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Primary publication: CDLI Literary 000754 (Edubba A) composite
Author: CDLI
Publication date: 2014ff.
Secondary publication(s): Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 5.01.01 Edubba A; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”); Bern films:
Citation: Delnero PhD thesis p.1969
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P464238
UCLA Library ARK 21198/z1tx4m69
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20140320 cdliadmin
Transliteration: Englund, Robert K.
Translation: Edzard, Dietz Otto
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: ETCSL 5.01.01 Edubba A (composite)
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000754
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Nippur (mod. Nuffar)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. dumu e2-dub-ba-a u4-ul-la-a me-sze3 i3-du-de3-en
#tr.en: Schoolboy, where have you been going so long?
>>Q000754 001
2. e2-dub-ba-a-sze3 i3-du-de3-en
#tr.en: To the school I have been going.
>>Q000754 002
3. e2-dub-ba-a a-na-am3 i3-ak
#tr.en: In school, what were you doing?
>>Q000754 003
4. dub-mu i3-szid ninda-ka-gub-mu i3-gu7
#tr.en: My tablet I recited, my lunch I ate;
>>Q000754 004
5. dub-mu i3-dim2 i3-sar i3-til-ma
#tr.en: my tablet I prepared, wrote, finished,
>>Q000754 005
6. mu-gub-ba-mu ma-an-gub-bu-usz
#tr.en: my ‘standing’ lines they set out for me,
>>Q000754 006
7. kin-sig im-szu-mu ma-an-gub-bu-usz
#tr.en: during afternoon meal my hand-tablet they prepared for me,
>>Q000754 007
8. u4 e2-dub-ba-a du8-u-de3? e2-sze3 i3-du-de3-en
#tr.en: when school was released, home I used to go,
>>Q000754 008
9. e2-e i3-ku4-re-en ad-da-mu al-tusz
#tr.en: home I entered, my father was sitting there;
>>Q000754 009
10. ad-da-mu im-szu-mu inim i3-na-ra-du11-ma
#tr.en: to my father about my hand-tablet I spoke,
>>Q000754 010
11. dub-mu in-na-an-szid ad-da-mu mu-un-sa6
#tr.en: my tablet I recited to him, my father was happy.
>>Q000754 011
12. igi ad-da-mu-sze3 i3-gub-bu-nam
#tr.en: In the presence of my father I stood, indeed,
>>Q000754 012
13. enmen2 tuku a nag-mu-ub-ze2-en
#tr.en: being thirsty, “Water let me drink!”
>>Q000754 013
14. szagar tuku ninda szum2-ma-ab-ze2-en
#tr.en: being hungry, “Bread give me!”
>>Q000754 014
15. giri3-mu luh-ha-ab-ze2-en {gesz}na2 gub-ba-ab-ze2-en ga-ba-nu2-e-sze
#tr.en: “My feet wash, my bed set up, I would lie down!” saying.
>>Q000754 015
16. a2-gu2-zi-ga-ta zi-mu-ub-ze2-en
#tr.en: “In the morning wake me up,
>>Q000754 016
17. u4 na-ab-zal-en um-mi-a-mu mu-un-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: that the morning not pass, my teacher will hit me.
>>Q000754 017
18. a2-gu2-zi-ga-ta zi-zi-da-mu-ne
#tr.en: In the morning at my rising,
>>Q000754 018
19. ama-mu igi-mu in-na-an-gar-ma
#tr.en: (on) my mother my eye I placed, and
>>Q000754 019
20. ninda-ka-gub-mu szum2-ma-ab e2-dub-ba-a-sze3 ga-DU-DU in-na-an-du11
#tr.en: “My lunch give me, to school I wish to go” I said to her;
>>Q000754 020
21. ama-mu ninda min-am3 x-ta ma-an-szum2-ma igi-ni-ta gu7-mu ib2-ta-e3
#tr.en: my mother two breads ... gave me, from her presence eating I left,
>>Q000754 021
22. ninda-ka-gub-mu szum2-ma-ab e2-dub-ba-a-sze3 i3-du-de3-en
#tr.en: “My lunch give me, to school I am going.”
>>Q000754 022
23. e2-dub-ba-a lu2-bala-ke4 a-na-asz-am3 u4 mu-zal ma-an-du11 ni2-ba-te sza3-mu ba-dar
#tr.en: In school the man on term: “Why did the morning pass?” asked me, with fear my gut was torn;
>>Q000754 023
24. igi um-mi-a-ga2 i-in-ku4-re-ma ki ib2-za
#tr.en: into the presence of my teacher I enter, a place I took,
>>Q000754 024
25. ad-da e2-dub-ba-a-mu dub-mu ma-an-szid
#tr.en: my school-father my tablet to me recited,
>>Q000754 025
26. x im-ta-ku5-da-asz-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: “... they cut it of” saying, beats me;
>>Q000754 026
27. ninda-ka-gub PA U2-NE-NE?-LIL2 NIG2-LIL2 ninda-ka-gub in-na-an-za?
#tr.en: lunch ...; lunch ...;
>>Q000754 027
28. um-mi-a a2-ag2-ga2 e2-dub-ba en3 tar-re-da-ni
#tr.en: the teacher, the instructions of the school checking,
>>Q000754 028
29. lu2 tag-tag-ge-da e2? sila-a igi i-ni-in-bar tug2-gaba-zu nu-ub-sir2-re-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: the beater in the house and the street looked: “Your breast garment you do not tie?” saying, beating me.
>>Q000754 029
30. ad-da e2-dub-ba-mu dub-mu ma-an-de6
#tr.en: My school-father my tablet brought me.
>>Q000754 030
31. lu2 kisal-la2-ke4 sar-ra-ab-ze2-en? bi-du11 ki hun-ga2 [...]
#tr.en: The man of the courtyard “Write!” said, ...;
>>Q000754 031
32. dub-mu szu ba-e-ti [...]
#tr.en: my tablet I received, ...;
>>Q000754 032
33. dub-mu ab-sar-re nig2-DU-un-bi
#tr.en: my tablet I write ...;
>>Q000754 033
34. en3 nu-tar-ra-bi inim-sze3 inim-ga2 nu-zu-e
#tr.en: its unchecked places to words of mine I do not understand.
>>Q000754 034
35. lu2 x x a-na-sze-am3 ge26-da nu-me-a inim ib2-ba-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: The man of ...: “Why, in my absence, do you talk?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 035
36. lu2 pa-x-ke4 a-na-sze-am3 ge26-da nu-me-a gu2-zi nu-mu-un-zi-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: The man of the switch: “Why, in my absence, the ‘true-neck’ did you not raise?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 036
37. lu2 gesz-hur-ra-ke4 a-na-asz-am3 ge26-da nu-me-a i-zi-he-en-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: The man of the floorplan: “Why, in my absence, do you ...?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 037
38. lu2 ka2-na-ke4 a-na-asz-am3 ge26-da nu-me-a ib2-ta-e3-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: The man of the gate: “Why, in my absence, do you go out?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 038
39. lu2 usan3-na-ke4 a-na-asz-am3 ge26-da nu-me-a x szu ba-ti-e-sze in-tud2-de-en
#tr.en: The man of the whip: “Why, in my absence, do you ... receive?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 039
40. lu2 eme-gi7-ra-ke4 eme-gi7 [...] bi2-in-du11-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: The man of Sumerian: “Sumerian you call that?” asking, beats me.
>>Q000754 040
41. um-mi-a-mu szu-zu nu-sa6-sa6-e-sze in-tud2-de3-en
#tr.en: My teacher: “Your hand is not at all pretty” saying, beats me.
>>Q000754 041
42. nam-dub-sar-ra gu2 bi2-du nam-dub-sar-ra im-szub bi2-ak
#tr.en: Scribal art I neglected, scribal art I let fall.
>>Q000754 042
43. um-mi-a-mu inim-ni nu-mu-e-da-an-[...]
#tr.en: My teacher his words has not .... with you
>>Q000754 043
44. nam-dub-sar-ra usu-ni ma-an-x
#tr.en: in scribal art his strength he ... me;
>>Q000754 044
45. za3 inim inim-ga2 nam-dub-sar-ra tur-ra
#tr.en: the ‘edge’ of your words of scribal art ...,
>>Q000754 045
46. za3 nam-szesz-esz3 e2-dub-ba-a na-me na-ma-szi-in-[...]
#tr.en: the ‘edge’ of brotherhood, school ...;
>>Q000754 046
47. nig2-ba-ni szum2-ma-ab a-ra2 ha-ra-szum2-mu
#tr.en: his gift give, that he many times over give,
>>Q000754 047
48. szid nig2-szid-de3 szu he2-mi-bar-re
#tr.en: that he from the account-recitation release me;
>>Q000754 048
49. inim-inim-ma e2-dub-ba-a gal2-la
#tr.en: of all the words that are in the school,
>>Q000754 049
50. dumu e2-dub-ba-a-ke4-ne ab-szid-de3 ge26-e hu-mu-un-szid-de3
#tr.en: all the schoolboys counting, may he count me.
>>Q000754 050
51. dumu e2-dub-ba-a-ke4-ne nig2 bi-in-du11-ga ad-da-ni inim-ma ba-ni-gi4
#tr.en: In what the schoolboy(s) had said, his father responded;
>>Q000754 051
52. um-mi-a e2-dub-ba-a-ta lu2 im-ma-da-an-ri
#tr.en: the teacher from school was brought round;
>>Q000754 052
53. e2-a u3-mu-ni-in-ku4 za3-mu-la bi2-in-tusz
#tr.en: after the house he entered, in the “zamula” he sat;
>>Q000754 053
54. dumu e2-dub-ba-a-ke4 szu-kin an-dab5 igi-ni-sze3 al-gub
#tr.en: the schoolboy bowed down, before him standing,
>>Q000754 054
55. nam-dub-sar-ra a-na bi2-in-zu-na
#tr.en: of scribal art what he had learned
>>Q000754 055
56. ad-da-na szu-na ba-ni-in-szum2
#tr.en: into his father’s hand he gave.
>>Q000754 056
57. ad-da-ni sza3 hul2-la-ni-ta
#tr.en: His father from the joy of his gut
>>Q000754 057
58. ad-da e2-dub-ba-a-ke4-ne gu2-hul2 ba-ni-de2-e
#tr.en: to the school-fathers friendly words speaks:
>>Q000754 058
59. lu2-tur-mu szu-ni i-ni-in-bad-du ku3-zu i-ni-in-ku4-re-en
#tr.en: “My little one, his hand opening, into silver-knowledge you let him enter,
>>Q000754 059
60. nam-dub-sar-ra nig2-galam-galam-ma-bi mu-ni-in-pa3-pa3-de2-en
#tr.en: of scribal art, all its tricks, you reveal for him;
>>Q000754 060
61. sza3 dub-ba-a szid nig2-ka9 ki-bur2-bur2-ra igi mu-un-na-si-ga-asz
#tr.en: the gut of the tablet, the calculation of accounts, to its solutions you fill his eyes.
>>Q000754 061
62. gu-szum2-ma ki-dul-dul-a-bi dalla mu-ni-ne
#tr.en: Of writing the covered places he lights up for him;
>>Q000754 062
63. kasz saga-gin7 i3 ir-da de2-mu-na-ni-ib banszur gub-mu-na-ab
#tr.en: like good beer, oil and fragrances for him pour, the table set out for him;
>>Q000754 063
64. i3 du10-ga murgu2{gu2} sza3-ga-na a-gin7 mi-ni-ib-bala-bala
#tr.en: good oil on his back and his gut like water offering,
>>Q000754 064
65. tug2 ga-ni-mu4 nig2 ga-na-ba har szu-na ga-bi-du11
#tr.en: “With a garment I will clad, a gift I will give him, a ring on his hand I will put!”
>>Q000754 065
66. kasz saga-gin7 i3 ir-da mu-na-ni-de2-e banszur mu-na-gub
#tr.en: Like good beer, oil and fragrances for him he pours, the table he puts out for him,
>>Q000754 066
67. i3 du10-ga murgu2{gu2} sza3-ga-na a-gin7 mi-ni-ib-bala-bala-e?
#tr.en: good oil on his back and his gut like water he offers,
>>Q000754 067
68. tug2 mu-ni-mu2 nig2 mu-na-an-ba har szu-na bi2-in-du3
#tr.en: with a garment he clad, a gift he gave him, a ring on his hand he put.
>>Q000754 068
69. um-mi-a sza3 hul2-la-ni-ta szu12 mu-na-sa4
#tr.en: The teacher in joy of gut a blessing spoke to him:
>>Q000754 069
70. lu2-tur inim-mu-sze3 gu2 li-bi2-du3-a im-szub li-bi2-ak
#tr.en: “The little one my words not having neglected, did not do let fall;
>>Q000754 070
71. nam-dub-sar-ra sag-be2 us2-sa za3-bi-sze3 til-la
#tr.en: of the art of writing its head, to the very edge of its side, completed,
>>Q000754 071
72. nig2-na-me la-ba-gil-bi-na-za szu-mu-un-sze3 mu-e-szum2-ma
#tr.en: nothing shall be an obstacle for you, who into my hands gave,
>>Q000754 072
73. nig2-ba a2-kusz-a diri mu-ni-in-gar-ra nam-dugud mu-e-dah-am3
#tr.en: to a gift that, in additional effort placed, heft you added,
>>Q000754 073
74. {d}nisaba nin {d}lamma-ke4 {d}lamma-zu he2-am3
#tr.en: may Nisaba, the lady of the protective deities, be your protective deity!
>>Q000754 074
75. gi-du3-a-za sa6-ge hu-mu-ra-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: A pretty stylus may she place for you!
>>Q000754 075
76. im-szu-gub-ba-zu hul he3-ri-in-du12-du12
#tr.en: and if they of your tablet sing, “Bad!,”
>>Q000754 076
77. szesz-zu-ne igi-du-bi he2-me-en
#tr.en: of your ‘brothers’ may you their leader be!
>>Q000754 077
78. du10-sa-zu-ne sag-kal-bi he2-me-en
#tr.en: Of your friends may you their hero be!
>>Q000754 078
79. an-ta-gal2 dumu e2-dub-ba-ke4 he2-me-en
#tr.en: Exalted-schoolboy may you be!
>>Q000754 079
80. e2 lugal-ta dab-dab-bi sza3 si-NI
#tr.en: passing by the house of the king, gut ...;
>>Q000754 080
81. lu2-tur ad-da ba-an-zu ge26-e us2-a-ni-me-en
#tr.en: little one, father knows best; I am the one following him.
>>Q000754 081
82. szu12 i-ri-DU-a nam i-ri-tar-ra
#tr.en: The blessing brought to you, your fate having been decided,
>>Q000754 082
83. dingir ad-da-zu inim-bi-ta szu-zi ha-ra-ga2-ga2-ne
#tr.en: your god and father, with their words true hand may they set for you.
>>Q000754 083
84. {d}nisaba nin-za nig2 dingir-za-gin7 szu12 siskur2-ra u3-gul mu-na-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: To Nisaba, your lady, as if your own god, blessings, offerings, prayers you will set,
>>Q000754 084
85. um-mi-a-ba nig2 ad-da-za-gin7 sud3 x-sza4-sza4
#tr.en: your teacher, as if your own father, will bless you;
>>Q000754 085
86. ur5-ra-am3 nam?-um-mi-a-ka sag-ki szesz-gal-la-ka
#tr.en: suchlike, the art of teaching, at the forehead of ‘big brothers,’
>>Q000754 086
87. szu nam-sa6-ga mu-e-gar-ra-a-zu
#tr.en: good hand your having placed,
>>Q000754 087
88. gi4-me-a-asz lu-szul-a-zu sag5-ge hu-mu-ra-ga2-ga2-ne
#tr.en: when your ... may they set;
>>Q000754 088
89. a2-ag2-ga2 e2-dub-ba pa bi-e3 lu2 umun2 bi2-ak
#tr.en: to the instructions of the school light went out, making a man of wisdom;
>>Q000754 089
90. {d}nisaba nin ki-umun2-ma nam-mah-a-ni bi2-in-du11
#tr.en: Nisaba, lady of the place of wisdom, his greatness proclaimed;
>>Q000754 090
91. {d}nisaba za3-mu10
#tr.en: Nisaba, praise!
>>Q000754 091