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ASJ 14, 102 4
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Primary publicationASJ 14, 102 4
Author(s)Englund, Robert K.
Publication date1992
Secondary publication(s)photo Frühe Schrift p. 145, fig. 14j
CollectionLand Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Museum no.Berlin 058
Accession no.
ProveniencePuzriš-Dagan (mod. Drehem)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedŠulgi.46.09.06
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20011220 ur3_catalogue
ATF sourceEnglund, Robert K.
TranslationEnglund, Robert K.
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001qt5c8
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P102526

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1. 1(disz) gu4 niga 6(disz) udu 4(disz) masz2
en: 1 grain-fed ox, 6 sheep, 4 billy goats,
2. pa3-da-mu
en: (from) Padamu;
3. 1(disz) gu4 niga 1(u) la2 1(disz) udu 1(disz) masz2 i-di3-a di-ku5
en: 1 grain-fed ox, 10 less 1 sheep, 1 billy goat, (from) Idi’a, the judge:
4. mu-kux(DU) er2-su3-a
en: ersu’a delivery.
5. 1(disz) gu4 niga 1(u) udu ge6 sza-lim-be-li2 nu-banda3
en: 1 grain-fed ox, 10 black sheep, (from) Šalim-beli, the nubanda.
6. 1(disz) gu4 niga 3(disz) udu niga 1(disz) sila4 niga
en: 1 grain-fed ox, 3 grain-fed sheep, 1 grain-fed lamb,
7. 3(disz) udu 2(disz) masz2
en: 3 sheep, 2 billy goats,
8. 1(disz) sila4
en: 1 lamb,
9. en-sza3-ku3-ge en {d}nansze
en: (from) Enšakuge, priest of Nanše.
10. 1(u) la2 1(disz) masz2-gal
en: 10 less 1 full-grown billy goats,
11. 1(disz) sila4
en: 1 lamb,
12. ensi2 gir13-tab{ki}
en: (from) the governor of Girtab.
13. 4(disz) udu a-lum 1(disz) udu 8(disz) gukkal
en: 4 aslum sheep, 1 sheep, 8 fat-tailed sheep,
14. na-du-be-li2 mar-tu
en: (from) Nadu-beli, the Amorite.
15. 1(disz) sila4 en {d}inanna
en: 1 lamb (from) the priest of Inanna.

1. 3(disz) udu 1(disz) masz2 ur-mes szabra
en: 3 sheep, 1 billy goat (from) Ur-mes, the household manager.
2. 1(disz) sila4 lu2-{d}asar-lu2-hi szabra
en: 1 lamb (from) Lu-Asalluhi, the household manager.
3. 2(disz) sila4 ensi2 nibru{ki}
en: 2 lambs (from) the ensi of Nippur.
4. 1(disz) sila4 a-mu#-a u3-kul
en: 1 lamb (from) Amu’a, the ukul.
5. 2(disz) udu 1(disz) sila4 [x?]-ma#-szum sagi#
en: 2 sheep, 1 lamb, (from) ...mašum, the cupbearer.
6. 1(disz) sila4 id-da#-a#
en: 1 lamb (from) Ada’a.
7. 1(disz) sila4 lugal-pa-e3#
en: 1 lamb (from) Lugal-pa’e.
8. 1(disz) sila4 szesz-zi-mu
en: 1 lamb (from) Šešzimu.
9. 1(disz) sila4 {d}nanna-lu2-du10
en: 1 lamb (from) Nanna-ludu.
10. 1(disz) sila4 ur-ama-na
en: 1 lamb (from) Ur-amana.
11. 1(disz) sila4 ur-{d}nin-gubalag
en: 1 lamb (from) Ur-Ningubalag.
blank space
12. mu#-kux(DU) iti ezem-mah
en: Delivery of the month “Big-Festival,”
13. mu# ki#-masz{ki} u3# hu-ur5-ti ba-hul
en: year: “Kimaš and Hurti were destroyed.”

1. u4 6(disz)-kam
en: 6th day.

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