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CDLI Literary 000351, ex. 045
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000351, ex. 045
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0003; van Dijk Lugale 015, M1
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 16879M
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 1.06.02 Ninurta’s Exploits (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourceHawkins, Laura F.; Peterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz00205mkt
Composite no.Q000351
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346088

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1. x [...]
en: ...
2. x [...]
en: ...
n lines broken
3'. [...]-x
en: ...
4'. [...]
en: ...
5'. [...]-x
en: ...
6'. [...]
en: ...
7'. [...]-x-NE
en: ...
8'. [...]
en: ...
9'. [...]-x
en: ...

1. [...]-un#-ur4-ur4 {i7#}idigna im-ma-an-si
en: He gathered up (that which had been destroyed in the mountain) and placed it (in) the Tigris
2. [...]{ku6#} a-gar3#-ra mi-ni-in-de2-de2
en: He irrigated the meadow with the carp flood
3. [i3]-ne-esz2 u4-da#? nig2-ki-szar2-ra-ke4
en: Now, today(?) that of the horizon/entire earth (everything?),
4. lugal#? kalam-ma en {d}nin-urta-ra su3-u4-bi mu-un-hul2-e-esz
en: The kings of the homeland profoundly rejoiced for Ninurta
5. GAN2-ne2 sze gu-nu-a mi-ni-in-si
en: The field ripened with/placed barley
6. [...] pu2# {gesz}kiri6-ke4 szu im-mi-in-il2
en: The harvest of the irrigated orchard yielded (fruit)
7. guru7# du6-de3 gu2 im-mi-in-gur-gur
en: He heaped up the grain piles
8. en-e kalam-x kar? im-ta-an-e11
en: The lord brought up harbors/trading colonies from within the land
9. dingir-re-e-ne ur5-bi mu-un-sa6
en: He made the mood of the gods pleasant
10. {d}nin-urta a-a-ni {d}en-lil2-le me-tesz2 me-i-i-ne
en: And they were praising Ninurta and his father Enlil(?)
11. u4-bi-a munus-ra arhusz-a sa2 nam-ga-mu-ni-ib2-du11
en: At that time he also reached (a) compassion(ate state) for the woman
12. {d}nin-mah-e ki gesz3 du11-ga-ni-sze3 u3 nu-um-szi-ku-ku
en: Ninmah because of the place where ... had sex with her was not sleeping
13. siki# u8 dugud-gin7 bar-ra bi2-in-dul
en: She made her hair cover her back like a heavy (i.e. unshorn?) ewe(?)
14. i-lu kur giri3# nu-gal2-la-ba gal-gal-bi mi-ni-ib2-be2#
en: She was greatly intoning a lament in the mountain that had not been stepped on/had no trails
15. u3-mu-un a2# mah-a-ni kur-re# nu#-u8-il2#-[...]
en: The mountain does not bear the supreme strength of the lord
16. ur-sag gal an-gin7 [...]
en: The hero who, like An in his anger, his might no one approaches
17. u4 sur2 ki-a gen usz11# [...]
en: The furious storm that moves upon the earth, depositing(?) poison on its “chest”
18. en szi {d}mu-ul-lil2-la2# [...]
en: Lord, the “life”(?) of Enlil, of whom the crown is appropriate upon his head
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