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CDLI no.Primary publicationMuseum no.PeriodDates referencedProvenienceGenre
P247842AOAT 275, 607, BM 73313BM 073313Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Lexical
P370363LTBA 1, 40VAT 11517Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P370364LTBA 1, 41VAT 10706Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P370365LTBA 1, 42VAT 09514Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P370369LTBA 1, 46VAT 10253Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P370370LTBA 1, 47VAT 10736Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P381807MSL 08/2, 006 PVAT 10950Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Lexical
P247827MSL SS 1, 042Ashm 1924-1230 + Ashm 1927-2118Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Kish (mod. Tell Uhaimir)Lexical
P247831UET 7, 0136BM —Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)Lexical
P247826ZA 008, 206-207Ist Si 0730Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)Lexical
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