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Primary publication: RIME 3/ composite
Author: Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date: 1994
Secondary publication(s):
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P465392
UCLA Library ARK 21198/z13n38cr
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20140618 cdliadmin
Transliteration: Foxvog, Daniel A.
Translation: Foxvog, Daniel A.
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Royal/Monumental
Sub-genre: composite
Sub-genre remarks: votive inscription
Composite no.: Q001850
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Ibbi-Suen.00.00.00
Dates referenced: Ibbi-Suen.00.00.00
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. {d}nanna
#tr.en: For Nanna,
2. en pirig gal an-ki
#tr.en: the lord, the great lion of heaven and earth,
3. lugal-a-ni-ir
#tr.en: his master,
4. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen
#tr.en: Ibbi-Sîn,
5. dingir kalam!-ma-na
#tr.en: the god of his country,
6. nir-gal2 me nig2-nam-ma
#tr.en: the sovereign who, how every sort of divine attribute
7. si sa2-sa2-e-da gal-zu-bi
#tr.en: should be properly performed, knows fully,
8. lugal kal-ga
#tr.en: the mighty king,
9. lugal uri5{ki}-ma
#tr.en: king of Ur
10. lugal an-ub-da limmu2-ba-ke4
#tr.en: and king of the four world quarters,
11. u4 szuszin{ki}
#tr.en: when in Susa,
12. a-dam-szah2{ki}
#tr.en: Adamšaḫ,
13. ma-da a-wa-an{ki}-ka
#tr.en: (and) the land of Awan
14. u4-gin7 szid bi2-in-gi4
#tr.en: he roared like a storm,
15. u4 asz-a mu-un-gur2
#tr.en: made them submit in a single day,
16. u3 en-bi szaga-a mi-ni-in-dab5-ba-a
#tr.en: and took their lord(s) into captivity,
17. {d}nanna
#tr.en: because Nanna
18. a2 gal-la-na ba-an-ku4?-ra-ke4-esz
#tr.en: had brought them back in his great arm,
19. ku3-si2 ku3-ge6-a dugud-bi du-a-ni
#tr.en: and had taken away their heavy gold and dark(?) silver,
20. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen
#tr.en: Ibbi-Sîn,
21. nun a2 mah ni2 gur3
#tr.en: the prince with great power, clad in fearsomeness,
22. gesztu2 dagal-la-ke4
#tr.en: with wide intelligence -
23. dug ubur imin ku3-si2
#tr.en: a golden seven-teat jar,
24. ka-bi a? lal3 bar-re
#tr.en: whose openings let out honeyed water(?),
25. gi ku3-sig17-bi
#tr.en: whose golden (drinking) reed
26. pa4 mah-bi kas4
#tr.en: is a channel running majestically,
27. ne-sag-e? he2-du7#?
#tr.en: a thing fit for the first-fruits offerings,
28. {uruda#}gur10{gur}-ra!-bi
#tr.en: whose copper sickles(?)
29. x gi diri nig2 kal-ga
#tr.en: are strong multiple reed ...,
30. hur-sag li sikil mu2
#tr.en: a mountain range growing pure clean junipers,
31. gaba nig2 szar2-szar2-re
#tr.en: with breasts making things numerous
32. szul {d}suen-ka
#tr.en: for(?) youthful Suen
33. musz nu-tum2-mu-de3
#tr.en: which are unceasing -
34. nam-ti-la-ni-sze3
#tr.en: for his life
35. a mu-na-ru
#tr.en: he dedicated it to him.
36. lu2 a2 nig2 hul-dim2-ma
#tr.en: A person who the order of an evil thing
37. ib2-szi-ag2-e-a
#tr.en: shall issue regarding it,
38. du8 mah unu2-gal
#tr.en: and from the exalted platform of the (divine) dining hall
39. u3 ki ezem-ma
#tr.en: and the festival place
40. {d}nanna-ke4
#tr.en: of Nanna
41. bi2-ib2-tak4-tak4-a
#tr.en: shall cause it to be held back,
42. dingir gal-gal an-ki-ke4-ne
#tr.en: may the great gods of heaven and earth
43. nam ha-ba-an-da-ku5-ne
#tr.en: curse him.