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TCL 16, 89
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Primary publicationTCL 16, 89
Author(s)Genouillac, Henri de
Publication date1930
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionLouvre Museum, Paris, France
Museum no.AO 08895
Accession no.
Provenienceuncertain (mod. uncertain)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061109 cdliadmin_tinney
ATF sourceWagensonner, Klaus
TranslationWagensonner, Klaus
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001z6f4b
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P345433

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1. igi musz-husz igi lu2-[ulu3] musz-husz
en: The dragon-face (is) the dragon-face of a man,
2. igi lu2 nig2-hul-dim2#-ma musz-husz
en: the dragon-face of a man causing evil
3. an-ne2 ba-te im szeg3-szeg3
en: approached heaven (and) the clouds bring (no) rain.
4. ki-a ba-te {u2}szim nu-mu2-mu2
en: He approached the earth, and the plants do not grow.
5. gu4-e ba-te {gesz}szudul5-bi im-du8
en: He approached the ox, and its yoke does not open.
6. e2-tur3-e ba-te ga-ra-bi im-ta-kum-kum
en: He approached the stall and smashes its cheese-pot.
7. inim gar-ra ha-ba-an-dib-dib
en: Utterances have passed by.
8. gurusz-ra mu-na-te ib2-la2 mu-da-an-gaz
en: He approached the lad and sapped his (sexual) energies,
9. sikil-ra mu-na-te tug2 mu-da-an-szub
en: he approached the maiden and tossed away her towel.
10. um-me-da dumu-da mu-na-te lirum-bi mu-e-du8
en: He approached the nurse with the child - her arms were torn apart.
11. |SAR.SAR|-e ba-te i-iz za3-hi-li im-hul
en: He approached the vegetables - lettuce and cress became bad.
12. pu2 {gesz}kiri6 ba-te gurun im-hul
en: He approached the garden, the fruit became bad.
13. igi kur-ra kur-ta nam-ta-an-e3
en: The eye of the mountain came out from the mountain,
14. szeg9-bar-re si-musz-bi nam-ta-an-e3
en: The wild ram let its shining horns come out.
15. igi hul igi gig-ga he2-tar
en: May the evil eye (like?) the sick eye be cut off.
16. {kusz}a-ga2-la2-gin7 he2-dar
en: May it split open like a leather bag.
17. {dug}sila3-bur-zi bahar2-ka tilla2-a he2-gaz-gaz
en: May it go to pieces (like) the potter's bur-zi-pot on the market place.
18. gub-bu-da-ba gub-bu-da-ba
en: While standing, while standing,
19. ka e-sir2-ra-ka gub-bu-da-ba
en: while standing at the mouth? of the street,
20. szul dingir nu-tuku gaba im-ma-an-ri
en: it opposes the young man who has no personal god.

1. igi lil2-am3 he2-sig3-ge
en: Let the eye turn into a wind.
2. {d}asar-e abzu-a
en: Asar in Abzu,
3. nam-mu-un-da-bur2-e
en: may he not undo it!

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