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RIME 3/, ex. 01
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Primary publicationRIME 3/, ex. 01
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1997
Secondary publication(s)van Dijk, TIM 09, 035
CollectionNational Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
Museum no.IM 053977
Accession no.
ProvenienceŠaduppum (mod. Tell Harmal)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referencedŠulgi.00.00.00
Object typetablet
LanguageSumerian; Akkadian
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20030812 johnsonjc
ATF sourcecdlistaff
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001q8mgx
Composite no.Q001672
Seal no.
CDLI no.P226296

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column 1
1. _si-ma-at da-ri-a-tim_ si-ma-at ta-na-da-a-[tim]
2. _{d}iszkur lu2-gal na-di-a ku-ga2-am_ s,a#-lam# {d#}iszkur# be-li na-ri-im#
syllabic writing of {d}iszkur lugal na-ru2-a ku3-ga-am3
3. _{d}szul-gi ni-in-ta ka-la-ak-ka lu2-gal u2-ri-ma lu2-gal#_
syllabic writing of {d}szul-gi nita kalag-ga lugal uri5{ki}-ma lugal
4. _ki-i3-ki u2-ri du-mu# ur2#-na-am-na-am-mi_ {d}szul-gi
syllabic writing of ki-en-gi ki-uri dumu ur-{d}namma
5. zi-ka-ru-um da-an#-nu-um szar u2-ri-im szar ma-at szu-mi-ri-im
6. u3 a-ka3-di-im ma-ru ur-na-am-ma
7. _lu a ni-im-hu-lu-di-ma! ib-szi-<ag2>-ge6-ia_
syllabic writing of lu2 a2 nig2-hul-dim2-ma
8. sza i-na i-da-at le-mu-tim up-sza-sze20-e-ia u2-wa-ru
9. _ni-im-di#-im-ma-mu ib-se3!(TE)-re-ia_ sza i-pu-szu u2-pa-sa-su
syllabic writing of nig-dim2-ma-mu ib2-ze2-re-a
10. _e-ni-im#-ga2#-ra e-<<ni>>-im-ku-ku-te9-ia!_
syllabic writing of e2 nig2-gur11-ra i3-ni-ib2-ku4-ku4-de3-a
11. [sza] a#-na# _e2-nig2-gur11_ u2-sze-re-bu-u2
12. _lu2# [ni]-isz#-hu#-ur# na#-di#-a ki-su-su-sa-mu szu ib-zi-ih#-e-le-ia_
syllabic writing of lu2 gesz-hur na-ru2-a ki-szusz2-szusz2-a-mu szu ib2-zi-x-e-de3-a

1. sza u2-s,a-ra-at na-ri-ia a-szar u2-s,a-ru u2-pa-sza-t,u2
2. _lu2 mu-sa-ra-ba ki-sa-ra-ba szu ib-se3-re-ia mu-ni-im im-sa!-re-ia_
syllabic writing of lu2 mu-sar-ra-ba ki-sar-ra-ba szu ib2-ur3-e-a mu-ni-im bi2-ib2-sar-re-a
3. sza szu-mi sza-at,#-ra#-am# a-szar sza-at,-ru i-pa-szi-t,u2 u3-ma-t,u3-u2 u3 _mu-ni-im_-szu i-sza-t,a3-ru
4. _a-asz2-pa-la-ba-ki lu2-gu-ur szu ba-an-di-zi-ia#!_
syllabic writing of asz2-bal-a-ba-ke4-esz lu2-kur2 szu ba-an-zi-zi-a
5. asz-szum er-re-tim sza-na-am u2-sza-ha-a-zu-u2
6. _lu2-bi lu2-gal he-a in he-a i3-in-si he-a ra-bu-um he-a_
syllabic writing of lu2-bi lugal he2-a en he2-a ensi2 he2-a ra-bu-um he2-a
7. a-wi-lum szu-u2 lu sza-ar-ru-um lu e-nu-um lu i-szi-a-ku-um u3 lu ra-bu-um
8. na#-[am]-lu2#-le mu-un zi-ga-le# <mu-ni> sza he-a
syllabic writing of nam-lu2-u18-lu mu-ni zi-gal2-le sa4-a he2-a
9. u3 lu a-wi-lu-tum sza a-na szi-ki-in na-pi2-isz-tim# szu#-ma-am na-bi-at
10. _{d#}en#-lil2# lu2-gal kur-ku-ra-ke i-hi-gal2-la_ [{d}en-lil2 be-el ma-ta]-tim u3 he-ga2-al-li#-im
11. a ga2-ra-am ku-ga in [...]

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