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Fs Pettinato 042, 3
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Primary publicationFs Pettinato 042, 3
Author(s)Englund, Robert K.
Publication date2004
Secondary publication(s)
Collectionprivate: Oliviero, Catherine, Banning, California, USA
Museum no.Anonymous 235698
Accession no.
ProvenienceUmma (mod. Tell Jokha)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedIbbi-Suen.02.05.02 ?
Object typetablet
Sub-genremessenger text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20031217 cdliadmin
ATF sourceEnglund, Robert K.
TranslationEnglund, Robert K.
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001rk21x
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P235698

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1. [1(disz)] x x x
en: 1 ...
2. 1(disz) lugal-ha-ma-ti
en: 1 Lugal-hamati
3. 1(disz) lugal-kal-la
en: 1 Lugal-kala
4. 1(disz) a-hu-szu-ni
en: 1 Ahušuni
5. 1(disz) inim-ma-ni-zi
en: 1 Inimanizi
6. 1(disz) dingir-mah-e-i3-zu
en: 1 Dingirmahe-izu
7. 1(disz) ur-{d}nin-su
en: 1 Ur-Ninsu
8. 1(disz) lu2-gu-la
en: 1 Lu-gula
9. 1(disz) nam-zi-tar-ra#
en: 1 Namzitara
10. 1(disz) lu2-sa6-ga
en: 1 Lu-saga
11. 1(disz) dingir-saga lu2 ugula kas4-me-esz2
en: 1 Dingir-saga are foremen of the runners.

1. 3(disz) sila3 kasz saga 2(disz) sila3 ninda 3(disz) gin2 i3 2(disz) gin2 naga 5(disz) gin2 szum2-ta
en: 3 sila fine beer, 2 sila ninda, 3 shekels oil, 2 shekels naga, 5 shekels onions each.
2. 5(disz) sila3 kasz 5(disz) sila3 ninda ur-{d}nansze?
en: 5 sila beer, 5 sila ninda: Ur-Nanše
3. 5(disz) sila3 kasz 5(disz) sila3 ninda lu2-bala-saga
en: 5 sila beer, 5 sila ninda: Lu-bala-saga
4. szunigin 3(ban2) 3(disz) sila3 kasz saga szunigin 1(ban2) kasz du
en: Together: 3 (ban) 3 sila fine beer, together: 1(ban) regular beer,
5. szunigin 5(disz) sila3 ninda zi3 saga szunigin 2(ban2) 7(disz) sila3 ninda
en: together: 5 sila ninda of sig-flour, together 2(ban) 7 sila ninda,
6. szunigin 1/2(disz) sila3 9(disz) gin2 i3
en: together: 1/2 sila 9 shekels of oil,
7. [szunigin] 1/3(disz) sila3 6(disz) gin2 naga
en: [together]: 1/3 sila 6 shekels of naga,
8. [szunigin 1(disz)] sila3# 6(disz) gin2 szum2
en: [together: 1]: sila 6 shekels of onions,
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9. [u4 x] 2(disz)-kam
en: x+2nd day,
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10. iti dal
en: month: “Flight” (5th month, Umma calendar)
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11. [mu] en {d}inanna masz2#-e i3-pa3#
en: Year: “en(-priest) of Inanna was chosen by means of omens” (Ibbi-Suen 2)

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