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Primary publication: RIME composite
Author: Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date: 1990
Secondary publication(s):
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P448514
UCLA Library ARK 21198/zz002fwzz4
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20130120 cdliadmin
Transliteration: Foxvog, Daniel A.
Translation: Foxvog, Daniel A.
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Royal/Monumental
Sub-genre: composite
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q002236
Language: Sumerian; Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Ammi-saduqa.00.00.00
Dates referenced: Ammi-saduqa.00.00.00
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
$ beginning broken
1'. [...] %a le-at [...]
#tr.en: ...
2'. [...] x %a mu-um-ma NE-x x
#tr.en: the creatress ...
3'. [...] %a be-el-ti-szu
#tr.en: his lady,
4'. am-mi-s,a-du-qa2 %a am-mi-s,a-du-qa
#tr.en: Ammī-ṣaduqa,
5'. [...]-ma? %a _lugal_ dan-num2
#tr.en: the mighty king,
6'. [...]{ki?} %a _lugal ka2-dingir-ra{ki}_
#tr.en: king of Babylon,
7'. [...] %a ka-ri-ib na-na-ar-x
#tr.en: who adores the luminary,
8'. [...] %a _dumu_ a-sza-re-du
#tr.en: first-born son
9'. [am]-mi-di-ta-na %a sza am-mi-di-ta-na
#tr.en: of Ammī-ditāna,
10'. pa4 sag [x x x] x %a a-bi x x x x e x
#tr.en: elder brother(?) of ...,
11'. ug {d}szita-SAG-PAP x-e %a i-nu {d}[...]
#tr.en: after the god ...
12'. nam-gar2-dan |4xGABA|-a-ta %a ta?-ri [...]
#tr.en: multiplied defeat (RIME)
# (gloss: [...] gar3-da-an [...] tu-ud-da-ha-a-ta)
# (RIME 4 reads tuddaḫ; cf. taḫtû 'defeat' courtesy Veldhuis)
13'. ki-ZUM urbigu-ta %a um-ma-an-[...]
#tr.en: the army of ...
14'. |HIxGADA| asz BULUG-ga %a is2-ki-pu
#tr.en: had overcome,
15'. bi2-in-BU-BU-a-ta %a a-szar tam-ha-ri
#tr.en: on the place of battle,
16'. zabar-ba bi2-in-hal-am3 %a te-eb tu-ku-ul-ti-szu
#tr.en: the assault/uprising of his trusted ones
17'. x KA PA-PA-a in-ak-a %a ih-tu-u2 mu-tal2-li
#tr.en: they smote the nobles,
18'. nig2 a-ra2-ta ak rim-ma %a in le-ti
#tr.en: and in triumph
19'. in-ne-a-lu-ga-ta %a e-lu a-a-bi iz-za-as-zu
#tr.en: they had stood over the enemies -
20'. ug-ba %a i-nu-szu
#tr.en: At that time,
21'. am-mi-s,a-du-qa2 %a am-mi-s,a-du-qa
#tr.en: Ammī-ṣaduqa,
22'. szusz3 sze21-ga %a re-iu-u2
#tr.en: the ... shepherd,
23'. dingir zib-ba-ke4 %a mi-gir te-li-ti
#tr.en: favorite of Telītum,
$ double ruling
24'. ki-ti gi da-ri-a %a _{d}lamma_ mesz2-ri-i
#tr.en: a protective lamassu-statue of prosperity
25'. du10-ba %a sza i-kar-ra-bu
#tr.en: which makes a gesture of blessing
26'. szu an-e3-a %a szu-ul-ma-ni-x
#tr.en: for (his) well-being,
27'. sza kal-ga szita4-a %a szi-ta ma tum ga qar a x
#tr.en: ...
28'. bara2 gi4-a LISZ x ugun du11-ga %a s,a-pu-a-at, pa-rak-ki
#tr.en: a ... dais, decorated with ...,
$ double ruling
29'. za kal-la galam du3-du3-a %a ab-nam a-qar-tam s,u2-ud-du-rat
#tr.en: artfully built with precious stones,
30'. sa2-du11 ninda kasz ib2-ra-x x %a [x x] x da x
#tr.en: regular offerings (of) bread, beer ...
31'. bu na? sa6 [x x x] %a [...]
#tr.en: ...
$ rest broken