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BE 06/1, 042
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Primary publicationBE 06/1, 042
Author(s)Ranke, Hermann
Publication date1906
Secondary publication(s)Földi, Zsombor, Ribatum (2009) p. 69
CollectionUniversity of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Museum no.CBS 01300 & CBS 01300a
Accession no.
ProvenienceSippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referencedHammurapi.42.06.--
Object typetablet & envelope
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20050425 fitzgerald_upenn
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001v6jrv
Composite no.
Seal no.Sx
CDLI no.P258633

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Tablet & envelope

1. _1(esze3) 3(iku) a-sza3_ i-na# _a-gar3# [mar-tu_]
2. _ki_ ri-ba-tim _lukur# [{d}utu_]
3. {disz}{d}utu-we-de-e2#-ku#
4. _dumu_ {d}utu-na-s,ir
5. a-na sza-lu-usz
6. [u2]-sze-s,i2#
7. sza#-lu-usz-ta-szu
8. [...] x a bi i-na# _ka2_ [...]

1. i-na _{gesz}ban2 {d}utu
2. _sze#? i3-ag2-e_
3. _3(disz)? uzu zi3?-da!?_ [...]
4. _1(barig)# gur# sze_ li-iq-ta#-tum
single ruling
6. _igi_ a-hi-we-du-um
7. _dumu_ er3-ra-tukul?-ti
8. [_igi_] na#-bi#-{d#}utu#
9. _dumu#_ i-di-isz-sin

1. _igi_ a-bu-u2-a-a
2. _dumu_ inim-{d}nanna-gin7?
3. _iti? kin?-{d?}inanna? u4?_ [...]

1. _1(esze3) 3(iku) a-sza3 a-gar3 mar-tu_
2. _ki_ ri-ba-tum _lukur {d}utu_
3. _dumu-munus_ ip-qa2-tum
4. {disz}{d}utu-we-de-a-ku
5. _dumu_ {d}utu-na-s,ir
6. a-na _igi-3(disz)-gal2_
7. _ib2-ta-e3-a
8. _igi-3(disz)-gal2_-szu
9. i-na {gesz}ban2 {d}utu

1. _sze# i3#-ag2#-e_
2. _3(disz) ezem {d}utu
3. _3(ban2) zi3-da 3(disz) uzu_
4. i-pa-qi2-id
5. _1(barig)# gur# sze_ li-iq-ta-tum
single ruling
6. _igi_ a-hi-we-du-um
7. _dumu_ er3-ra-tukul-ti
8. _igi_ na-bi-{d}utu
9. _dumu#_ i-di-isz-{d}suen
10. _igi_ a-bu-u2-a-a

1. _dumu_ inim-{d}nanna-gin7
2. _iti kin-{d}inanna u4 1(u) n(disz)?-kam_
3. _mu bad3_ kar-{d}utu

seal 1
1. _kiszib_ {d}utu-we-de-e-ku

seal 2
1. _kiszib_ na-s,ir-{d}utu
Foldi: "curiously the scribe has reversed the two elements of the name"

seal 3
1. _iszib_ a-bu-ia

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