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Primary publication: Fs Lerberghe 446-450
Author: Owen, David I.
Publication date: 2012
Secondary publication(s):
Citation: Dercksen, Jan G., NABU 2016/090 (use of DAH)
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P411934
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz00225115
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20100609 cdliadmin_johnson-kelly
Transliteration: Owen, David I.
Translation: Owen, David I.
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Collection Information
Owner: Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Museum no.: CUNES 55-01-008
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Administrative
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.:
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type:
Object remarks:
Measurements (mm): 124 x 58 x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Larsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh) ?
Provenience remarks: or Ur, Pashime
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Gungunum.16.05.00 ?
Dates referenced: Gungunum.16.05.00 ?
Date remarks: Rim-Sin.04.05.00 ?
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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1. 1(gesz2) 2(u) 8(asz) gu2 siki igi sag-ga2 gibil#
#tr.en: 88 talents of new choice wool,
2. kar-gul-la2-bi 1(asz) gu2-sze3 1(u) 1/2(disz) gin2-ta
#tr.en: its market value for 1 talent: 10 1/2 shekels (of silver) each,
3. ku3-bi 1(u) 5(disz) 1/3(disz) ma-na 4(disz) gin2
#tr.en: its silver: 15 1/3 minas 4 shekels;
4. 5(u) gu2 siki igi sag-ga2 libir
#tr.en: 50 talents of old choice wool,
5. 1(asz) gu2-sze3 8(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2-ta
#tr.en: for 1 talent: 8 1/2 shekels each,
6. ku3-bi 7(disz) ma-na 5(disz) gin2
#tr.en: its silver: 7 minas 5 shekels;
7. 2(gesz2) 4(u) gu2 siki gu2 udu gibil
#tr.en: 160 talents of new flanks-of-sheep wool,
8. 1(asz) gu2-sze3 9(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2-ta
#tr.en: for 1 talent: 9 1/2 shekels each,
9. ku3-bi 2(u) 5(disz) 1/3(disz) ma-na
#tr.en: its silver: 25 1/3 minas;
10. 4(u) 8(asz) gu2 siki gu2 udu libir
#tr.en: 48 talents of old flanks-of-sheep wool,
11. 1(asz) gu2-sze3 8(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2-ta
#tr.en: for 1 talent: 8 1/2 shekels each,
12. ku3-bi 6(disz) 2/3(disz) ma-na# 8(disz) gin2
#tr.en: its silver: 6 2/3 minas 8 shekels;
13. 1(gesz'u) 2(gesz2) 1(u) 1(asz) gu2 siki du
#tr.en: 731 talents of ordinary wool.
14. 1(asz) gu2-sze3 8(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2-ta
#tr.en: for 1 talent: 8 1/2 shekels each,
15. ku3-bi 1(asz) gu2 4(u) 3(disz) 1/2(disz) ma-na 3(u) 1/2(disz) gin2
#tr.en: its silver: 43 1/2 minas 3 1/2 shekels;
16. ($ blank space $) 1(gesz'u) 7(gesz2) 5(u) 7(asz) gu2 siki hi-a
#tr.en: 1077 talents of various (kinds of) wool;

1. ku3-bi 2(asz) gu2 3(u) 8(disz) ma-na 1(u) 1/2(disz) gin2
#tr.en: its silver: 2 talents 38 minas 10 1/2 shekels,
2. e2-kiszib3-ba-ta
#tr.en: from the storehouse;
3. dingir-ku-ru-ub u3 {d}utu-illat-ta
#tr.en: Ilam-kurub and Šamaš-tillati
4. gaba-ri dub-ba 1(disz) szu ba-an-ti
#tr.en: 1 copy of the tablet received;
5. 2(gesz2) 1(u) gu2 siki du
#tr.en: 130 talents of ordinary wool,
6. 1(asz) gu2-sze3 1(u) 7(disz) sze gur-ta
#tr.en: for 1 talent: 17 gur of barley each,
7. sze-bi 3(gesz'u) 5(gesz2) 1(u) gur
#tr.en: its barley: 2210 gur.
8. 2(gesz'u) sze gur ki-ba gar-ra pa2-szi-me2{ki}
#tr.en: 1200 gur of barley, the “replacement” of Pašime,
9. dah# 1(gesz2) gur-am3 1(u) gur-ta
#tr.en: the addition per 60 gur is 10 gur each,
10. sze-bi 3(gesz2) 2(u) gur
#tr.en: its barley: 200 gur;
11. ($ blank space $) 1(szar2) 1(u) gur guru7-sze3#
#tr.en: 3610 gur for the silo;
27. gaba-ri dub-ba 1(disz)
#tr.en: 1 copy of the tablet
28. dingir-ku-ru-ub u3 {d}utu-illat szu ba-an-ti
#tr.en: Ilam-kurub and Šamaš-tillati received;
$ blank space
30. iti NE-NE-gar
#tr.en: month: “NENEgar,”
31. mu e2 {d}inanna ba-du3
#tr.en: year: “The temple of Inanna was built.”