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Primary publication: BBS 036b
Author: King, Leonard W.
Publication date: 1912
Secondary publication(s): Woods, Christopher E., JCS 56 (2004) 023-103
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P472681
UCLA Library ARK 21198/z1jh4szm
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20141226 firth
Transliteration: Woods, Christopher E.
Translation: Woods, Christopher E.
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Collection Information
Owner: British Museum, London, UK
Museum no.: BM 091002 (was BM 12137A, BM 121376)
Accession no.: 1881-04-28, 0033
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Royal/Monumental
Sub-genre: witness
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: needed
Language: Akkadian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: clay
Object remarks: mold of BBS 036a
Measurements (mm): 130 x 170 x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience: Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks: Shamash Temple
Period: Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin: Nabonidus.00.00.00 ?
Dates referenced: Nabonidus.00.00.00 ?
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Mold of BBS 036a

surface a
$ (mirrored, impression of relief of BBS 036a)
1. _nimgir_ {d}utu
#tr.en: Herald of Šamaš,
2. _musz igi-min_
#tr.en: two-faced serpent.

surface b
1. {d}utu _en gal_-u2 a-szib e2-babbar#-ra _en_ zimbir{ki}
#tr.en: Šamaš, the great lord, the one who dwells in Ebabbar, lord of Sippar.
2. _{tug2}nig2-mu4_ {d}utu _en gal_-u2 zimbir{ki}
#tr.en: Garments (for) Šamaš, the great lord, lord of Sippar:
3. _{iti}bara2 u4 7(disz)-kam_ 2(disz) {gada}szal-hu 4(disz) {tug2}s,ib-ti
#tr.en: for the 7th day of Nisannu: 2 linen šalḫu-garments, 4 ṣibtu-garments
4. ki-tin-nu _4(u) ma-na ki-la2_-szu2-nu 1(disz)-en {gada}hu-la-nu
#tr.en: made of kitinnû-linen, their weight 40 minas, 1 linen ḫullānu-wrap,
5. 1(disz)-en me-ze-hu _gada 7(disz) {tug2}nig2-eb2-la2_
#tr.en: one linen mēzeḫu-scarf, 7 ḫuṣannu-sashes
6. _1(disz) ma-na 1(u) gin2 ki-la2_ 1(disz)-en _{tug2}ib-la2_ iz-hi
#tr.en: weighing 1 mina and 10 shekels, one tied nēbeḫu-sash,
7. 1(disz)-en _{tug2}murub4-eb2-la2_ ta-bar-ra 1(disz)-en _tug2-u4-a 2(u) ma-na ki-la2_
#tr.en: one red-wool girdle, one garment weighing 20 minas,
8. 1(disz)-en _tug-u4-a_ zi-qu 1(disz)-en me-ze-hu _gada_
#tr.en: one garment with crenellated hem, one linen mēzeḫu-scarf,
9. 1(disz)-en ku-lu-lu _za-<gin3>-kur-ra_ <1(disz)-en> ku-lu-lu sza2
#tr.en: one blue-purple (wool) kulūlu-turban, (one) kulūlu-turban that
10. _ku3-sig17_ iz-hi ina _ugu_-szu2 1(disz)-en _tug2-u4-a za-<gin3>-kur-ra_
#tr.en: has gold fastened on it, one blue-purple (wool) garment
11. iz-hi _ku3-sig17 ka2 tug2-u4-a {iti}gu4 u4 1(u)-kam2_ ki-ma _{iti}bara2 ki-min_
#tr.en: fastened (with) gold. Itemization of the wardrobe for the 10th day of Ayyaru: the same as that for (the 7th day of) Nisannu.
12. _{iti}kin u4 3(disz)-kam2#_ 2(disz) {gada}szal-hu 3(disz) {tug2}s,ib-ti
#tr.en: (for) the 3rd day of Ulūlu: 2 linen šalḫu-garments, three ṣibtu-garments,
13. 1(disz)-en {gada}hu-la-nu 1(disz)-en me-ze-hu _gada_
#tr.en: one linen ḫullānu-wrap, 1 linen mēzeḫu-scarf,
14. _6(disz) {tug2}nig2-eb2-la2_ 1(disz)-en _{tug2}murub4-eb2-la2_ 1(disz)-en _tug2-u4-a_
#tr.en: 6 ḫuṣannu-sashes, one girdle, one garment,
15. 1(disz)-en mut-ta-tu4 sza2 ta-bar-ri
#tr.en: one muttatu-headband(?) of red (and)
16. _za-<gin3>-kur-ra_ bu-s,u t,i-mi-tu4 _{iti}du6 u4 7(disz)-kam2 ki-min_
#tr.en: blue-purple wool (twined with) byssos threads. (Wardrobe for) the 7th day of Tašrītu: the same (as that for the 3rd day of Ulūlu).
17. _{iti}apin u4 1(u) 5(disz)-kam2_ ki-ma _{iti}bara2 _{iti}sze u4 1(u) 5(disz)-kam2_
#tr.en: (Wardrobe for) the 15th day of Araḫsamnu: the same as that for (the 7th day of) Nisannu. (Wardrobe for) the 15th of Addaru:
18. ki-ma _{iti}kin gaba-ri_ a-su-u2-mi-it sza2 {d}utu _en_ sip#-par#{ki#}
#tr.en: the same as that for (the 3rd day of) Ulūlu. Impression of the bas-relief of Šamaš, lord of Sippar,
19. sza2 {disz}{d}na3-ibila-mu _lugal_ babilax(|DIN.TIR|){ki}
#tr.en: (commissioned) by Nabû-apla-iddina, king of Babylon.