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Primary publication: CDLI Literary 000365 (Gilgamesh and Huwawa A) composite
Author: CDLI
Publication date: 2014ff.
Secondary publication(s):
Author remarks:
Published collation:
CDLI no.: P480190
UCLA Library ARK
CDLI comments:
Source of original electronic files
Catalogue: 20150326 cdliadmin
Transliteration: etcslstaff
Translation: no translation
Photo: If not otherwise indicated, digital images were prepared in their current form by CDLI staff, in some cases with the kind assistance of collection staff. For terms of use, click here.

Line Art: If not otherwise indicated, line art drawings prepared in their digital form by CDLI staff are to be credited to primary publication author(s).

Collection Information
Museum no.:
Accession no.:
Acquisition history:

Text Content:
Genre: Literary
Sub-genre: ETCSL Gilgamesh and Huwawa A ('Decad no. 10') (composite)
Sub-genre remarks:
Composite no.: Q000365
Language: Sumerian
Physical Information
Object type: other (see object remarks)
Material: composite
Object remarks: composite text
Measurements (mm): x x
Object preservation:
Surface preservation:
Condition description:
Join information:
Seal no.:
Seal information:
Provenience remarks:
Excavation no.:
Findspot square:
Stratigraphic level:
Findspot remarks:
Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Period remarks:
Date of Origin:
Dates referenced:
Date remarks:
Alternative years:
Accounting period:

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Composite text

surface a
1. en-e kur lu2 ti-la-sze3 gesztu2-ga-ni na-an-gub
>>Q000365 001
2. en {d}gilgames2-e kur lu2 ti-la-sze3 gesztu2-ga-ni na-an-gub
>>Q000365 002
3. arad-da-ni en-ki-du10-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
>>Q000365 003
4. en-ki-du10 murgu gurusz-e ti-la sag ti-le-bi-sze3 la-ba-ra-an-e3-a
>>Q000365 004
5. kur-ra ga-an-ku4 mu-gu10 ga-am3-gar
>>Q000365 005
6. ki mu gub-bu-ba-am3 mu-gu10 ga-bi2-ib-gub
>>Q000365 006
7. ki mu nu-gub-bu-ba-am3 mu dingir-re-e-ne ga-bi2-ib-gub
>>Q000365 007
8. arad-da-ni en-ki-du10-e inim mu-un-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 008
9. lugal-gu10 tukum-bi u4-da kur-ra i-ni-in-ku4-ku4-de3 {d}utu he2-me-da-an-zu
>>Q000365 009
9a. kur-{gesz}erin-ku5-sze3 i-ni-in-ku4-ku4-de3-en
>>Q000365 009a
10. {d}utu szul {d}utu he2-me-da-an-zu
>>Q000365 010
11. kur-ra dim2-ma-bi {d}utu-kam
>>Q000365 011
12. kur-{gesz}erin-ku5 dim2-ma-bi szul {d}utu-kam {d}utu he2-me-da-an-zu
>>Q000365 012
13. {d}gilgames2-e masz2 babbar2-ra szu im-mi-in-tag
>>Q000365 013
14a. masz2 su4 masz2-da-ri-a gaba-na i-im-tab
>>Q000365 014a
14b. masz2 su4-a masz2 babbar [...] masz2 sza3 tam? ma-an-dab
>>Q000365 014b
15. szu-ni gidru ku3 giri17-na ba-da-an-gal2
>>Q000365 015
16. {d}utu an-na-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
>>Q000365 016
17. {d}utu kur-sze3 i-in-ku4-ku4-de3-en a2-tah-gu10 he2-me-en
>>Q000365 017
18. kur-{gesz}erin-ku5-sze3 i-in-ku4-ku4-de3-en a2-tah-gu10 he2-me-en
>>Q000365 018
19. {d}utu an-na-ta inim mu-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 019
20. gurusz dumu-gi7 ni2-zu-a he2-me-en kur-ra a-na-bi-me-en
>>Q000365 020
21. {d}utu inim ga-ra-ab-du11 inim-gu10-usz gesztu2-zu
>>Q000365 021
22. silim ga-ra-ab-du11 gizzal he2-em-szi-ak
>>Q000365 022
23. iri{ki}-ga2 lu2 ba-usz2 sza3 ba-sag3
>>Q000365 023
24. lu2 u2-gu ba-an-de2 sza3-gu10 ba-an-gig
>>Q000365 024
25. bad3-da gu2-ga2 im-ma-an-la2
>>Q000365 025
26. ad6 a-a ib2-dirig-ge igi im-ma-an-se3
>>Q000365 026
27. u3 ge26-e ur5-gin7 nam-ba-ak-e ur5-sze3 he2-me-a
>>Q000365 027
28. lu2 sukux(SUKUD)-ra2 an-sze3 nu-mu-un-da-la2
>>Q000365 028
29. lu2 dagal-la kur-ra la-ba-an-szu2-szu2
>>Q000365 029
30. murgu gurusz-e ti-la sag ti-le-bi-sze3 la-ba-ra-an-e3-a
>>Q000365 030
31. kur-ra ga-an-ku4 mu-gu10 ga-am3-gar
>>Q000365 031
32. ki mu gub-bu-ba-am3 mu-gu10 ga-bi2-ib-gub
>>Q000365 032
33. ki mu nu-gub-bu-ba-am3 mu dingir-re-e-ne ga-bi2-ib-gub
>>Q000365 033
34. {d}utu er2-na kadra-gin7 szu ba-an-szi-in-ti
>>Q000365 034
35. lu2 arhusz-a-gin7 arhusz ba-ni-in-ak
>>Q000365 035
36. ur-sag dumu ama dili-me-esz 7(disz)-me-esz
>>Q000365 036
37. 1(disz)-am3 szesz-gal-bi szu pirig-ga2 umbin hu-ri2-in-na
>>Q000365 037
38. 2(disz)-kam-ma musz-sza3-tur3 ka x x KU szu USZ
>>Q000365 038
39. 3(disz)-kam-ma musz uszum-gal musz [...] x RU
>>Q000365 039
40. 4(disz)-kam-ma izi sze6-sze6 x x ku4-ra
>>Q000365 040
41. 5(disz)-kam-ma musz-sag-kal sza3 gi4-a ub KA x
>>Q000365 041
42. 6(disz)-kam-ma a-ge6 du7-du7-gin7 kur-ra gaba ra-ra
>>Q000365 042
43. 7(disz)-kam-ma [...] nim-gin7 i3-gir2-gir2-re lu2 nu-da-gur-de3
>>Q000365 043
43a. x x [...]
>>Q000365 043a
43b. x x x x [...]
>>Q000365 043b
43c. 7(disz) dili-dili [...] ki x x mu? [...]
>>Q000365 043c
43d. x x e ki x x x x x [...]
>>Q000365 043d
43e. [...]
>>Q000365 043e
43f. [...] x hu-mu-ni-in-x-x
>>Q000365 043f
43g. [...] x x x nam-lugal x UD e e11-de3
>>Q000365 043g
43h. [...] {d?}nisaba-ke4 im-ma-ra-an-tah
>>Q000365 043h
43i. [...]-la-me-esz ki-a har-ra-an-na zu-me-esz
>>Q000365 043i
43j. [...] har-ra-an-na hu-mu-ni-in-pa3-de3
>>Q000365 043j
44. ma2-ur3-ma2-ur3 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 hu-mu-ni-in-tum2-tum2-mu
>>Q000365 044
45a. 7(disz)-bi-e-ne ur-sag szul {d}utu {d}gilgames2-ra mu-un-na-ra-an-szum2
>>Q000365 045a
45b. ur-sag szul {d}utu en {d}gilgames2 7(disz)-be2-e-ne mu-na-ra-an-szum2
>>Q000365 045b
46. {gesz}erin sag3-ge hul2-la-gin7 im-ma-na-ni-ib2-gar
>>Q000365 046
47. en {d}gilgames2-e hul2-la-gin7 im-ma-na-ni-ib2-gar
>>Q000365 047
48. iri{ki}-na lu2 dili-gin7 si gu3 ba-ni-in-ra
>>Q000365 048
49. lu2 2(disz) tab-ba-gin7 ka tesz2 ba-ni-in-ra
>>Q000365 049
50. e2 tuku e2-a-ni-sze3 ama tuku ama-a-ni-sze3
>>Q000365 050
51. nita {sag-dili}|USZ.ME.ESZ|{sag-di-lu-u2} ge26-e-gin7 ak a2-gu10-sze3 hu-mu-un-ak
>>Q000365 051
52. e2 tuku e2-a-ni-sze3 ama tuku ama-a-ni-sze3
>>Q000365 052
53. nita sag-dili e-ne-gin7 ak 5(u)-am3 a2-ni-sze3 ba-an-ak-esz
>>Q000365 053
54a. e2 simug-sze3 giri3-ni bi2-in-gub
>>Q000365 054a
54b. _usz-ta-ka-asz-[...]_
>>Q000365 054b
55. {uruda}a2-asz-gar {uruda}aga-silig a2 nam-ur-sag-ni im-ma-ni-de2-de2
>>Q000365 055
56. {gesz}kiri6 ge6-edin-na giri3-ni bi2-in-gub
>>Q000365 056
57. {gesz}esi {gesz}ha-lu-ub2 {gesz}haszhur {gesz}taskarin-na-ka im-ma-ni-sag3-sag3
>>Q000365 057
58. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3 [...]
>>Q000365 058
58a. ur-sag dumu ama dili [...]
>>Q000365 058a
59. 1(disz)-am3 szesz-gal-bi szu pirig-ga2 umbin hu-ri2-in{muszen}-na
>>Q000365 059
60. ma2-ur3-ma2-ur3 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 hu-mu-ni-in-tum2-tum2-mu
>>Q000365 060
61. hur-sag 1(disz)-kam-ma in-di3-bala-lam {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni nu-mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 061
61a. hur-sag 2(disz)-kam bi-ri-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-a-ni nu-mu-un-na-szub
>>Q000365 061a
61b. hur-sag 3(disz)-kam bi-ri-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-a-ni nu-mu-un-na-szub
>>Q000365 061b
61c. hur-sag 4(disz)-kam bi-ri-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-a-ni nu-mu-un-na-szub
>>Q000365 061c
61d. hur-sag 5(disz)-kam bi-ri-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-a-ni nu-mu-un-na-szub
>>Q000365 061d
61e. hur-sag 6(disz)-kam bi-ri-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-a-ni nu-mu-un-na-szub
>>Q000365 061e
$ n lines broken
61f. hur-sag 3(disz)-kam-ma im-te-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni nu-mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 061f
61g. hur-sag 4(disz)-kam-ma im-te-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni nu-mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 061g
61h. hur-sag 5(disz)-kam-ma im-te-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni nu-mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 061h
61i. hur-sag 6(disz)-kam-ma im-te-bala {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni nu-mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 061i
62. hur-sag 7(disz)-kam-ma bala-e-da-bi {gesz}erin sza3-ga-ni mu-ni-in-pa3
>>Q000365 062
63. en3 nu-un-tar ki nu-un-kin
>>Q000365 063
64. {d}gilgames2 {gesz}erin-na al-sag3-ge
>>Q000365 064
65a. en-ki-du10 pa-bi i3-ku5-ru NE [...] ki TUM x x {d}gilgames2-sze3 [...]
>>Q000365 065a
65b. en-ki-du10 {gesz}pa-bi [...] dumu iri-na mu-[...]
>>Q000365 065b
65c. [...]-ra en-ki-du10 [...]
>>Q000365 065c
66. gu-ru-ma [...] x x-ma im-ma-gub
>>Q000365 066
66a. hu-wa-wa [...]
>>Q000365 066a
67a. ni2 te-[...] mu-na-ra-an-la2
>>Q000365 067a
67b. en-ki-du10 gesz mu-na-an-ku5 dumu nu-mu-su-e mu-un-de3-re-esz2
>>Q000365 067b
67c. gu2-ru-ma im-ma-ga2-ga2-ne
>>Q000365 067c
67d. KA [...] x KA [...]-bi-a {d}gilgamesx(|BIL4.MESZ3.GA|) {d}hu-wa-wa ki-nu2-a-ni im-ma-hu-luh-ha
>>Q000365 067d
67e. ni2 ta-ni x-mu-ra-e3-a
>>Q000365 067e
68. {d}gilgames2 [...] x u3-sa2-gin7 ba-an-dab5
>>Q000365 068
69. [...] kur-ku-gin7 ba-an-gar
>>Q000365 069
70. dumu iri{ki}-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3
>>Q000365 070
71. ur-gi7 tur-tur-gin7 giri3-ni-sze3 szu ba-an-dub2-dub2-me-esz
>>Q000365 071
72. en-ki-du10 im-zi ma2-mu2-da in-bu-luh u3-sa2-ga-am3
>>Q000365 072
73. igi-ni szu bi2-in-gur10 nig2-me-gar sug4-ga-am3
>>Q000365 073
74. szu mu-un-tag-ge nu-mu-un-na-an-zi-zi-i
>>Q000365 074
75. gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e inim nu-mu-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 075
76. i3-nu2-na i3-nu2-na
>>Q000365 076
77. {d}gilgames2 en tur kul-ab{ki}-a en3-sze3 i3-nu2-de3-en
>>Q000365 077
78. kur ba-an-suh3-suh3 gissu ba-an-la2
>>Q000365 078
79. an-usan sze-er-sze-er-bi im-ma-DU
>>Q000365 079
80. {d}utu ur2 ama-ni {d}nin-gal-sze3 sag il2-la mu-un-gen
>>Q000365 080
81. {d}gilgames2 en-sze3 i3-nu2-de3-en
>>Q000365 081
82. dumu iri{ki}-za mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3
>>Q000365 082
83. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ka nam-ba-e-de3-gub-bu-ne
>>Q000365 083
84. ama ugu-bi tilla2 iri{ki}-za-ka esz2 nam-bi2-ib-sar-re
>>Q000365 084
85. gesztu2 zi-da-na ba-e-se3
>>Q000365 085
86. inim nam-ur-sag-ga2-ka-ni tug2-gin7 mu-ni-in-dul
>>Q000365 086
87. tug2 3(u) gin2 i3-a szu mu-un-nigin2-nigin2 gaba-na
>>Q000365 087
88. gu4-gin7 ki gal-la ba-e-gub
>>Q000365 088
89. gu2 ki-sze3 bi2-in-gar KA ba-an-da-se3
>>Q000365 089
90. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 090
91. du10-ub ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka u3-sa2 du11-ga-gin7 ha-ma-dim2-ma
>>Q000365 091
92. 2(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 092
93. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 093
94. en-na lu2-bi lu2-u18-lu he2-a im-ma-zu-a-a-asz dingir he2-a im-ma-zu-a-asz
>>Q000365 094
95. giri3 kur-sze3 gub-ba-gu10 iri{ki}-sze3 ba-ra-gub-be2-en
>>Q000365 095
96. arad zi ba-an-du10 nam-ti ba-an-ku7-ku7
>>Q000365 096
97. lugal-a-ni-ir inim mu-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 097
98. lugal-gu10 za-e lu2-ba igi nu-mu-ni-in-du8-a sza3 nu-mu-ni-dab5-be2-en
>>Q000365 098
99. ge26-e lu2-ba igi mu-ni-du8-a sza3 mu-ni-dab5-be2-en
>>Q000365 099
100. ur-sag ka-ka-ni ka uszumgal-la-kam
>>Q000365 100
101. igi-ni igi pirig-ga2-kam
>>Q000365 101
102. |GISZ.GAB|-a-ni a-ge6 du7-du7-dam
>>Q000365 102
103. sag-ki-ni gesz-gi bi2-gu7-a lu2 nu-mu-da-te-ge26-e-dam
>>Q000365 103
103a. usz11-da-a ur-mah lu2 gu7-a usz2 nu-ra-gid2-de3
>>Q000365 103a
103b. [...] MASZ USZ-am3
>>Q000365 103b
103c. [...] ur-mah ad6 gu7 usz2-am3 nu-ra-gid2-de3
>>Q000365 103c
103d. [...] gu7 [...]
>>Q000365 103d
103e. [...] lugal KA na [...]
>>Q000365 103e
103f. [...] x x KA [...]
>>Q000365 103f
104. lugal-gu10 za-e kur-sze3 u5-a ge26-e iri{ki}-sze3 ga-u5
>>Q000365 104
105. ama-zu-ur2 i3-ti-zu ga-na-ab-du11 zu2-zu2 he2-li9-li9
>>Q000365 105
106. egir-ra ba-usz2-zu ga-na-ab-du11 er2-zu he2-sze8-sze8
>>Q000365 106
106a. [...] mu-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 106a
107. gar-ra en-ki-du10 lu2 2(disz)-e nu-usz2-e {gesz}ma2-da-la2 nu-su-su
>>Q000365 107
108. tug2 3(disz) tab-ba lu2 nu-ku5-de3
>>Q000365 108
109. bad3-da a lu2 nu-szu2-szu2
>>Q000365 109
110. e2 gi-sig-ga izi nu-te-en-te-en
>>Q000365 110
111. za-e ge26-e tah-ma-ab ge26-e za-e ga-ra-ab-tah a-na-me lu2 ba-an-tum3
>>Q000365 111
112. ba-su-a-ba ba-su-a-ba
>>Q000365 112
113. u4 {gesz}ma2 ma2-gan{ki} ba-su-a-ba
>>Q000365 113
114. {gesz}ma2-gur8 {gesz}ma2-gi4-lum ba-su-a-ba
>>Q000365 114
115. {gesz}ma2-da-la2 {gesz}ma2 zi-sza3-gal2-la-ka sza3 gal2-la i3-in-dab5
>>Q000365 115
116. ga2-nam-ma ga-an-szi-re7-en-de3-en igi hu-mu-ni-ib-du8-ru-en-de3-en
>>Q000365 116
117. tukum-bi in-szi-re7-en-de3-en
>>Q000365 117
118. ni2 i3-gal2 ni2 i3-gal2 gi4-a
>>Q000365 118
119. umun2 i3-gal2 umun2 i3-gal2 gi4-a
>>Q000365 119
120. nig2 sza3-zu ga2-nam-ma ga-an-szi-re7-en-de3-en
>>Q000365 120
121. nita 6(u) ninda la-ba-te-ge26-e-da-asz
>>Q000365 121
122. hu-wa-wa e2 {gesz}erin-na-ka-ni in-ga-an-dab5
>>Q000365 122
123. igi mu-szi-in-bar igi usz2-a-kam
>>Q000365 123
124. sag mu-un-na-an-bul-bul sag nam-tag-ga sug4-ga-am3
>>Q000365 124
124a. gu3 mu-un-na-de2-a inim nam-ma-su3-su3-u4
>>Q000365 124a
125. gurusz ba-da-me-en-na iri{ki} ama tu-da-zu nu-ub-szi-in-gur-ru-de3?
>>Q000365 125
126. {d}gilgames2 sa-na giri3-na ni2 ba-an-ri ni2 te-a-ni ba-an-ri
>>Q000365 126
127. giri3-ni ki-a li-bi2-in-de3-gi4
>>Q000365 127
128. giri3 umbin gal-a-ni giri3 x ba-an-us2
>>Q000365 128
129. za3-na NU11-na ba-ni-ri?
>>Q000365 129
130. i3-a lum-lum u3-luh-ha su3-su3
>>Q000365 130
131. dumu-gi7 giri17-zal dingir-re-e-ne
>>Q000365 131
132. gu4 lipisz-tuku me3-a gub-ba
>>Q000365 132
133. ama-zu dumu tu-da mah-bi in-ga-an-zu
>>Q000365 133
134. emeda-ga-la2-zu dumu ur2-ra ga gu7 mah-bi in-ga-an-zu
>>Q000365 134
135. ni2 na-an-te-ge26-e-en szu ki-a se3-bi2-ib
>>Q000365 135
136. szu ki-a bi2-in-se3 inim mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 136
137. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 137
138. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 138
139. en-me-bara2-ge4-e-si nin9 gal-gu10 nam-dam-sze3 kur-ra hu-mu-ra-ni-ku4-ra
>>Q000365 139
140. 2(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-na-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 140
141. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 141
142. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 142
143. ma-tur nin9 ban3-da-gu10 nam-lukur-sze3 kur-ra hu-mu-ra-ni-ku4-ra-am3
>>Q000365 143
144. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-za ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 144
145. ni2 te-a-ni 1(disz)-am3 mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 145
146. dumu iri{ki} mu-un-de3-re7-esz-a
>>Q000365 146
147. pa-bi i3-ku5-ru-ne zu2 ba-an-kesz2-re-ne
>>Q000365 147
148. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ka mu-ni-ib-nu2-u3-ne
>>Q000365 148
148a. 2(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 148a
148b. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 148b
148c. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 148c
148d. [...]
>>Q000365 148d
148e. kur-ra hu-mu-ra-ni-du-en
>>Q000365 148e
148f. su-zu-a nu-mu-ra-te-ge26-de3-en
>>Q000365 148f
148g. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-zu-am3 ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 148g
148h. ni2 te-a-ni 2(disz)-kam-ma mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 148h
148i. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3
>>Q000365 148i
148j. pa-bi i3-ku5-ru-ne zu2 bi-kesz2-re-ne ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ke4
>>Q000365 148j
148k. mu-ni-ib-nu2-nu2-e
>>Q000365 148k
148l. 3(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 148l
148m. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 148m
148n. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-e za he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 148n
148o. zid2-esza nig2-gu7 dingir gal-gal-e-ne {kusz}ummu a sed4
>>Q000365 148o
148p. kur-ra hu-mu-ra-ni-du-en
>>Q000365 148p
148q. su-zu-a nu-mu-ra-te-ge26-de3-en
>>Q000365 148q
148r. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-zu-am3 ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 148r
148s. ni2 te-a-ni 3(disz)-kam-ma mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 148s
148t. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3
>>Q000365 148t
148u. pa-bi i3-ku5-ru-ne zu2 bi-kesz2-re-ne
>>Q000365 148u
148v. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 mu-ni-ib-nu2-nu2-e
>>Q000365 148v
148w. 4(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 148w
148x. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 148x
148y. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 148y
148z. giri3 gal-gal-la {kusz}e-sir2 gal-gal-la hu-mu-ra-ni-in-du-en
>>Q000365 148z
148aa. su-zu-am3 nu-mu-ra-te-ge26-de3-en
>>Q000365 148aa
148bb. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-zu-am3 ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 148bb
148cc. ni2 te-a-ni 4(disz)-kam-ma mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 148cc
148dd. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-am3
>>Q000365 148dd
148ee. pa-bi i3-ku5-ru-ne zu2 bi-kesz2-re-ne
>>Q000365 148ee
148ff. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 mu-ni-nu2-nu2-e
>>Q000365 148ff
148gg. 5(disz)-kam-ma in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 148gg
148hh. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 148hh
148ii. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 148ii
148jj. giri3 tur-tur-zu-usz {kusz}e-sir2 tur-tur-e kur-ra hu-mu-ra-ni-in-du-en
>>Q000365 148jj
148kk. su-zu-am3 nu-mu-ra-te-ge26-de3-en
>>Q000365 148kk
148ll. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-zu-am3 ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 148ll
148mm. ni2 te-a-ni 5(disz)-kam-ma mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 148mm
148nn. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-a
>>Q000365 148nn
148oo. pa-bi i-ku5-ru-ne zu2 bi-kesz2-re-ne
>>Q000365 148oo
148pp. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 mu-ni-ib-nu2-nu2-e
>>Q000365 148pp
148qq. 6(disz)-kam-ma-sze3 in-ga-nam-mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 148qq
148rr. zi ama ugu-gu10 {d}nin-sumun2-ka a-a-gu10 ku3 {d}lugal-ban3-da
>>Q000365 148rr
148ss. kur-ra tusz-a-zu ba-ra-zu kur-ra tusz-a-zu he2-zu-am3
>>Q000365 148ss
148tt. {na4}du8-szi-a {na4}nir7 {na4}za-gin3-na
>>Q000365 148tt
148uu. nam kur-ra-sze3 hu-mu-ra-ni-in-du-en
>>Q000365 148uu
148vv. su-zu-am3 nu-mu-ra-te-ge26-de3-en
>>Q000365 148vv
148ww. ni2-zu ba-am3-ma-ra su-zu-am3 ga-an-ku4
>>Q000365 148ww
148xx. ni2 te-a-ni 6(disz)-kam-ma mu-na-ra-an-ba
>>Q000365 148xx
148yy. dumu iri-na mu-un-de3-re7-esz-a
>>Q000365 148yy
148zz. pa-bi i-ku5-ru-ne zu2 bi-kesz2-re-ne
>>Q000365 148zz
148aaa. ur2 hur-sag-ga2-ke4 mu-ni-ib-nu2-nu2-e
>>Q000365 148aaa
149. ni2 te-a-ni 7(disz)-kam-ma mu-un-na-til-la-ta da-ga-na ba-te
>>Q000365 149
150. musz gar3 gesztin-na-gin7 murgu-na im-ta-du-du
>>Q000365 150
151. ne mu-un-su-ub-ba-gin7 te-na tibir-ra ba-ni-in-ra
>>Q000365 151
152. hu-wa-wa zu2 ba-an-da-zalag
>>Q000365 152
152a. hu-wa-wa {d}gilgames2-ra gu3 [...]-e
>>Q000365 152a
152b. ur-sag lul se3-se3-ge [...]
>>Q000365 152b
152c. 2(disz)-na-ne-ne-bi mah ka [...] ugu-na [...]
>>Q000365 152c
152d. ur-sag da-gan2-ni-ta [...] tusz-a mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 152d
152e. hu-wa-wa da-gan2-ni-ta mu?-[...] tusz-a mu-na-ab-be2
>>Q000365 152e
152f. ur-sag-e dur2 im-ma-gar er2 im-ma-an-pa3 szex(SIG7)-szex(SIG7) i3-ga2-ga2
>>Q000365 152f
152g. hu-wa-wa dur2 im-ma-gar er2 im-ma-an-pa3 szex(SIG7)-szex(SIG7) i3-ga2-ga2
>>Q000365 152g
152h. hu-wa-wa {d}gilgames2-ra sza3-ne-sza4 ka [...]
>>Q000365 152h
152i. am dab5-ba-gin7 saman bi2-in-szub
>>Q000365 152i
152j. gurusz dab5-ba-gin7 a2-ni mu-un-la2-la2
>>Q000365 152j
152k. {d}hu-wa-wa er2 im-ma-pa3 x [...] a gur
>>Q000365 152k
153. {d}gilgames2 szu ba-am3-tuk4
>>Q000365 153
154. {d}utu-ra inim ga-mu-na-ab-du11
>>Q000365 154
155. {d}utu ama tu-da-gu10 nu-um-zu a-a bulug3-ga2-gu10 nu-um-zu
>>Q000365 155
156. kur-ra mu-un-tu-de3-en za-e mu-un-bulug3-e
>>Q000365 156
157. {d}gilgames2 zi an-na ma-an-pa3 zi ki-a ma-an-pa3 zi kur-ra ma-an-pa3
>>Q000365 157
158. szu-sze3 mu-un-dab5 ki za nam-ba-an-tum3
>>Q000365 158
159. u4-ba {d}gilgames2 dumu-gi7-ra sza3-ga-ni arhusz ba-ni-in-tuku
>>Q000365 159
160. arad-da-ni en-ki-du10-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
>>Q000365 160
161. en-ki-du10 muszen dab5-ba ki-bi-sze3 ha-ba-du
>>Q000365 161
162. gurusz dab5-ba ur2 ama-na-sze3 he2-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 162
163. en-ki-du10-e {d}gilgames2-ra inim mu-un-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
>>Q000365 163
164. i3-a lum-lum u3-luh-ha su3-su3
>>Q000365 164
165. dumu-gi7 giri17-zal dingir-re-e-ne
>>Q000365 165
166. gu4 lipisz-tuku me3-a gub-be2
>>Q000365 166
167. en tur {d}gilgames2 unu{ki} mi2 du11-ga
>>Q000365 167
168. ama-zu dumu u3-tu mah-bi in-ga-an-zu
>>Q000365 168
169. emeda-ga-la2-zu dumu ga gu7 mah-bi in-ga-an-zu
>>Q000365 169
170. sukux(SUKUD)-ra2 dim2-ma nu-tuku
>>Q000365 170
171. nam-tar i3-gu7-e nam-tar nu-ub-zu-zu
>>Q000365 171
172. muszen dab5-ba ki-bi-sze3 du-a-bi
>>Q000365 172
173. gurusz dab5-ba ur2 ama-na-sze3 gi4-gi4-dam
>>Q000365 173
174. za-e iri ama tu-da-zu nu-ub-szi-gur-ru-de3-en
>>Q000365 174
174a. ur-sag dab5-ba szu bar-ra en dab5-ba ge6-par3-ra [...]
>>Q000365 174a
174b. gudug dab5-ba hi-li-sze3 gur-ra u4 ul-le2-a-ta [...]
>>Q000365 174b
174c. x gal mu?-un-[...]
>>Q000365 174c
174d. [...] mu-un-[...]
>>Q000365 174d
174e. [...] du11-ga-ni-sze3 gesztu2-ga-ni [...]
>>Q000365 174e
175. hu-wa-wa en-ki-du10-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
>>Q000365 175
176. ga2-ra en-ki-du10 inim
>>Q000365 176
177. lu2 hun-ga2 sza3-gal im-ma-hun egir gaba-ri us2-sa inim mu-na-ab-hul-hul
>>Q000365 177
177a. [...] KA mu-na-[...]
>>Q000365 177a
177b. [...] ni2-zu ba-szi-[...]
>>Q000365 177b
178. ur5-gin7 hu-mu-na-ab-be2-a-ka
>>Q000365 178
179a. {d}en-ki-du10 ib2-ba lipisz bala-a-ni gu2-ni im-ma-an-ku5
>>Q000365 179a
179b. gu2-ni im-ma-an-ku5-re-esz
>>Q000365 179b
180. sza3 {kusz}a-ga2-la2-sze3 mu-un-da-gar
>>Q000365 180
181. igi {d}en-lil2-la2-sze3 i-ni-in-ku4-re-esz
>>Q000365 181
182. igi {d}en-lil2-la2-sze3 giri17 ki su-ub-ba-ni-ta
>>Q000365 182
183. {tug2}a-ga2-la2 bi2-in-szub sag-du-ni bi2-in-e3-de3
>>Q000365 183
184. igi {d}en-lil2-la2-sze3 im-ma-ni-in-gar-re-esz
>>Q000365 184
185. {d}en-lil2-le sag-du {d}hu-wa-wa igi ba-ni-in-du8-a
>>Q000365 185
186. inim {d}gilgames2 sza3 bi2-in-dab5
>>Q000365 186
186a. igi {d}en-lil2 u3 {d}nin-lil2-le im-ma-an-tum2-me-esz
>>Q000365 186a
186b. {d}en-lil2 ba-te-a-ni a-ab-ta ba-ra-e3
>>Q000365 186b
186c. u3 {d}nin-lil2 DI KA ba? ba-ra-e3
>>Q000365 186c
186d. u4 {d}en-lil2 u3 {d}nin-lil2 im-ma-an-gur-ru-da-ni
>>Q000365 186d
187. a-na-asz-am3 ur5-gin7 i3-ak-en-ze2-en
>>Q000365 187
188a. x x x-am3 i3-ak-en-ze2-en x x
>>Q000365 188a
188b. ba-du11-ga-ke4-esz mu-ni ki-ta ha-lam-ke4-esz
>>Q000365 188b
189a. igi-zu-ne-ne-a he2-en-tusz
>>Q000365 189a
189b. x x x ha-ba-e3 he2-en-tusz
>>Q000365 189b
189c. [...] x x IGI x [...]
>>Q000365 189c
190. ninda gu7-zu-ne-ne-a he2-gu7-e
>>Q000365 190
191. a nag-zu-ne-ne-a he2-na8-na8
>>Q000365 191
192a. x-zu-e-ne-ka me-te-asz he2-im-mi-gal2
>>Q000365 192a
192b. {d}hu-wa-wa e-ne me-te [...]
>>Q000365 192b
192d. {d}en-lil2 ki-tusz-a-ni-ta me-lam2 an-na-ni mu-na-x x-ba
>>Q000365 192d
193. me-lam2-a-ni 2(disz)-kam-ma i7-da-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 193
194. me-lam2-a-ni 3(disz)-kam-ma gesz-gi-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 194
195. me-lam2-a-ni 4(disz)-kam-ma ur-mah-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 195
196. me-lam2-a-ni 5(disz)-kam-ma e2-gal-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 196
197. me-lam2-a-ni 6(disz)-kam-ma tir-tir-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 197
198. me-lam2-a-ni 7(disz)-kam-ma {d}nun-gal-sze3 ba-an-szum2
>>Q000365 198
199a. [...]-ma ni2 te-a-ni ba-an-ti
>>Q000365 199a
199b. ib2-tak4 me-lam2-ma x {d}gilgames2 x x DU AB da DU x x
>>Q000365 199b
200. kal-ga {d}gilgames2 mi2 du11-ga
>>Q000365 200
201a. {d}nisaba za3-mi2
>>Q000365 201a
201b. {d}hu-wa-wa [...]
>>Q000365 201b
201c. mi2 du11-ga en-ki-du10 za3-mi2 [...]
>>Q000365 201c