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CDLI no.Primary publicationMuseum no.PeriodDates referencedProvenienceGenre
P257395AOAT 297, 360UM 55-21-356Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P230038BE 20/1, 026bis, pl. XCBS 19836Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar) ?Lexical; Mathematical
P479292BRM 4, 42 MLC 01660uncertainuncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P265327unpublished unassigned ?CBS 10053Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P254626unpublished unassigned ?IM 064783uncertainUruk (mod. Warka)Mathematical
P254527MCT 030, 33CBS 07369Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P254543MCT 033, CBS 08266CBS 08266Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P254484MCT 034, CBS 01535CBS 01535Achaemenid (547-331 BC)uncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P254643MKT 1, 011, 44, 68Ist Ni 02733uncertainNippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P254628MKT 1, 011,46, 68, 92Ist A 00020 + VAT 09734Middle Assyrian (ca. 1400-1000 BC)Assur (mod. Qalat Sherqat)Mathematical
P254919MKT 1, 053, 68, 90VAT 06220uncertainuncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P254423MKT 1, 068, BM 040107BM 040107uncertainuncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P254590MKT 1, 068, HS 0224HS 0224Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC)Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
P254591MKT 1, 068, HS 0225HS 0225uncertainNippur (mod. Nuffar) ?Mathematical
P254914MKT 1, 068, VAT 02898VAT 02898uncertainuncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P254448MKT 1, 069, BM 092698BM 092698uncertainLarsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh)Mathematical
P254452MKT 3, 051LB 1328Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)uncertain (mod. uncertain)Mathematical
P344621PRAK A 329Ist O 4134uncertainKish (mod. Tell Uhaimir)Mathematical
P344269PRAK B 452 + C 016AO 10636 + Ist O 4844Kish (mod. Tell Uhaimir)Mathematical
P257303unpublished unassigned ?UM 55-21-077Nippur (mod. Nuffar)Mathematical
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