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CDLI Literary 000347, ex. 076
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000347, ex. 076
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Alster, Bendt, ZA 096 (2006) 006-007
CollectionCalifornia Museum of Ancient Art, Los Angeles, California, USA
Museum no.CMAA 022-C0001L
Accession no.
Provenienceuncertain (mod. uncertain)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 1.04.03 Dumuzi’s Dream (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20040904 cdliadmin
ATF sourceEnglund, Robert K.
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001sf29p
Composite no.Q000347
Seal no.
CDLI no.P247868

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(merely from composite, to be corrected)

1. an-za-am i3-dur2-dur2 {d}dumu-zi nu-ti amasz lil2-la2-am3 al-du3
2. {d}gesztin-an-na-ke4 {d}dumu-zi mu-un-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
3. szesz-gu10 ma-mu2-zu nu-sa6-sa6 nam-ma-an-bur2-e
4. {d}dumu-zi ma-mu2-zu nu-sa6-sa6 nam-ma-an-bur2-e
5. {u2}numun2 ma-ra-an-zi-zi {u2}numun2 ma-ra-an-mu2-mu2
6. sa-gaz szubtum6-ta ma-ra-an-zi-ga
7. gi dili du3-e sag ma-ra-an-sag3-ge
8. ama ugu-zu sag ma-ra-an-sag3-ge
9. gi dili-dili du3-e dili ma-ra-an-ba9-re6
10. ge26-e u3 za-e dili ma-ra-an-bad-ba9-re6
11. {gesz}tir-ra gesz an ni2-bi ma-ra-an-zi-zi
12. lu2 hul-gal2-e i-zi-a im-mu-e-ni-dab5-be2
13. ne-mur ku3-zu a mu-da-an-de2
14. amasz e2 si-ga ba-e-de3-ga2-ga2
15. {dug}szakir3 ku3-zu du5-bi ma-ra-an-ba9-re6
16. lu2 hul-gal2-e szu-na ba-e-ni-in-ku4-ku4
17. an-za-am ku3 {gesz}gag-ta la2-a {gesz}gag-ta ba-ra-an-si-ig
18. du10-ub ama ugu-za-ta ba-ra-szub-bu-de3
19. {gesz}ma-nu-zu u2-gu mu-un-da-an-de2
20. gal5-la2-e izi bi2-ra-ra-am3

1. {d}nin-ninna2{muszen}-ta-e ga2 udu-ka sila4 szu ba-ni-ib-ti
2. lu2 hul-gal2-e te-zu ma-ra-an-sag3-ge
3. x x x
4. {dug}szakir3 i3-dur2-dur2 ga nu-un-de2 an-za-am i3-dur2-dur2 {d}dumu-zi nu-un-ti amasz lil2-la2 am3-du3
5. masz2-ud5-da-zu sun4 za-gin3-bi sahar-ra ma-ra-an-gid2-e
double ruling
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