, the king's helper, do take hold of their band.
18. zu2-keszda ki-sur-bi za3-zu u3-bi2-gi a-ga-zu nam-en-bi ak-ab = %a kip-pat ki-sur-ri-szu2-nu ana i-di-ka ter-ri-ma e-disz-szi-ka be-el
#tr.en: Do take for yourself the entire extent of their territory, exercise alone the ruling of them!
19. bara2 nam-lugal-la-mu-sze3 ga2-na u3-bi2-galam-galam{ga-ga-la-am} an-ta-szar2 he2-gal2 : ti = %a ana pa-rak-ku szar-ru-ti-ia ga-na ut-li-li-ma ina e-la-a-tu2 tisz2-bi
#tr.en: Come, rise up to my dais of kingship and dwell in the heights!
20. gaba-ra mu pa3-da-mu-sze3 {d}ki-szar2 mah-a mu sa4-zu he2-em = %a ana mi-hi-ir zi-kir szu-me-ia an-tum2 s,ir-tu4 lu-u2 ni-bit szu-me-ki-ma
#tr.en: Corresponding to my called name, may Exalted Kišar/Antu be your called name!
21. li-bi-ir zi-da-mu szu-um-du-um kal-kal-la-ki ka-dib-ba-mu mu-un-zu-a = %a suk-kal-lu4 ki-nu szap-tan szu-qu-ra-a-tusz mu-du-u2 pi-risz-ti-ia
#tr.en: My faithful vizier, whose lips are prized, who is aware of my secrets,
22. {d}nin-szubur sukkal me-te-mu za-e-da nam-ab-ba ak-a he2-na-nam = %a {d}i3-li2-ab-rat suk-kal-lu4 si-ma-ti-ia lu-u2 e-pesz a-bu-tu2 it-ti-ka#
#tr.en: Ninšubur, my fitting vizier, shall exercise the status of father with you.
23. i-bi2-zu e-ne-eg3-mar dim3-me-er amalu-bi sag-us2 nam-sza6-ga he2-bi2-[ak] = %a ina mah-ri-ki e-gir-e _dingir_ u {d}isz-ta-ri li-dam-me-eq sa-an-tak-x
#tr.en: May he (standing) before you constantly present auspicious words from (every) god and goddess.
24. te-me-en da-ri2 an-ki-ke4 gesz-hur gi-na dim3-me-er-e-ne-ka-ta# = %a ina da-ru-ti te-me-en _an_-e u _ki_-tim u2-s,u-rat _dingir-mesz_ ki-na-a-ti#
#tr.en: At the eternal foundation of heaven and earth and by the enduring designs of the gods,
25. sag-tab an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ke4 nig2 hal-hal-la ba-an-<ba>-esz-a-ta = %a szur-ru-u2 {d}a-nu {d}en-lil2 u {d}e2-a u2-za-'i!(IM)-i-zu zi-za-a-tim
#tr.en: when, in the beginning, Anu, Enlil and Ea allotted the shares,

1. [dingir min3]-na#-bi en-nu-ug3 an-ki-a {gesz}ig an-na gal2-la-ar = %a ana _dingir-mesz_ ki-lal-la-an ma-as,-s,ar _an_-e u _ki_-tim pe-tu-u2 da-lat {d}a-nu
#tr.en: for the two gods, the watchmen of heaven and netherworld, the ones who open the door of Anu,
2. {d}nanna {d}utu-ra gi6{gi} u4-da szu-ta-ta an-ni-szi-ib2-si = %a ana {d}sin u {d}szamasz u4-mu u mu-szi ma-al-ma-lisz ba-szim-ma
#tr.en: for moon-god and sun-god the night and day were made in equal parts,
3. an-ur2-ta an-pa-{szu2}sze3 a2-du3-a-bi im-ta-an-zu-zu-ne = %a isz-tu i-szid _an_-e ana e-lat _an_-e a-da-szu2-nu u2-ta-ad-du-nu
#tr.en: and from the bottom of heaven to the top of heaven they assign them their tasks:
4. ab-{si}sin2-gin7 {i}i3-dur2-dur2-re-esz-am3 mul an za3 til-bi = %a ki-ma szi-ir-'i su-un-nu-qu kak-kab _an_-e gi-mir-szu2-un
#tr.en: to keep all the stars of heaven on course as in a furrow,
5. gu4-gin7 us2 ba-ab-se3-se3-ga-esz-am3 dim3-me-er dub-sag-ga2-ar = %a ki-ma al-pi u2-sa szu-hu-zu _dingir-mesz_ szu-ut mah-ri
#tr.en: to make the leading gods keep to their paths like oxen.
6. ki-bi-a {d}inanna nam-nin gu2-sa-bi sag an-sze3 u6-mi-ni-in-il2-la = %a a-sza-risz {d}isz-tar a-na szar-ru-tu nap-har-szu2-nu ru-tab-bi-ma
#tr.en: Up into that place, Inanna, rise to the rulership of them all!
7. {d}in-nin za-e dili-bad-bi he2-na-nam an-ti-mu2-a he2-ri-in-e-sze = %a _{d}min_ at-ti lu-u2 na-bit-su-nu-ma {d}isz-tar _mul-an_ liq-bu-ki
#tr.en: Lady, you be the brightest of them, so may they call you Ištar of the Stars!
8. {a}a2 min-na-bi-sze3 an-ti-bal diri-ga-zu sun5-na-bi he2-en-bal-bal-e = %a i-da-as-su-nu szal-t,isz lit-tak-kir sza2-qu-u2 na-an-za-az-ki
#tr.en: May your high position (relative to them) alternate between the two sides (east and west) triumphantly!
9. ki en-nu-ug3 {d}suen-na {d}utu-bi-da-ta si-zu!(SU) gu2 he2-en-me-er-me-re = %a it-ti ma-as,-s,ar-ti sza2 {d}sin u {d}szamasz sza2-ru-ur-ka li-ih-nu-ub
#tr.en: May your splendor be as abundant as that of the moon and sun in (their) watches.
10. {i-zi-ga-ri}izi-gar su-lim du9-du9-a-zu an-sza3-ga szi-im-da-kar2-kar2-ra AB = %a sza2-lum-mat di-pa-ri-ki szit-pu-tu4 ina qi2-rib _an_-e lit-tan-pah
#tr.en: May the flaring glow of your torch shine high in the sky!
# (collate gloss for i-zi-ga-ar)
11. dingir-re-e-ne-gin7 lu2 ki-la2-zu nu-gal2-la-ar sag u6 he2-ri-in-e-sze = %a ki-ma ina _dingir-mesz_ sa-ni-qa la te-szi-i _ug3-mesz_ lib-ra-ki
#tr.en: May the people marvel at you as one for whom among the gods there is none to check up on her.
12. en dumu {d}suen-na-ra nig2 gal-gal-la un-da-an-{ga}gar-ra-ta = %a isz-tu be-lu ana ma-rat {d}sin nar-ba-a i-szi-mu-szi
#tr.en: After the lord had bestowed (these) great powers upon the daughter of Sîn,
13. esz3 e2-an-na-ra {i-di}itima ku3-ga-na ba-ra-an-na-an-kesz2 = %a bi-it e2-an-na el-lu ki-is,-s,a-szu2 la ik-lu-szi
#tr.en: he did not keep her away from the shrine Eanna, her sacred chamber.
# (collate for gloss omitted in TCL 6, 51 copy but found in editions of Thureau-Dangin and Hruška)
14. an lugal-la {d}in-nin nig2 gal-gal-la un-da-an-ga-ra-ta = %a isz-tu {d}a-nu-um szar-ri ana _{d}min_ nar-ba-a i-szi-mu-szi
#tr.en: After king Anu had bestowed the great powers upon her,
15. esz3 e2-an-na-ra itima ku3-ga-na sag-gesz mu-un-rig7-esz = %a bi-it e2-an-na el-lu ki-is,-s,a-szu2 ana szi-rik-tu4 isz-ru-ku-szi
#tr.en: they presented to her the shrine Eanna, her sacred chamber.
16. {pa-al-na-mu}pala2 nam-ur-a-sa zalag2 {d}suen-na-ke4 {al-bi}alan-bi mi-ni-ib2-su3-su3 = %a te-di-iq {d}a-nu-ti sza2-ru-ur _dingir-mesz_ na-mi-ri x-szu2 u2-tal-lih
#tr.en: He covered her figure with the ceremonial garment of Anu-hood, the brilliant splendor of Sîn.
17. {su-ki-isz}suh-kesz2 mah-a ag2-tag-ga na-ag2-dingir-ra u4-gin7 ba-ni-in-e3 = %a {ti-iq}ti5-iq-ni s,i-ru-ti su-du-ur i-lu-ti ki-ma u4-mu usz-te-pi-szi
#tr.en: He made her appear like the day with superb ornaments, the ornaments of divinity.
18. {u2-lu-hu nam-lugal-la}{gesz}u3-luh nam-lugal-la gesz husz il2-la-na sag-bi-sze3 nam-szul-sze3 ba-an-ak = %a u2-luh szar-ru-ti is,-s,i ez-za ka-ak la pi-di ana i-di-sza2 usz-t,ib
#tr.en: He enhanced her arm with the scepter of kingship, the fierce wood (staff), the unsparing weapon.
19. sag-zi ka-silim-ma gu2 ma2-gur8{ma-qu-ru}-ra-ke4 sag!(ZAG)-ga2-na ba-ni-in-gar = %a a-ge-e tasz-ri-ih-tu4 sza2 ki-ma re-esz {d}nanna-ri ina qaq-qa-di-sza2 uk-tin
#tr.en: A glorious crown which is like (that on) the head of Nanna he set (firmly) upon her head.
20. nu-gig-an-na ag2 ze2-eb-be2-da-mu me al nu-di-di nig2-mu mu-ra-an-gar = %a isz-ta-ri-tu4 ur-ti ka-bit-ti pa-ra-as, la e-re-szi mim-me-e-a a-szim!-ki
#tr.en: O Hierodule, my important decisions, divine powers which could not be asked for (by anyone else) I have assigned to you.
21. ga2-e-gin7-nam {d}en-lil2 lugal kur-kur-ra-ke4 {mi}mi2 zi-de3-esz hu-mu-ri-in-e3 = %a ki-ma ia-a-ti-ma _{d}min_ be-el _kur-mesz_ ki-nisz li-kan-ni-ki
#tr.en: Like me, may Enlil, king of all the lands, treat you well!
$ single ruling
22. en {d}nu-nam-nir-ra nam-bi-sze3 i3-hul2 bar-bi:ul-la am3-mi-ib2-za
#tr.en: Because of this Lord Nunamnira became happy, his liver surged with joy.
23. im 3(disz)-kam-ma nin-mah uszu-ni ir9-ra nu al-til
#tr.en: 3rd tablet of Exalted Lady Who Alone is Mighty, not finished.
24. im (disz)21-35-26-44 a (disz)21-11-20-42
#tr.en: Tablet of {m}21-35-35-26-44, son of {m}21-11-20-42.
# = personal name cryptography