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Primary publication: CDLI Literary 000380 (Lament for Sumer and Ur) composite
Author: CDLI
Publication date: 2014ff.
Secondary publication(s): Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 2.2.3 The lament for Sumer and Urim; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”)
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P469682
UCLA Library ARK 21198/z1pg2z42
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20140911 wagensonner
Transliteration: etcslstaff
Translation: etcsl
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Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: ETCSL 2.02.03 Lament for Sumer and Ur (composite)
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000380
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience remarks: Mesopotamia
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. u4 szu bala ak-de3 gesz-hur ha-lam-e-de3
#tr.en: To overturn the appointed times, to obliterate the divine plans,
>>Q000380 001
2. u4-de3 mar-uru5-gin7 tesz2-bi i3-gu7-e
#tr.en: the storms gather to strike like a flood.
>>Q000380 002
3. me ki-en-gi-ra szu bala ak-de3
#tr.en: To overturn the divine powers of Sumer,
>>Q000380 003
4. bala sa6-ga e2-ba gi4-gi4-de3
#tr.en: to lock up the favourable reign in its home,
>>Q000380 004
5. uru2 gul-gul-lu-de3 e2 gul-gul-lu-de3
#tr.en: to destroy the city,
>>Q000380 005
6. tur3 gul-gul-lu-de3 amasz tab-tab-be2-de3
#tr.en: to destroy the house, to destroy the cattle-pen,
>>Q000380 006
7. gu4-bi tur3-bi-a nu-gub-bu-de3
#tr.en: that the cattle should not stand in the pen,
>>Q000380 007
8. udu-bi amasz-bi-a nu-dagal-e-de3
#tr.en: that the sheep should not multiply in the fold,
>>Q000380 008
9. i7-bi a mun4-na tum3-u3-de3
#tr.en: that watercourses should carry brackish water,
>>Q000380 009
10. gan2-ne2 zi-de3 {u2}|KI.KAL| mu2-mu2-de3
#tr.en: that weeds should grow in the fertile fields,
>>Q000380 010
11. edin-e u2-a-nir mu2-mu2-de3
#tr.en: that mourning plants should grow in the open country,
>>Q000380 011
12. ama dumu-ni-ir ki nu-kin-kin-de3
#tr.en: that the mother should not seek out her child,
>>Q000380 012
13. ad-da a dam-gu10 nu-di-de3
#tr.en: that the father should not say “O my dear wife!",
>>Q000380 013
14. dam tur ur2-ra nu-hul2-le-de3
#tr.en: that the junior wife should take no joy in his embrace,
>>Q000380 014
15. dumu tur du10-ba nu-bulug3-ge26-e-de3
#tr.en: that the young child should not grow vigorous on his knee,
>>Q000380 015
16. |UM.ME|-e u5-a nu-di-de3
#tr.en: that the wet-nurse should not sing lullabies;
>>Q000380 016
17. nam-lugal-la ki-tusz-bi kur2-ru-de3
#tr.en: to change the location of kingship,
>>Q000380 017
18. esz-bar kin-e szu la2-e-de3
#tr.en: to defile the seeking of oracles,
>>Q000380 018
19. nam-lugal kalam-ma kar-kar-re-de3
#tr.en: to take kingship away from the Land,
>>Q000380 019
20. igi-bi ki-szar2-ra ga2-ga2-de3
#tr.en: to cast the eye of the storm on all the land,
>>Q000380 020
21. inim du11-ga an {d}en-lil2-la2-ta gesz-hur ha-lam-e-de3
#tr.en: to obliterate the divine plans by the order of An and Enlil;
>>Q000380 021
22. u4 an-ne2 kur-kur-ra sag-ki ba-da-an-gid2-da-ba
#tr.en: after An had frowned upon all the lands,
>>Q000380 022
23. {d}en-lil2-le igi-ni ki kur2-ra ba-an-gar-ra-a-ba
#tr.en: after Enlil had looked favourably on an enemy land,
>>Q000380 023
24. {d}nin-tu-re nig2-dim2-dim2-ma-ni za3 bi2-in-tag-ga-a-ba
#tr.en: after Nintur had scattered the creatures that she had created,
>>Q000380 024
25. {d}en-ki-ke4 {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na asz2 bi2-in-bala-a-ba
#tr.en: after Enki had altered the course of the Tigris and Euphrates,
>>Q000380 025
26. {d}utu har-ra-an kaskal-e nam ba-an-ku5-da-a-ba
#tr.en: after Utu had cast his curse on the roads and highways;
>>Q000380 026
27. ki-en-gi-ra me-bi ha-lam-e-de3 gesz-hur-bi kur2-ru-de3
#tr.en: so as to obliterate the divine powers of Sumer, to change its preordained plans,
>>Q000380 027
28. uri5{ki}-ma me nam-lugal-la bala-bi su3-su3-u4-de3
#tr.en: to alienate the divine powers of the reign of kingship of Ur,
>>Q000380 028
29. dumu nun-na e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la-na szu pe-el-la2 di-de3
#tr.en: to humiliate the princely son in his house E-kiš-nu-gal,
>>Q000380 029
30. {d}nanna ug3 u8-gin7 lu-a-na igi-te-en-bi si-il-le-de3
#tr.en: to break up the unity of the people of Nanna, numerous as ewes;
>>Q000380 030
31. uri5{ki} esz3 nidba gal-gal-la nidba-bi kur2-ru-de3
#tr.en: to change the food offerings of Ur, the shrine of magnificent food offerings;
>>Q000380 031
32. ug3-bi ki-tusz-ba nu-tusz-u3-de3 ki-erim2-e szum2-mu-de3
#tr.en: that its people should no longer dwell in their quarters, that they should be given over to live in an inimical place;
>>Q000380 032
33. szimaszki{ki} elam{ki} lu2-kur2-ra ki-tusz-bi tusz-u3-de3
#tr.en: that Šimaški and Elam, the enemy, should dwell in their place;
>>Q000380 033
34. sipa-bi e2-gal-la ni2-te-na lu2-erim2-e dab5-be2-de3
#tr.en: that its shepherd, in his own palace, should be captured by the enemy,
>>Q000380 034
35. di-bi2-{d}suen kur elam{ki}-ma-sze3 gesz-bur2-ra tum2-u3-de3
#tr.en: that Ibbi-Suen should be taken to the land Elam in fetters,
>>Q000380 035
36. isz za-bu{ki} gaba a-ab-ba-ka-ta za3 an-sza4-an{ki}-na-sze3
#tr.en: that from Mount Zabu on the edge of the sea to the borders of Anšan,
>>Q000380 036
37. sim{muszen} e2-bi ba-ra-an-dal-a-gin7 iri-ni-sze3 nu-gur-re-de3
#tr.en: like a swallow that has flown from its house, he should never return to his city;
>>Q000380 037
38. {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na gu2 tab 2(disz)-a-ba u2 hul mu2-mu2-de3
#tr.en: that on the two parallel banks of the Tigris and of the Euphrates bad weeds should grow,
>>Q000380 038
39. kaskal-la giri3 nu-ga2-ga2-de3 har-ra-an nu-kin-kin-de3
#tr.en: that no one should set out on the road, that no one should seek out the highway,
>>Q000380 039
40. uru2 a2-dam ki gar-gar-ra-ba du6-du6-ra szid-de3
#tr.en: that the city and its settled surroundings should be razed to ruin-mounds;
>>Q000380 040
41. ug3 sag-ge6 lu-lu-a-ba gesz-hasz-e ak-de3
#tr.en: that its numerous black-headed people should be slaughtered;
>>Q000380 041
42. gan2-ne2 zi-de3 {gesz}al nu-ru-gu2-de3 numun ki nu-tag-de3
#tr.en: that the hoe should not attack the fertile fields, that seed should not be planted in the ground,
>>Q000380 042
43. e-el-lu szer3 gu4 su8-su8-ba edin-na nu-di-de3
#tr.en: that the melody of the cowherds' songs should not resound in the open country,
>>Q000380 043
44. {e2}tur3-ra i3 gara2 nu-ak-de3 szurum ki nu-tag-e-de3
#tr.en: that butter and cheese should not be made in the cattle-pen, that dung should not be stacked on the ground,
>>Q000380 044
45. sipa-de3 gi-szukur-ra amasz ku3-ga szu nu-nigin2-nigin2-de3
#tr.en: that the shepherd should not enclose the sacred sheepfold with a fence,
>>Q000380 045
46. i-lu-lam-ma dun5-dun5 {dug}szakir3-ra amasz-a nu-di-de3
#tr.en: that the song of the churning should not resound in the sheepfold;
>>Q000380 046
47. edin-na masz2-ansze tur-re-de3 nig2-zi-gal2 til-le-de3
#tr.en: to decimate the animals of the open country, to finish off all living things,
>>Q000380 047
48. nig2-ur2-limmu2 {d}szakkan2-na-ke4 szurum ki nu-tag-ge-de3
#tr.en: that the four-legged creatures of Šakkan should lay no more dung on the ground,
>>Q000380 048
49. ambar-ra szu ki-in-dar di-de3 numun nu-tuku-tuku-de3
#tr.en: that the marshes should be so dry as to be full of cracks and have no new seed,
>>Q000380 049
50. gesz-gi gi sag hul mu2-mu2-de3 hab2-ba til-e-de3
#tr.en: that sickly-headed reeds should grow in the reedbeds and come to an end in a stinking morass,
>>Q000380 050
51. pu2-{gesz}kiri6 u2 gibil-la2 nu-me-a ni2-ba szu2-szu2-de3
#tr.en: that there should be no new growth in the orchards, that it should all collapse by itself
>>Q000380 051
52. uri5{ki} am gal u3-na gub-ba ni2-bi-ta nir-gal2
#tr.en: Ur the great charging wild bull, confident in its own strength,
>>Q000380 052
53. iri numun i-i nam-en nam-lugal-la ki sikil-la du3-a
#tr.en: the primeval city of lordship and kingship, built on sacred ground -
>>Q000380 053
54. gu4-gin7 saman ul4-la-bi szub-bu-de3 gu2 ki-sze3 la2-e-de3
#tr.en: - so as quickly to subdue it like a roped ox, to bow its neck to the ground;
>>Q000380 054
55. an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki {d}nin-hur-sag-ga2-ke4 nam-bi ha-ba-an-tar-re-esz
#tr.en: An, Enlil, Enki and Ninḫursaga have decided this as its fate.
>>Q000380 055
56. nam-tar-ra-bi nig2 nu-kur2-ru-dam a-ba szu mi-ni-ib2-bala-e
#tr.en: Its fate cannot be changed. Who can overturn it?
>>Q000380 056
57. inim du11-ga an {d}en-lil2-la2 1(disz)-kam sag a-ba-a mu-un-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: It is the command of An and Enlil. Who can oppose it?
>>Q000380 057
58. an-ne2 ki-en-gi ki-tusz-ba bi2-in-hu-luh ug3-e ni2 bi2-in-te
#tr.en: An frightened the very dwellings of Sumer, the people were afraid.
>>Q000380 058
59. {d}en-lil2-le u4 gig-ga mu-un-zal iri-a me bi2-ib-gar
#tr.en: Enlil blew an evil storm, silence lay upon the city.
>>Q000380 059
60. {d}nin-tu-re ama5 kalam-ma-ka {gesz}ig-szu-ur2 im-mi-in-de6
#tr.en: Nintur bolted the door of the storehouses of the Land.
>>Q000380 060
61. {d}en-ki-ke4 {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na a im-ma-da-an-kesz2
#tr.en: Enki blocked the water in the Tigris and the Euphrates.
>>Q000380 061
62. {d}utu nig2-si-sa2 inim ge-na ka-ta ba-da-an-kar
#tr.en: Utu took away the pronouncement of equity and justice.
>>Q000380 062
63. {d}inanna-ke4 me3 szen-szen-na ki-bala-e ba-an-szum2
#tr.en: inanna handed over victory in strife and battle to a rebellious land.
>>Q000380 063
64. {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 ki-en-gi ga-gin7 ur-e ba-an-de2
#tr.en: Ningirsu poured Sumer away like milk to the dogs.
>>Q000380 064
65. kalam-ma ga-ba-ra-hum im-ma-an-szub nig2 lu2 nu-zu-a
#tr.en: Turmoil descended upon the Land, something that no one had ever known,
>>Q000380 065
66. nig2 igi nu-gal2-la inim nu-gal2-la nig2 szu nu-te-ge26-dam
#tr.en: something unseen, which had no name, something that could not be fathomed.
>>Q000380 066
67. kur-kur-re ni2 te-a-bi-a szu suh3-a ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: The lands were confused in their fear.
>>Q000380 067
68. iri{ki} dingir-bi ba-da-gur sipa-bi ba-da-ha-lam
#tr.en: The god of the city turned away, its shepherd vanished.
>>Q000380 068
69. nam-lu2-ulu3 ni2 te-bi-a zi gig mu-un-pa-an-pa-an
#tr.en: The people, in their fear, breathed only with difficulty.
>>Q000380 069
70. u4-de3 szu-ne-ne ba-du3-du3 u4 nu-mu-un-ne-gur-re
#tr.en: The storm immobilised them, the storm did not let them return.
>>Q000380 070
71. u4 gi4-a mu-un-ne-tuku-am3 u4 dur2-bi-sze3 nu-gen
#tr.en: There was no return for them, the storm did not retreat
>>Q000380 071
72. {d}en-lil2 sipa sag-ge6-ga-ke4 a-na bi2-in-ak-a-bi
#tr.en: This is what Enlil, the shepherd of the black-headed people, did:
>>Q000380 072
73. {d}en-lil2-le e2 zi gul-gul-lu-de3 lu2 zi tur-re-de3
#tr.en: Enlil, to destroy the loyal households, to decimate the loyal men,
>>Q000380 073
74. dumu lu2 zi-da-ke4 dumu-sag-e igi hul dim2-me-de3
#tr.en: to put the evil eye on the sons of the loyal men, on the first-born,
>>Q000380 074
75. u4-ba {d}en-lil2-le gu-ti-um{ki} kur-ta im-ta-an-e11
#tr.en: Enlil then sent down Gutium from the mountains.
>>Q000380 075
76. DU-bi a-ma-ru {d}en-lil2-la2 gaba gi4 nu-tuku-am3
#tr.en: Their advance was as the flood of Enlil that cannot be withstood.
>>Q000380 076
77. tu15 gal edin-na edin-e im-si igi-sze3 mu-un-ne-gen
#tr.en: The great wind of the countryside filled the countryside, it advanced before them.
>>Q000380 077
78. edin nig2-dagal-la-ba sag3 ba-ab-du11 lu2 nu-mu-ni-in-dib-be2
#tr.en: The extensive countryside was destroyed, no one moved about there.
>>Q000380 078
79. u4 ge6-ge6-ga szika bar7-bar7-ra sa-sze3 ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: The dark time was roasted by hailstones and flames.
>>Q000380 079
80. u4 babbar-re izi-ge6-edin-na ba-da-an-tab-tab
#tr.en: The bright time was wiped out by a shadow.
>>Q000380 080
80A. u4-mud-e giri17 i3-dub-dub sag i3-dab5-dab5
#tr.en: (2 mss. add 2 lines:) In the darkness, noses were heaped up, heads were smashed.
>>Q000380 080A
80B. u4 {gesz}gan2-ur3 an-ta e3-de3 iri {gesz}al-e ba-ab-ra-ah
#tr.en: The storm was a harrow coming from above, the city was struck by a hoe.
>>Q000380 080B
81. u4-ba an ba-dub2 ki ba-sag3 igi u4-da ba-lib4
#tr.en: On that day, heaven rumbled, the earth trembled, the storm worked without respite.
>>Q000380 081
82. an ba-suh3-suh3 gissu ba-an-la2 kur-re mur mi-ni-ib-sza4
#tr.en: Heaven was darkened, it was covered by a shadow; the mountains roared.
>>Q000380 082
83. {d}utu an-ur2-ra i-in-nu2 sahar kur-ra zal-am3
#tr.en: Utu lay down at the horizon, dust passed over the mountains.
>>Q000380 083
84. {d}nanna an-pa-a i-in-nu2 ug3-e ni2 bi2-in-te
#tr.en: Nanna lay at the zenith, the people were afraid.
>>Q000380 084
85. iri{ki}-ba dingir-x ki-tusz ba-ab-be2-de3 bar-ta ba-da-gub
#tr.en: The city's god left his dwelling and stood aside.
>>Q000380 085
86. kur-kur-re iri{ki} lu2-bi nu-til-la i-im-sar-sar-re-ne
#tr.en: The foreigners in the city even chased away its dead.
>>Q000380 086
87. gesz mah ur2-bi-a mu-un-bala-e {gesz}tir-ra guru5 i
#tr.en: Large trees were uprooted, the forest growth was ripped out.
>>Q000380 087
88. pu2-{gesz}kiri6 gurun-ba mu-un-BU-BU {gesz}ligima i3-bu-re
#tr.en: The orchards were stripped of their fruit, they were cleaned of their offshoots.
>>Q000380 088
89. buru14 isin-bi-a mu-un-su-su {d}|SZE.TIR| i3-tur-re
#tr.en: The crop drowned while it was still on the stalk,
>>Q000380 089
90. x x-la sag x x-in-bala-bala-e
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 090
91. ... ba-da-kar-ra-bi ... ba-ab-DU
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 091
92. ... {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB| x ba-da-kar-ra-bi {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB| x ba-ab-DU
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 092
93. ... zar-re-esz mu-un-du8-du8 [...] zar-re-esz mu-un-sal-sal-e-esz
#tr.en: They piled ... up in heaps, they spread ... out like sheaves.
>>Q000380 093
94. [...] {i7}buranun-na ad6 i3-la2-a {gesz}tukul-e sag gaz i3-ak-e
#tr.en: There were corpses floating in the Euphrates, weapons smashed heads.
>>Q000380 094
95. ad-da dam-a-ni-ta ba-da-gur dam-gu10 nu im-me
#tr.en: The father turned away from his wife saying “This is not my wife!”
>>Q000380 095
96. ama dumu-ni-ta ba-da-gur dumu-gu10 nu im-me
#tr.en: The mother turned away from her child saying “This is not my child!"
>>Q000380 096
97. e2 zi-da-ke4 e2-a-ni mu-un-szub e2-gu10 nu im-me
#tr.en: He who had a productive estate neglected his estate saying “This is not my estate!"
>>Q000380 097
98. nig2-gur11 tuku nig2-gur11-ra-ni-ta giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: The rich man took an unfamiliar path away from his possessions.
>>Q000380 098
99. u4-ba nam-lugal kalam-ma-ka szu pe-el-la2 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: In those days the kingship of the Land was defiled.
>>Q000380 099
100. aga men sag-ga2 gal2-la-bi tesz2-bi ba-ra-an-kur2
#tr.en: The tiara and crown that had been on the king's head were both spoiled.
>>Q000380 100
101. kur-kur-re du10-us2 dili dab5-ba-bi igi-te-en-bi ba-si-il
#tr.en: The lands that had followed the same path were split into disunity.
>>Q000380 101
102. uri5{ki} esz3 nidba gal-gal-la-ka nidba-bi ba-ab-kur2
#tr.en: The food offerings of Ur, the shrine of magnificent food offerings, were changed for the worse.
>>Q000380 102
103. {d}nanna ug3 u8-gin7 lu-a-na szu bala ba-da-ab-ak
#tr.en: Nanna traded away his people, numerous as ewes.
>>Q000380 103
104. lugal-bi e2-gal ni2-te-na zi im-ma-ni-in-gi4
#tr.en: Its king sat immobilised in his own palace.
>>Q000380 104
105. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen e2-gal ni2-te-na i-si-isz ba-ni-in-la2-la2
#tr.en: Ibbi-Suen was sitting in anguish in his own palace.
>>Q000380 105
106. e2-nam-ti-la sza3 hul2-la-ka-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: In E-namtila, his place of delight, he wept bitterly.
>>Q000380 106
107. a-ma-ru ki al ak-e szu im-ur3-ur3-re
#tr.en: The flood dashing a hoe on the ground was levelling everything.
>>Q000380 107
108. u4 gal-gin7 ki-a mur mi-ni-ib-sza4 a-ba-a ba-ra-e3
#tr.en: Like a great storm it roared over the earth -- who could escape it?
>>Q000380 108
109. iri gul-gul-lu-de3 e2 gul-gul-lu-de3
#tr.en: To destroy the city, to destroy the house,
>>Q000380 109
110. lu2-lul lu2 zi-da an-ta nu2-u3-de3
#tr.en: so that traitors would lie on top of loyal men
>>Q000380 110
111. uri3 lu2-lul-e lu2 zi-ra ugu-a-na DU-sze3
#tr.en: and the blood of traitors flow upon loyal men.
>>Q000380 111
112. ki-ru-gu2 1(disz)-a-kam
#tr.en: 1st kirugu.
>>Q000380 112
113. u4-de3 mar-uru5-gin7 tesz2-bi i3-gu7-e
#tr.en: The storms gather to strike like a flood.
>>Q000380 113
114. gesz-gi4-gal2 ki-ru-gu2-da-kam
#tr.en: Ĝišgigal to the kirugu.
>>Q000380 114
115. e2 kisz{ki}-a hur-sag-kalam-ma-ka szu hul ba-e-du11
#tr.en: The house of Kiš, Ḫursag-kalama, was destroyed.
>>Q000380 115
116. {d}za-ba4-ba4 ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Zababa took an unfamiliar path away from his beloved dwelling.
>>Q000380 116
117. ama {d}ba-ba6 e2-iri-ku3-ga-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Mother Baba was lamenting bitterly in her E-Iri-kug.
>>Q000380 117
118. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 118
119. x [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 119
120. [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 120
121. [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 121
122. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 122
123. ka-zal-lu{ki} iri ni2-ba lu-a szu suh3-a ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Kazallu, the city of teeming multitudes, was cast into confusion.
>>Q000380 123
124. {d}nu-musz-da-ke4 iri ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Numušda took an unfamiliar path away from the city, his beloved dwelling.
>>Q000380 124
125. gidlam(|MUNUS.USZ.DAM|)-a-ni {d}nam-ra-at munus sa6-ga-a er2 in-sze8-sze8-e
#tr.en: His wife Namrat, the beautiful lady, was lamenting bitterly.
>>Q000380 125
126. a uru2 gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 126
127. i7-bi sza3-su3-ga i3-gal2 a nu-un-de2
#tr.en: Its river bed was empty, no water flowed.
>>Q000380 127
128. i7 {d}en-ki-ke4 nam ku5-ra2-gin7 ka-bi-a ba-usz2
#tr.en: Like a river cursed by Enki its opening channel was dammed up.
>>Q000380 128
129. a-sza3-ga sze gu-nu nu-gal2 ug3-e nu-gu7-e
#tr.en: On the fields fine grains grew no more, people had nothing to eat.
>>Q000380 129
130. pu2-{gesz}kiri6-bi gir4-gin7 ba-hur-hur edin-bi sag2 ba-ab-di
#tr.en: The orchards were scorched like an oven, its open country was scattered.
>>Q000380 130
131. masz2-ansze nig2-ur2-limmu2 nig2-zi-gal2 nu-mu-un-bu-e
#tr.en: The four-legged wild animals did not run about.
>>Q000380 131
132. nig2-ur2-4(asz) {d}szakkan2-ke4 ni2 nu-mu-ni-ib-te-en-te-en
#tr.en: The four-legged creatures of Šakkan could find no rest.
>>Q000380 132
133. {d}lugal-mar2-da-ke4 iri-ni-ta bar-ta ba-da-gub
#tr.en: Lugal-Marda stepped outside his city.
>>Q000380 133
134. {d}nin-zu-an-na ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Ninzuana took an unfamiliar path away from her beloved dwelling.
>>Q000380 134
135. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 135
136. i3-si-in{ki} esz3 kar-re nu-me-a a-e ba-e-dar
#tr.en: Isin, the shrine that was not a quay, was split by onrushing waters.
>>Q000380 136
137. {d}nin-isin2{+si}-in-na ama kalam-ma-ke4 er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Ninisina, the mother of the Land, wept bitter tears.
>>Q000380 137
138. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 138
139. {d}en-lil2-le {d}ur-an-ki-ka {gesz}mitum2-a ba-an-sag3
#tr.en: Enlil smote Dur-an-ki with a mace.
>>Q000380 139
140. {d}en-lil2-le iri-ni esz3 nibru{ki}-a a-nir ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: Enlil made lamentation in his city, the shrine Nibru.
>>Q000380 140
141. ama {d}nin-lil2 nin ki-ur3-ra-ke4 er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Mother Ninlil, the lady of the Ki-ur shrine, wept bitter tears.
>>Q000380 141
142. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 142
143. kesz3{ki} an-edin-na dili du3-a szu lil2-la2 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Keš, built all alone on the high open country, was haunted.
>>Q000380 143
144. adab{ki}-bu e2 i7-de3 la2-a re ki-bala-sze3 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Adab, the settlement which stretches out along the river, was treated as a rebellious land.
>>Q000380 144
145. musz kur-ra-ke4 ki-nu2 ba-ni-ib-gar ki-bala-sze3 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: The snake of the mountains made his lair there, it became a rebellious land.
>>Q000380 145
146. gu-ti-um{ki} sza3 ba-ni-ib-bala-bala numun ba-ni-ib-i-i
#tr.en: The Gutians bred there, issued their seed.
>>Q000380 146
147. {d}nin-tu-re nig2-dim2-dim2-ma-ni-sze3 er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Nintur wept bitter tears over her creatures.
>>Q000380 147
148. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 148
149. ki zabala{ki}-a gi-gun4-na ku3-ga szu lil2-la2 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: In zabala the sacred Giguna was haunted.
>>Q000380 149
150. unu{ki}-ta {d}inanna ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-gen
#tr.en: inanna abandoned Uruk and went off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 150
151. e2-an-na esz3 ge6-par4 ku3-ga erim2-e igi i-ni-in-bar
#tr.en: In the E-ana the enemy set eyes upon the sacred Ĝipar shrine.
>>Q000380 151
152. ge6-par4 ku3 nam-en-na-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: The sacred Ĝipar of en priesthood was defiled.
>>Q000380 152
153. en-bi ge6-par4-ta ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: Its en priest was snatched from the Ĝipar and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 153
154. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 154
155. umma{ki} sig4-kur-sza3-ba-ke4 u4 gig-ga ba-e-dal
#tr.en: A violent storm blew over Umma and the Šeg-kuršaga.
>>Q000380 155
156. {d}szara2 e2-mah ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Šara took an unfamiliar path away from the E-maḫ, his beloved dwelling.
>>Q000380 156
157. {d}nin-mul-e iri{ki} hul-a-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Ninmul cried bitter tears over her destroyed city.
>>Q000380 157
158. iri{ki}-gu10 la-la-bi lu2 nu-un-gi4-a-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Oh my city, whose charms can no longer satisfy me,"
>>Q000380 158
159. gir2-su{ki} iri{ki} ur-sag-ge26-e-ne-ke4 im gir2-e ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Ĝirsu, the city of heroes, was afflicted with a lightning storm.
>>Q000380 159
160. {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 e2-ninnu-ta giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Ningirsu took an unfamiliar path away from the E-ninnu.
>>Q000380 160
161. ama {d}ba-ba6 e2-iri-ku3-ga-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Mother Baba wept bitter tears in her E-Iri-kug.
>>Q000380 161
162. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 162
163. u4-ba inim u4-dam al-du7-du7 sza3-bi a-ba-a mu-un-zu
#tr.en: On that day the word of Enlil was an attacking storm. Who could fathom it?
>>Q000380 163
164. inim {d}en-lil2-la2 zi-da-asz ge16-le-eg3-de3 gab2-bu zu-zu-de3
#tr.en: The word of Enlil was destruction on the right, was ... on the left.
>>Q000380 164
165. {d}en-lil2 lu2 nam tar-tar-re-de3 a-na bi2-in-ak-a-ba
#tr.en: This is what Enlil, the one who determines destinies, did:
>>Q000380 165
166. {d}en-lil2-le elam{ki} lu2-kur2-ra kur-ta im-ta-an-e3
#tr.en: Enlil brought down the Elamites, the enemy, from the highlands.
>>Q000380 166
167. {d}nansze dumu-gi7 iri bar-ra mu-un-na-tusz-am3
#tr.en: Nanše, the noble daughter, was settled outside the city.
>>Q000380 167
168. {d}nin-mar-ki-ra esz3 gu2-ab-ba-ka izi im-ma-da-an-te
#tr.en: Fire approached Ninmarki in the shrine Gu-aba.
>>Q000380 168
169. ku3 {na4}za-gin3-bi ma2 gal-gal-e bala-sze3 i3-ak-e
#tr.en: Large boats were carrying off its silver and lapis lazuli.
>>Q000380 169
170. nin nig2-gur11-ra-ni hul-lu ti-la-am3 ku3 {d}nin-mar-ki-ke4
#tr.en: The lady, sacred Ninmarki, was despondent because of her perished goods.
>>Q000380 170
171. u4-ba u4 ka izi-gin7 bar7-ra-am3 im-ma-da-ab-tar-re
#tr.en: On that day he decreed a storm blazing like the mouth of a fire.
>>Q000380 171
172. ki lagasz{ki} elam{ki} szu-ni-a im-ma-szi-in-gi4
#tr.en: The province of Lagaš was handed over to Elam.
>>Q000380 172
173. u4-bi-a nin-e u4-da-a-ni sa2 nam-ga-mu-ni-ib-du11
#tr.en: And then the queen also reached the end of her time.
>>Q000380 173
174. {d}ba-ba6 lu2-ulu3-gin7 u4-da-a-ni sa2 nam-ga-mu-ni-ib-du11
#tr.en: Baba, as if she were human, also reached the end of her time:
>>Q000380 174
175. me-li-e-a u4-de3 szu-ni-a im-ma-szi-in-gi4
#tr.en: “Woe is me! Enlil has handed over the city to the storm.
>>Q000380 175
176. u4 uru2 gul-gul-e szu-ni-a im-ma-szi-in-gi4
#tr.en: He has handed it over to the storm that destroys cities.
>>Q000380 176
177. u4 e2 gul-gul-e szu-ni-a im-ma-szi-in-gi4
#tr.en: He has handed it over to the storm that destroys houses.
>>Q000380 177
178. {d}dumu-zi-abzu e2-bi ki-nu-nir-sza3-ba-ke4 ni2 im-ma-da-an-te
#tr.en: “Dumuzid-abzu was full of fear in the house of Kinirša.
>>Q000380 178
179. ki-nu-nir-sza3{ki} iri nam-dumu-gi7-ra-ka-ni kar-kar-re-de3 ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Kinirša, the city to which she belongs, was ordered to be plundered.
>>Q000380 179
180. {d}nansze iri-ni nina{ki}-a kur-re ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: The city of Nanše, Nigin, was delivered to the foreigners.
>>Q000380 180
181. sirara3{ki} ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni hul-gal2-e ba-an-szum2
#tr.en: Sirara, her beloved dwelling, was handed over to the evil ones.
>>Q000380 181
182. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 182
183. ge6-par4 ku3 nam-en-na-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: Its sacred Ĝipar of en priesthood was defiled.
>>Q000380 183
184. en-bi ge6-par4-ta ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: Its en priest was snatched from the Ĝipar and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 184
185. gu2 i7-nun-na-{d}nanna-ka a2 dugud ba-szi-in-de6
#tr.en: Mighty strength was set against the banks of the Id-nuna-Nanna canal.
>>Q000380 185
186. masz-kan2-masz-kan2 e2-danna {d}nanna-ka tur3 dugud-gin7 ba-gul
#tr.en: The settlements of the E-danna of Nanna, like substantial cattle-pens, were destroyed.
>>Q000380 186
187. lu2-kar-ra-bi masz kar-ra-gin7 ur im-me-da
#tr.en: Their refugees, like stampeding goats, were chased (?) by dogs.
>>Q000380 187
188. ga-esz{ki} ga-gin7 ur-re ba-an-de2 i3-gul-gul-lu-ne
#tr.en: They destroyed Gaeš like milk poured out to dogs,
>>Q000380 188
189. alan dim2-ma |SIG7.ALAN| sa6-ga-bi im-ze2-er-ze2-re-e-ne
#tr.en: and shattered its finely fashioned statues.
>>Q000380 189
190. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house,"
>>Q000380 190
191. ge6-par4 ku3 nam-en-na-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: Its sacred Ĝipar of en priesthood was defiled.
>>Q000380 191
192. en-bi ge6-par4-ta ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: Its en priestess was snatched from the Ĝipar and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 192
193. bara2 an-na-da gid2-da-bi a-nir ba-da-ab-sa2
#tr.en: A lament was raised at the dais that stretches out toward heaven.
>>Q000380 193
194. {gesz}gu-za an-na-bi nu-ub-gub sag me-te-a-asz li-bi2-ib-gal2
#tr.en: Its heavenly throne was not set up, was not fit to be crowned (?).
>>Q000380 194
195. {gesz}geszimmar-gin7 gu2-guru5 ba-ab-du11 tesz2-bi ba-ra-an-kad4
#tr.en: It was cut down as if it were a date palm and tied together.
>>Q000380 195
196. asz-szu{ki} e2 i7-de3 la2-a re a-e ba-da-ab-bu
#tr.en: Aššu, the settlement that stretches out along the river, was deprived of water.
>>Q000380 196
197. nig2-erim2 nu-dib {d}nanna-ka lu2-erim2-e ba-an-dib
#tr.en: At the place of Nanna where evil had never walked, the enemy walked.
>>Q000380 197
198. e2 ur5-re-am3 a-na-am3 ab-ak
#tr.en: How was the house treated thus?
>>Q000380 198
199. e2-pu-uh2-ru-um-ma sza3-su3-ga ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: The E-puḫruma was emptied.
>>Q000380 199
200. ki-|NUN.ME.DU|{ki}-ga ab2 lu amar lu-a re tur3 dugud-gin7 ba-gul
#tr.en: Ki-|NUN.ME.DU|, which used to be filled with numerous cows and numerous calves, was destroyed like a mighty cattle-pen.
>>Q000380 200
201. {d}nin-gublaga-ke4 ga2-bur-ta giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Ningublaga took an unfamiliar path away from the Ĝa-bura.
>>Q000380 201
202. {d}nin-i3-gara2-ke4 ni2-te-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Ninigara wept bitter tears all alone.
>>Q000380 202
203. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house,"
>>Q000380 203
204. ge6-par4 ku3 nam-en-na-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: Its sacred Ĝipar of en priesthood was defiled.
>>Q000380 204
205. en-bi ge6-par4-ta ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: Its en priestess was snatched from the Ĝipar and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 205
206. {d}nin-a-zu e2-gid2-da-ke4 {gesz}tukul ub-ba i-ni-in-gub
#tr.en: Ninazu deposited his weapon in a corner in the E-gida.
>>Q000380 206
207. {d}nin-hur-sag e2-nu-tur-ra-ke4 u4 hul ba-an-da-dal
#tr.en: An evil storm swept over Ninḫursaga at the E-nutura.
>>Q000380 207
208. tu{muszen}-gin7 ab-lal3-ta ba-da-an-dal edin-na bar bi2-ib-gub
#tr.en: Like a pigeon she flew from the window, she stood apart in the open country.
>>Q000380 208
209. a iri{ki} gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 209
210. gesz-banda3{da} e2 er2-re gal2-la re gi er2-ra ba-an-gul
#tr.en: As for Ĝišbanda, the house filled with lamentation was destroyed among the weeping reeds.
>>Q000380 210
211. {d}nin-gesz-zi-da gesz-banda3{da} giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Ningišzida took an unfamiliar path away from Ĝišbanda.
>>Q000380 211
212. {d}a2-zi-mu2-a nin iri-a-ke4 er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Azimua, the queen of the city, wept bitter tears.
>>Q000380 212
213. a uru2 gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 213
214. u4-bi-a u18-lu lu2 ge6-a ba-an-dur2-ru-ne-esz
#tr.en: On that day, the storm forced people to live in darkness.
>>Q000380 214
215. kuara{ki} hul-hul-lu-de3 lu2 ge6-a ba-an-dur2-ru-ne-esz
#tr.en: In order to destroy Kuara, it forced people to live in darkness.
>>Q000380 215
216. {d}nin-e2-HA-ma ni2-te-na er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Nineḫama in her fear wept bitter tears.
>>Q000380 216
217. a uru2 gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 217
218. {d}asar-lu2-hi ul4-ul4-la tug2 ba-an-mu4 |LUL.KU| mu-un-DU
#tr.en: Asarluḫi put his robes on with haste and ...
>>Q000380 218
219. {d}lugal-banda3{da} ki-tusz ki ag2-ga2-ni giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Lugalbanda took an unfamiliar path away from his beloved dwelling.
>>Q000380 219
219A. {d}nin-sun2 [...]
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds:) Ninsumun ...
>>Q000380 219A
220. a uru2 gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 220
221. eridu{ki} a gal-la diri-ga a nag-e ba-am3-u-gun3?
#tr.en: Eridug, floating on great waters, was deprived (?) of drinking water.
>>Q000380 221
222. bar-ba edin-lil2-e du3-a x x [...]
#tr.en: In its outer environs, which had turned into haunted plains, ...
>>Q000380 222
223. lu2 zi ki-lul-la x x [...]
#tr.en: The loyal man in a place of treachery ...
>>Q000380 223
224. {d}ka-he2-gal2-la {d}igi-he2-gal2-la [...]
#tr.en: Ka-ḫegala and Igi-ḫegala ...
>>Q000380 224
225. gurusz-me-en u4 nu-gul-la-me-en mu-x-gul-[...]
#tr.en: “I, a young man whom the storm has not destroyed, ...
>>Q000380 225
226. u4 nu-gul-la hi-li nu-til-la-me-en [...] mu-un-[...]
#tr.en: I, not destroyed by the storm, my attractiveness not brought to an end, ...
>>Q000380 226
227. {gesz}taskarin-gin7 ba?-sa6-ga-me-esz i3-sag3-ge-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: We have been struck down like beautiful boxwood trees.
>>Q000380 227
228. x x-gin7 igi gun3-gun3-me-esz i3-sag3-ge-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: We have been struck down like ... with coloured eyes.
>>Q000380 228
229. alan-gin7 kusz3-kusz3-a de2-a-me-esz i3-sag3-ge-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: We have been struck down like statues being cast in moulds.
>>Q000380 229
230. gu-ti-um{ki} lu2 ha-lam-ma-ke4 me-ze2-er-ze2-re-ne
#tr.en: The Gutians, the vandals, are wiping us out.
>>Q000380 230
231. a-a {d}en-ki-ra abzu eridu{ki}-sze3 szu-a ba-en-de3-en-gi4
#tr.en: We turned to Father Enki in the abzu of Eridug.
>>Q000380 231
232. x x a-na im-me-en-da-na a-na bi2-in-tah-e-da-na
#tr.en: ..., whatever we shall say, whatever we shall add,
>>Q000380 232
233. x x x a-na im-me-en-da-na a-na bi2-in-tah-e-da-na
#tr.en: ... whatever we shall say, whatever we shall add,
>>Q000380 233
234. x x x x x x eridu{ki}-ga-ta he2-em-da-sar?-da-na
#tr.en: we came out from the ... of Eridug.”
>>Q000380 234
235. u4-da ... ha?-ba-gub-bu-da-na gissu ba-x-mu
#tr.en: “While were in charge of ... during the day, the shadows ...
>>Q000380 235
236. ge6-a x x-ke4 ha-ba-gub-bu-da-na u4-de3 ba-ra-an-tuku
#tr.en: While we were in charge of ... during the night, the storm ...
>>Q000380 236
237. u4-da gub sag sag3-ge-me-a a-na szu ba-ni-ti-en-de3-en
#tr.en: What do we receive trembling on duty during the day?
>>Q000380 237
238. ge6-da gub u3 nu-ku-me-a a-na u2-gu me-de2-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: What do we lose not sleeping on duty during the night?
>>Q000380 238
239. {d}en-ki-ke4 uru2-zu nam ha-ba-da-an-ku5 ki-erim2-e ha-ba-an-szum2
#tr.en: Enki, your city has been cursed, it has been given to an enemy land.
>>Q000380 239
240. me-en-de3-en eridu{ki}-ta gal2-la-da a-na-asz mu-e-de3-la2-e-ne?
#tr.en: Why do they reckon us among those who have been displaced from Eridug?
>>Q000380 240
241. {gesz}geszimmar-gin7 szu nu-du11-ga-me-a a-na-asz mu-e-gul-gul-lu-ne
#tr.en: Why do they destroy us like palm trees which we have not tended?
>>Q000380 241
242. {gesz}ma2 gibil-gin7 sa bil2-la2 nu-ak-e a-na-asz mu-e-ze2-er-ze2-re-ne
#tr.en: Why do they break us up like new boats we have not caulked?"
>>Q000380 242
243. {d}en-ki-ke4 igi-ni ki kur2-ra ba-an-gar-ra-ba
#tr.en: After Enki had cast his eyes on a foreign land,
>>Q000380 243
244. u4? x x nam-tag dugud-da-ke4 gesz hul mu-un-ne-tag
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 244
245. [...] UM? ba-da-an-zi-ge-esz-a ildu2-ba mu-un-sa4?-esz
#tr.en: ... have risen up, have called on their cohorts.
>>Q000380 245
246. {d}en-ki-ke4 eridu{ki}-ga-ta giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Enki took an unfamiliar path away from Eridug.
>>Q000380 246
247. {d}dam-gal-nun-na ama e2-mah-a er2 gig mu-un-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Damgalnuna, the mother of the E-maḫ, wept bitter tears.
>>Q000380 247
248. a uru2 gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: “Alas the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 248
249. ge6-par4 ku3 nam-en-na-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: Its sacred Ĝipar of en priesthood was defiled.
>>Q000380 249
250. en-bi ge6-par4-ta ba-da-an-kar ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: Its en priestess was snatched from the Ĝipar and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 250
251. uri5{ki}-ma lu2 u2-sze3 nu-gen lu2 a-sze3 nu-gen
#tr.en: In Ur no one went to fetch food, no one went to fetch water.
>>Q000380 251
252. u2-sze3 gen-bi u2-ta ba-gen hur nu-um-mi-ib-gur-ru
#tr.en: Those who went to fetch food, went away from the food and will not return.
>>Q000380 252
253. a-sze3 gen-bi a-ta ba-gen hur nu-um-mi-ib-gur-ru
#tr.en: Those who went to fetch water, went away from the water and will not return.
>>Q000380 253
254. sig-sze3 elam{ki}-ma ba-szi-in-gub-bu gaz-de3 i3-TIL-e
#tr.en: To the south, the Elamites stepped in, slaughtering ...
>>Q000380 254
255. nim-sze3 ha-al-ma lu2-kur2-ra-ke4 szu-ni [...]-x-gar
#tr.en: In the uplands, the vandals, the enemy, ...
>>Q000380 255
256. ti-id-nu-um{ki}-e u4 szu2-usz {gesz}mitum2-a ur2-ra ba-ni-in-gar
#tr.en: The Tidnum daily strapped the mace to their loins.
>>Q000380 256
257. sig-sze3 elam{ki}-ma u2-a e3-a-gin7 KU-bi im-[...]-x-le
#tr.en: To the south, the Elamites, like an onrushing wave, were ...
>>Q000380 257
258. nim-sze3 in-dal tu15 dal-la-gin7 edin-na [...] x
#tr.en: In the uplands, like chaff blowing in the wind, they ... over the open country.
>>Q000380 258
259. uri5{ki} am gal u3-na gub-ba-gin7 gu2 ki-sze3 ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: Ur, like a great charging wild bull, bowed its neck to the ground.
>>Q000380 259
260. {d}en-lil2-le lu2 nam tar-tar-re-de3 a-na bi2-in-ak-a-ba
#tr.en: This is what Enlil, who decides the fates, did:
>>Q000380 260
261. 2(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 elam{ki} lu2-kur2-ra kur-ta ba-ra-e3
#tr.en: Again he sent down the Elamites, the enemy, from the mountains.
>>Q000380 261
262. e2 sag-kal-la giri3 du3-a um-ma-[...]
#tr.en: The foremost house, firmly founded, ...
>>Q000380 262
263. kisiga{ki} hul-hul-lu-de3 lu2 1(u) lu2 5(disz) ...
#tr.en: In order to destroy Kisiga, 10 men, even five men ...
>>Q000380 263
264. u4 3(disz)-e ge6 3(disz)-e la-ba-da-te? x x [...] iri {gesz}al-e ba-ab-ra-ah
#tr.en: Three days and three nights did not pass, ... the city was raked by a hoe.
>>Q000380 264
265. kisiga{ki} {d}dumu-zi sag-gin7 ba-ra-e3 szu-ni ba-da-ab-du3
#tr.en: Dumuzid left Kisiga like a prisoner of war, his hands were fettered.
>>Q000380 265
266. e2-sze3 ku3 giri3 [...] a KA [...]
#tr.en: To the holy house ...
>>Q000380 266
267. zi-ga u5-a ... zi-ga u5-a ...-am3?
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 267
268. [...]-un-DU zi-ga u5-a ...-am3?
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 268
269. [...] si gal-gal ba-an-u5-bi x [...]-x-DU-esz
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 269
270. [...] si tur-tur masz2 igi-du-gin7 x [...]-dab5?-be2-esz
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 270
271. nig2-gur11-ra-ni-ta ba-da-u5 kur-sze3 ba-gen
#tr.en: She rode away from her possessions, she went to the mountains.
>>Q000380 271
272. i-lu kur giri3 nu-gal2-la-ba gal-gal-bi mi-ni-ib2-be2
#tr.en: She loudly sang out a lament over those untravelled mountains:
>>Q000380 272
273. ga-sza-an-gen nig2-gur11-ga2 ga-ba-da-u5 ki-ba gi4-in de3-gen
#tr.en: “I am queen, but I shall have to ride away from my possessions, and now I shall be a slave in those parts.
>>Q000380 273
274. ku3 {na4}za-gin3-gu10-ta ga-ba-e-da-u5 ki-ba gi4-in de3-gen
#tr.en: I shall have to ride away from my silver and lapis lazuli, and now I shall be a slave in those parts.
>>Q000380 274
275. ki-ba na-ag2-gi4-in nam-lu2-ulu3 x x sag a-ba-a ba-ab-us2-e
#tr.en: There, slavery, ... people, who can ... it?
>>Q000380 275
276. ki-ba na-ag2-gi4-in elam{ki} x x x sag a-ba-a ba-ab-us2-e
#tr.en: There, slavery, Elam ..., who can ... it?
>>Q000380 276
277. a iri gul-la e2 gul-la-gu10 gig-ga-bi im-me
#tr.en: Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house.”
>>Q000380 277
278. nin-gu10 lu2-kur nu-me-a kur?-re? ba-ab-gen
#tr.en: My queen, though not the enemy, went to enemy land.
>>Q000380 278
279. {d}ama-uszumgal-an-na kisiga{ki} [...]-ga2
#tr.en: Ama-ušumgal-ana ... Kisiga.
>>Q000380 279
280. x MU? uru2-gin7 nu-x [...] x
#tr.en: Like a city ...
>>Q000380 280
281. ki-ru-gu2 2(disz)-kam-ma
#tr.en: 2nd kirugu.
>>Q000380 282
282. [...] x x [...]
$ 1 line missing
>>Q000380 000
284. gesz-gi4-gal2 ki-ru-gu2-da-kam
#tr.en: Ĝišgigal to the kirugu.
>>Q000380 284
$ 4 lines broken
289. [...] u2-a ba-szi-in-[...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 289
290. ... u2-a ba-szi-in-x [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 290
291. [...] gub-bu-bi szuku mah-gin7 ba-e-x [...]
#tr.en: ...
>>Q000380 291
292. {d}en-lil2-le abul-la mah-ba {gesz}ig tu15-ma bi2-in-gub
#tr.en: Enlil threw open the door of the grand gate to the wind.
>>Q000380 292
293. uri5{ki}-ma lu2 u2-sze3 nu-gen lu2 a-sze3 nu-gen
#tr.en: In Ur no one went to fetch food, no one went to fetch water.
>>Q000380 293
294. ug3-bi a tul2-la2 de2-a-gin7 szu i3-nigin2-nigin2?-ne
#tr.en: Its people rushed around like water being poured from a well.
>>Q000380 294
295. usu-bi ni2-bi-a nu-gal2 giri3-bi ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Their strength ebbed away, they could not even go on their way.
>>Q000380 295
296. {d}en-lil2-le sza3-gar lu2 nig2-hul iri-a ba-an-da-dab5
#tr.en: Enlil afflicted the city with an evil famine.
>>Q000380 296
297. nig2 iri gul-gul-e nig2 e2 gul-gul-e iri-a ba-an-da-dab5
#tr.en: He afflicted the city with that which destroys cities, that which destroys houses.
>>Q000380 297
298. nig2 igi-bi-sze3 {gesz}tukul-e la-ba-gub-bu-a iri-a ba-an-da-dab5
#tr.en: He afflicted the city with that which cannot be withstood with weapons.
>>Q000380 298
299. sza3 nu-si-si igi nigin2-bi iri-a ba-an-da-dab5
#tr.en: He afflicted the city with dissatisfaction and treachery.
>>Q000380 299
300. uri5{ki}-ma gi dili du3-a-gin7 sag sag3-ge nu-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: In Ur, which was like a solitary reed, there was not even fear.
>>Q000380 300
301. ug3-bi ku6 szu dab5-ba-gin7 zi-bi mi-ni-in-tum2-tum2-mu
#tr.en: Its people, like fish being grabbed in a pond, sought to escape.
>>Q000380 301
302. tur mah-bi i3-bara3-bara3-ge-esz lu2 nu-um-zi-zi-zi
#tr.en: Its young and old lay spread about, no one could rise.
>>Q000380 302
303. |LUGAL.BI.GUB| dub-la2-a u5-a nig2-gu7 la-ba-na-gal2
#tr.en: At the royal station (?) there was no food on top of the platform (?).
>>Q000380 303
304. lugal nig2 sa6-ga gu7-gu7-a szuku-re im-ma-an-dab5
#tr.en: The king who used to eat marvellous food grabbed at a mere ration.
>>Q000380 304
305. u4 im-szu2-szu2 igi im-la2-e sza3-ka-tab i3-zu-zu
#tr.en: As the day grew dark, the eye of the sun was eclipsing, the people experienced hunger.
>>Q000380 305
306. e2-lunga-na kasz nu-un-gal2 munu4-bi nu-um-gal2
#tr.en: There was no beer in the beer-hall, there was no more malt for it.
>>Q000380 306
307. e2-gal-la-na nig2-gu7 la-ba-na-gal2 tusz-u3-bi nu-ub-du7
#tr.en: There was no food for him in his palace, it was unsuitable to live in.
>>Q000380 307
308. ga2-nun mah-a-ni sze nu-um-si-si zi-bi la-ba-szi-in-tum2-tum2-mu
#tr.en: Grain did not fill his lofty storehouse, he could not save his life.
>>Q000380 308
309. guru7-du6 guru7-masz-e {d}nanna-ka {d}|SZE.TIR| nu-un-gal2
#tr.en: The grain-piles and granaries of Nanna held no grain.
>>Q000380 309
310. kin-sig unu2 gal dingir-re-e-ne-ke4 szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: The evening meal in the great dining hall of the gods was defiled.
>>Q000380 310
311. unu2 gal-bi kurun lal3 musz3 im-ma-ab-tum2
#tr.en: Wine and syrup ceased to flow in the great dining hall.
>>Q000380 311
312. gir2-PA-a gu4 udu gu7-ra u2-szim-e ba-da-nu2
#tr.en: The butcher's knife that used to slay oxen and sheep lay hungry.
>>Q000380 312
313. gir4 mah-ba gu4 udu nu-ak-e ir nu-mu-un-ur5-ur5-e
#tr.en: Its mighty oven no longer cooked oxen and sheep, it no longer emitted the aroma of roasting meat.
>>Q000380 313
314. bur-sag-ta a2 sikil {d}nanna-ka za-pa-ag2-bi ba-ra-gul
#tr.en: The sounds of the bursag building, the pure ... of Nanna, were stilled.
>>Q000380 314
315. e2 gu4-gin7 gu3 bi2-ib-du11-ga-a re si-ga-bi ba-du3
#tr.en: The house which used to bellow like a bull was silenced.
>>Q000380 315
316. mu-un-DU ku3-ga si nu-un-sa2-e gar-ra-bi ba-su3-u4
#tr.en: Its holy deliveries were no longer fulfilled, its ... were alienated.
>>Q000380 316
317. {na4}kin2 {gesz}naga3 gesz-gan-na i3-dur2-dur2 lu2 nu-um-szi-gam-e
#tr.en: The mortar, pestle and grinding stone lay idle; no one bent down over them.
>>Q000380 317
318. kar-za-gin3-na {d}nanna-ka a-e ba-da-la2
#tr.en: The Shining Quay of Nanna was silted up.
>>Q000380 318
319. a {gesz}ma2-sag-ga2-ke4 gu3 nu-mu-un-gi4-gi4 asil3-la2 nu-mu-un-szub
#tr.en: The sound of water against the boat's prow ceased, there was no rejoicing.
>>Q000380 319
320. unu2-RI-banda3{da} {d}nanna-ka sahar ba-da-dub-dub
#tr.en: Dust piled up in the unuribanda of Nanna.
>>Q000380 320
321. {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB| ba-da-mu2 {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB| ba-da-mu2 gir re-e ba-an-mu2
#tr.en: The rushes grew, the rushes grew, the mourning reeds grew.
>>Q000380 321
322. ma2 ma2-gur8-ra kar-za-gin3-na musz3 im-ma-ab-tum2
#tr.en: Boats and barges ceased docking at the Shining Quay.
>>Q000380 322
323. i7 ma2-gur8-ra ba-ab-du7-a-za a2 nu-un-su3-su3-e
#tr.en: Nothing moved on your watercourse which was fit for barges.
>>Q000380 323
324. ezem ki garza-ka gesz-hur-bi ba-da-kur2
#tr.en: The plans of the festivals at the place of the divine rituals were altered.
>>Q000380 324
325. ma2 nesag-ga2 a-a ugu-na-ka nesag nu-mu-un-na-ab-tum3
#tr.en: The boat with first-fruit offerings of the father who begot Nanna no longer brought first-fruit offerings.
>>Q000380 325
326. ninda nidba-bi {d}en-lil2 nibru{ki}-sze3 nu-mu-da-an-ku4-ku4
#tr.en: Its food offerings could not be taken to Enlil in Nibru.
>>Q000380 326
327. i7-bi sza3-su3-ga i3-gal2 ma2-gur8 nu-mu-un-dib-be2
#tr.en: Its watercourse was empty, barges could not travel.
>>Q000380 327
328. gu2 tab 2(disz)-a-bi giri3 nu-gal2 u2 gid2-da ba-am3-mu2
#tr.en: There were no paths on either of its banks, long grass grew there.
>>Q000380 328
329. {e2}tur3 dagal-la {d}nanna-ka dub-ba-an-bi ba-si-il
#tr.en: The reed fence of the well-stocked cattle-pen of Nanna was split open.
>>Q000380 329
330. gi-sig {gesz}kiri6-ka szu ba-e-la2-la2 gu2-giri3 ba-an-gar-gar
#tr.en: The garden's fence was vioilated and breached.
>>Q000380 330
331. ab2-szilam-ma amar-bi ba-da-ab-dab5 ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: The cows and their young were captured and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 331
332. ab2 {u2}munzer-e edin ki nu-zu-bi giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5-be2-esz
#tr.en: The munzer-fed cows took an unfamiliar path in an open country that they did not know.
>>Q000380 332
333. {d}ga-a-a-u2 lu2 ab2 ki ag2-ga2 {gesz}tukul szurum-ma ba-szub
#tr.en: Gayau, who loves cows, dropped his weapon in the dung.
>>Q000380 333
334. {d}szu-ni-du10 i3 ga-ar3-ra du6-ul-du6-ul-e i3 ga-ar3-ra nu-du6-ul-du6-ul
#tr.en: Šuni-dug, who stores butter and cheese, did not store butter and cheese.
>>Q000380 334
335. i3-bi lu2 i3 nu-zu-ne i3-du9-du9-ne
#tr.en: Those who are unfamiliar with butter were churning the butter.
>>Q000380 335
336. ga-bi lu2 ga nu-zu-ne i3-im-musz3-musz3-u3-ne
#tr.en: Those who are unfamiliar with milk were curdling (?) the milk.
>>Q000380 336
337. {e2}tur3-ra {dug}szakir3-e dun5-dun5-e gu3 nun nu-mu-ni-ib-be2
#tr.en: The sound of the churning vat did not resound in the cattle-pen.
>>Q000380 337
338. ne-mur dugud-gin7 i3-ra-a re i-bi2-bi ba-gul
#tr.en: Like mighty coals that once burnt, its smoke is extinguished.
>>Q000380 338
339. [...] x unu2 gal {d}nanna-ka [...]
#tr.en: The great dining hall of Nanna ...
>>Q000380 339
340. {d}suen-e a-a-ni {d}en-lil2-ra er2 mu-un-na-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: Suen wept to his father Enlil:
>>Q000380 340
341. a-a ugu-gu10 iri{ki}-gu10 a-na-ra-du3? a-na-asz ba-e-da-gur-re-en
#tr.en: “O father who begot me, why have you turned away from my city which was built (?) for you?
>>Q000380 341
342. {d}en-lil2 uri5{ki}-gu10 a-na-ra-du3? a-na-asz ba-e-da-gur-re-en
#tr.en: O Enlil, why have you turned away from my Ur which was built (?) for you?
>>Q000380 342
343. ma2 nesag-e a-a ugu-na-sze3 nesag nu-mu-un-na-ab-tum3
#tr.en: The boat with first-fruit offerings no longer brings first-fruit offerings to the father who begot him.
>>Q000380 343
344. ninda nidba-zu {d}en-lil2 nibru{ki}-sze3 nu-mu-un-na-da-an-ku4-ku4
#tr.en: Your food offerings can no longer be brought to Enlil in Nibru.
>>Q000380 344
345. en iri bar-ra en iri sza3-ga lil2-e ha-ba-ab-lah5-e-esz
#tr.en: The en priests of the countryside and city have been carried off by phantoms.
>>Q000380 345
346. uri5{ki} iri{ki} {gesz}al-e ri-a-gin7 du6-du6-da ba-szid
#tr.en: Ur, like a city raked by a hoe, is to be counted as a ruin-mound.
>>Q000380 346
347. du6-ur2 ki ni2 dub2-bu {d}en-lil2-la2 esz3 lil2-la2 ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: The Du-ur, Enlil's resting-place, has become a haunted shrine.
>>Q000380 347
348. {d}en-lil2 iri-zu igi bar-ra e2-ri-a su3-ga
#tr.en: O Enlil, gaze upon your city, an empty wasteland.
>>Q000380 348
349. nibru{ki} iri-zu igi bar-ra e2-ri-a su3-ga
#tr.en: Gaze upon your city Nibru, an empty wasteland.”
>>Q000380 349
350. uri5{ki}-ma ur-bi ur2 bad3-da si-im-si-im nu-mu-un-ak-e
#tr.en: “The dogs of Ur no longer sniff at the base of the city wall.
>>Q000380 350
351. tul2 sag bulug-ga ganba-bi-a ki li-bi2-ib-de5-de5-ge
#tr.en: The man who used to drill large wells scratches the ground in the market place.
>>Q000380 351
352. a-a ugu-gu10 iri{ki}-gu10 dili-bi-ta a2-zu-sze3 nigin2-am3-szi-ib
#tr.en: My father who begot me, enclose in your embrace my city which is all alone.
>>Q000380 352
353. {d}en-lil2 uri5{ki}-gu10 dili-bi-ta a2-zu-sze3 nigin2-am3-szi-ib
#tr.en: Enlil, return to your embrace my Ur which is all alone.
>>Q000380 353
354. e2-kisz-nu-gal2-gu10 dili-bi-ta a2-zu-sze3 nigin2-am3-szi-ib
#tr.en: Enclose in your embrace my E-kiš-nu-gal which is all alone.
>>Q000380 354
355. uri5{ki}-ma numun ha-ra-ni-ib-e3 ug3 hu-mu-ra-ab-dagal-la
#tr.en: May you bring forth offspring in Ur, may you multiply its people.
>>Q000380 355
356. me ki-en-gi-ra ba-da-ha-lam-e ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4
#tr.en: May you restore the divine powers of Sumer that have been forgotten.”
>>Q000380 356
357. ki-ru-gu2 3(disz)-kam-ma
#tr.en: 3rd kirugu.
>>Q000380 357
358. a e2 zi e2 zi a lu2-bi lu2-bi
#tr.en: O good house, good house! O its people, its people!
>>Q000380 358
359. gesz-gi4-gal2-bi-im
#tr.en: Ĝišgigal.
>>Q000380 359
360. {d}en-lil2-le dumu-ni {d}suen-ra mu-un-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
#tr.en: Enlil then answered his son Suen:
>>Q000380 360
361. uru2 lil2-la2 sza3-bi a-nir-ra gi er2-ra ba-am3-mu2
#tr.en: “There is lamentation in the haunted city, reeds of mourning grow there.
>>Q000380 361
361A. sza3-bi a-sze-ra gi er2-ra ba-am3-mu2
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) In its midst there is lamentation, reeds of mourning grow there.
>>Q000380 361A
362. sza3-bi-a a-nir-ra u4 mi-ni-ib-zal-zal-e
#tr.en: In its midst the people pass their days in sighing.
>>Q000380 362
362A. dumu-gu10 dumu-gi7 ni2-za-bi-me-en er2-ra na-bi-me-en
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) My son, the noble son ..., why do you concern yourself with crying?
>>Q000380 362A
363. {d}nanna dumu-gi7 ni2-za-bi-me-en er2-ra na-bi-me-en
#tr.en: Oh Nanna, the noble son ..., why do you concern yourself with crying?
>>Q000380 363
364. di-til-la inim pu-uh2-ru-um-ma-ka szu gi4-gi4 nu-gal2
#tr.en: The judgment uttered by the assembly cannot be reversed.
>>Q000380 364
365. inim du11-ga an {d}en-lil2-la2-ka szu bala-e nu-zu
#tr.en: The word of An and Enlil knows no overturning.
>>Q000380 365
366. uri5{ki}-ma nam-lugal ha-ba-szum2 bala da-ri2 la-ba-an-szum2
#tr.en: Ur was indeed given kingship but it was not given an eternal reign.
>>Q000380 366
367. u4 ul kalam ki gar-ra-ta za3 ug3 lu-a-sze3
#tr.en: From time immemorial, since the Land was founded, until people multiplied,
>>Q000380 367
368. bala nam-lugal-la sag-bi-sze3 e3-a a-ba-a igi im-mi-in-du8-a
#tr.en: who has ever seen a reign of kingship that would take precedence for ever?
>>Q000380 368
369. nam-lugal-bi bala-bi ba-gid2-e-de3 sza3 kusz2-u3-de3
#tr.en: The reign of its kingship had been long indeed but had to exhaust itself.
>>Q000380 369
370. {d}nanna-gu10 na-an-kusz2-kusz2-u3-de3 iri{ki}-zu e3-bar-ra-ab
#tr.en: O my Nanna, do not exert yourself in vain, abandon your city.”
>>Q000380 370
371. u4-ba lugal-gu10 dumu-gi7-ra ur5-ra-ni ba-an-usz2
#tr.en: Then my king, the noble son, became distraught.
>>Q000380 371
372. en {d}dili{im2}-babbar dumu-gi7-ra sza3 hul-lu im-ma-an-dim2
#tr.en: Lord Ašimbabbar, the noble son, grieved.
>>Q000380 372
373. {d}nanna lu2 iri{ki}-ni ki ag2-ga2 iri{ki}-ni ba-ra-e3
#tr.en: Nanna who loves his city left his city.
>>Q000380 373
374. {d}suen-e uri5{ki} ki ag2-ga2 giri3 kur2 ba-ra-an-dab5
#tr.en: Suen took an unfamiliar path away from his beloved Ur.
>>Q000380 374
375. {d}nin-gal-e gir5 iri{ki}-ni-ta ki kur2-sze3 du-u3-de3
#tr.en: In order to go as an exile from her city to foreign territory,
>>Q000380 375
376. tug2 ul4-ul4-la-bi ba-ra-an-mu4 iri{ki}-ta ba-ra-e3
#tr.en: Ningal quickly clothed herself and left the city.
>>Q000380 376
377. uri5{ki}-ma {d}a-nun-na-bi bar-ra ba-su8-ge-esz
#tr.en: The Anuna stepped outside of Ur.
>>Q000380 377
378. uri5{ki}-ma NE ni2-bi ki x x x-a ba-a-te
#tr.en: ... approached Ur
>>Q000380 378
379. uri5{ki}-ma gesz-bi tu-ra-am3 gi-bi tu-ra-am3
#tr.en: The trees of Ur were sick, its reeds were sick.
>>Q000380 379
380. bad3-bi en-na nigin2-na-bi-da a-nir ba-da-sa2
#tr.en: Laments sounded all along its city wall.
>>Q000380 380
381. u4 szu2-usz-e {gesz}tukul-e igi-bi-sze3 sag i3-sag3-sag3-ge
#tr.en: Daily there was slaughter before it.
>>Q000380 381
382. uri5{ki}-ma {uruda}ha-zi-in gal-gal-e igi-bi-sze3 u3-sar i3-ak-e
#tr.en: Large axes were sharpened in front of Ur.
>>Q000380 382
383. gesz-gid2-da a2 me3-ke4 si bi2-ib-sa2-sa2-e-ne
#tr.en: The spears, the arms of battle, were prepared.
>>Q000380 383
384. {gesz}pan gal-gal {gesz}ilar {kusz}gurx(|E.TUM|){ur3}-ra tesz2 im-da-gu7-e
#tr.en: The large bows, throw-sticks and shields gathered together to strike.
>>Q000380 384
385. {gesz}ti zu2-ke4 muru9 szeg3-ga2-gin7 bar-ba mi-ni-in-si
#tr.en: The barbed arrows covered its outer side like a raining cloud.
>>Q000380 385
386. na4 gal-gal-e ni2-bi-a pu-u4-pa-ad im-mi-ib-za
#tr.en: Large stones fell toegether with great thuds.
>>Q000380 386
386A. u4 szu2-usz iri{ki}-ta im-hul-e mu-un-da-an-gi4-gi4
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) Daily the evil wind returned in the city.
>>Q000380 386A
387. uri5{ki} ne3-bi-ta nir-gal2 gab2-gaz-e ba-gub
#tr.en: Ur, confident in its own strength, stood ready for the murderers.
>>Q000380 387
388. ug3-bi lu2-erim2-e a2 bi2-ib2-gar {gesz}tukul-e la-ba-su8-ge-esz
#tr.en: Its people, oppressed by the enemy, could not withstand their weapons.
>>Q000380 388
389. iri{ki} {gesz}tukul-e sag nu-szum2-mu-a sza3-gar-e im-us2
#tr.en: In the city, those who had not been felled by weapons succumbed to hunger.
>>Q000380 389
390. sza3-gar-e iri{ki} a-gin7 ba-e-si ga2-la nu-um-ta-dag-ge
#tr.en: Hunger filled the city like water, it would not cease.
>>Q000380 390
391. sza3-gar-e igi-bi im-gam-me-e sa-bi im-lu-gu2-ne
#tr.en: This hunger contorted people's faces, twisted their muscles.
>>Q000380 391
392. ug3-bi a-nigin2-na ba-e-si zi HAR i-ak-e
#tr.en: Its people were as if drowning in a pond, they gasped for breath.
>>Q000380 392
393. lugal-bi e2-gal ni2-te-na-ka zi gig mu-un-pa-an-pa-an
#tr.en: Its king breathed heavily in his own palace.
>>Q000380 393
394. nam-lu2-ulu3-bi {gesz}tukul ba-e-szub {gesz}tukul ki bi2-ib2-tag
#tr.en: Its people dropped their weapons, their weapons hit the ground.
>>Q000380 394
395. szu-bi gu2-bi-sze3 ba-szi-ib-ri-ri er2 mu-un-sze8-sze8-ne
#tr.en: They struck their necks with their hands and cried.
>>Q000380 395
396. ni2-bi-a ad mi-ni-ib-gi4-gi4 inim im-szar2-szar2-e-ne
#tr.en: They sought counsel with each other, they searched for clarification:
>>Q000380 396
397. me-li-e-a du11-ga-me nam-gu10 tah-me nam-gu10
#tr.en: “Alas, what can we say about it? What more can we add to it?
>>Q000380 397
398. en3-sze3-am3 ka garasz2-a-ka i-im-til-le-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: How long until we are finished off by this catastrophe?
>>Q000380 398
399. uri5{ki}-ma sza3-bi nam-usz2-am3 bar-bi nam-usz2-am3
#tr.en: Inside Ur there is death, outside it there is death.
>>Q000380 399
400. sza3-bi-a nig2 sza3-gar-ra-ka i-im-til-le-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: Inside it we are to be finished off by famine. Outside it we are to be finished off by Elamite weapons.
>>Q000380 400
401. bar-bi-a {gesz}tukul elam{ki}-ma-ka ga-nam ba-e-til-le-en-de3-en
#tr.en: In Ur the enemy oppresses us, oh, we are finished.”
>>Q000380 401
402. uri5{ki}-ma lu2-erim2-e a2 bi2-ib-gar ga-nam ba-til-e-de3-en-de3-en
#tr.en: In Ur the enemy oppresses us, oh, we are finished.”
>>Q000380 402
403. zi-bi murgu-bi-sze3 i3-ak-e gu3 tesz2-a bi2-in-se3-ge5-esz
#tr.en: The people took refuge (?) behind the city walls. They were united in fear.
>>Q000380 403
404. e2-gal a ba-szub-ba szu ba-e-la2-la2 {gesz}si-gar-bi bi2-in-bu-bu-usz
#tr.en: The palace that was destroyed by onrushing water was defiled, its doorbolts were torn out.
>>Q000380 404
405. elam{ki}-e a mah e3-a-gin7 gidim im-ma-ni-ib2-gar
#tr.en: Elam, like a swelling flood wave, left (?) only the ghosts.
>>Q000380 405
406. uri5{ki}-ma {gesz}tukul-e {dug}sahar2-gin7 sag gaz i3-ak-e
#tr.en: In Ur weapons smashed heads like clay pots.
>>Q000380 406
407. lu2-kar-ra-bi du10 nu-um-zil(NUN)-e bad3 za3-ga bi2-in-dab5-be2-esz
#tr.en: Its refugees were unable to flee, they were trapped inside the walls.
>>Q000380 407
407A. ku6 a-nigin2-na lu-ga-gin7 zi-bi in-tum3-tum3-mu-ne
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 3 lines:) Like fish living in a pond, they tried to escape.
>>Q000380 407A
407B. e2-kisz-nu-gal2 {d}nanna-ka lu2-erim2-e ba-e-dab5
#tr.en: The enemy seized the E-kiš-nu-gal of Nanna.
>>Q000380 407B
407C. sig an-gar-bi dugud gal2-la-a re im-ze-er-ze-re-ne
#tr.en: They ripped out its heavy ...
>>Q000380 407C
408. {uruda}alan uzugx(|AN.ZAG|)-ge si-a-bi gu2-guru5 ba-an-ne-esz
#tr.en: The statues that were in the shrine were cut down.
>>Q000380 408
409. {d}nin-i3-gara2 agrig mah-e |URUxGAR|-ma szu bi2-in-dag
#tr.en: The great stewardess Ninigara ran away from the storehouse.
>>Q000380 409
410. {gesz}gu-za-bi igi-bi-ta ba-e-szu2 sahar-ra ba-da-an-tusz
#tr.en: Its throne was cast down before it, she threw herself down into the dust.
>>Q000380 410
411. ab2 mah-bi si-musz3-bi ba-ra-an-dab5-be2-esz si-bi ba-ra-an-ku5
#tr.en: Its mighty cows with shining horns were captured, their horns were cut off.
>>Q000380 411
412. gu4 du7-du7-bi udu u2 gu7-a-bi {gesz}tukul-e ba-an-sag3-sag3
#tr.en: Its unblemished oxen and grass-fed sheep were slaughtered.
>>Q000380 412
412A. {gesz}geszimmar-gin7 gu2-gur5-ru ba-ab-du11 tesz2-bi ba-ra-an-kad4
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) They were cut down as date palms and were tied together.
>>Q000380 412A
413. {gesz}geszimmar uruda nig2 kal-ga a2 nam-ur-sag-ga2
#tr.en: The palm-trees, strong as mighty copper, the heroic strength,
>>Q000380 413
414. {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB|-gin7 ba-bu {u2}|ZI&ZI.LAGAB|-gin7 ba-ze2 ur2-ba ti mi-ni-ib-bala
#tr.en: were torn out like rushes, were plucked like rushes, their trunks were turned sideways.
>>Q000380 414
415. sag sahar-ra ki ba-ni-ib-u2-us2 lu2 zi-zi la-ba-tuku
#tr.en: Their tops lay in the dust, there was no one to raise them.
>>Q000380 415
416. {gesz}ze2-na-bi gu2 ba-an-guru5-usz sag szu bi2-in-hu-hu-uz
#tr.en: The midribs of their palm fronds were cut off and their tops were burnt off.
>>Q000380 416
417. {gesz}a2-an zu2-lum-ma-bi pu2 du7-du7 ba-ra-an-BU-BU-de3-esz
#tr.en: Their date spadices that used to fall (?) on the well were torn out.
>>Q000380 417
418. gi-zi nab? ku3-ge mu2-a szu ba-e-la2-la2
#tr.en: The fertile reeds, which grew in the sacred ..., were defiled.
>>Q000380 418
419. gu2-un gal-gal-e mi-ni-in-gar-re-esz-a kur-re i3-il2-il2
#tr.en: The great tribute that they had collected was hauled off to the mountains.
>>Q000380 419
420. e2-e gesz-bur2 mah-bi ba-szub bad3-si-bi ba-gul
#tr.en: The house's great door ornament fell down, its parapet was destroyed.
>>Q000380 420
421. masz2-ansze zi-da gab2-bu-ba gu2-da la2-a-bi
#tr.en: The wild animals that were intertwined on its left and right
>>Q000380 421
422. ur-sag ur-sag-e gaz-a-gin7 igi-bi-ta ba-szu2
#tr.en: lay before it like heroes smitten by heroes.
>>Q000380 422
423. uszumgal ka du8-a pirig-ga2 ni2 guru3-gur3-ru-bi
#tr.en: Its gaping-mouthed dragons and its awe-inspiring lions
>>Q000380 423
424. am dab5-ba-gin7 saman-e bi2-in-szub-bu re ki-erim2-e ba-ab-de6
#tr.en: were pulled down with ropes like captured wild bulls and carried off to enemy territory.
>>Q000380 424
425. ki-tusz ku3 {d}nanna tir szim {gesz}erin-na-gin7 ir-si-im-bi ba-gul
#tr.en: The fragrance of the sacred seat of Nanna, formerly like a fragrant cedar grove, was destroyed.
>>Q000380 425
425A. a-sal-bar-bi ku3-sig17 {na4}za-gin3 ki x x-da du11-ga-a-bi
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) Its architrave ... gold and lapis lazuli.
>>Q000380 425A
426. e2 u6 di-bi i3-du10-ga re u6 di-bi ba-gul
#tr.en: The glory of the house, whose glory was once so lovely, was extinguished.
>>Q000380 426
427. u4-gin7 kur-kur-ra im-si-a an-usan an-na-gin7 ba-e-du3
#tr.en: Like a storm that fills all the lands, it was built there like twilight in the heavens;
>>Q000380 427
428. {gesz}ig-bi mul?-an-na x-bi [...] du11-ga-ba
#tr.en: its doors adorned with the heavenly stars,
>>Q000380 428
429. {uruda}bulug gal-gal-e KA [...]-gi4-gi4 ba-ra-an-bu-bu-usz
#tr.en: its ... Great bronze latches ... were torn out.
>>Q000380 429
430. {kusz}a2-si-bi a-ba IM [...] en3-bi-sze3 TUG2 PI [...] ba-ab-du11
#tr.en: Its hinges ... Together with its door fittings it (?) wept bitterly like a fugitive.
>>Q000380 430
431. {gesz}nu-kusz2-u3-bi-da lu2-kar-ra-gin7 er2 gig i3-sze8-sze8
#tr.en: The bolt, the holy lock and the great door were not fastened for it.
>>Q000380 431
432. {gesz}sag-kul {gesz}suhub4 ku3-ga {gesz}ig gal gu2 gid2-i nu-mu-na-ab-be2
#tr.en: The noise of the door being fastened had ceased;
>>Q000380 432
433. {gesz}ig gu2 gid2-da za-pa-ag2-bi ba-szub lu2 gu2 gid2-i la-ba-an-tuku
#tr.en: there was no one to fasten it.
>>Q000380 433
434. [...] x-ba-sze3 ba-la2-la2 sila dagal-la ni2-bi ba-ab-gar
#tr.en: The ... and was put out in the square.
>>Q000380 434
435. ki x x-da ki lugal gub-bu-na nidba-bi ba-kur2
#tr.en: The food offerings ... of his royal dining place were altered.
>>Q000380 435
436. ki? ku3-ba tigi2 szem5 {kusz}a2-la2-e gu3 nun nu-mu-ni-ib-be2
#tr.en: In its sacred place (?) the tigi, šem and ala instruments did not sound.
>>Q000380 436
437. {gesz}tigi2 mah-ba er2? x [...]-si-a szer3 ku3 nu-mu-na-ab-be2
#tr.en: Its mighty tigi ... did not perform its sacred song.
>>Q000380 437
438. dub-la2-mah ki nam tar-re-de3 ka-inim-ma nu-gal2
#tr.en: There was no eloquence in the Dubla-maḫ, the place where oaths used to be taken.
>>Q000380 438
439. {gesz}gu-za ki di ku5-ru-bi nu-mu-un-gub di si nu-um-sa2-e
#tr.en: The throne was not set up at its place of judgment, justice was not administered.
>>Q000380 439
440. {d}alamusz-e {gesz}gidri ba-da-an-szub szu-ni gu4?-u4-gu4-u4
#tr.en: Alamuš threw down his sceptre, his hands trembling.
>>Q000380 440
441. a2-nu2-da ku3 {d}nanna-ka balag na-mu-un-tag-ge-ne
#tr.en: In the sacred bedchamber of Nanna musicians no longer played the balag drum.
>>Q000380 441
442. dub-szen ku3 lu2 igi nu-bar-re-dam erim2-e igi i-ni-in-bar
#tr.en: The sacred box that no one had set eyes upon was seen by the enemy.
>>Q000380 442
443. gesz-nu2 gi4-rin-na nu-um-gub u2 za-gin3 nu-mu-un-bara3
#tr.en: The divine bed was not set up, it was not spread with clean hay.
>>Q000380 443
444. {uruda}alan uzugx(|AN.ZAG|)-ge4 si-a-ba gu2-guru5 ba-an-ne-esz
#tr.en: The statues that were in the shrine were cut down.
>>Q000380 444
445. engiz ensi kiszib3-gal2-bi esz-da szu li-bi2-in-du7-usz
#tr.en: The cook, the dream interpreter, and the seal keeper did not perform the ceremonies properly.
>>Q000380 445
446. gu2 ki-sze3 gal2-la-ba ba-e-su8-su8-ge-esz kur2-re ba-ab-lah5-e-esz
#tr.en: They stood by submissively and were carried off by the foreigners.
>>Q000380 446
447. uz-ga ku3 szu-luh dadag-ga sza3-gada-la2-be2-e-ne
#tr.en: The priests of the holy uzga shrine and the sacred lustrations, the linen-clad priests,
>>Q000380 447
448. gesz-hur me ku3-ga ba-da-ha-lam-e iri kur2-sze3 ba-e-re7-esz
#tr.en: forsook the divine plans and sacred divine powers, they went off to a foreign city.
>>Q000380 448
449. {d}suen-e sza3 hul-la-ni a-a-ni-ir ba-szi-in-gen
#tr.en: In his grief Suen approached his father.
>>Q000380 449
450. igi a-a ugu-na {d}en-lil2-la2-sze3 du10 ki ba-ni-in-us2
#tr.en: He went down on his knee in front of Enlil, the father who begot him:
>>Q000380 450
451. a-a ugu-gu10 en3-tukum-sze3 nig2-ka9-gu10 igi erim2 mu-e-du8 en3-tukum-sze3 SAR
#tr.en: “O father who begot me, how long will the enemy eye be cast upon my account, how long ...?
>>Q000380 451
452. nam-en nam-lugal szum2-ma-za-am3 x mu-e-szi-de2?
#tr.en: he lordship and the kingship that you bestowed ...,
>>Q000380 452
453. a-a {d}en-lil2 lu2 a2 ag2-e du11-ga zi
#tr.en: Father Enlil, the one who advises with just words,
>>Q000380 453
454. inim ku3-zu kalam-ma [...]
#tr.en: the wise words of the Land ...,
>>Q000380 454
455. di nig2 kur2-zu sza3 [...]
#tr.en: your inimical judgment
>>Q000380 455
456. sza3 zu-mu-ug-ga i-zi-gin7 hu-luh-ha-za igi zi bar-mu-un-szi-ib
#tr.en: look into your darkened heart, terrifying like waves.
>>Q000380 456
457. a-a {d}en-lil2 nam mu-e-tar-ra |GA2xGAR| ba-ra-an-du8-du8
#tr.en: O Father Enlil, the fate that you have decreed cannot be explained,
>>Q000380 457
458. siki-pa nam-en-na suh kesz2-da-ga2
#tr.en: as for my hairstyle (?) of lordship and the diadem with which I was crowned.”
>>Q000380 458
459. u4 sikil mah luh-luh x x [...] x tug2-mu-dur7-ra mi-ni-in-mu4
#tr.en: ... he put on a garment of mourning.
>>Q000380 459
460. {d}en-lil2-le dumu-ni {d}suen-ra inim zi mu-un-na-ab-be2
#tr.en: Enlil then provided a favourable response to his son Suen:
>>Q000380 460
461. dumu-gu10 iri nam-he2 giri17-zal sza-ra-da-du3-a bala-zu ba-szi-ib-tuku
#tr.en: “My son, the city built for you in joy and prosperity was given to you as your reign.
>>Q000380 461
462. iri{ki} gul bad3 gal bad3-si-bi se3-ge5 u3 ur5-re bala an-ga-am3
#tr.en: Destroying the city, overthrowing its great wall and battlements: all this too is part of that reign.
>>Q000380 462
463. sa2 mi-ri-ib-du11-ga bala u4 ge6-ge6-ga-bi-ir gal2-lu sza-ra-du11
#tr.en: ... the black, black days of the reign that has been your lot.
>>Q000380 463
464. dur2-u3 re ki-tusz e2-temen-ni2-gur3-ru-za zi-de3-esz du3-du3-am3
#tr.en: As for dwelling in your home, the E-temen-ni-guru, that was properly built -
>>Q000380 464
465. uri5{ki} giri17-zal-la he2-en-du3 ug3 he2-en-szi-gam-e
#tr.en: - indeed Ur shall be rebuilt in splendour, the people shall bow down to you.
>>Q000380 465
466. ur2-bi-a nig2 he2-en-gal2 {d}|SZE.TIR| he2-eb2-da-tusz
#tr.en: There is to be bounty at its base, there is to be grain.
>>Q000380 466
467. pa-bi-a giri17-zal he2-en-gal2 {d}utu he2-en-da-hul2
#tr.en: There is to be splendour at its top, the sun shall rejoice there.
>>Q000380 467
468. {gesz}banszur-ba he2-gal2 {d}|SZE.TIR|-ka gu2-da he2-em-mi-ib-la2
#tr.en: Let an abundance of grain embrace its table.
>>Q000380 468
469. uri5{ki} iri an-ne2 nam tar-re ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4
#tr.en: May Ur, the city whose fate was pronounced by An, be restored for you.”
>>Q000380 469
470. {d}en-lil2-le gu3 zi de2-am3 gu2 an-sze3 he2-en-zi
#tr.en: Having pronounced his blessing, Enlil raised his head toward the heavens:
>>Q000380 470
471. {d}nanna-ra ma-da sig igi-nim-ma gu2 hu-mu-na-ab-diri
#tr.en: “May the land, south and highland, be organised for Nanna.
>>Q000380 471
472. {d}suen-ra kaskal kur-ra-ke4 si he2-en-na-sa2-e
#tr.en: May the roads of the mountains be set in order for Suen.
>>Q000380 472
473. muru9-gin7 ki us2-sa-a-gin7 szu mu-un-na-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: Like a cloud hugging the earth, they shall submit to him.
>>Q000380 473
474. inim du11-ga an {d}en-lil2-la2-kam szu zi he2-ga2-ga2
#tr.en: By order of An and Enlil it shall be conferred.”
>>Q000380 474
475. a-a {d}nanna iri{ki}-ni uri5{ki}-ma sag il2-la mu-un-gen
#tr.en: Father Nanna came into his city of Ur with head raised high.
>>Q000380 475
476. szul {d}suen e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la-sze3 im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
#tr.en: The youth Suen could enter again into the E-kiš-nu-gal.
>>Q000380 476
477. {d}nin-gal-e agrun ku3-ga-na ni2 mu-ni-ib-te-en-te-en
#tr.en: Ningal refreshed herself in her sacred living quarters.
>>Q000380 477
477A. uri5{ki}-ma e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la-na im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
#tr.en: (1 ms. adds 1 line:) In Ur she could enter again into her E-kiš-nu-gal.
>>Q000380 477A
478. ki-ru-gu2 4(disz)-kam-ma
#tr.en: 4th kirugu.
>>Q000380 478
479. iri{ki} lil2-la2-am3 sza3-bi a-sze-ra gi er2-ra ba-an-mu2
#tr.en: There is lamentation in the haunted city, mourning reeds grew there.
>>Q000380 479
480. sza3-bi a-sze-ra gi er2-ra ba-an-mu2
#tr.en: In its midst there is lamentation, mourning reeds grew there.
>>Q000380 480
481. ug3-bi a-sze-er-ra u4 mi-ni-ib-zal-zal-e
#tr.en: Its people spend their days in moaning.
>>Q000380 481
482. gesz-gi4-gal2-bi-im
#tr.en: Ĝišgigal.
>>Q000380 482
483. u4 gig-ga u4 gaba-zu zi-ga-ab u4 e2-za gi4-bi
#tr.en: O bitter storm, retreat, O storm, storm return to your home.
>>Q000380 483
484. u4 uru2 gul-gul u4 gaba-zu zi-ga-ab u4 e2-za gi4-bi
#tr.en: O storm that destroys cities, retreat, O storm, storm return to your home.
>>Q000380 484
485. u4 e2 gul-gul u4 gaba-zu zi-ga-ab u4 e2-za gi4-bi
#tr.en: O storm that destroys houses, retreat, O storm, storm return to your home.
>>Q000380 485
486. u4 ki-en-gi-ra ba-e-zal-la kur-re he2-eb-zal
#tr.en: Indeed the storm that blew on Sumer, blew also on the foreign lands.
>>Q000380 486
487. u4 ma-da ba-e-zal-la kur-re he2-eb-zal
#tr.en: Indeed the storm that blew on the land, blew on the foreign lands.
>>Q000380 487
488. kur ti-id-nu-um{ki}-ma-ka he2-eb-zal kur-re he2-eb-zal
#tr.en: It has blown on Tidnum, it has blown on the foreign lands.
>>Q000380 488
489. kur gu-ti-um{ki}-ma-ka he2-eb-zal kur-re he2-eb-zal
#tr.en: It has blown on Gutium, it has blown on the foreign lands.
>>Q000380 489
490. kur an-sza4-an{ki}-na-ka he2-eb-zal kur-re he2-eb-zal
#tr.en: It has blown on Anšan, it has blown on the foreign lands.
>>Q000380 490
491. an-sza4-an{ki}-e im-hul dal-la-gin7 szusz3 he2-ni-ib-su-su
#tr.en: It levelled Anšan like a blowing evil wind.
>>Q000380 491
492. sza3-gar lu2 nig2-hul he2-en-da-dab5 ug3 he2-em-szi-ib-gam-e
#tr.en: Famine has overwhelmed the evildoer; those people will have to submit.
>>Q000380 492
493. me an-na gesz-hur ug3 ge-ne2 an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May An not change the divine powers of heaven, the divine plans for treating the people with justice.
>>Q000380 493
494. di ku5 ka-asz bar-re ug3 si sa2-sa2-e an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May An not change the decisions and judgments to lead the people properly.
>>Q000380 494
495. kaskal kalam-ma-ke4 giri3 ga2-ga2 an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: To travel on the roads of the Land: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 495
496. an-ne2 {d}en-lil2-bi nam-kur2-ru-ne an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May An and Enlil not change it, may An not change it.
>>Q000380 496
497. {d}en-ki {d}nin-mah-bi nam-kur2-ru-ne an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May Enki and Ninmaḫ not change it, may An not change it.
>>Q000380 497
498. {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na a-bi tum3-de3 an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: That the Tigris and Euphrates should again carry water: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 498
499. szegx(|IM.A|) an-na ki-a sze gu-nu an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: That there should be rain in the skies and on the ground speckled barley: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 499
500. i7 a-bi-da a-sza3 sze-bi-da an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: That there should be watercourses with water and fields with grain: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 500
501. ambar-ambar-re ku6 muszen tum3 an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: That the marshes should support fish and fowl: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 501
502. gesz-gi gi sumun gi henbur mu2-mu2-de3 an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: That old reeds and fresh reeds should grow in the reedbeds: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 502
503. an-ne2 {d}en-lil2-bi nam-kur2-ru-ne
#tr.en: May An and Enlil not change it.
>>Q000380 503
504. {d}en-ki {d}nin-mah-bi nam-kur2-ru-ne
#tr.en: May Enki and Ninmaḫ not change it.
>>Q000380 504
505. pu2-{gesz}kiri6 lal3 gesztin u3-tu
#tr.en: That the orchards should bear syrup and grapes,
>>Q000380 505
506. an-edin-na {gesz}masz2-gur2 u3-tu
#tr.en: that the high plain should bear the mašgurum tree,
>>Q000380 506
507. e2-gal-la zi su3-u4-gal2 u3-tu
#tr.en: that there should be long life in the palace,
>>Q000380 507
508. a-ab-ba he2-gal2 nig2 u3-tu an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: that the sea should bring forth every abundance: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 508
509. ma-da ug3 lu-a sig igi-nim-ma an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: The land densely populated from south to uplands: may An not change it.
>>Q000380 509
510. an-ne2 {d}en-lil2-bi nam-kur2-re-ne an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May An and Enlil not change it, may An not change it.
>>Q000380 510
511. {d}en-ki {d}nin-mah-bi nam-kur2-re-ne an-ne2 nam-kur2-re
#tr.en: May Enki and Ninmaḫ not change it, may An not change it.
>>Q000380 511
512. iri du3-du3-a ug3 szar2-szar2-ra
#tr.en: That cities should be rebuilt, that people should be numerous,
>>Q000380 512
513. an ki nigin2-na ug3 sag se3-ga
#tr.en: hat in the whole universe the people should be cared for;
>>Q000380 513
514. {d}nanna nam-lugal-zu du10-ga-am3 ki-za gi4-ni-ib
#tr.en: O Nanna, your kingship is sweet, return to your place.
>>Q000380 514
515. uri5{ki} bala du10 nam-he2 u4 he2-ni-ib-su3-u4-de3
#tr.en: May a good abundant reign be long-lasting in Ur.
>>Q000380 515
516. ug3-bi u2-sal-la he2-eb-nu2 e-ne su3-u4 he2-em-ak?
#tr.en: Let its people lie down in safe pastures, let them reproduce.
>>Q000380 516
517. a nam-lu2-ulu3 ba-tu11 KU-re egir3-re mu-lu er2 a-sze-re
#tr.en: O mankind ..., princess overcome by lamentation and crying!
>>Q000380 517
518. {d}nanna a iri-zu a e2-zu a nam-lu2-u18-lu-zu
#tr.en: O Nanna! O your city! O your house! O your people!
>>Q000380 518
519. ki-ru-gu2 5(disz)-kam-ma-am3
#tr.en: 5th kirugu.
>>Q000380 518