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ASJ 09, 272 83
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Primary publicationASJ 09, 272 83
Author(s)Snell, Daniel C.
Publication date1987
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionMichael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Museum no.X.3.034
Accession no.
ProvenienceUmma (mod. Tell Jokha)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedŠulgi.38.00.00 (us2 year)
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20011220 ur3_catalogue
ATF sourcecdlistaff
TranslationAupperle, Eric
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001q00tt
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P102359

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1. 1(u) 1(disz) kusz gu4 niga
en: 11 ox-hides, grain-fed,
2. 7(gesz2) 3(u) la2 1(disz) kusz udu
en: 429 sheep-hides,
3. 2(disz) kusz sila4
en: 2 lamb-hides,
4. sa2-du11 {d}szara2 umma{ki}
en: regular offerings of Šara of Umma;
5. 1(disz) kusz gu4 niga 2(disz) kusz udu niga
en: 1 ox-hide, grain-fed, 2 sheep-hides, grain-fed,
6. 3(u) 7(disz) kusz udu
en: 37 sheep-hides,
7. sa2-du11 {d}szara2 |KI.AN|[{ki}]
en: regular offerings of Šara of KI.AN;
8. 4(u) 7(disz) kusz udu niga 3(u) kusz sila4
en: 47 sheep-hides, grain-fed, 30 lamb-hides,
9. nig2-{gesz}tag-ga# [lugal]
en: royal sacrifice;
10. 1(disz) kusz gu4 niga
en: 1 ox-hide, grain-fed,
11. 1(gesz2) la2 2(disz) kusz udu niga
en: 58 sheep-hides, grain-fed,
12. 3(u) 2(disz) kusz udu
en: 32 sheep-hides,
13. sza3 sa2-du11 [(x)]
en: in the regular offerings ...;
14. 1(u) 2(disz) kusz masz2
en: 12 billy goat-hides,
15. sa2-du11 dah-ha {d}szul-gi
en: regular offerings, additional, of Šulgi;
16. 5(u) kusz udu 2(u) 1(disz) kusz sila4
en: 50 sheep-hides, 21 lamb-hides,
17. {d}nin-ur4-ra
en: for Ninura;
18. 1(u) kusz udu 7(disz) kusz sila4
en: 10 sheep-hides, 7 lamb-hides,

1. {d}eb-gal
en: (for) Ebgal;
2. 1(u) kusz udu 8(disz) kusz sila4
en: 1 sheep-hide, 8 lamb-hides,
3. {d}en-lil2
en: (for) Enlil;
4. 1(disz) kusz udu {d}nansze <umma>{ki}
en: 1 sheep-hides (for) Nanše of Umma;
5. 1(disz) kusz udu {d}gu-la [(x)]
en: 1 sheep-hide for Gula;
6. 3(u) 1(disz) kusz udu 2(u) kusz [x]
en: 30 sheep-hides, 20 ...-hides,
7. {d}inanna zabala{ki} [{d}nin]-ildu3#-ma u3 {d}ku3-[sig17-banda3{da}]
en: for Innana of Zabala, Nin-ilduma and Kusig-banda;
8. 3(disz) kusz udu ensi2 x [...]
en: 3 sheep-hides, for the governor of ...;
9. 6(disz) kusz udu 4(disz) kusz [...]
en: 6 sheep-hides, 4 ...-hides,
10. {d}e11-[e?] x [x]
en: for E’e ...;
11. 4(disz) kusz udu 2(disz) [kusz x]
en: 4 sheep-hides, 2 ...-hides,
12. {d}da-lagasz#[{ki}]
en: for Da-Lagaš;
13. 8(disz) kusz udu 4(disz) kusz sila4
en:8 sheep-hides, 4 lamb-hides,
14. {d}en-ki u3 {d}USZ#-ka-limmu5
en: for Enki and UŠkalimmu;
15. 4(disz) kusz udu 2(disz) kusz sila4
en: 4 sheep-hides, 2 lamb-hides,
16. {d}dumu-zi iri-min
en: for Dumuzi of double-city;
17. sa2-du11 dingir-e-ne
en: regular offerings of the gods;
18. mu us2-sa bad3 ba-du3
en: year after: “The wall was erected.”

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