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CDLI no.Primary publicationMuseum no.PeriodDates referencedProvenienceGenre
P405884JCS 35, 17, h.1SM 1899.02.102Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Mshb-Marduk.02.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405885unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.103Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabupolasar.16.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405886unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.104Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.14.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405887unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.105Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.04.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405888unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.106Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Cyrus.05.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405891unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.109Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Darius1.12Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P405902unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.125Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?--.05.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405907unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.130Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?--.05.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405913unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.136Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Dar. [X]Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406687unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.601Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.00.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405914unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.137Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?--.--.--.--Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406688unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.602Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.00.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406689unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.603Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.12.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406690unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.604Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.05.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405917unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.140Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Dar IBorsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406691unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.605Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Darius1.03.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405918unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.141Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.01.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405920unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.143Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ? (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405921unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.144Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Xerxes.00.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405922unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.145Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.16.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405942unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.169Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Cyrus.05.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P408016unpublished unassigned ?SM 1931.01.007Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?LbBorsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Administrative
P408017unpublished unassigned ?SM 1931.01.008Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Dar 5Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Administrative
P406204unpublished unassigned ?SM 1904.04.024Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.00.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P408018unpublished unassigned ?SM 1931.01.009Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.00.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Administrative
P406206unpublished unassigned ?SM 1904.04.026Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Darius1.23Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406208unpublished unassigned ?SM 1904.04.028Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Darius1.03.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406209unpublished unassigned ?SM 1904.04.029Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Darius1.03.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406260unpublished unassigned ?SM 1906.02.007Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406030unpublished unassigned ?SM 1899.02.268Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Dar I(?) 13Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P408149unpublished unassigned ?SM 1996.01.108Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405782unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.001Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?--.--.--.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?Legal
P408153unpublished unassigned ?SM 1996.01.112Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405784unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.003Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nebuchadnezzar2.03.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405785unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.004Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.13.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405786unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.005Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?[Dar I(?)] 14+XBorsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405787unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.008Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.15.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405788unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.009Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.--.--.--Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405789unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.010Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.20.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405790unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.011Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.06.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405791unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.012Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.24.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405792unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.013Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.15.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405793unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.014Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabupolasar.20.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405794unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.015Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Cambyses.01Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405796unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.017Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.01.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405797unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.018Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.31.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405799unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.020Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Cambyses.01Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405800unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.021Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.36.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405801unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.022Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Cyrus.05.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405802unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.023Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Cambyses.07Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405803unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.024Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.02.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405805unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.026Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nebuchadnezzar2.06.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405806unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.027Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.27.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405807unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.028Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405809unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.030Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.06.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405810unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.032Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.13.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405811unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.033Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Cyrus.03.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405812unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.034Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.25.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405813unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.035Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.16.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405815unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.037Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nabonidus.02.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P405819unpublished unassigned ?SM 1895.01.042Achaemenid (547-331 BC)Darius1.03.00.00Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406366unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.200Achaemenid (547-331 BC) ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406368unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.202Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Nebuchadnezzar2.06.00.00 ?Borsippa (mod. Birs Nimrud) ?
P406762unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.692Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)Kalhu (mod. Nimrud)Royal/Monumental
P406763unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.693Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)Kalhu (mod. Nimrud)Royal/Monumental
P406764unpublished unassigned ?SM 1909.05.694Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)Kalhu (mod. Nimrud)Royal/Monumental
P408152unpublished unassigned ?SM 1996.01.111Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)Kalhu (mod. Nimrud)
P409407unpublished unassigned ?SM 2000.05.002Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)Kalhu (mod. Nimrud) ?
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