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EA 265
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Primary publicationEA 265
Author(s)Knudtzon, Jørgen A.
Publication date1915
Secondary publication(s)WA 165 (copy); VS 11, 151 (copy); Moran, p. 314 (translation) [1992]
CollectionVorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
Museum no.VAT 01697
Accession no.
ProvenienceAkhetaten (mod. el-Amarna)
Excavation no.
PeriodMiddle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20050523 cdliadmin_johnsonjc
ATF sourceIzre'el, Shlomo (oracc)
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001tmm1x
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P271138

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1. a-na {disz}lugal-ri _en_-ia
2. um-ma {disz}ta-gi _ARAD2_-ka
3. a-na _giri3-mesz_ {disz}lugal _en_-ia
4. am-qut _lu2_-ia usz-szir-te
5. qa#-du [_lu2]-mesz_ a-na da-gal
6. pa#-ni# {disz}lugal#-ri _en_-ia
7. [u3] usz#-szi-ir {disz}lugal-ru
8. _en_-ia szu-lu-uh-ta
9. i-na qa-at {disz}ta-ah-ma-ia
10. a-na ia-szi u3 na-da-an#

1. [{disz}]ta#-ah-ma-ya
2. _gal_ 1(disz)-en _ku3-sig17_
3. u3 1(u) [2(disz)] ta#-pal _tug2 gada-mesz#_
4. [u3] a-na la-ma-ad
5. [{disz}]lugal# _en_-ia
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