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Primary publication: RIME 3/1.01.07, Cyl B composite
Author: Edzard, Dietz Otto
Publication date: 1997
Secondary publication(s): TCL 08, plts. 31-52
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P431882
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz002ft08c
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20120918 cdliadmin
Transliteration: Foxvog, Daniel A.
Translation: Edzard, Dietz Otto
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Royal/Monumental
Sub-genre: composite
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000377b
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Girsu (mod. Tello)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Lagash II (ca. 2200-2100 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Gudea.00.00.00
Dates referenced: Gudea.00.00.00
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. e2 dim-gal kalam-ma
#tr.en: House, mooring post of the Land,
>>Q000377b 001
2. an ki-da mu2-a
#tr.en: grown up from earth to heaven,
>>Q000377b 002
3. e2-ninnu szeg12 zi {d}en-lil2-e nam du10-ga tar-ra
#tr.en: Eninnu, the good Brick for which Enlil has made a favorable firm promise,
>>Q000377b 003
4. hur-sag sig7-ga u6-e gub-ba
#tr.en: green mountain range, standing to be admired,
>>Q000377b 004
5. kur-kur-ta e3-a
#tr.en: standing out above all the lands.
>>Q000377b 005
6. e2 kur gal-am3 an-ne2 im-us2
#tr.en: The House, being a great mountain, bordered on heaven,
>>Q000377b 006
7. {d}utu-am3 an-sza3-ge im-si
#tr.en: being the sun, it filled mid-heaven with light,
>>Q000377b 007
8. e2-ninnu anzu2{muszen}-babbar2-ra-am3
#tr.en: being Eninnu, the White Thunderbird,
>>Q000377b 008
9. kur-ra du10 mi-ni-ib2-bad
#tr.en: it (attacked) the mountain with spread wings.
>>Q000377b 009
10. ug3 ba-gar-gar kalam ba-re7
#tr.en: The people have all been settled (again), and the Land has gone home,
>>Q000377b 010
11. {d}a-nun-na u6 di-de3 im-ma-szu4-szu4-ge-esz2
#tr.en: (but) the Anunna gods are all standing in admiration.
>>Q000377b 011
12. ensi2 ku3-zu-am3 inim-zu-am3
#tr.en: The ruler, who is wise, is knowledgeable,
>>Q000377b 012
13. nam-dingir-re ka ki im-mi-su2-su2
#tr.en: kisses the ground over and over before the divinities;
>>Q000377b 013
14. siskur2-ra-zu-a nig2-dun-a ki im-mi-us2-us2
#tr.en: with rites and prayer, in submission, he touches the ground;
>>Q000377b 014
15. ensi2-ke4 dingir iri-na-ke4 ra2-zu im-ma-be2
#tr.en: the ruler, the (personal) god of his city, says a prayer.
>>Q000377b 015
16. e2 ninda-gu7-bi ninda ba-an-dah
#tr.en: For the bread-consuming House he added more bread,
>>Q000377b 016
17. kin-sig7 udu dab5-bi udu im-ma-a-dah
#tr.en: for the supper in need of mutton he added more sheep.
>>Q000377b 017
18. bur he2-gal2 an sza3-pi5-sza-gin7
#tr.en: As if it were for the abundance of vast midheaven,
>>Q000377b 018
19. gaba-ba si bi2-sa2
#tr.en: in front (of the House) he set up jars in a row.
>>Q000377b 019
20. a-nun-na-ke4-<ne>-er mu-ne-gen
#tr.en: He went to the Anunna gods,
>>Q000377b 020
21. szu12 mu-ne-ra2 {d}a-nun-na {d}a-nun-na u6 di-de3 ki lagasz{ki}
#tr.en: prayed to them: “O all you Anunna gods who are admiring (what) the Land of Lagaš (achieved),
>>Q000377b 021
22. {d}lamma kur-kur-ra du11-ga-ne-ne a mah e3-a
#tr.en: protectors of all the countries, whose command, a torrent of water,
>>Q000377b 022
23. lu2-u2-la2 ba-ab-la2-e
#tr.en: will make the one who (would try to) stem it founder,
>>Q000377b 023
24. szul zi lu2 igi mu-szi-bar-ra-ne
#tr.en: (but) who to the worthy man upon whom they looked
>>Q000377b 024
25. nam-ti mu-na-su3
#tr.en: have given a long life,
>>Q000377b 025
26. sipa-me e2 mu-du3 lugal-mu e2-a-na mi-ni-kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: I, the shepherd, built the House, and my master will enter his House—
>>Q000377b 026
27. a-nun-na bar-mu-a szu12 he2-mi-sa4-sa3
#tr.en: would you, O Anunna gods, say a blessing on my behalf?”
>>Q000377b 027
28. sipa zi gu3-de2-a
#tr.en: The true shepherd Gudea
>>Q000377b 028
29. gal mu-zu gal i3-ga-tum2-mu
#tr.en: is wise and able, too, to realize things.
>>Q000377b 029
30. u2-du11 sa6-<ga>-ni igi-sze3 mu-na-gen
#tr.en: His friendly guardian walks in front of him,
>>Q000377b 030
31. {d}lamma sa6-ga-ni egir-ni im-us2
#tr.en: and his friendly protecting genius is following him,
>>Q000377b 031
32. lugal-ne2 e2 ul e2 libir ki-tusz-na-sze3
#tr.en: (and so) to his master for the House of yore, the old House, his (former) abode,
>>Q000377b 032
33. gu3-de2-a en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
#tr.en: to the lord Ningirsu Gudea
>>Q000377b 033
34. nig2 ba-na-gu-ul-gu-ul
#tr.en: made great gifts.
>>Q000377b 034
35. en-ra e2-ninnu-a mu-na-gen
#tr.en: He went into Eninnu, to the lord,
>>Q000377b 035
36. szu12 mu-na-ra2
#tr.en: prayed to him:
>>Q000377b 036
37. lugal-mu {d}nin-gir2-su2
#tr.en: “My master Ningirsu,
>>Q000377b 037
38. en a-husz gi4-a
#tr.en: lord who has turned back the fierce waters,
>>Q000377b 038
39. en du11-ga-ni sag-pesz e3-a
#tr.en: lord whose command takes precedence,
>>Q000377b 039
40. ibila {d}en-lil2-la2 ur-sag ma-a-du11
#tr.en: Enlil’s male child, warrior, you spoke to me,
>>Q000377b 040
41. szu zi ma-ra-a-gar
#tr.en: and I did faithfully obey you.
>>Q000377b 041
42. {d}nin-gir2-su e2-zu mu-ra-du3
#tr.en: Ningirsu, I built you your House,
>>Q000377b 042
43. hul2-la ha-ni-kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: may you enter it in joy.”
>>Q000377b 043
44. {d}ba-ba6-mu a2-mi-zu ma-ra-gar
#tr.en: (And he added) “My Baba, I erected your women’s quarters for you,
>>Q000377b 044
45. ki-tusz du10-ga-ma-ni-ib2
#tr.en: move in in comfort.”
>>Q000377b 045
46. gu3 de2-a-ni gesz ba-tuku-am3
#tr.en: His call was heard,
>>Q000377b 046
47. ur-sag-e siskur2 ra2-zu-ni
#tr.en: the warrior accepted from Gudea, the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 047
48. gu3-de2-a-asz2 en {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 szu ba-szi-ti
#tr.en: accepted from him, prayer and rite.
>>Q000377b 048
49. mu gen-na-am3 iti til-la-am3
#tr.en: (Meanwhile) the year had ended, the month had been completed,
>>Q000377b 049
50. mu gibil an-na im-ma-gub
#tr.en: the new year had appeared in the sky,
>>Q000377b 050
51. iti e2-ba ba-a-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: the month “had entered its house,”
>>Q000377b 051
52. iti-bi u4 3(asz@c)-am3 im-ta-zal
#tr.en: and of that month the third day had passed:
>>Q000377b 052
53. {d}nin-gir2-su2 eridu{ki}-ta du-am3
#tr.en: (Then) Ningirsu had arrived from Eridu,
>>Q000377b 053
54. i3-ti sa-sa im-e3
#tr.en: (and) the most beautiful moonlight shone
>>Q000377b 054
55. kalam-ma u4 mu-gal2 e2-ninnu {d}suen u3-du2-da
#tr.en: illuminating the Land; Eninnu with the (new-)born moon (god)
>>Q000377b 055
56. sag im-ma-da-ab-sa2
#tr.en: vied.
>>Q000377b 056
57. gu3-de2-a gug za-gin3 mi-ni-uh
#tr.en: Gudea made a paste with carnelian and lapis lazuli,
>>Q000377b 057
58. ub da im-mi-du11
#tr.en: he put it in the corners
>>Q000377b 058
59. i3-hi-nun-na ki ba-ni-su3
#tr.en: and sprinkled abundant oil on the floor.
>>Q000377b 059
60. musz-da-ma lu2 kin ak-am3
#tr.en: He bade the builders, the workmen,
>>Q000377b 060
61. e2-ta ba-ta-e3
#tr.en: leave the House.
>>Q000377b 061
62. lal3 i3-nun gesztin ga-sze-a
#tr.en: Syrup, butter oil, wine, sour milk,
>>Q000377b 062
63. {gesz}par4 {gesz}pesz3 ninda gen-na
#tr.en: gipar-fruit, fig-cakes
>>Q000377b 063
64. ga sag-ba dim2-ma
#tr.en: topped with cheese,
>>Q000377b 064
65. zu2-lum gesz-an gesztin tur-tur
#tr.en: dates in clusters(?), small grapes,
>>Q000377b 065
66. nig2 izi nu-tag-ga
#tr.en: (all) things untouched by fire,
>>Q000377b 066
67. nig2-gu7 dingir-re-ne-kam
#tr.en: (to prepare) food for the gods,
>>Q000377b 067
68. lal3 i3-nun-na kin ba-ni-ak szeg12
#tr.en: he used syrup and butter.
>>Q000377b 068
69. u4 dingir zi-da du-da
#tr.en: From the moment when the sun rose in the good sky,
>>Q000377b 069
70. gu3-de2-a u4-te-ta
#tr.en: Gudea, from early morning
>>Q000377b 070
71. kin-se3-ge bi2-dab
#tr.en: till supper (time) passed to and fro.
>>Q000377b 071
72. e2-e {d}asar-re szu si ba-sa2
#tr.en: Asari saw to it that the House was all right,
>>Q000377b 072
73. {d}nin-ma-da-ke4 na-ri mi-ni-gar
#tr.en: Nin-mada gave advice,
>>Q000377b 073
74. lugal {d}en-ki-ke4 esz-bar-kin ba-an-szum2
#tr.en: king Enki provided oracular messages.
>>Q000377b 074
75. {d}nin-dub iszib-mah eridu{ki}-ka-ke4
#tr.en: Nin-duba, foremost lustration priest of Eridu,
>>Q000377b 075
76. na-de3 ba-ni-si
#tr.en: filled (the House) with incense,
>>Q000377b 076
77. {d}nin-garza-kal-la-ke4 {d}nansze szer3 ku3 inim zu e2-e ba-an-du11
#tr.en: the lady of precious rites, Nanše, who knows the words of sacred songs, put them to music for the House.
>>Q000377b 077
78. u8 ge6-ge umbin mi-ni-ib2-kin
#tr.en: She “sheared” the black ewes (of the sky),
>>Q000377b 078
79. im-ma-al an-na-ke4
#tr.en: and of the cow-of-heaven
>>Q000377b 079
80. akan si ba-ni-ib2-sa2
#tr.en: she milked the udder,
>>Q000377b 080
81. {gesz}szinig {gesz}szeg9-AN u3-du2-<da>-ta
#tr.en: while with (brooms of) tamarisk and ...,
>>Q000377b 081
82. e2-ninnu im-ta-sikil-e-ne
#tr.en: they were cleaning Eninnu
>>Q000377b 082
83. im-ta-dadag-ge-esz2
#tr.en: until they had polished it to perfection.
>>Q000377b 083
84. ensi2-ke4 iri-a du10 bi2-gar
#tr.en: The ruler made the (whole) city kneel down,
>>Q000377b 084
85. kalam-ma sig bi2-gar
#tr.en: he made the Land prostrate itself.
>>Q000377b 085
86. du6-du6 mu-si-ig i5-gar mu-gi4
#tr.en: He leveled what was high, refused (to listen to) chance utterances,
>>Q000377b 086
87. a-ah-du11-ga gir2-ta gar-am3
#tr.en: “spittle” (of sorcery) was removed from the daggers.
>>Q000377b 087
88. iri-a ama lu2 tu-ra-ke4
#tr.en: In the city (only) the mother of a sick person
>>Q000377b 088
89. a silim gar-ra-am3 masz-ansze nig2-zi-gal2 edin-na
#tr.en: administered a potion—the wild animals, creatures of the steppe,
>>Q000377b 089
90. tesz2-bi-sze3 gam-ma-am3
#tr.en: all had crouched together.
>>Q000377b 090
91. ur-mah pirig uszumgal edin-na-ka
#tr.en: Lion, lioness(?) and the “dragon of the steppe”
>>Q000377b 091
92. u3 du10 gar-ra-am3
#tr.en: enjoyed sweet sleep.
>>Q000377b 092
93. u4 siskur2-re ge6 szu12-de3
#tr.en: Rites (had made) the day (go by), prayers the night,
>>Q000377b 093
94. i3-ti nig2 u4 zal-la-ke4
#tr.en: the early morning (had) the moonlight (caused to fade)—
>>Q000377b 094
95. lugal-bi mu-sag5-ge26-e
#tr.en: was the master (of the House) on his way?
>>Q000377b 095
96. ur-sag {d}nin-gir2-su e2-a mi-ni-kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: (Yea,) the warrior Ningirsu was entering (his) House.
>>Q000377b 096
97. e2-a lugal-bi im-ma-gub
#tr.en: The master of the House had come to it
>>Q000377b 097
98. hu-ri2-in am-sze3 igi il2-il2-dam
#tr.en: like an eagle catching sight of an aurochs.
>>Q000377b 098
99. ur-sag e2-a-na kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)-da-ni
#tr.en: When the warrior was entering his House,
>>Q000377b 099
100. u4 me3-sze3 gu3 {ga2}gar-am3
#tr.en: he was a storm roaring towards battle,
>>Q000377b 100
101. {d}nin-gir2-su e2-na mu-lah5
#tr.en: Ningirsu went about his House,
>>Q000377b 101
102. esz3 abzu ezem gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: and it was (just as) in the Abzu sanctuary when a festival is going on.
>>Q000377b 102
103. lugal e2-a-ni-ta nam-ta-du
#tr.en: The owner indeed came out of his House (again),
>>Q000377b 103
104. {d}utu ki lagasz{ki}-e e3-am3
#tr.en: and he was (like) the sun god rising above the land of Lagaš.
>>Q000377b 104
105. {d}ba-ba6 a2-mi-ni-sze3 du-a-ni
#tr.en: When Baba went to her women’s quarters
>>Q000377b 105
106. munus zi e2-a-ni-sze3 szu ga2-ga2-dam
#tr.en: she was (like) a respectful woman caring for her house;
>>Q000377b 106
107. a2-nu2-da-ka-na kux(KWU636)-ra-ni
#tr.en: when she entered her bedroom
>>Q000377b 107
108. i7 idigna a u3-ba {ga2}gar-am3
#tr.en: she was (like) the Tigris at high waters,
>>Q000377b 108
109. da-gesztu-<ga>-na-ka tusz-a-ni
#tr.en: when she sat down in ...
>>Q000377b 109
110. nin dumu an ku3-ga {gesz}kiri6 nisi-ga kurun3 il2-la-am3
#tr.en: she was the lady, daughter of bright An, a green garden bearing fruit.
>>Q000377b 110
111. u4 e3-am3 nam tar-ra-am3
#tr.en: The day was about to rise, firm promise had been fulfilled,
>>Q000377b 111
112. {d}ba-ba6 a2-mi-na kux(KWU636)-ra-am3
#tr.en: Baba had entered her women’s quarters—
>>Q000377b 112
113. ki lagasz{ki} he2-gal2-la-am3
#tr.en: that meant) abundance for the land of Lagaš.
>>Q000377b 113
114. u4 im-zal {d}utu lagasz{ki}-ke4 kalam-ma sag mi-ni-il2
#tr.en: The day dawned, the sungod of Lagaš lifted his head over the Land.
>>Q000377b 114
115. gu4-ni udu-ni e2-e bi2-dab5
#tr.en: Fattened oxen and sheep were taken to the House,
>>Q000377b 115
116. bur an-na mu-gub tin mu-ni-de2-de2
#tr.en: (Gudea) set up a jar in the open air, poured much wine into it.
>>Q000377b 116
117. {d}a-nun-na ki lagasz{ki} en {d}nin-gir2-su-da ki-bi mu-da-rin2-ne2-esz2-am3
#tr.en: The Anunna gods of the land of Lagaš were installed around the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 117
118. e2-a nam-iszib-ba szu mi-ni-du7
#tr.en: (Gudea) performed the purification of the House in the most attentive way,
>>Q000377b 118
119. esz-bar-kin mi2 mi-ni-du11
#tr.en: and he took care of portents.
>>Q000377b 119
120. kurun2 bur gal-la im-ma-de2
#tr.en: Wine was poured from the big jar
>>Q000377b 120
121. e2-ninnu UL gal UL DU gu2 im-ma-gur-re
#tr.en: while Eninnu amassed ...
>>Q000377b 121
122. esz3 {d}nin-dub-ke4 szeg12 mu-gi4-gi4
#tr.en: Nin-duba caused the sanctuary to be full of clatter and noise,
>>Q000377b 122
123. ninda had2-da ga masz2 lulim-ma
#tr.en: and with fresh bread, milk of hinds
>>Q000377b 123
124. u4 ge6-e re6-a
#tr.en: available day and night,
>>Q000377b 124
125. nir-gal2 dumu ki-ag2 {d}en-lil2-la2 ur-sag {d}nin-gir2-su2
#tr.en: the noble one, the beloved child of Enlil, the warrior Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 125
126. u3-a mi-ni-zi-zi
#tr.en: he rouses from sleep.
>>Q000377b 126
127. me gal-gal-la sag mi-ni-il2-e
#tr.en: He (Ningirsu) proudly looks around, very sure of himself,
>>Q000377b 127
128. dingir gu3 mar-za e2-a sa-ni
#tr.en: (and) his ..., functionaries, (and) ...
>>Q000377b 128
129. esz3 e2-ninnu ki-us2 mu-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: he lines up (to be assigned functions) for the sanctuary Eninnu.
>>Q000377b 129
130. zi-du-e szu si sa2-da
#tr.en: That he (Ig-alim) might guide the hand of the righteous one
>>Q000377b 130
131. erim2 du-e gu2 gesz ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: and force the evil-doer’s neck into a neck stock,
>>Q000377b 131
132. e2 gi-ne2-da e2 du10-ge-da
#tr.en: that he might keep the House safe, keep it in harmony,
>>Q000377b 132
133. iri-ni esz3 gir2-su{ki} na-de6 szum2-mu-da
#tr.en: that he might give instructions to his city (and) the sanctuaries of Girsu,
>>Q000377b 133
134. {gesz}gu-za nam tar-ra gub-da
#tr.en: that he might establish a throne of firm promise,
>>Q000377b 134
135. gidri u4 su3-ra2 szu-a ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: hand over a sceptre for long days,
>>Q000377b 135
136. sipa {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 gu3 de2-a-ar
#tr.en: that he might make the shepherd called by Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 136
137. men sig7-ga-gin7 sag an-sze3 il2-da
#tr.en: lift high the head as if it wore a blue crown,
>>Q000377b 137
138. kusz-la2 gada-la2 sag-a mu4-a
#tr.en: that the “skin-clad,” the “linen-clad,” and the “covered head”
>>Q000377b 138
139. kisal e2-ninnu-ka ki-gub pa3-de3-da
#tr.en: he might appoint to (their) offices in the courtyard of Eninnu—
>>Q000377b 139
140. ig gal dim gir2-nun-na gal5-la2-gal gir2-su{ki}
#tr.en: the Great Door, the Pole of Girnun, the chief bailiff of Girsu,
>>Q000377b 140
141. {d}ig-alim dumu ki-ag2-ga2-ni
#tr.en: his beloved son Ig-alim,
>>Q000377b 141
142. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningusu.
>>Q000377b 142
143. e2 sikil-e-da szu4-luh ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: That he (Šul-šaga) might keep the House clean, let hands always be washed,
>>Q000377b 143
144. szu ku3 a en-ra szum2-mu-da
#tr.en: have clean hands serve water to the lord,
>>Q000377b 144
145. kasz bur-ra de2-da kurun2 dug-a de2-da
#tr.en: that he might pour beer into bowls, wine into jars,
>>Q000377b 145
146. e2-lunga3 e2 a2 sikil-ba
#tr.en: that in (Eninnu’s) brewery, the “house (with) the clean arms,”
>>Q000377b 146
147. u2-lu5-szi-e a pap-sir2-gin7
#tr.en: emmer beer like the waters (of) Papsir
>>Q000377b 147
148. kun-ga-an za-a-da
#tr.en: might bubble,
>>Q000377b 148
149. gu4 du7 masz2 du7 udu niga
#tr.en: that unblemished oxen and goats and grain-fed sheep,
>>Q000377b 149
150. ninda had2-da ga masz2 lulim-ma
#tr.en: fresh bread, and milk of hinds
>>Q000377b 150
151. u4 ge6-e re6-a nir-gal2 dumu ki-ag2
#tr.en: be available day and night, that the noble one,
>>Q000377b 151
152. {d}en-lil2-la2 ur-sag {d}nin-gir2-su
#tr.en: Enlil’s beloved son, the warrior Ningirsu,
>>Q000377b 152
153. gu7-a nag-a pisan?-bi u3-a mi-<ni>-zi-zi
#tr.en: might rise from sleep ... —
>>Q000377b 153
154. en szu4-luh dadag-ga dumu-sag e2-ninnu
#tr.en: the lord of the most careful hand-washing, the first-bom son of Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 154
155. {d}szul-sza3-ga {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
#tr.en: Šul-šaga, to Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 155
156. me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 156
157. szita2 sag 7(asz@c) szu du8-a-da
#tr.en: That the seven-headed club might be held (firmly) in hand,
>>Q000377b 157
158. e2 en-kar2 ka2 me3-ka ig-bi gal2 tak4-tak4
#tr.en: that the (“King who makes the mountain tremble") might keep open the door-wings of the Ankar house, the Battle gate,
>>Q000377b 158
159. eme-gir2 mi-tum {gesz}a-ma-ru
#tr.en: that he might cause the dagger blades, the mace “dead man,” the “floodstorm weapon,”
>>Q000377b 159
160. har-ra-tum gesz-hur me3-bi
#tr.en: the “Bitter one,” (all of them) battle tools,
>>Q000377b 160
161. si sa2-sa2-a-da
#tr.en: exactly to hit their targets,
>>Q000377b 161
162. kur gu2-erim2-gal2 {d}en-lil2-la2-ka
#tr.en: all of Enlil’s enemies’ lands
>>Q000377b 162
163. a-gin7 ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: that he might inundate—
>>Q000377b 163
164. ur-sag {gesz}szar2-ur3 me3-a kur szu-sze3 gar-gar
#tr.en: the warrior “Mow-down-a-myriad” who in battle subdues all the lands,
>>Q000377b 164
165. szagina gu2-tuku e2-ninnu
#tr.en: the mighty general of Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 165
166. muszen sur2-du3 ki-bala-a
#tr.en: the falcon for the rebel land,
>>Q000377b 166
167. {d}lugal-kur-dub2 szagina-ni
#tr.en: “King who makes the mountain tremble,” his general,
>>Q000377b 167
168. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 168
169. mi-tum an-na-ke4 u4 husz-gin7
#tr.en: After the heavenly mace “dead man” like a fierce storm
>>Q000377b 169
170. kur-sze3 gu3 gar-ra-a
#tr.en: has roared against the mountain,
>>Q000377b 170
171. {gesz}szar2-ur3 a-ma-ru me3
#tr.en: (being) the “Mow-down-a-myriad,” the floodstorm of battle,
>>Q000377b 171
172. {gesz}naga3 ki-bala-a
#tr.en: the cudgel of the rebel land,
>>Q000377b 172
173. en-ne2 ki-bala kur sag-ki-ni u3-ma-da-gid2-da
#tr.en: after the lord has frowned at the rebels, the mountain,
>>Q000377b 173
174. gu3 mi-ri2-a-ni u3-ma-ra
#tr.en: and hurled at it his furious words,
>>Q000377b 174
175. lipisz-bi u3-mu-re6
#tr.en: having carried away its wits, that he ...—
>>Q000377b 175
176. en-na szagina 2(asz@c)-kam-ni
#tr.en: the lord’s second general who is (called)
>>Q000377b 176
177. kur szu-na buru5{muszen}-am3
#tr.en: “The-land-is-but-a-swallow-in-his-hand.”
>>Q000377b 177
178. dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to Enlil’s son.
>>Q000377b 178
179. nam-szita ki lagasz{ki}
#tr.en: That supplications of the land Lagaš
>>Q000377b 179
180. szu du8-a-da
#tr.en: might be released,
>>Q000377b 180
181. siskur2 ra2-zu-bi du10-ga ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: that he (Lugal-sisa) might perform rites and prayers for it, propitious ones,
>>Q000377b 181
182. ur-sag eridu{ki}-sze3 du-a-ni
#tr.en: that when the warrior is going to Eridu
>>Q000377b 182
183. silim-ma du10 di-da
#tr.en: he might bid farewell,
>>Q000377b 183
184. {d}nin-gir2-su eridu{ki}-ta du-ni
#tr.en: and that, (as a result) when he is returning from Eridu,
>>Q000377b 184
185. iri du3-a {gesz}gu-za-bi gi-na
#tr.en: the throne of the built-up city be firm;
>>Q000377b 185
186. nam-ti sipa zi
#tr.en: that for the life of the true shepherd
>>Q000377b 186
187. gu3-de2-a-da
#tr.en: Gudea
>>Q000377b 187
188. giri17 szu gal2-la-da
#tr.en: hands be placed at the mouth (in prayer)—
>>Q000377b 188
189. ad-gi4-gi4-ni
#tr.en: his adviser,
>>Q000377b 189
190. {d}lugal-si-sa2 en {d}nin-gir2-su
#tr.en: Lugal-sisa, to the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 190
191. me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 191
192. tur du11-ga-da
#tr.en: Of what had been whispered
>>Q000377b 192
193. mah du11-ga-da
#tr.en: and what had been said aloud,
>>Q000377b 193
194. inim si sa2-e ka-kesz2 ak-da
#tr.en: of whether the one speaking straightforwardly be seen as a partner
>>Q000377b 194
195. erim2 du11-ga? [...] x [...]-da
#tr.en: or whether the one speaking evil might not be seen as such(?)—
>>Q000377b 195
196. ur-sag bara2 ku3-ga tusz-a-ra
#tr.en: that the warrior sitting on a pure dais,
>>Q000377b 196
197. {d}nin-gir2-su-ra e2-ninnu-a inim-bi kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)-da
#tr.en: Ningirsu, might be informed in Eninnu
>>Q000377b 197
198. {d}szakkan2 szeg9-bar sukkal e2-du10-ga sag-an-ni
#tr.en: Šakkan-the-...- deer, the messenger of the “good house,” ...
>>Q000377b 198
199. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da
#tr.en: to the lord Ningirsu he (Gudea) brings along with himself
>>Q000377b 199
200. mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 200
201. a ku3-ge-da naga sikil-e-da
#tr.en: That he (Kindazi) might clean with water, scrub with soap,
>>Q000377b 201
202. i3 bur babbar2-ra naga agrun-na-da
#tr.en: that oil from the white stone jars be ...,
>>Q000377b 202
203. gesz-nu2 u2 za-gin3 ba-ra-ga-na
#tr.en: that he (Ningirsu) on his bedspread with blue flowers
>>Q000377b 203
204. u3 du10 kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)-da
#tr.en: might enjoy sweet sleep;
>>Q000377b 204
205. e2-nu2 e2-du10-ga-ni-a
#tr.en: his bedroom in his “good house”
>>Q000377b 205
206. bar-ra kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)-da
#tr.en: that he might enter from outside,
>>Q000377b 206
207. sza3-ga nu-e3-e3-da
#tr.en: but) not go out from it (again)—
>>Q000377b 207
208. {d}kinda-zi lu2 e2-du10-ga-kam
#tr.en: Kindazi, who is the one of the “good house”
>>Q000377b 208
209. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 209
210. {gesz}gigir ku3 an mul-a rin2-na-da
#tr.en: That the brand-new chariot ... might be yoked up
>>Q000377b 210
211. {ansze}dur9{ur3}-bi pirig-kas4-e-pa3-da
#tr.en: and that a donkey stallion, a lion-summoned-for-running,
>>Q000377b 211
212. ansze-ba si-ga-da
#tr.en: be included in that donkey(-team);
>>Q000377b 212
213. ansze sig-a ansze eridu{ki}-ka
#tr.en: that a slender donkey, one of Eridu,
>>Q000377b 213
214. {ansze}dur9-da e2 KA kur-kur kux(KWU636) di-da
#tr.en: might gallop along with the stallions ...;
>>Q000377b 214
215. lugal-bi {d}nin-gir2-su hul2-la tum2-mu-da
#tr.en: that they might carry their master Ningirsu in joy—
>>Q000377b 215
216. lu2 ug-gin7 sig4 gi4-a
#tr.en: the one roaring like a lion,
>>Q000377b 216
217. mar-uru5-gin7 zi-ga
#tr.en: rising like a floodstorm,
>>Q000377b 217
218. maszkim da-ga {d}nin-gir2-su-ka
#tr.en: Ningirsu’s hurrying bailiff,
>>Q000377b 218
219. {d}en-sig4-nun sipa ansze-ka-ni
#tr.en: Ensignun, his donkeyherd,
>>Q000377b 219
220. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 220
221. i3 hi-a-da kasz hi-a-da
#tr.en: That there might be an abundance of fat and cream,
>>Q000377b 221
222. ud5 ku3 ud5 ga nag masz2 lulim
#tr.en: that the white goats, milking goats, and the hind,
>>Q000377b 222
223. ama {d}nin-gir2-su-ka
#tr.en: Ningirsu’s mother,
>>Q000377b 223
224. i3 ga-bi esz3 e2-ninnu-a musz nu-tum2-da
#tr.en: might never cease to provide fat and milk for the sanctuary Eninnu—
>>Q000377b 224
225. en-lulim sipa masz2 lulim en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
#tr.en: the Lord Stag, the herdsman of the hinds, to the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 225
226. me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 226
227. ti-gi4 nig2 du10-ge si sa2-a-da
#tr.en: That the kettle drum(?) of beautiful sound be properly tuned,
>>Q000377b 227
228. kisal e2-ninnu hul2-a si-a-da
#tr.en: that Eninnu’s courtyard be full of merriment,
>>Q000377b 228
229. al-gar mi-ri2-tum nig2 e2 du10-ga
#tr.en: that algar and mirītum, the instruments of the “good house,”
>>Q000377b 229
230. ur-sag gesztu{tug2}-a-ra
#tr.en: to the listening warrior,
>>Q000377b 230
231. {d}nin-gir2-su-ra e2-ninnu du10-bi ga2-ga2-da
#tr.en: to Ningirsu in Eninnu, offer their best—
>>Q000377b 231
232. nar ki-ag2-a-ni uszumgal kalam-ma
#tr.en: his beloved musician, the Dragon-of-the-Land,
>>Q000377b 232
233. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 233
234. sza3 hun-ga2-da bar hun-ga2-da
#tr.en: That one might be at ease, body and soul,
>>Q000377b 234
235. igi er2 pa3-da er2 sig-da
#tr.en: that tears be dried off the weeping eye,
>>Q000377b 235
236. sza3 a-nir-ta a-nir ba-da
#tr.en: hat anguish be cut off the anguishing heart;
>>Q000377b 236
237. en-na sza3 ab-gin7 zi-ga-ni
#tr.en: that the lord’s heart that rises like the sea,
>>Q000377b 237
238. i7 buranun-gin7 luh-ha-ni
#tr.en: washes away like the Euphrates,
>>Q000377b 238
239. a-ma-ru-gin7 sa-ga du11-<ga>-ni
#tr.en: that hits like a floodstorm
>>Q000377b 239
240. kur gu2-erim2-gal2 {d}en-lil2-la2-ka
#tr.en: all Enlil’s enemies,
>>Q000377b 240
241. a-gin7 u3-mi-ni-gar-ra-ni gu2-bi gi4-a-ni a ku6 su3-da
#tr.en: that after submerging has returned to its banks, be ...—
>>Q000377b 241
242. balag-ga2-ni lugal igi-husz-am3
#tr.en: his harp, the King-with-the-fierce-face,
>>Q000377b 242
243. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 243
244. lukur ki ig-ni he2-gal2 lu2 szar2
#tr.en: His beloved lukur maidens, (creating) plentitude for the myriads,
>>Q000377b 244
245. {d}za-za-ru
#tr.en: Zazaru,
>>Q000377b 245
246. {d}iszkur-pa-e3
#tr.en: Iškur-pa’e,
>>Q000377b 246
247. <{d}>ur2-e2-nun-ta-e3-a
#tr.en: Ur-agrunta-ea,
>>Q000377b 247
248. {d}he2-gir2-nun-na
#tr.en: Ḫegirnuna,
>>Q000377b 248
249. {d}he2-sza3-ga
#tr.en: Ḫešaga,
>>Q000377b 249
250. {d}zu2-ur2-mu
#tr.en: Zurmu,
>>Q000377b 250
251. {d}za-ar-mu
#tr.en: Zarmu—
>>Q000377b 251
252. dumu masz 7(asz@c) {d}ba-ba6-me
#tr.en: Baba’s 7 (twin) daughters they are
>>Q000377b 252
253. banda3{da} en {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-me
#tr.en: and Ningirsu’s unruly children—
>>Q000377b 253
254. nam-szita sa6-ga gu3-de2-a-a-da
#tr.en: with friendly prayers on behalf of Gudea
>>Q000377b 254
255. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra mu-na-da-szu4-ge-esz2
#tr.en: they are standing by the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 255
256. GAN2 gal-gal-e szu il2-la-da
#tr.en: That the vast fields might grow rich,
>>Q000377b 256
257. e pa4 lagasz{ki}-ke4
#tr.en: that the ditches and canals of Lagaš
>>Q000377b 257
258. gu2-bi zi-ga-da
#tr.en: be full to the brim,
>>Q000377b 258
259. edin lugal-bi-ir tum2
#tr.en: that in the plain befitting its owner,
>>Q000377b 259
260. gu2 edin-na-ka {d}asznan ku3-su3 pa sikil-e
#tr.en: in Gu-edina, the Grain goddess, Bright-and-long, Pure stalk,
>>Q000377b 260
261. absin3-na sag an-sze3 il2-sze3
#tr.en: might proudly look up from her furrow,
>>Q000377b 261
262. GAN2-zi-bi gig ziz2 gu2-gu2 um-re6
#tr.en: that after the good fields (of Lagaš) have brought wheat, emmer and all kinds of pulses,
>>Q000377b 262
263. guru7-guru7-masz ki lagasz{ki}-ke4
#tr.en: enormous grain heaps, the (whole) yield of the land of Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 263
264. gu2 gur-gur-ra-da
#tr.en: might be heaped up—
>>Q000377b 264
265. sa12-du5 {d}en-lil2-la2 engar gu2 edin-na
#tr.en: Enlil’s surveyor, the farmer of Gu-edina,
>>Q000377b 265
266. {d}gesz-bar-e3 en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
#tr.en: Gešbar-e, to the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 266
267. me-ni-da mu-na-da-an-dab-be2
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 267
268. ambar-bi ku6 |HI+SUHUR| ku6 suhur u3-re6
#tr.en: About the marshes (of Lagaš), after they had brought forth carp and perch(?),
>>Q000377b 268
269. gesz-gi sig7-ga-bi {gi}ha-bu3-ur2 u3-re6
#tr.en: and about the green cane-brakes, after they had produced new shoots of reed—
>>Q000377b 269
270. 7(asz@c) <al>-lu5 ra-gaba gu2 edin-na-ke4
#tr.en: that I, the messenger of Gu-edina,
>>Q000377b 270
271. {d}nin-gir2-su-ra e2-ninnu-a inim-bi kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)-da
#tr.en: might inform Ningirsu in Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 271
272. {d}lamma enku-e gu2 edin-na
#tr.en: Lama-inspector-of-the-fisheries-of-Gu-edina
>>Q000377b 272
273. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 273
274. edin ki du10-ge na ri-ga-da
#tr.en: That the steppe (as far as it is) a “good” place might be properly advised,
>>Q000377b 274
275. gu2-edin-na edin du10-ge
#tr.en: the Gu-edina, the “good” steppe,
>>Q000377b 275
276. na-ri szum2-ma-da
#tr.en: be subject to inspection,
>>Q000377b 276
277. muszen-bi rin2-rin2-na-da
#tr.en: that the birds might ...,
>>Q000377b 277
278. nunuz-bi e2-DI-a gal2-la-da
#tr.en: that their eggs might be in the nest,
>>Q000377b 278
289. amar-bi bulug3-e-da
#tr.en: that they rear their young,
>>Q000377b 289
# 1 witness has ama “mother” for amar
280. du8-du8 masz-ansze lu-a-ba
#tr.en: that the weaned young of the beasts, as many as there are,
>>Q000377b 280
281. edin ki-ag2 {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-ke4
#tr.en: the beloved steppe of Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 281
282. nig2-ku5 nu-ak-da
#tr.en: might not diminish,
>>Q000377b 282
283. {d}dim-gal-abzu nimgir gu2 edin-na
#tr.en: Dimngal-abzu, the herald of Gu-edina,
>>Q000377b 283
284. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da
#tr.en: to the lord Ningirsu along with himself
>>Q000377b 284
285. mu-na-da-dab-be2
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings (and introduces).
>>Q000377b 285
286. iri du3-a-da ki-tusz gar-ra-da
#tr.en: That cities be built, settlements be founded,
>>Q000377b 286
287. bad3 iri ku3-ga en-nu du3-a-da
#tr.en: that the guard-houses of the wall of the Shining City might be built,
>>Q000377b 287
288. {d}aga3-us2 dag-ga-na-bi
#tr.en: that its resident constable,
>>Q000377b 288
289. szita2 sag mah {gesz}erin babbar2-ra
#tr.en: (being) the White cedar mace with the enormous head,
>>Q000377b 289
290. e2-e dab6-ba-da
#tr.en: might stay close to the House—
>>Q000377b 290
291. {d}lugal-en-nu-iri-ku3-ga-kam
#tr.en: the divine Master of the guard house of the Shining City
>>Q000377b 291
292. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra me-ni-da mu-na-da-dab-e
#tr.en: he (Gudea) brings along with himself (and introduces) to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 292
293. {d}en-lil2-e sag-ba gur bi2-dar
#tr.en: Enlil had ...,
>>Q000377b 293
294. {d}nin-hur-sag-ke4 igi zi ba-szi-bar
#tr.en: Ninḫursag had looked on it in a friendly way,
>>Q000377b 294
295. {d}en-ki lugal eridu{ki}-ke4 temen-bi mu-si
#tr.en: Enki, king of Eridu, had driven in its foundation boxes.
>>Q000377b 295
296. en zi sza3 dadag-ga-ke4
#tr.en: the true lord of a most pure heart, Suen,
>>Q000377b 296
297. {d}suen-e me-bi an ki-a im-mi-diri-ga-am3
#tr.en: had in fact seen to it that (Eninnu’s) powers were greater than (the whole of) heaven and earth.
>>Q000377b 297
298. {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 esz3 numun i-a sza3-ge ba-ni-pa3
#tr.en: Ningirsu had conceived (the House) in (his) heart as a sanctuary from which the seed sprouted,
>>Q000377b 298
299. ama {d}nansze szeg12 ki lagasz{ki}-ka
#tr.en: for the (first) Brick of the land of Lagaš Mother Nanše
>>Q000377b 299
300. mi2 zi ba-ni-in-du11
#tr.en: had cared,
>>Q000377b 300
301. dingir numun zi-zi-da-ke4
#tr.en: (but) the god of most reliable progeny
>>Q000377b 301
302. e2 mu-du3 mu-bi pa bi2-e3
#tr.en: (really) did build the House and make its name famous.
>>Q000377b 302
303. agrig kal-ga {d}nansze-ke4
#tr.en: The mighty steward of Nanše,
>>Q000377b 303
304. sipa gu2-tuku {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-ke4
#tr.en: the brave shepherd of Ningirsu,
>>Q000377b 304
305. gal mu-zu gal i3-ga-tum2-mu
#tr.en: is wise and able, too, to realize things.
>>Q000377b 305
306. e2-e lu2 e2 du3-a-ke4
#tr.en: For the House, the one who built it,
>>Q000377b 306
307. gu3-de2-a ensi2
#tr.en: Gudea, ruler
>>Q000377b 307
308. lagasz{ki}-ke4
#tr.en: of Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 308
309. sa12 im-rigx(|PA.TUK.DU|)-ge
#tr.en: is (now) making presents.
>>Q000377b 309
310. {gesz}gigir kur mu-gam su-zi gur3 ni2 gal u5-a
#tr.en: The chariot (named) “It subdued the mountain,” which carries terror and has made great awe “ride” on it,
>>Q000377b 310
311. {ansze}dur9{ur3}-bi u4 gu3 du10-du10-ga
#tr.en: its donkey stallion, a merrily neighing wind,
>>Q000377b 311
312. giri3-ba se3-ga-da
#tr.en: which is to be harnessed with the (other) donkeys,
>>Q000377b 312
313. szita2-sag-imin tukul husz me3
#tr.en: the seven-headed club, fierce battle mace,
>>Q000377b 313
314. tukul ub-min-e nu-il2 gesz-gaz-me3
#tr.en: the weapon unbearable for North and South, a cudgel in pitched battle,
>>Q000377b 314
315. mi-tum tukul nir3 sag pirig
#tr.en: (and) the “dead man,” the lion-headed weapon of ḫulālu stone,
>>Q000377b 315
316. kur-da gaba nu-gi4
#tr.en: which never turns back before the highlands,
>>Q000377b 316
317. {gesz}|KAxGIR2|-gir2 szu-nir 1(u@c) la2 1(asz@c)
#tr.en: the ... 9 standards,
>>Q000377b 317
318. a2 nam-ur-sag-ga2
#tr.en: the warrior-arm,
>>Q000377b 318
319. {gesz}ban tir mes-gin7 gu3 gar-ra-ni
#tr.en: his bow twanging like a forest of mes trees,
>>Q000377b 319
320. ti szur2 me3-a nim-gin7 gir2-da-ni
#tr.en: his angry arrows whizzing like flashes in battle,
>>Q000377b 320
321. e2-mar-uru5 ug-pirig musz husz-sze3
#tr.en: his quiver (depicting) lions and lionesses(?) against which fierce snakes
>>Q000377b 321
322. eme e3-de3-da-ni
#tr.en: stick out the tongue,
>>Q000377b 322
323. a2 me3 me nam-lugal si-si-a-da
#tr.en: (all of them) arms of battle that have been endued with the power of kingship—
>>Q000377b 323
324. ensi2 lu2 e2 du3-a-ke4
#tr.en: (with all this) the ruler, who had built the House,
>>Q000377b 324
325. gu3-de2-a ensi2
#tr.en: Gudea, ruler
>>Q000377b 325
326. lagasz{ki}-ke4
#tr.en: of Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 326
327. sa12 im-mi-ib2-rig7-ge
#tr.en: is presenting (the House).
>>Q000377b 327
328. uruda nagga lagab za-gin3-na ku3 NE gug gi-rin me-luh-ha-da
#tr.en: Along with copper, tin, slabs of lapis lazuli, shining metal (and) spotless Meluḫḫa carnelian,
>>Q000377b 328
329. {uruda}szen mah {uruda}uri mah
#tr.en: huge copper pails, huge copper uri-vessels,
>>Q000377b 329
330. {uruda}esz2-da ku3 {uruda}bur ku3 an-ne2 tum2
#tr.en: shining copper ešda-vessels, shining copper bowls befitting An,
>>Q000377b 330
331. x IM x HU ga-ke4
#tr.en: ... ...ed at the ... place ...,
>>Q000377b 331
332. banszur ku3 an-na il2-la-da
#tr.en: so that a properly set table (= altar?)
>>Q000377b 332
333. ki sa2 du11-ga bi2-gub
#tr.en: might be piled up to An.
>>Q000377b 333
334. {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 iri-ni
#tr.en: Ningirsu, his city
>>Q000377b 334
335. lagasz{ki}-e u2? x ki du10 ba-szum2
#tr.en: Lagaš, ...
>>Q000377b 335
336. e2 ki-nu2-a ki ni2-te e2-a-ba
#tr.en: In its bedroom, the resting place of the House,
>>Q000377b 336
337. gesznu3 mu-ni-gub
#tr.en: he set up the bed.
>>Q000377b 337
338. kur-kur-re muszen-gin7 sila-ba dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-da
#tr.en: Everybody with Enlil’s son like the birds in their ...
>>Q000377b 338
339. ni2 mu-da-ab-te-te
#tr.en: now rests.
>>Q000377b 339
340. i7-de3 a zal-le si-a-da
#tr.en: That (from now on) the river be full of flowing water,
>>Q000377b 340
341. ambar-ra |HI+SUHUR|{ku6} suhur{ku6} gal2-la-da
#tr.en: that there be carp and perch(?) in the marshes,
>>Q000377b 341
342. enku ku3-gal2-bi za3-ba gub-ba-da
#tr.en: that the inspector of fisheries and the dike inspector might assist,
>>Q000377b 342
343. a gal-gal-e sze si-si-a-da
#tr.en: that barley might be filled in (and shipped) on the great waters,
>>Q000377b 343
344. guru7-du6-guru7-masz ki lagasz{ki}-ke4
#tr.en: that tons, heaps and tons, the income of the land of Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 344
345. gu2 gur-gur-ra-da
#tr.en: might be piled up;
>>Q000377b 345
346. tur3 du3-a-da a-masz du3-a-da
#tr.en: that cattle-pens and sheepfolds be built,
>>Q000377b 346
347. u8 zi-da sila4 du3-du3-a-da
#tr.en: that lambs might abound around the healthy ewes,
>>Q000377b 347
348. udu-nita2 u8 zi-bi szu ba-ba-ra-da
#tr.en: that the rams be let loose on the healthy ewes,
>>Q000377b 348
349. ab2 zi-da amar gub-gub-ba-da
#tr.en: that many calves might stand by the healthy cows,
>>Q000377b 349
350. sza3-ba gu4-ninda2 gu3 nun-bi di-da
#tr.en: and that the pure-bred sire might low among them;
>>Q000377b 350
351. gu4-e szu4-dul5-la si sa2-a-da
#tr.en: that the oxen be properly yoked
>>Q000377b 351
352. engar gu4-ra-bi za3-ba gub-ba-da
#tr.en: and the farmer and the ox-driver might stand at their place;
>>Q000377b 352
353. ansze nig2-dul5-bi il2-a-da
#tr.en: that the pack-saddles be lifted on the donkeys
>>Q000377b 353
354. a2-dab5 sze-si-bi egir-bi us2-sa-da
#tr.en: and that the hirelings who feed them follow behind them,
>>Q000377b 354
355. dur9-e {uruda}ha-zi mah la2-a-da
#tr.en: that huge copper ... be strapped on the jackasses;
>>Q000377b 355
356. e2-kikken2 mah il2-la-da
#tr.en: that the mill might burst (with work)
>>Q000377b 356
357. ga2-da-ga2-akkil e2 geme2 dumu {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-ke4
#tr.en: so that in the ..., the house of Ningirsu’s young slave women,
>>Q000377b 357
358. [...]-gin7 x x za-a-da
#tr.en: ...;
>>Q000377b 358
359. ti-gi4 EN nig2-e si sa2-a-da
#tr.en: that ... be set right,
>>Q000377b 359
360. kisal e2-ninnu-ke4 hul2-la si-a-da
#tr.en: that the courtyard of Eninnu be filled with joy,
>>Q000377b 360
361. si-im da a2-la2 balag nam-nar szu du7-a
#tr.en: that together with the kettle drums(?) ala instruments and harps might sound in perfect concert
>>Q000377b 361
362. balag ki-ag2-ni uszumgal kalam-ma
#tr.en: and that (Ningirsu’s) beloved harp, the Dragon-of-the-Land,
>>Q000377b 362
363. sag-ba gen-na-da
#tr.en: walk in front (of the procession)—
>>Q000377b 363
364. ensi2 e2-ninnu mu-du3-a
#tr.en: (to that intent) did the ruler who had built the Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 364
365. gu3-de2-a en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
#tr.en: Gudea before the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 365
366. mu-na-da-kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: did come.
>>Q000377b 366
367. e2-e me gal-la sag mi-ni-ib2-il2
#tr.en: The House lifted the head, proud of itself,
>>Q000377b 367
368. ni2 me-lam2-ma szu mi-ni-ib2-du7
#tr.en: unparalleled in awe and splendor.
>>Q000377b 368
369. ma2-gur8-gin7 munsub? im-x
#tr.en: Like a boat it ...
>>Q000377b 369
370. dim2-sa-bi im-ak
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 370
371. lugal-bi bara2 gir2-nun-na-ka
#tr.en: Its owner, on the dais of Girnun,
>>Q000377b 371
372. ur-sag {d}nin-gir2-su u4-de3-esz2 im-e3
#tr.en: the warrior Ningirsu came out like daylight.
>>Q000377b 372
373. {gesz}gigir2 nig2-il2-la du2-ru-na-bi
#tr.en: The canopy(?) (of the dais) resting on a support
>>Q000377b 373
374. an sig7-ga su-lim il2-la-am3
#tr.en: is (like) the beautiful sky carrying splendour.
>>Q000377b 374
375. szu-nir-bi sag-szu4-ga-bi
#tr.en: The poles (of the canopy?) and their caps
>>Q000377b 375
376. {d}nin-gir2-su <su>-zi mu-gur3-am3
#tr.en: are Ningirsu (himself), laden with terror.
>>Q000377b 376
377. kusz-la2 igi-bi-sze3 si sa2-a-bi
#tr.en: The leather cord (of the canopy?) fitted in front of it
>>Q000377b 377
378. musz ka sig7-ga-a a tu5-a-am3
#tr.en: is (like) a snake with a yellow mouth bathing in water.
>>Q000377b 378
379. {gesz}gigir za-gin3 ul gur3-a-na
#tr.en: In his most fascinating blue chariot
>>Q000377b 379
380. lugal-bi ur-sag {d}nin-gir2-su {d}utu-am3 mu-gub
#tr.en: The owner (of the House), the warrior Ningirsu, stands like the sun god.
>>Q000377b 380
381. gu-za gu2-en-na gub-ba-bi
#tr.en: The throne (of the House) standing in the guenna
>>Q000377b 381
382. GISZGAL-ku3-an-na ul-la du2-ru-na-am3
#tr.en: is the bright seat of An, dwelling in ... .
>>Q000377b 382
383. gesznu3-bi ki-nu2-a gub-ba-bi
#tr.en: The bed (of the House) standing in the bedroom
>>Q000377b 383
384. szilam ki-nu2-a du10 gar-ra-am3
#tr.en: is (adorned with) young cows that kneel down at their shed.
>>Q000377b 384
385. bar ku3 u2 za-gin3 ba-ra-ga-ba
#tr.en: On the snow-white cover (of the bed) having a pattern of blue flowers,
>>Q000377b 385
386. ama {d}ba-ba6 en {d}nin-gir2-su-da
#tr.en: mother Baba with the lord Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 386
387. ki-nu2 mu-da-ab-du10-ge
#tr.en: is lying at ease.
>>Q000377b 387
388. zabar gal-gal-e tesz2 mu-gu7-e
#tr.en: Large bronze (plates) offer all sorts of food,
>>Q000377b 388
389. e2 zi-da x-da zabar ku3-ge ne-sag
#tr.en: in the “good” house at the side, (meals prepared from) first ...
>>Q000377b 389
390. mi-ni-ib2-sze6-sze6
#tr.en: are cooking in shining bronze (vessels).
>>Q000377b 390
391. bur ku3 unu6-gal-la szu4-ga-bi
#tr.en: The pure stone jars standing in the dining-hall
>>Q000377b 391
392. bugin mah banda3{da} a nu-silig5-ge-dam
#tr.en: are (like) huge, stout troughs with an inexhaustible supply of water,
>>Q000377b 392
393. esz2-da-bi da-ba gub-ba-bi
#tr.en: and the goblets standing next to them
>>Q000377b 393
394. i7 idigna i7 buranun-bi-da
#tr.en: are both the Tigris and the Euphrates
>>Q000377b 394
395. he2-gal2 re7-am3
#tr.en: bringing abundance.
>>Q000377b 395
396. nig2-du7 iri-na-ke4 pa bi2-e3
#tr.en: (Thus) he had caused everything to function as it should in his city;
>>Q000377b 396
397. gu3-de2-a e2-ninnu mu-du3
#tr.en: Gudea had built the Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 397
398. me-bi szu bi2-du7
#tr.en: had met with all cultic necessities.
>>Q000377b 398
399. e2 i3-gara2-ba i3 gara2 i3-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: He brought fat and cream into the dairy,
>>Q000377b 399
400. e2 ku3-an-ka-ba ninda mu-ni-gar-gar
#tr.en: he stored many things in the ... (of the House).
>>Q000377b 400
401. ur5 mu-du8 szu szu mu-gar
#tr.en: He had debts remitted and he granted pardons.
>>Q000377b 401
402. u4 lugal-ni e2-a kux(KWU636)-ra
#tr.en: When his master had entered his House,
>>Q000377b 402
403. u4 7(asz@c)-ne-esz2
#tr.en: for seven days
>>Q000377b 403
404. geme2 nin-a-ni mu-da-sa2-am3
#tr.en: the slave woman was allowed to be equal to her mistress,
>>Q000377b 404
405. ARAD2-de3 lugal-e za3 mu-da-gub-am3
#tr.en: the slave was allowed to walk side by side with his master.
>>Q000377b 405
406. iri-na u2-zugx(|KAxUD|)-ni za3-bi-a mu-da-a-nu2-am3
#tr.en: In his city the one (who appeared) unclean (to someone) was permitted to sleep (only) outside.
>>Q000377b 406
407. eme nig2-hul-da inim ba-da-kur2
#tr.en: he had words cut off the evil-speaking tongue,
>>Q000377b 407
408. nig2-erim2 e2-ba im-ma-an-gi4
#tr.en: and he had anything disharmonious turned away from the House.
>>Q000377b 408
409. nig2 ge-na {d}nansze {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-sze3
#tr.en: To the justice (ordained) by Nanše and Ningirsu
>>Q000377b 409
410. en3 im-ma-szi-tar
#tr.en: he paid attention;
>>Q000377b 410
411. nu-siki lu2-nig2-tuku nu-na-gar
#tr.en: he did not expose the orphan to the wealthy person
412. nu-ma-kusz lu2-a2-tuku nu-na-gar
#tr.en: nor did he expose the widow to the influential one.
>>Q000377b 412
413. e2 dumu-nita2 nu-tuku
#tr.en: In(?) a house having no male child,
>>Q000377b 413
414. dumu-munus-bi i3-bi-lu-ba mi-ni-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: a daughter of it would become its heir.
>>Q000377b 414
# Edzard: the daughter would slaughter a sheep.
415. u4 nig2-si-sa2 mu-na-ta-e3
#tr.en: Days of justice had risen for him,
>>Q000377b 415
416. nig2-erim2 i3-{d}utu gu2-bi giri3 bi2-us2
#tr.en: and he set (his) foot on the neck of evil and complaint.
>>Q000377b 416
417. iri-e {d}utu-gin7
#tr.en: For his city like the sun god
>>Q000377b 417
418. ki-sza-ra im-ma-ta-a-e3
#tr.en: had he himself not risen from the horizon?
>>Q000377b 418
419. sag-ga2-ni-a gur im-mi-dar
#tr.en: He ...
>>Q000377b 419
420. igi an ku3-ga-ke4
#tr.en: In the face of bright heaven
>>Q000377b 420
421. ne-te-ni bi2-zu
#tr.en: he showed who he was.
>>Q000377b 421
422. gu4-gin7 sag il2-la mu-kux(KWU636)-kux(KWU636)
#tr.en: Like a bull he enters, his head raised high.
>>Q000377b 422
423. esz3 e2-ninnu-a
#tr.en: In the Eninnu sanctuary
>>Q000377b 423
424. gu4 du7 masz2 du7-e gesz bi2-tag
#tr.en: he had unblemished oxen and kids slaughtered.
>>Q000377b 424
425. bur an-na mu-gub
#tr.en: He put a jar in the open
>>Q000377b 425
426. te mu-ni-de2-de2
#tr.en: and poured much wine into it.
>>Q000377b 426
427. uszumgal kalam-ma ti-gi4-a mu-gub
#tr.en: The (harp) Dragon-of-the-Land he joined with the kettle drum(?),
>>Q000377b 427
428. a2-la2 ud-dam szeg12 mu-na-ab-gi4
#tr.en: and the ala instruments sounded for him like a storm.
>>Q000377b 428
429. ensi2 za3 e3-a
#tr.en: Lo, the ruler on a ...
>>Q000377b 429
430. nam-mi-gub
#tr.en: stood,
>>Q000377b 430
431. iri-ni u6 mu-e
#tr.en: and his city gave him acclaim.
>>Q000377b 431
432. gu3-de2-a [...]
#tr.en: Gudea ...
>>Q000377b 432
$ n lines broken
433'. [...] he2-gal2 mu-na-ta-e3
#tr.en: ... brought forth abundance for him.
>>Q000377b 433'
434'. ki sze gu-nu mu-na-mu2-mu2
#tr.en: All places grew speckled barley for him.
>>Q000377b 434'
435'. ensi2-da lagasz{ki}-e he2-gal2-la
#tr.en: Lagaš under (its) ruler made abundance
>>Q000377b 435'
436'. szu mu-da-pesz-e
#tr.en: increase for him.
>>Q000377b 436'
437'. ur-sag e2 gibil-na kux(KWU636)-ra-am3
#tr.en: (Now) that the warrior had moved into his new House,
>>Q000377b 437'
438'. en {d}nin-gir2-su-ra geszbun du10 mu-na-ni-ib2-gal2
#tr.en: (Gudea) served a delicious banquet to the lord Ningirsu.
>>Q000377b 438'
439'. an za3-gal-la mu-na-tusz
#tr.en: He seated An at the place of honour for him,
>>Q000377b 439'
440'. an-ra {d}en-lil2 im-ma-ni-us2
#tr.en: he made Enlil sit next to An
>>Q000377b 440'
441'. {d}en-lil2-ra
#tr.en: and next to Enlil
>>Q000377b 441'
442'. {d}nin-mah mu-ni-us2
#tr.en: he seated Ninmaḫ.
>>Q000377b 442'
$ n lines broken
443'. [...] su3 [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 443'
444'. e2-da lugal im-da-hul2
#tr.en: The owner rejoiced over the House,
>>Q000377b 444'
445'. szeg12 e2-ninnu-ka nam im-mi-ib2-tar-re
#tr.en: and he made a firm promise for the “brick” of Eninnu:
>>Q000377b 445'
446'. szeg12 e2-ninnu
#tr.en: “O brick of Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 446'
447'. nam du10 he2-tar
#tr.en: let something favorable be promised,
>>Q000377b 447'
448'. szeg12 e2-ninnu nam he2-tar
#tr.en: brick of Eninnu, let it be promised,
>>Q000377b 448'
449'. nam du10 he2-tar
#tr.en: let something favorable be promised,
>>Q000377b 449'
450'. e2 kur an-ne2 ki gar-ra
#tr.en: House, a mountain founded in heaven,
>>Q000377b 450'
451'. me gal-la du3-a
#tr.en: built as (your) very self,
>>Q000377b 451'
$ n lines missing
452'. szeg12 e2-ninnu-ka nam i3-mi-ib2-tar-re
#tr.en: He determines the destiny of the brickwork of the Eninnu,
>>Q000377b 452'
453'. szeg12 nam he2-tar
#tr.en: he determines the brickwork's destiny,
>>Q000377b 453'
454'. szeg12 e2-ninnu nam du10 he2-tar
#tr.en: he determines a good destiny for the brickwork of the Eninnu:
>>Q000377b 454'
455'. e2 IM ne-mur szub ki us2-sa an gu2 la2-a
#tr.en: "The temple that lets fear(?) fall like embers, set upon the earth and embracing heaven,
>>Q000377b 455'
456'. [...] ku3 [...] e [...]
#tr.en: ... holy ...
>>Q000377b 456'
$ n lines broken
457'. [...]-a?
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 457'
458'. [...] mu-zu-sze3 tur3 he2-em-szi-du3-du3
#tr.en: ... Let the cattle pens be built on your behalf,
>>Q000377b 458'
459'. a-masz he2-em-szi-gibil4-gibil4
#tr.en: let the sheepfolds be renewed on your account.
>>Q000377b 459'
460'. ug3 u2-sal-la he2-gal2-la ha-mu-da-nu2
#tr.en: May the people lie down in safe pastures under your reign, (enjoying) abundance,
>>Q000377b 460'
461'. ki-en-gi-re6 kur-kur-re igi-bi ha-mu-szi-gal2
#tr.en: and let the eyes of all the countries be directed toward Sumer.
>>Q000377b 461'
462'. e2 anzu2{muszen}-zu an-ne2 ha-ra-ab-il2
#tr.en: May the House, your Thunderbird, soar in the skies for your (benefit).
>>Q000377b 462'
$ n lines broken
463'. [...] x [...] GA [...] me
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 463'
464'. [...] NINA x du3-a
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 464'
465'. [...] du3 [...] PA?
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000377b 465'
466'. {d}gilgamesx(|BIL3.GA.MES|)-da mu2-a
#tr.en: grown as tall as Gilgamesh,
>>Q000377b 466'
467'. {gesz}gu-za gub-ba-bi lu2 nu-kur2-e
#tr.en: its throne set there no one shall remove.
>>Q000377b 467'
468'. dingir-zu en {d}nin-gesz-zi-da dumu-KA an-na-kam
#tr.en: Your (personal) god is Ningešzida, grandson of An,
>>Q000377b 468'
469'. dingir-ama-zu {d}nin-sun2-na szaganx(AMA){gan} numun zi-da
#tr.en: your mother goddess is Ninsuna, the mother who bore healthy offspring
>>Q000377b 469'
470'. numun-e ki-ag2-ga2-am3
#tr.en: and who loves (her) offspring.
>>Q000377b 470'
471'. ab2 zi-de3 munus ba-du2-da-me
#tr.en: You are (the young) whom the dear cow has born,
>>Q000377b 471'
472'. mes zi ki lagasz{ki}-e e3-a
#tr.en: the faithful youth arisen from Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 472'
473'. {d}nin-gir2-su-ka-me
#tr.en: you are Ningirsu’s.
>>Q000377b 473'
474'. sig-ta nim-sze3 mu-zu he2-gal2
#tr.en: May your name be famous from “Below” to “Above”.
>>Q000377b 474'
475'. gu3-de2-a du11-ga-za
#tr.en: O Gudea, what you ordered,
>>Q000377b 475'
476'. sag-bi-sze3 lu2 na-e3
#tr.en: nobody ... shall pass over,
>>Q000377b 476'
477'. eme-KA gurusz x an-ne2 zu-me
#tr.en: you ... are a man known to An,
>>Q000377b 477'
478'. ensi2-mu e2-e nam tar-ra-me
#tr.en: you are a faithful ruler to (whose) house a firm promise has been made.
>>Q000377b 478'
479'. gu3-de2-a dumu {d}nin-gesz-zi-da-ka
#tr.en: Gudea, son of Ningešzida,
>>Q000377b 479'
480'. nam-ti ha-mu-ra-su3
#tr.en: may life be prolonged for you.”
>>Q000377b 480'
481'. e2 kur gal-gin7 an-ne2 us2-sa
#tr.en: O House that reaches to heaven like a great mountain,
>>Q000377b 481'
482'. ni2 me-lam2-bi kalam-ma ru-a
#tr.en: whose awe and aura are shed over the Land,
>>Q000377b 482'
483'. an-ne2 {d}en-lil2-e nam lagasz{ki} tar-ra
#tr.en: (now) that An, that Enlil have made a firm promise for Lagaš,
>>Q000377b 483'
484'. {d}nin-gir2-su-ka nam-nir-gal2-ni
#tr.en: that about Ningirsu’s reputation
>>Q000377b 484'
485'. kur-kur-re zu-a
#tr.en: all countries have learned
>>Q000377b 485'
486'. e2-ninnu an ki-da mu2-a
#tr.en: that Eninnu is joined both to heaven and earth—
>>Q000377b 486'
487'. {d}nin-gir2-su za3-mi2
#tr.en: praise be unto Ningirsu!
>>Q000377b 487'
488'. e2 {d}nin-gir2-su-ka du3-a
#tr.en: Of (the composition) “Ningirsu’s House having been built”
>>Q000377b 488'
489'. za3-mi2 egir-bi
#tr.en: (this) is the end of the praising hymn.
>>Q000377b 489'