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YOS 02, 112
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Primary publicationYOS 02, 112
Author(s)Lutz, Henry F.
Publication date1917
Secondary publication(s)Stol, Marten, AbB 09 (1981) 112; Ebeling, MAOG16/1-2, 62f; Leemans, Foreign Trade (1960) 78ff
CollectionYale Babylonian Collection, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Museum no.YBC 05489
Accession no.
ProvenienceLarsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20060203 generalcatalogue_yale
ATF sourceMiddeke-Conlin, Robert
TranslationMiddeke-Conlin, Robert
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001wwb7k
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P306561

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1. a-na da-da-[a]
en: To Dadâ
2. u3 {d}suen-u2-se2-li
en: and Sîn-uselli
3. qi2-bi2-ma
en: speak,
4. um-ma szi-ip-{d}suen-ma
en: thus Šēp-Sîn:
5. {d}utu u3 {d}asznan
en: “May Šamaš and Ašnan
6. [asz-szum-ia] a-na da-ri-a-tim
en: for my sake forever
7. [li-ba-al-li-t,u3]-ku-nu-ti
en: keep you well!”
8. ki-a-[am asz]-pu-ra-ku-nu-ti
en: Thus I wrote you,
9. um-ma a-na-ku-u2-ma
en: thus me:
10. ki-la-<lu>-ku-nu at-ta u3 {d}suen-u2-se2-li
en: “Both of you, you and Sîn-uselli,
11. _an-na_ hi-im-mi u3 sza-ak-ti-szu
en: tin sweepings and their powder,
12. kar3-szum{sar} u3 _szim_ u3 _{szim}li_
en: leeks, perfumed oils, juniper,
13. u3 _2(asz) gu2 uruda_
en: and 2 talents of copper
14. li-qi2-a-ni-im-ma
en: gather for me.
15. u4-ma ka-s,i la te-ni-zi-ba-ni
en: Even a short day do not delay!
16. u3 isz-te-en ma-ri szu-szi-im{ki}
en: And one son of Susa
17. a-na ta-ap-[pe-e]-ku?-nu!(SA)-ma
en: as your partner
18. i-ti-ku-[nu]
en: with you
19. li-il-li-[kam-ma]
en: should go.”
20. ki-a-am asz-[pu-ra-am]
en: Thus I wrote you.

1. at-tu-nu mi-nu-[um]
en: What you yourselves,
2. sza um-ma at!(NE)-tu-nu-[ma]
en: thus you:
3. i nu-sza-bi-il
en: ‛We shall have it brought.’
4. u4-um un-ne-du-uk-ki
en: On the day my letter,
5. ta-am-ma-ra-a
en: you see,
6. ki-la-lu-ku-nu la te-ni-zi-ba-ni
en: both of you, do not delay!
7. pa-a!(ZA)-ku-nu e-isz-me-ma
en: I heard your words.
8. qa2-du-um re-di-i szar-ri-im
en: together with the king’s soldiers
9. u3 un-<ne>-du-uk-ka-at szar-ri-im
en: and the king’s letter,
10. sza a-di larsa{ki}-ma
en: up to Larsa,
11. ma-am-ma a-na pa-ni-ku-nu
en: for you
12. la pa-ra-ki-im
en: of non-interference
13. i-na _iri{ki}_ a-ha-nu-ta ri-is-ku-nu
en: in al-Aḫa-nūta.
14. u2-ka-al isz-tu i-na-an-na
en: I will be ready. From now,
15. u4 5(disz)-kam pa-ni-ku-nu lu-mu-ur
en: 5 days hence, I shall see you.
16. _1(u) gu2 {szim}[li]_ u3 _1(asz) gu2 {szim}hi-[li]_
en: 10 talents of juniper and 1 talent resin
17. li-di-[in]
en: may he give.
18. a-hu-um a-ha-[am ...]
en: One the other ...
19. la i-pa-[ri-ik?]
en: must not hinder.
20. isz-te-ni-isz ki-la-[lu-ku-nu]
en: Both of you together,
21. at-ta u3 {d}suen-[u-se2-li]
en: you and Sîn-uselli,
22. ar-hi-isz pa-ni-ku-[nu lu-mu-ur]
en: directly your faces I shall see.

1. a-di i-na _iri{ki}_ [a-ha-nu-ta]
en: While in al-Aḫa-nūta
2. qa2-du-um ri-di-i szar-[ri-im]
en: together with the kings soldier(s)
3. asz-ba?!(GESZ)-[ku]
en: I am staying,
4. ar-hi-isz pa-ni-ku-nu lu-mu-ur
en: directly your faces I shall see.”

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