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RIME, ex. 01 & RIMI nn, ex. 01
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Primary publicationRIME, ex. 01 & RIMI nn, ex. 01
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1993
Secondary publication(s)Scheil, Vincent, MDP 02 (1900) p. 053-055, pl. 11
CollectionLouvre Museum, Paris, France
Museum no.Sb 00004
Accession no.
ProvenienceSusa (mod. Shush)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC); Middle Elamite (ca. 1300-1000 BC)
Dates referencedNaramsin.00.00.00, Shutruk-Nahhunte.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Materialstone: limestone
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20030226 johnsonjc_rime2
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.; Basello, Gian Pietro (Elamite)
Translationno translation (witness, Akkadian); Basello, Gian Pietro (Elamite)
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001ts2fn
Composite no.Q005225
Seal no.
CDLI no.P215544

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surface a

column 1
1. {d}[na]-ra#-am-{d}suen
2. da-num2
n lines broken
3'. a-[...]
4'. si-dur#-[...]
5'. sa-du2-i3
6'. lu-lu-bi-im#{[ki]}
7'. ip-hu-ru-nim#-[ma]

column 2
1. REC169#
2. im#-[...] x [...]
3. a#-na
n lines broken
4'. sa-[du2-i3]
rest broken

column 3
1. [isz-pu]-uk#
2. [...] x SZE3 [...] zu
3. [a-na]
4. [{d}...]
5. _a mu#-ru#_

surface b
(Elamite inscription added following removal to Susa)
1. u2 {disz}szu-ut-ru-uk-{d}nah-hu-un-te sza-ak {disz}hal-lu-tu3-usz-{d}in-szu-szi-na-ak-ki2-ik
en: I, Šutruk-Naḫḫunte, son of Ḫallutuš-Inšušinak,
2. li-pa2-ak ha-ni-ik {d}in-szu-szi-na-ak-ki2-ik
en: beloved servant of Inšušinak,
3. su-un-ki-ik {asz}an-za-an {asz}szu-szu-un-ka4 li-ku-me ri-sza-ak-ka4
en: king of Anšan (and) Susa, enlarger of the kingdom(?),
4. ka4-at#-ru# ha-tamx(PIR2)-ti-ik hal-me-ni-ik ha-tamx(PIR2)-ti-ik
en: the one-of-the-throne(?) of Elam, governor(?) of Elam.
5. {d}in-szu-szi-na-ak# na#-pir2 u2-ri ur tah-ha-an-ra {asz}si-ip-pir2 hal-pu-uh
en: Inšušinak, my god, was helping me: I conquered Sippar,
6. zu-uh-mu-tu2 {disz}na-ra-am-{d}sin-ir-ra# [x?] hu-ma-ah a-ak ku-ut-hi a-ak
en: the stele of Naram-Sin I took away and brought (out)
7. hal ha-tamx(PIR2)-ti te-en-ki2-ih {d}in-szu-szi-na-ak na-pir2 u2-ri i si-ma ta-ah
en: and to Elam I sent. In front of Inšušinak, my god, I placed it.

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