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MVN 10, 155
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Primary publicationMVN 10, 155
Author(s)Grégoire, Jean-Pierre
Publication date1981
Secondary publication(s)Englund, Robert K., BBVO 10 (1990) 042-048; Englund, Robert K., JNES 50 (1991) 268; Waetzoldt, Hartmut, NABU 1990, 4; Maekawa Kazuya, ASJ 18 (1996) 146 no. 70; Reid, J. Nicholas, JANEH 2017, 008-009 n. 26
CollectionBibliothèque de Versailles, Versailles, France
Museum no.BV 20
Accession no.
ProveniencePuzriš-Dagan (mod. Drehem)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedŠulgi.32.00.00
Object typetablet
CDLI comments20200302 englund: s. P506986 with related text
Catalogue source20011220 ur3_catalogue
ATF sourcecdlistaff
TranslationEnglund, Robert K.
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001rj9n5
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P115925

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1. 2(barig) 2(ban2) 2(disz) sila3 i3-nun
en: 2 barig 2 ban2 2 sila3 of clarified butter,
2. 3(barig) ga-ar3
en: 3 barig of kašk cheese,
3. mu a-ra2 3(disz)-kam-asz si-mu-ru-um{ki} ba-hul
en: year: “For the 3rd time Simurum was destroyed;”
4. la2-ia3 ur-KA-na-ra unu3
en: deficit of Ur-KAnara, the cattle herder.
5. ur-KA-na-ra ba-usz2
en: UrKAnara died;
6. 1(asz@c) ba-ba dumu-ni
en: 1: Baba, his child,

1. 1(asz@c) ba-a-ba# [...]
en: 1: Bayaba ...,
2. 1(asz@c) er2#-[...]
en: 1: Er-...,
3. 1(asz@c) a-ga-ti#
en: 1: Agati,
4. 1(asz@c) za-la-a
en: 1: Zalaya,
5. geme2-me
en: female slaves,
6. e2-du6-la
en: as estate
7. mu la2-ia3-sze3 mu-kux(DU)
en: in stead of the deficit of the deliveries,
8. la2-ia3-bi ba-zi
en: their deficit is lifted (from his account).

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