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Primary publication: RIME composite
Author: Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date: 1990
Secondary publication(s):
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P448505
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz002fwzng
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20130120 cdliadmin
Transliteration: Foxvog, Daniel A.
Translation: Foxvog, Daniel A.
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Royal/Monumental
Sub-genre: composite
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q007330
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Bābili (mod. Babylon) ?
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Samsu-iluna.00.00.00
Dates referenced: Samsu-iluna.00.00.00
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. sa-am-su-i-lu-na
#tr.en: Samsu-iluna,
2. lugal kal-ga
#tr.en: the mighty king,
3. lugal ka2-dingir-ra{ki}
#tr.en: king of Babylon,
4. lugal kisz{ki}-a
#tr.en: king of Kiš,
5. lugal ka an-ub-da limmu2-ba-ke4
#tr.en: king who makes the four world quarters
6. tesz2-a bi2-in-si3-ga
#tr.en: of one mind,
7. lugal a2 ag2-ga2
#tr.en: the king who, at the order
8. an {d}en-lil2-ka-ta
#tr.en: of An and Enlil,
9. nigin lu2 gu2 mu-da-ab-du3-usz-a
#tr.en: all those who hated him
10. gesz-gaz-sze3
#tr.en: a smashing
11. bi2-in-ak-a
#tr.en: delivered,
12. sipa {d}inanna-ke4
#tr.en: the shepherd for whom Inanna
13. geszkim sa6-ga-ni
#tr.en: her favorable omen
14. nam-dah-a-ni
#tr.en: and assistance
15. in-ak-a-am3
#tr.en: performed,
16. lu2 an-da-gur-esz-a za3-til-ba
#tr.en: the man who of those who turned away from him in their ...
17. szu in-ne-en-du3-a
#tr.en: bound their hands,
18. lu2 erim2-gal2-la-ne-ne-a
#tr.en: one who evil-doers
19. kalam-ma u3-gu mi-ni-in-de2-a
#tr.en: made disappear from the country,
20. u4 zalag-ga ug3 szar2-ra-ba
#tr.en: who a shining light among the numerous people
21. ib2-te-an-e3-a
#tr.en: made come forth,
22. ibila sag-kal
#tr.en: foremost heir
23. ha-am-mu-ra-pi2
#tr.en: of Hammurapi
24. en kalam-ma in-dagal-la-ke4
#tr.en: the ruler who broadened the country,
25. lugal-e ma-da
#tr.en: the king who the land
26. i-da-ma-ra-az-ke4
#tr.en: of Idamaraz
27. za3 gu-ti-um{ki}-ta
#tr.en: from the border of Gutium
28. en-na za3 elam{ki}-ka-sze3
#tr.en: to the border of Elam
29. {gesz}tukul kal-ga-ni-ta
#tr.en: with his mighty weapon
30. gu2 gesz bi2-in-gar-gar-ra
#tr.en: did completely subjugate,
31. ug3 dagal-la ma-da
#tr.en: and the wide-spread people of the land
32. i-da-ma-ra-az-ka
#tr.en: of Idamaraz
33. szu-ni sa2 bi2-in-du11-ga
#tr.en: did conquer,
34. nigin bad3 didli
#tr.en: who all of the various fortresses
35. ma-da wa-ru-um-ma-ke4
#tr.en: of the land of Warûm
36. gu2 an-da-an-bar-esz-a
#tr.en: which had acted hostile to him
37. {gesz}al-ta bi2-in-ra-a
#tr.en: did strike with pickaxes,
38. u3-ma-na
#tr.en: and who his victories
39. sa2 bi2-in-du11-ga
#tr.en: did so achieve
40. nam-a2-gal2-la-na
#tr.en: and his force of arms
41. pa-e3 bi2-in-ak-a
#tr.en: did make brilliantly apparent -
42. iti 2(disz)-am3 ba-zal-la-ta
#tr.en: When two months had passed,
43. ug3 ma-da i-da-ma-ra-az-ka
#tr.en: the people of the land of Idamaraz
44. nam-ra-asz bi2-in-ak-a
#tr.en: which he had treated as booty,
45. u3 erin2 asz2-nun-na{ki}-me-esz-a
#tr.en: and the troops of Ešnunna
46. sze29-a en-na bi2-in-dab-ba-asz
#tr.en: as many as he had taken as captives,
47. szu mi-ni-in-bar-ra
#tr.en: having set them free
48. szu nam-ti-la-ke4
#tr.en: and a life-giving hand
49. in-ne-szi-in-gar-ra
#tr.en: having put out to them,
50. bad3 didli ma-da
#tr.en: the various fortresses of the country
51. wa-ru-um-ma-ke4
#tr.en: of Warum
52. mu-un-gul-gul-la
#tr.en: which he had destroyed
53. bi2-in-du3-du3-a
#tr.en: having rebuilt,
54. ug3 sag du11-ga-bi
#tr.en: and their scattered people
55. gu2-ba nam-mu-un-ne-en-gar-ra
#tr.en: having gathered up again
56. ki-bi-sze3 bi2-in-gi4-a
#tr.en: and returned to their places,
57. u4-ba sa-am-su-i-lu-na nita kal-ga-e
#tr.en: then Samsu-iluna, the mighty man,
58. ug3 gu2 {i7}dur-ul3
#tr.en: that the people who on the banks of the Durul
59. gu2 {i7}t,a-ba-an-na-ka
#tr.en: and the Țaban rivers
60. ba-dur2-ru-ne-esz-a
#tr.en: were dwelling
61. ki-tusz ne-ha-a tusz-u3-de3
#tr.en: could live in peaceful residences,
62. lu2 hu-luh-ha nu-tuku-tuku-de3
#tr.en: that they may have no persons terrifying them,
63. a2 kal-ga
#tr.en: and that the mighty force
64. nam-ur-sag-ga2-na
#tr.en: of his heroism
65. kur gu2 si-a ka-tar si-il-le-de3
#tr.en: the whole land might praise,
66. sza3 iti 2(disz)-kam-ma-ka-am3
#tr.en: within two months time
67. gu2 {i7}dur-ul3-ka-ta
#tr.en: on the bank of the Durul canal
68. bad3 sa-am-su-i-lu-na-a
#tr.en: Fort Samsu-iluna
69. bi2-in-du3
#tr.en: he built.
70. i7 _hi-ri-tum_-bi
#tr.en: Its ditch
71. im-mi-in-ba-al
#tr.en: he dug there,
72. sahar-bi im-mi-in-dub
#tr.en: heaped up its earth there,
73. szeg12-bi mi-ni-ib2-du8
#tr.en: formed the bricks for it,
74. bad3-bi bi2-in-du3
#tr.en: and built that fortress there.
75. sag-bi hur-sag-gin7
#tr.en: Its top like a mountain range
76. mu-ni-in-il2
#tr.en: he raised up there.
77. nam-bi-sze3
#tr.en: Because of this,
78. an {d}en-lil2
#tr.en: An, Enlil,
79. {d}marduk
#tr.en: Marduk,
80. {d}en-ki
#tr.en: Enki,
81. {d}inanna-bi-da-ke4
#tr.en: and Inanna
82. {gesz}tukul kal-ga
#tr.en: a mighty weapon
83. gaba-ri nu-un-tuku-a
#tr.en: that has no rival,
84. nam-ti {d}nanna
#tr.en: and life which like (that of) Nanna
85. {d}utu-bi-gin7-nam
#tr.en: and Utu
86. gi16-sa-asz ak-a
#tr.en: is everlasting,
87. nam-a-ni-sze3
#tr.en: as his destiny
88. mu-ni-in-tar-re-esz
#tr.en: they determined for him
89. sag-e-esz mu-ni-in-rig7-esz
#tr.en: and presented to him as a gift.
90. bad3-ne-e
#tr.en: As for this wall,
91. {d}en-lil2-le
#tr.en: Enlil Made
92. sa-am-su-i-lu-na-ra
#tr.en: to Samsu-iluna
93. kalam lu2 gu2 mu-un-da-ab-du3-usz-a
#tr.en: the Land of Those Who Had Become Hostile to Him
94. mu-na-an-gur2-gur2 mu-bi-im
#tr.en: All Bow Down To Him is its name.